Legends of the Multi-Universe Episode 36 - A Not so Warm Welcome! Return of the Darkness10:59

Legends of the Multi-Universe Episode 36 - A Not so Warm Welcome! Return of the Darkness

STORY: The heroes have arrived in the Cartoon Wasteland, and Mickey declares that it is imperative to stay alert. Guided by a map of the wasteland, Mickey leads his friends to Dark Beauty Castle.

Suddenly, before the friends can attempt to get in, they are ambushed by a group of unhappy toons who do not take a liking to trespassing newcomers at all...especially ones from the Anime Empire!

But Mickey is not about to give up. Both he and Alpha try to convince the toons that the Anime Empire is at peace with those of American animation. The toons still do not seem to soften up, until Alpha mentions Jack of Blades.

Meanwhile, Keen has been working to rebuild Bender. While waiting, Starfire asks about the DarkRai Armor, which Jonathon says has been his for a long time.

In the meantime, Axel, Larxene and Xion wake up to find themselves blindfolded and tied up. When their blindfolds are removed, they find themselves in Jack's lair...which is inhabited by Marluxia, who is angry at Axel and Larxene!

Jack's captives are also introduced to a terrible and very familiar evil...

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