Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep10:54

Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep. 17 - Trials of the Phantom Part 1

STORY: As you remember from the end of Slade Strikes Back, Emperor X has seen the light and has joined the heroes. He believes that the mysterious HailFire Crystal is the correct power source he is seeking for his weapon. Suddenly, Angemon and Angewomon are transported away! Then everyone hears the voice of the Phantom, who says that the Angels of Disney are in no danger and will come back to the heroes shortly.

Soon Angemon and Angewomon find themselves in a strange dark realm, where they are greeted by Eris. Eris says that the Phantom brought them here and is curious about them.

In the Phantom's throne room, Angemon and Angewomon are introduced to the Skeleton King, who claims that the villains of Disney have betrayed their people! Then the Phantom brings the angels to the Valley of Sorrow, where they must prove themselves to Naga before taking the Trials of Heart, Soul and Mind...

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