Legends of the Multi-Universe Doctor Who and the Galaxy Express24:28

Legends of the Multi-Universe Doctor Who and the Galaxy Express

Story: After leaving Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy Sokichi, Zenaku, and Merrick arrived in orbit above New Earth in the year

5,000,000,053. While in orbit they unintentionally run into a patrol from the Galactic Imperial Navy. Three Star Destroyers in turn open fire on the TARDIS. Sokichi quickly maneuvers the TARDIS to doge the incoming fire and attempts to make an escape only to have the TARDIS pursued by detachments of Tie Fighters and Tie Interceptors. In response Sokichi mans the laser turrets on the TARDIS to fend them. During the ensuing chase and fire fight the TARDIS is damaged and forced to land on the surface of the planet. During the descent down to New New York Merrick and Zenaku in the Wolf and Hammerhead Zords engage the Imperial star fighters to provide cover for the Doctor. The Doctor loses control of the TARDIS crashing it in the city limits. The Doctor then goes to look for spare parts to repair the TARDIS only to find the abandoned Galaxy Express 999 Engine in a rundown siding. Merrick and Zenaku later land their Zords nearby linking back with the Doctor. Sokichi then has the pair help him carry the TARDIS into one of the engine's decaying coaches. The TARDIS then regenerates itself and merges with the Galaxy Express 999 restoring it working order. As this occurs a detachment of Storm Troopers along Empire allied Martian Warriors, Daleks, Cybermen, and Empire controlled Terminator androids arrive to capture the Doctor and the TARDIS. The Doctor retaliates against their forces using the fire power of the newly restored express train. During the course of the battle the train's shields are disabled due to the sheer amount of fire power. As things look bleak Zenaku and Merrick break the enemy's attack using their Wildzords. With the enemy defeated the Doctor, Zenaku, and Merrick depart for another place in time and space.

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