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By Officer Candy Apple

Episode 4.5 of Season 2

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Episode 18.5 - Symphony of Madness


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Tie-in with: LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow - Death Arc

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Previously on Firenza Junior...

(Vital parts only)

  • Mary Spencer: (voice) Previously on Firenza Junior...

Maria then withdrew her sword before she made a finger snap, and a golden chain had been summoned to strain Shinya, who was heavily distracted.

  • Smawl.(Mangaka).full.2098613
    Maria: Send her back, then. She is all yours.

Hearing this, Sumeriko could not believe her ears. Looking at the scene with bewilderment, Celestia Ludenberg felt she had been ignored.

  • Celestia: Why, you...

Enraged, Celestia tried to walk towards Maria and tried to attack her. Suddenly, a purple aura had bursted not far away before blasting Celestia away.

  • Celestia: Ahh!

Celestia collapsed on the ground, and Maria immediately turned to Kaori when she heard the explosion and was alarmed.

  • Maria: Wow, you did it pretty well, Kaori.

Hearing this, Kaori widening her gaze with nothing but... pure innocence... and spoke otherwise, much to Maria's surprise.

  • Jeanne alter and ruler fate grand order and fate series drawn by zeroshiki kouichi sample-17cdda025459c77a70be8b4c8cc2332a
    Kaori: I didn't do anything!

In surprise, Maria was immediately alarmed and turned to another side, and then, after the smoke had disappeared, a white-haired woman with long white hair had appeared; the woman was revealed to be Melancholia.

  • Melancholia: Ahem, it seems that I am not that late.

Behind Melancholia's standing position, Poison Ivy, Noelle Bor, Magilou and the Patriarch were tied in a bunch. Matt was totally shocked when he saw them and covered his face.

Vasilisa saw the scene and was surprised, as Esther suddenly ran towards Melancholia.
  • Esther: Mother Superior!

Without any second thought, Esther immediately rushed towards Melancholia. Seeing this, Vasilisa was very shocked and tried to get up.

  • Vasilisa: No! Get back!

Vasilisa moved forward and tried to stop Esther, but Mary Spencer put her hand on Vasilisa's shoulder.

  • Mary: No, there is no need. She won't harm Esther.

Vasilisa was shocked to hear Mary spoke out that word as if she was brainwashed, and despite having doubt in her mind, she still turned back and took a look at Esther. However, much to Vasilisa's surprise, Melancholia immediately hugged Esther in her grasp.

  • Jeanne alter and ruler fate grand order and fate series drawn by maomaozi sample-f440573e420d6ea8d9d15de2c6d57d8e
    Melancholia: Don't be afraid, my child, I am here to help you.

Melancholia then turned back and looked at Maria. At this time, Maria had knocked Shinya unconscious under the permission of Sumeriko. Maria saw Melancholia and immediately drew her staff.

  • Melancholia: Calm down. I am asking for a parley.

Melancholia's words made Maria utterly confused and she bit her lips. Sumeriko was so shocked that she could not speak any word.

  • Maria: I can't trust you. If I must say, I think you have gone too far recently.

Maria's words did not frightened Melancholia, and the latter only played with her long hair with a calm expression.

  • Melancholia: I only want Shinya back, and I am here to announce the pope's decision to make the Blanchett Sisters to stay in Eastern Orthodox Church until the danger caused by assassins is neutralized...

Hearing this, Esther was panicked and she immediately made her gaze widened and looked at Melancholia.

  • Tumblr nbmenmCxJ01sxolato4 500
     Reverend Mother?

Melancholia didn't answer Esther. She then changed her sight at Celestia and Shinya, one by one, as if they were her caged prey.

  • Melancholia: The killers must be punished, and your safety must be regarded as the very first priority.

Melancholia made the response almost ten seconds after Esther questioned her. She then turned to Esther as she smiled. She then leaned closer to the ears of Esther before whispering to her.

