Laika little

Laika the Cuteness Assassin

Name: Laika

Race: Canine

Group: Allies of heroes

Likes: Swimming, talking, and killing with her cuteness

Dislikes: When her sister, Mishka, won't share

Biggest strength: Her adorability

Biggest weakness: Her tendency to annoy Mishka

Occupation: Family pet

Quote: "Come on, Mishka! Play with me!"

Nicknamed "The Cuteness Assassin", Laika is an absolutely lovable and hugable husky puppy. Although not as much into talking as Mishka, Laika has her moments.

When it comes to toys and sticks, however, Laika can be a little less fun to play with. It can be hard to tell if she is just playing tug 'o war or simply saying, "THAT'S MINE!" In addition, Laika can want to play with Mishka so much, she only ends up annoying her big sister. Despite these incidents, no one can resist being around Laika, and she is still willing to help her new friends in any way she can.


Picking up our Puppy at the Airport!03:14

Picking up our Puppy at the Airport!

Laika's debut into the Gardea family


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