Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep07:36

Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep. 29 - Go for Revival! Unicron will not be Outdone

STORY: Angewomon, Angemon and the rest of the clan awaken after a trip on the Enterprise to find themselves on Cybertron. There, they are greeted by Optimus, Grimlock, Silverbolt the Maximal, and former Predacon Waspinator.

Seeing that Waspinator has been accepted among the Autobots, Starscream pleads to join, too...and feels a sense of joy as Optimus welcomes him to the team with open arms.

Ash wants to know if those from the Anime Empire still have the Dragonballs. Emperor X confirms that they do, but reminds Ash that they have the Earth Dragonballs. Ere go, only two wishes are available.

Emperor X knows that it is vital to wish Cosmo back. Eris is not sure that she can go on without the Phantom and asks that he be wished back, too. Emperor X accepts the request, convinced that the team will need the Phantom's power.

Meanwhile, Tails has found Unicron. Unicron still lives...and senses that Eris wishes to revive the Phantom. In anger, Unicron recruits Tails with a promise of bringing back Cosmo, gathers a bunch of Heartless together, and leads them in a song about how Eris must NOT be allowed to bring back the last of the HailFirians.

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