Legends of the Multi-Universe The Angels Return Ep45:30

Legends of the Multi-Universe The Angels Return Ep. 2 - Our Father is in Danger! Rally Together

IMPORTANT: Credit for certain Eternal Sailor Senshi transformations goes to their respectful creators and are used here by permission.

STORY: Angewomon, Myotismon and Optimus have arrived in Iacon City, where they are greeted and joined up with by Mervamon, Ranamon, Timmy Turner, and Timmy's new fairy dog, Sparky.

Cautiously, they enter the Chamber of the Ancients and search for any abnormalities. Just then, they find what Bumblebee saw...the symbol of the Heartless!

But as Myotismon is examining it, he triggers a trap which ensnares him! Angewomon attempts to rescue him, but is caught herself! To make things worse, none of their friends can get near to pull them out...or so it seems.

With all his strength, Optimus manages to shove the Angels out of harm's way...but is caught and hurt by the trap himself!

To the great sorrow of the Angels, their dear adoptive father is in great danger of dying. There is something they can do...but it has a risk! What will they decide on?

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