Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep11:25

Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep. 7 - Search for the Sailor Scouts

STORY: Sailor Moon is sad because she misses the other Sailor Scouts. Angewomon tries to comfort her, certain that they will find the other Sailor Scouts. Just then, Commander Keen shows up and says that he has something...that may especially interest Sailor Moon, so the girls follow him to the science lab. While there, they meet the Doctor, who has helped Keen modify his radio that can pick up signals from anywhere in the galaxy. The 4 friends discover that the the Inner Sailor Scouts are calling, but don't know where they are. Keen uses their transmission to pinpoint where they are, but when he and the Doctor find out where, they get very concerned...the Inner Scouts are in the region of Nightmare Hills.

Angewomon is concerned that too many heroes will attract too much unwanted attention. The Doctor suggests that Angewomon and Sailor Moon go, but take Ghost Rider with them. Buzz Lightyear also insists on going, determined to keep his promise to protect Angewomon.

Once at Nightmare Hills, Angewomon, Sailor Moon, Buzz, and Ghost Rider begin their search for Sailor Moon's friends together. Little do they know that someone else is searching around there, too...for Angewomon...

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