Emperor X's wife and mother of Alpha, LadyDevimon helps the heroes in any situation. She is voiced by Melodee Spevack.

Chronicles of the Children of Megatron

LadyDevimon is known as Darth Menslady, a former Jedi Knight who used to look like Angewomon, but was mutilated by the Dark Side. Strangely enough, she is still incredibly attractive.

The Halloween ProYect

Darth Menslady led surviving villains into battle against the DigiDestined and the Rebel Alliance. Just before she was defeated, Myotismon came to her aid. Sadly, he failed to prevent the heroes from capturing her. To make matters worse, Menslady was turned back to the light side. However, Myotismon managed to bring her to her senses with his deep love for her. After the war, she married him.

The Chaotic Wars

Darth Menslady was falsely accused of stealing the elemental crystals and was nearly killed. She was rescued by Mewtwo and eventually reunited with Myotismon. Sadly, she gave her life to protect Myotismon, avenge Galvatron, and defeat Emperor Mateus...or did she?


  • Darkness Wave: Releases countless creatures of darkness similar to bats which burn the opponent to cinders.
  • Darkness Wave (Poison, Fra: "Poison"): Sprays poison smoke on the opponent, which uses Dark Energy to reverse the phase of their own powers and obliterate them from within. This technique is more complete the more powerful the opponent is.
  • Black Wing (Darkness Spear): Transforms her left hand into a long sharp spike and impales the opponent.
  • Slap (ビンタ Binta?): Hits the opponent with strong slaps while wearing a bizarre smile.
  • Stun Whip: Shocks the opponent with an electric shock.
  • Mirror Force: In Super form, has the same effect as the Duel Card: blocks the opponent's attack and hurls it back.
  • Dark Light: In Super form, summons a bright streak of dark energy
  • Dark Force: In Super form, summons a strong wave of dark energy
  • Negate Attack: In Super form, has the same effect as the Duel Card: deflects the enemy attack and hurls it back.


LadyDevimon's Super form