Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep07:12

Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep. 31 - Lights out, Unicron and Master! Treacherous Jack of Blades

STORY: Unicron is way more than determined to wipe out the Autobots and the heroes. Suddenly, he somehow begins to lose his power. His loss of power eventually kills him.

The heroes and Autobots are confused until Godzilla spots a mysterious masked figure...who immediately alarms Ghost Rider and the Doctor! The figure commands that the heroes not thank him...he only wanted Unicron out of the way.

When all is safe, Ghost Rider and the Doctor confirm that the figure was Jack of Blades, a very dangerous, evil sorcerer. Lara explains that Jack has a mysterious spell that can be used to drain an opponent's power. This concerns Supergirl, but Optimus assures that Jack is not invulnerable.

Following some happy reunions, Jonathon offers to let the Children of the Autobots turn him over to the Autobots to stand trial. But Optimus declares that Jonathon, his family and followers are free to go.

Meanwhile, Megatron is furious with the Master for failing him...and lets it show! In anger, Megatron wonders if any of his minions will ever get it right. Things seem to be looking up for Megatron when Jack of Blades declares that he has slain Unicron.

But when Megatron tries to reward Jack, he's in for a surprise!

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