STORY: Emperor X attempts to defend his kingdom from Omega Shenron, and for a while, things seem to be in
Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep10:29

Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep. 33 - The Emperor's Risky Undertaking! Bowser's Burning Desire-0

his favor. But when Omega Shenron gains the element of surprise and catches Emperor X off guard, the trouble starts.

When Emperor X awakens, he finds himself in the evil grasp of Jack of Blades. Emperor X informs Jack that offers of power will not work on him, but Jack has decided to turn Emperor X to the side of evil...whether X wants it or not!

Meanwhile, Bowser has come to the Mushroom Kingdom, and realizes that he REALLY wants Princess Peach for himself. He declares with a song that he WILL have her...or she will kick the bucket!

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