Reuniting the Families
Episode 14: Las Venturas Intro.

(Mich enters the front room of the safe house.)

Mich: Alright everyone! I think it's time to end this once and for all! We've been running from Bulgarin for far too long! We need to push back! I've arranged a meeting with Wu Zi Mu. We'll be meeting with him at his casino.

Jacob: I come with ya, me breda.

California: So will I.

Michael: You know I'm in.

Mich: Good. Let's go.

(Mich, Michael, California, and Little Jacob arrives at the casino.)

Mich: You guys stay and keep watch. I'm going in.

Michael: Will do.

(Mich leaves the car and enters the casino.)

Michael: You guys doing okay back there?

California: Doing good.

Jacob: Doing good, rasta.

(A police chopper arrives with numerous NOOSE agents.)

LVPD: This is the Las Venturas Police Department. Stay right where you are!

Jacob: Bumbaclot!

(California exits the car.)

Michael: Why the hell is NOOSE coming after us?!

California: Get somewhere safe!

Michael: We'll come back for you both. Find Mich!

(NOOSE Agents start rappelling from the chopper.)

NOOSE: All unit Rock 'n' roll!

(California enters the casino. Meanwhile, Michael and Jacob find a secluded area without cop presence. Michael's phone rings.)

Michael: De Santa.

???: (on phone) I'm sure you know that is not what your file states.

Michael: Principal Cinch? What do you want?

Cinch: I want to know what you are hiding... Michael Townley.

Michael: HEY! We're not hiding anything! Is it any of your business?

Cinch: Well, ask my associates at the National Officer of Security Enforcement. You and your friends and family seem to be building a reputation. I CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN!!

Michael: All we're doing is keeping two Sirens from being killed by a serious Russian named Ray Bulgarin. No more, no less.

Cinch: I guess we can work something out. Goodbye Mr. Townley. (Hangs up)

Michael: Hello? FUCK!

(Meanwhile, back at the casino. Agent California fight through the corrupt NOOSE Agents. He finds Mich and Woozie.)

Mich: California, what the hell is going on?

California: No idea. Woozie, you good?

Woozie: I'm fine, friend. Thank you for coming for us.

California: No problem. Let's get outta here.

(The trio leaves the casino. They encounter a chopper. Mich shoots the chopper out of the sky. They get onto the ground and are met by Michael and Little Jacob.)

Jacob: Get in, me breda!

(The trio enter the car.)

Michael: Hang on, everyone.

(The car gets moving.)

Mich: So what the hell is going on?

Michael: You won't like it, but, it's Cinch!

Mich: The Crystal Prep Headmistress?!

Michael: Apparently, she doesn't like what we're doing!

Mich: I knew there was something I didn't like about her!

Jacob: Here, breda! (Hands Mich an MA5D Assault Rifle)

Mich: Thanks, Jacob!

(Mich takes out the pursuing NOOSE and corrupt police units.)

Mich: You think she's also collaborating with C.R.A.S.H.?

Jacob: Could be, rasta. But ya better focus on them Babylon car!

(Mich continues to take out the corrupt units. They reach a dead end when their route is blocked by a chopper.)


Michael: Not yet! You may need to duck!


NOOSE: What are you doing?! You're flying too low!!

Pilot: I've lost control of the chopper!

NOOSE: We're going down!

Michael: HOLD ON!!!

(Michael drives throughout the block and chopper and the heroes end up surviving.)

Michael: FUCK! Brakes are out!

Mich: JUMP!!

(California grabs Woozie and they all jump out of the car. The car drops onto the freeway and explodes.)

Mich: Fuck! What's with that bitch?!

Michael: I told you, she doesn't like what we're doing! She wants either the Sirens or something else!

Mich: But we almost died because of her!

Jacob: Yo, yo! Easy, easy, easy! Calm down, man, Calm down. I ya breda, man. Calm down.

California: We need to leave.

Michael: Yeah. Sounds good.


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