  • Bamba
     (whispering) * If you were suffering in the place of those Russians, come back to me. I will seek a way to avenge you two. *

Melancholia then smiled as Esther nodded her head. Maria, Kaori, Carl and Matt were all looking at Melancholia and did nothing interrupt, as if they were cooperating the performance of Melancholia in a staged drama, with Melancholia as its star.

  • Esther: I will behave well with them.

Maria tried to tell Esther about the truth, but she was too afraid that it will broke Esther's innocence. Maria crossed her arms and held their elbow with her fingers. Just as this time, a sad moaning had came from the tied up Shinya, but it was less menacing and more soft.

  • Shinya (???): Sumeriko... Sumeriko, where am I? Why am I bonded up? I am so scared...

Sumeriko was alarmed and immediately leaned forward at Shinya... or Shinya's another personality, Mahiru Banba. Maria and others all looked at Mahiru, who had her sense back somehow, and Melancholia's face suddenly turned pale and nervous. Sumeriko crouched herself beside Mahiru and tried to feed her a bag of water.

  • Sumeriko: Mahiru! Mahiru, hold on!

Mahiru drank some water and immediately coughed.

  • Raven-elsword-26543858-620-877
    Mahiru: Sumeriko... please release me... Take me back home...

Sumeriko immediately nodded and tried to release Mahiru with her right hand, but all of a sudden, Carl immediately stopped her with his right hand.

  • Carl: Are you really sure this is Mahiru? Because I highly doubt it.

Sumeriko, however, immediate shook her head and looked at Carl in anger.

  • Sumeriko: Is there a problem?

Feeling nothing but distraught, Maria took a look at a struggling Mahiru before she turned to Sumeriko and Carl.

  • Maria: Both of you, listen. We must take Mahiru back to Eastern Orthodox Church instead of Vatican... and we must make her remain being tied up. It sounds cruel, but it is the only thing we can do.

Sumeriko then took a look at Melancholia, who was talking with Esther, but Melancholia's expression became darker and more menacing.

  • Sumeriko: We must release her and send her back to her home. Otherwise, we will all die here.
IMG 2225
Melancholia was smiling to Esther, but she could not hide her menace hiding inside her smile.
  • Melancholia: Esther, there will be something inappropriate for people in your age to happen, and would you please kindly go to your sister? Do not open your eyes or hear anything, until I ask you to do so. Do you understand?

Either Esther did not know what Melancholia's words mean or she ignored it, but anyway, she nodded and did what Melancholia ask her to do. She hugged Mary Spencer.

  • Melancholia: Hmm...

Even so, Melancholia seemed to be still worried and added a large earphone on Esther.

  • Melancholia: Here, this is your favorite musical soundtracks. Enjoy.
Queen Esther
Esther nodded and didn't spoke a single word, and she didn't turn back to take a look either. At this time, Vasilisa tried to get out, but Melancholia soon made another finger snap and Vasilisa collapsed on the ground, being tied up with dark chains and had her mouth sealed by a tape.
  • Esther: ......

Carl and Sumeriko were both in their dispute, arguing bitterly, as Matt tried to reconcile them, but Maria had sensed things were going down spiral when she saw Melancholia turned back to face them, now in a face of menace and anger...

  • IMG 2670
    Maria: Uh, guys?

Maria tapped Carl's shoulder and pointed at Melancholia, as Carl reacted and turned to look at Melancholia. As Melancholia was rising her spear inside her hand, Matt and Sumeriko turned to take a look at Melancholia as well, much to their shock.

  • Melancholia: May I ask a simple question? Who gave you the rights to harm whom I am suppose to deal with?

As she was speaking, Melancholia shot a beam from her spear as it started to burst into rose pink flames. The beam soon turned into a gigantic fire ball and hit everyone in front of her, except Mahiru and Sumeriko who were spared.

  • Melancholia: Don't be afraid. I am not asking for any trouble today.

While speaking, Melancholia walked further as she started to approach Mahiru, who was tied up. At this time, Mahiru lost her consciousness once again, but Melancholia did not show any affection at all.

