Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep12:07

Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep. 19 - Trials of the Phantom Part 3

STORY: Now it is Angewomon's turn to take the Trials of Heart and Soul. At the Trial of Heart, she comes across a destroyed Heroes' Refuge with all the heroes dead, save for Luna, Artemis and Diana, who claim she abandoned them. But Angewomon is determined to fight back to reclaim what she has lost...and claims that this disaster will never even happen!

Then, in the Trial of Soul, Angewomon sees the day Carleton was attacked and finds her dead foster parents. She also discovers that she has turned back into Christine. The Witch King Ringwraith says that she is weak and has no power to protect her loved ones, but can gain it if she chooses the path of the villain. Christine, however, is not about to risk being controlled by evil and turning on her loved ones as a result. She assumes her angel form and fights back!

After the Trials, Naga says that Angemon and Angewomon are the only ones who have come this far, and he's looking forward to seeing what they can accomplish in the Trial of Mind.

In the meantime, Sailor Mercury and Commander Keen have found the Phantom's hiding place. The strange thing is that Keen can't identify it. Nevertheless, he agrees to plug his wrist computer into the main computer of the TARDIS to give it the coordinates.

Also, the Master reports to Megatron about the Phantom's plan...and as you may have guessed, Megatron is NOT happy!

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