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La Nueva Familia de Arzonia
The New Arzonia Family
Arzonia Family



Maria Arzonia

S-Class Mages

Matt Butcher
Carl Robinson
Vento of the Front
Noelle Bor
Catherine Sforza
Acqua of the Back
Esther Blanchett


Reconstructed Family, Catholic Church Restoring Organization, Chaotic Good Organization, Vigilantes


Tenguu City


"My foolish brother, everyone have a meaning of being born, including me, who is just a illegimate child. A "bastard", like they always called me, and though I hate that word, I still live with it and pretended nothing had been said about my parentage. Therefore, I suggest you to live freely, following your own spirit, and then you will find out the meaning of your birth. However, for me, your birth is a blessing, since it made me find someone whom I can protect as my own flesh and blood. Welcome to the family of mine."
Maria Arzonia to Carl Robinson

"Maybe, we are doing what authority may considered as crimes, but we are fighting against the worst monsters that plagued the humanity in our own way. Who is the real criminal? Us that kill and steal for protecting the innoncent people, or those Mafusa Gangsters and KnightWalkers that slaughter innoncent citizens for fun? Those public enemies are the worst, and we are fighting against them in our own way. Therefore, I will not tolerate anyone who question our methods and challenge my family. No one can judge us."
Matt Butcher

La Nueva Famillia de Arzonia (Spainish for The New Family of Arzonia), also simplu known as the Arzonia Family and Los Familia de Arzonia, is a family lead by Maria Arzonia and operated as the central faction of the Catholic Rebels, deemed to take back the Catholic Church from the control of Michael Langdon and the Fallen Roman Catholic Church.

Prior to Maria's take over and its reformation, the Arzonia Family serves as an evil crime family and supporting antagonist of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow & Sword of Kings Crossover - The Corbin Files. After Maria took over the family and reformed it, it became the main heroic faction of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow Spin-Off - Firenza Junior and a major Magic Side heroic faction in the following stories in both storylines of LOTM: Sword of Kings and LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow.


"Stop talking about my deplorable father or my abusive brothers in front of me. I have some part of them living inside of me, indeed, but they never gave me or my mother any affections or kindness. My mother died because of them... My true father is God himself, since he sent me my true family. My real brothers... are Matt, Acqua and Carl among many other kind people... They showed me kindness, trust and loyalty, and I will show my true loyalty, trust and kindness to them as my gratitude! I will never betray anyone or anything I cared about!"
— Maria Arzonia cut off her ties with her birth father and her brothers


Paul Arzonia, Maria's birth father, in Maria's own drawing which was described as a deplorable man who only cared about money.

The original Arzonia Family was formerly connected to Mafusa Gang (and therefore, the original Family of Arzonia subsquently connected to Leohart's CultTriggers Hell and The Revelation of Qliphoth as a whole), and its tyranny came to an end after the death of the Arzonia Brothers, the former leaders of the family. After her return as a spirit, Maria rebuilt the family and regared all of her close friends as her family members, turning it from a criminal family into a heroic vilginate family that helped to fight against the KnightWalker Alliance in all the ways. Maria managed to rename it into La Nueva Famillia de Arzonia and decide to take down the Fallen Roman Catholic Church, taking back Vatican from evil, and subsquently destroying KnightWalker Family bit by bit.

The New Arzonia Family serves as a foil to Polícia Civil do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (which turned evil when Felix Drake took over it). They wanted no authority above others and only bring freedom instead of management on people, and therefore it is purely Chaotic Good

IMG 7637

Maria organized a shelter for war orphans.

The New Arzonia Family are also considered as one of the most heartwarming heroic organizations in CIS Production storylines, with the motherly caring attitude of its matron, Maria Arzonia, who accepted anyone who is loyal, kind-hearted and brave allies of her into her family. No matter if they join her or not, no matter what their parentage are, as long as they were kind, gentle and showed all kinds of normal love in front of Maria, the leader of this reformed family will always regarded them as one of her family.

After the foundation of Manufacturing Progressive Sciences, Maria joined Ratatoskr, and her Family becomes an ally and sub-faction of the Rogues. After the World War III, the New Arzonia Family was de jure disbanded for some time due to Maria and Matt Butcher left for the past to apprehend Michael Langdon, but its inner spiritual meanings never ceased since Maria claimed that she will return back to her family once again and will never forget about anyone. After the destruction of Moloch and the end of the Period of Tribulations, Maria and Matt returned back to their future era and rejoin the Rogues, rebuild the New Arzonia Family and fight against Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire.


Top Executives

  • Maria Arzonia - Leader Corazon / Heart (Representing love) ♥️
  • Carl Robinson - Pica / Spade (Representing death) ♠️
  • Matt Butcher - Trebol / Clover (Representing happiness) ♣️
  • Magilou - Diamante / Diamond (Representing wealth) ♦️

Although Maria is the leader of the executives, the four Top Executives share equal rights, maintain an equal relationship and address each other as their name directly.