  • D50735fae6cd7b891f2d562c052442a7d8330edf
    Melancholia: I was only taking this poor soul back into my base and deal her with my own way.

Melancholia then clapped her hand and turned back to Mary Spencer.

  • Melancholia: Mary, tell Esther it was the time to open her eyes. I hope she will stay well inside the shelter. By the way, as for the gift...

Stopping her words, Melancholia then made another finger snap and summoned a large green box, which floated itself above the midair.

  • 61662337 p2 master1200
     A box of Mahjong. As long as there is four players, this will be something that kill your time. Goodbye.

After waving goodbye, Melancholia swiftly left and at that moment, all of a sudden, both Mahiru and Sumeriko had disappeared, while the ropes that tied up the Patriarch and others had disappeared, setting them free. Mary Spencer was talking to Esther about something, and Esther opened her eyes and took off her earphones.

  • Maria: Mahjong...

Maria took the box of Mahjon and looked at it with great suspicion. She did not open the box.

  • Maria: This is a real Mahjong box... However, we must be careful, since it might cause us to waste our time...
Suddenly, before Maria could finish, Magilou smiled and immediately took a look at the Mahjong box.
  • Magilou: Well, all work no play make Jack a dull boy. We can have fun in four of us and play this game without cheating or "dumpling".
  • Matt: Dumpling?

Hearing this, ​Magilou realized that she had made a mistake, but she immediately fixed it. At this time, Vasilisa was taking care of the Patriarch, Esther and others, as Carl, Matt, Magilou and Maria were aside and discussing.

  • Elsword Rose Pixiv PIK4 53840511 p0
    Magilou: Uh, I mean "gambling". Without cheating or gambling. Four of us, right?

Maria heard "four of us" in Magilou's words before falling into thoughts, and then, all of a sudden, she widened her eyes as if she had some kind of bright ideas.

  • Maria: Wait a minute! Matt, Magilou, Carl, I suggest that since we are now all Catholic Rebels, I think we will form a major strike force in we four as the main executives, and we will go first to get the first-hand information from our foes. That will be more thrilling than just playing Mahjong. Do you understand me?

Carl remained silent, and yet Matt and Magilou looked at each other and smiled while nodding her head.

  • Matt: Hmm, that sounds great. However, do we need a code name, respectively?

Maria just put her index finger on her cheek with a smile.

  • Maria: I have already figure it out. Four words...

- Maria: Pica. Corazon. Trebol. Diamante.

  • Anime Sisiter Paula normal Trinity Blood 20-200
    Matt: What does those mean?
  • Maria: They are Spanish words, and they meant the card suits - Club, Heart, Clover and Diamond. I am Corazon, Carl is Pica, Matt is Trebol, and Magilou is...

The four were discussing it in a very deep voice and their plan was kept secret. The woman who were overseeing them not far away did not know about their code names.

It was Sister Paula, who was silently looking at Esther before she lowered her head.

  • Paula: I am sorry, Esther, but it is the only way that your loyalty towards His Holiness will be utmost loyal. Soon, you will learn that only Firenza Junior is the villain of this story.

Paula took one last death glare at Carl, before she promptly disappeared.

Inside her diner, as she was walking, Melancholia looked at Biagio Busoni with his head covered with a black box. He had been held captive in Melancholia's underwater base for more than one month and a half.

That was not a good experience for him, but Melancholia never cared about that. She merely went sitting on a pile of human skulls for a rest while holding her trademark weapon - the Sword of Sorrow.

  • Melancholia: Bishop Busoni... you wanna know who I truly am?

Biagio Busoni shivered while answering the question.

  • Biagio: Yes, ma'am.
  • Melancholia: Shall I tell you?
  • Biagio: Please, please...

Biagio pleaded desperately, and Melancholia scornfully scoffed as she was displeased by his cowardice. Biagio did not see her malevolent grin. She was "sincerely" mocking the man, but he did not know that.

Then, Melancholia responded while still grinning.

