Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep08:03

Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep. 12 - The Power of Love

STORY: All of Angewomon's family is down on the floor, writhing in pain while Myotismon gloats over his victory. Then MagnaAngemon requests that Angewomon simply remember...remember that the other Children of the Autobots are her family and love her.

Luckily, Angewomon has not completely succumbed to Myotismon's evil influence yet, and remembers different acts of love that her family has shown to her. Courtesy of love, she breaks free of Myotismon's evil power and tries to fight back. When the first attempt fails, she uses a little angel Digimon "magic".

But when Angewomon defeats her foe, she's in for a surprise!

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