Corazon Army

  • Plaisir (inside Melancholia's mind)
  • Esther Blanchett - Supporter
  • Petros Yogdis - Intended new pope (leave after World War III ended)
  • Yuri Barnes
  • Gaius Phoenix

Pica Army

  • Sumireko Hanabusa
  • Vento of the Front (saved from brainwashing)
  • Acqua of the Back
  • Abel Nightroad
  • Cardina Sforza - Spy into Godom Empire
  • Tres Iqus

Trebol Army

  • Noelle Bor
  • Villian
  • Sister Kate

Diamante Army

Ousted Members (Old Arzonia Family)

  • Arzonia Brothers (all deceased)
    • Cain Arzonia
    • Robert Arzonia
    • Jacob Arzonia


"You and your corrupt cops may have shaped the place of Rio into what it is today, but starting tomorrow... it’s all going to change. From this day on, I will try my best to play with fire... and burn your ambition to the ground."
— Maria's threat to the corrupt Felix Drake

Corazon Army

The Corazon Army was including most of the members of Catholic Rebels, as well as allies from both Anglican Church and the remnants of Eastern Orthodox Church, and it was led directly by the Family's leader, Maria, operating inside Western Europe. They were allowed to move freely to take actions against the KnightWalker Family and the force of Manufacturing Progressive Sciences around the continent.

After the World War III restarted after the deeds of B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 and his allies, the Corazon Army had imminently rescued Cardinal Petros Yogdis from Generve from Michael's assassin, Cardinal Antonio Borgia. They escorted Cardinal Yogdis to Tenguu City under Maria's command, so that Katarina would protect him from danger.

The Corazon Army bears resemblence of the original Arzonia Family, using bombs and arson to destroy their enemies, but they never harmed civillians and never involved into crimes.

Trebol Army

The Trebol Army took command from Matt Butcher and co-orchastrated by Princess Villian, operating around anywhere where the remnants of Mafusa Gang were still participating the evil deeds. They were not participating battles unless their lead executive gave them orders. Their major job was to gather all current informations about the situation and informed their executive as soon as possible, and Matt will present it to Ratatoskr and the Rogues whom the New Arzonia Family is allied with after the death of Sonia Nevermind. They were acting more like spies than soldiers.

Due to its actions that delved into Mafusa Gang, Trebol Army is the first section of the New Arzonia Family who knew about the existence of the Revelation of Qliphoth cultists on Earth.

Pica Army

The Pica Army was the most agreesive part of the Arzonia Family, as they were all the soldiers and troops that inflicted direct harm to enemies. Some of its soldiers were former KnightWalker Soldiers who fled the KnightWalker Family and surrendered to the SU. Maria knew about their hatred to the KnightWalker Family, knowing they were forced to do the crimes, and she allowed them to fight for Anti-KnightWalker factions so that they could atone their sins with their actions, pretty much forgiving them.

The Pica Army was led by Carl Robinson, who was pretty dissatisfied that Maria was using former soldiers from the KnightWalker Family, believing they were pretending to surrender or will start slipping back to their old ways in the KA Army. Later, after Michael banished Carl into Sleepy Hollow, Maria decided to keep the place of Pica Executive vacant until she found Carl, though Matt later suggested her to allow Cardinal Sforza to take the role temporarily, which she did. The Pica Army then went much quieter and tried to find a chance to take down Godom Empire.

Diamante Army

The Diamante Army had the least members out of all four factions and was under the command of Magilou, and it was the faction that later worked with the army of Ratatoskr in Brazil so that they would help in the attack against Akrak Couteau, an evil executive of MPS. It later expanded and included the witches from Magilou's coven, that later helped Magilou and Maria to fight against enemies led by Ara Astaroth.

The Diamante Army is the only sub-faction of Arzonia Family that is almost purely magical and have little to no technology. They also support many goods and materials (like food and money) of all kind that would support the Anti-KnightWalker Forces, including the Rogues. Under Maria's permission, the Diamante Army acted like a group of well-intentioned outlaws who robbed from corrupt officials and support the poor people, acting like Robin Hood.

Main Targets

KnightWalker Family

Manufacturing Progressive Sciences

Fallen Roman Catholic Church

  • Michael Langdon
  • Terra of the Left
  • Aleister Crowley
  • Cain Nightroad
  • Franchesco di Medici
  • Antonio Borgia
  • Petros Orsini
  • Sister Paula
  • Fiamma of the Right
  • Doppelganger Vento of the Front
  • Shinya Banba
  • Celestia Ludenberg

Leohart's Cult & Qliphoth

Polícia Civil do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

  • Felix Drake
  • Jeremy Blaire
  • Jon Gravelli
  • Frank D'Amico
  • Skye
  • Burckhardt
  • Karma Maxwell
  • Hex
  • Schokolade
  • Scarecrow
  • Officer Elena
  • Vira

Family Strength


Europa - Globus04:17

Europa - Globus



Former Incarnation of Arzonia Family

Birth of Maria

Death of Maria's mother

End of Crimes

Catholic Church Restoration


  • To distinguish her reformed family from true evil criminals like Mafusa Gang, Maria only allowed theft, plunder, arson and bombing against their enemies, considering those ways as fighting fire with fire and last resorts. However, she never allowed anyone to murder, terrorize or plunder any innoncent citizen as well as her allies, and she never allowed  deeds like raping, sexual abuse and many more that was too disturbing. Anyone disobeyed her rules will be severly punished, since they had crossed the line of humanity itself.
  • The Family supports The Rogues with no deem of reward.

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