  • DarkJoan
    Melancholia: At heart, I am an ardent student in human nature. Fascinating paradox, we are.

Melancholia stood up and wandered towards the moaning bishop. She looked at an empty glass jar on the table in front of them

  • Melancholia: So wise, yet so foolish. So brave, yet so fearful. For instance, this...

As she was talking, Melancholia then used the tip of her sword to knock the glass jar lightly, making sounds so that her blindfolded prisoner could listen.

  • Melancholia: This is a glass jar. Inside of it is a hairy spider. A tarantula, I guess, but I am no expert. In a minute, I'm gonna open that little hatch in the front of your box, I'm gonna drop the spider inside, and I'm gonna close it.

​Hearing this, Biagio startled greatly and begged for mercy.

  • Biagio: No...
  • Melancholia: That's choice A.

That queer smile was still on Melancholia's face as she walked to her own seat and sat on it.

  • Index v14 004-005 Textless
    Melancholia: Choice B, I opened the hatch, you speak to your lovely assistant, Lidvia, on the telephone. You tell her you've been held captive in the Tower of London and suffered from tortures by the Church of England. You'll be sending written instructions shortly, so that she could save you... or sit in the same cell beside you.

Biagio felt that his heart was almost in his mouth. He began to envision himself and Lidvia sitting on a bench within a prison cell, as Stiyl Magnus started his menacingly interrogation.

Depsite this, it would be better than being bitten by a fearsome spider.

  • Biagio Manga
    Melancholia: So which is it, choice A or choice B?
  • Biagio: Choice B, please. Please, choice B.

Melancholia was delighted and so she swayed her arms before getting up from her chair.

  • Melancholia: The telephone, of course. It's human nature.

Then, Melancholia went forward and opened the hatch in front of the box. Biagio's face was revealed, and he lost one of his ears due to the torture. Biagio was frightened and as he looked at the jar, he was even more shocked by the fact.

The fact was: that was nothing but an empty jar.

  • Melancholia: See? There is no spider.

Melancholia smiled and turned back, going right towards her seat once again before he sat on it. She then smiled at Biagio wickedly. Biagio was still looking at the glass jar. He was so shocked that he could not speak at all.

  • Melancholia: But if you don't do what I ask, you'll wish there was one.

Shaking in terror, Biagio looked at Melancholia as he looked at her as if she was an unbelievable sadist.

  • Biagio: Why are you doing this to me?
Old vs new hades by pokedude356-d7q8c7ej

Melancholia looked at Biagio calmly. She did not care about his current situation.

  • Melancholia: Please don't be annoyed. You are a part of the new pope's plan, a part with a great importance. Since the destruction of Aldegyr Kingdom itself not long ago... by some unknown entity like a dragon, well, I started to feel that I need to do something to fix this. The key to the keyhole of that door of victory is you.

Seeing the bishop still looked at her like a dimwit, Melancholia then yawned and waved her hand as her smile faded.

  • Melancholia: Oh, this wasn't suppose to turned out boring. Ah, someone take our good bishop to the bathroom. Strip him and boil him for 20 minutes, please.

Several redcoat Hessian zombies who served Neo-Hellfire had grabbed the arms and shoulders of Biagio before pushing him to the bathroom.


Despite Biagio's cry for mercy, no one actually help him at all. Those people in Neo-Hellfire were full of apathy. In fact, they were merely zombies of the dead Hessians and were used by Melancholia as her tools. Soon, Biagio was dragged away.

- Maria: (think) * No way! It can't be! ... That blade was... *

Suddenly, Maria felt chills on her spine and she immediately turned back...


- Mary: What are you doing?

It was Mary Spencer, now looking at Maria with rage and malice inside her eyes. Seeing this kind of expression of some kind of psychopathic killer, Maria was so astonished and startled that she immediately dropped the knife as well as her jaw.
  • Maria: Uh, nothing, Lady Spencer, I am just looking at this knife in your briefcase, and - and I find it quaint. It has some history on it, am I right?

