Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep08:15

Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep. 25 - Tails' Dark Secret! Assume the Form of the Enemy

STORY: The heroes have lost contact with Bender, and are again clueless as to what to do about the Master's demands. Things seem all right when Tails arrives and says he can help, but Starscream and the Phantom suspect that Tails is not himself.

Angrily, Tails reveals the truth and begins to attack the Heroes' Refuge, forcing the Children of the Autobots and their friends to retreat. The Heroes' Refuge, sadly, is destroyed.

Then Bender, Starfire and Skipper show up, and Bender reveals that in the end, his only choice was to destroy his friends' base with the Daleks still in it. When they hear of the situation about the Heroes' Refuge, they are stunned...except for Skipper, who does not understand how one little fox could be so powerful.

Mickey then reveals a dark secret about Tails was once the powerful, dreaded Phantom of Demented Manor, until he met Cosmo who loved him...and he fell in love with her. Then Indiana Jones confirms that Cosmo was indeed murdered by some Daleks.

Emperor X is convinced that the only way to bring Tails back to his senses is to bring him Cosmo. But he and Goku are aware that the Dragonballs are still in his castle.

Then Emperor X and LadyDevimon decide that if all the heroes, except Angemon, go disguised as Daleks, they can infiltrate the Anime Empire, free their friends while Angemon distracts the Master, and attack from the inside out. The Phantom helps by cooking up two magic spells to disguise everyone as Daleks and to keep the enemies from discovering trickery.

Leading Angemon and in Dalek form, the heroes and their friends approach the Anime Empire. Will their plan work, or will they doom the Doctor and Emperor X's subjects...and themselves in the process?

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