Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep10:04

Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep. 32 - Bender and Starfire's Kindness! A Mysterious Princess Appears

STORY: Marluxia informs Jack that Bender and company captured him and tried to interrogate him, but he lied to them, and they fell for it. Bowser, Aku and Omega Shenron are displeased, but Jack believes Marluxia.

Jack then delcares that it is time to go out and conquer the Multi-Universe, but believes that Emperor X will be useful to him. Omega Shenron pleads to go to the Anime Empire and conquer it. Jack agrees and gives Omega Shenron a spell that will knock Emperor X out. Omega Shenron is then to bring Emperor X to Jack.

Meanwhile, Mickey decides that the heroes must find another base of operations. Just then, Bender and Starfire arrive and offer to let the heroes stay at one of their bases. But before going, Emperor X decides to run home and get a book from his castle that tells about Jack of Blades.

While at the base, Mickey leads the Children of the Autobots in prayer...and they are all in for a surprise when a mysterious young lady arrives, claiming to be the wife of Optimus...and that she knows Jack's weakness.

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