Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep13:53

Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep. 24 - The Anime Empire is Lost! Angemon must Surrender

STORY: Angewomon wakes up to find herself in the evil clutches of the Master, who has in fact, captured Tails and the Doctor as well. Emperor X is in for a rude shock when he learns where the Master is: the Anime Empire!

The Master demands that either Angemon surrender to him by midnight, or Tails, the Doctor, and the subjects of the Anime Empire will die. Angewomon, however, will not be released.

Not knowing what to do, Angemon calls Bender, who claims to have reprogrammed a great number of Daleks. But the heroes' new friends, Kamen Rider Nephilim and Ikari, declare the truth about the Daleks: they are not robots, but organic life forms encased in robotic bodies. Soon all the Daleks that seem to have been reprogrammed are turning on Bender, Starfire, and Skipper!

In the meantime, the Master has decided to use the heroes' own knowledge against turning Tails to his side! Evidently, Cosmo has been murdered by the Daleks, and the Master gives Tails the same offer that Angemon and Angewomon were given in their Trials of Soul: give in to evil and gain power.

Can Tails resist...or will he give in to his former Phantom-of-Demented-Manor self?

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