Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep10:14

Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep. 35 - Return of the Immortal King! Another Battle Mech?!

STORY: Emperor X has transformed to his super mode, and is more than determined to crush Angemon and Angewomon...and anyone who stands in his way.

But things seem to take a turn for the better when Jonathon Tangelo shows up with Eris and Lillian in another battle mech, the DarkRai Armor. When Jonathon manages to weaken the villains a little, Alpha decides that the heroes can start fighting again, and things look better for the heroes.

Enraged at this, Emperor X fires a deadly attack in an attempt to kill Angemon and Angewomon. But before the Angels get hit, Bender jumps in the way! The Angels survive, but sadly, Bender is destroyed.

In an attempt to not let Bender's sacrifice be in vain, Jonathon and Lillian combine their Light-Elemental powers into one strong attack, hoping to drive the villains off. But though victory is claimed by the heroes, they are pained at the loss of Bender, especially Starfire!

LadyDevimon and Alpha are equally sad about the loss of Emperor X. Then Angemon recalls hearing of a hero who can not only defeat enemies, but redeem them as well. Mickey confesses that this hero is real, and is his brother, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

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