Mary Spencer bit her lips and responded otherwise.

  • Mary: I warn you, Ms. Arzonia, if you want to stay in this place, then leave it on the ground.

Maria heard this and was suspicious. Not long afterwards, she stood up and looked at Mary, with her eyes narrowed in alarm.

  • Maria: Hmm, you just need to tell me what the knife is used for, and allow me keep it for you. If you need it, you can ask me for it. Sorry about this...  but it is for the safety of the many. If you agree with me, we will forget about this little incident. What do you--
Tumblr o7hqvbv8Hs1sqhzw2o1 540
Maria did not finish her words before she suddenly saw Mary Spencer started to hold back some kind of feelings, as the latter started to had her eyes closed and moaned, all while holding her head. Maria was confused and alarmed.
  • Maria: What's the matter?

Five seconds later, Mary Spencer stopped shivering and holding her head. She opened her eyes and looked aside. She then sighed in dismay.

  • Mary: No, I am fine, Maria. I agree with you. You take this blade to the safety... I can't tell you about this, but it is...
  • Maria: Don't worry. You don't have to tell me the whole thing if you don't want to.

Maria then put that blade into her pocket. Just at this time, there was a knock on the door.

  • Maria: Excuse me.

Maria then went to open the door and saw Matt, Esther and Carl standing outside through the door eye.

  • Maria: Wait a second.

Maria immediately opened the door and faced the three people outside the door.

  • Maria: Guys, there is something I need to tell you.

Maria was about to tell Carl and others about the knife, but Carl interrupted her.

  • RecklessFistRavenfull921132
    Carl: What a coincidence. We need to tell you something as well.
  • Maria: I found a blade on Mary Spencer's suitcase.
  • Carl: Esther wishes to see Cardinal Sforza.

Maria and Carl spoke their things in the same time, and soon, they both looked at each other... before they both blushed and looked away from each other.

  • Maria & Carl: Sorry.

Esther listened to all of those stuffs with bewilderment, but Matt had his eyes narrowed. He heard Maria talked about a blade that Mary Spencer wielded.

  • Matt: Where is that blade?

​Maria then regained her calmness and turned back.

  • Junko Enoshima introducing herself
     I took it and now it is my possession, but I will soon keep it in a proper place. I suspect that it is something made of darkness, probably the spy from Junko Enoshima put it into Lady Spencer's suitcase. However, I heard that Enoshima herself is not a magician, and so I think it was planned by someone else.

Maria then looked at Esther. Esther seemed worried as she widened her eyes.

  • Esther: Will my sister be okay?

Maria sighed calmly, and she shook her head.

  • Maria: I do not know, but I think the problem is with this blade. Therefore, I will keep it away from her.

Maria then turned to Matt, and her expression seemed more relented.

  • Maria: Let's go to Cardinal Sforza's residence, shall we?


Looking at the cocoon, Melancholia smiled when she started to envisioned her plan which began to earn its harvest.

  • Melancholia: Finally, Your Holiness, I managed to make Esther and Mary Spencer to gain trust of the Patriarch. When that parange takes Mary over, she will unleash her hidden nature of blood lust!

Melancholia then grinned sadistically.

  • Q.Esther-thores4919494
    Melancholia: After that, I shall make Mary to kill Esther in order to gain the throne. Even if Mary failed, I reckon this crisis shall make a final blow in the Orthodox Church with such a mass murder! Then, I shall make my sworn enemies fall from grace! Spectacular!

Melancholia started to arouse in her success as she continued to look at that monster, FOLIE, in the cocoon. The monster's upper torso was already took its form, whereas its legs haven't take form yet.

However, it does not matter. The monster is good enough to wreck havoc from the ocean to the land.


What matters now, was... the Grand Grimoire. As her face turned more serious, Melancholia opened the drawer in front of herself.

  • Melancholia: I shall never ever give this book up. For Firenza Junior and those traitors who followed him, they shall never know I have put it here. His Holiness will be proud of me. 

Now, Melancholia had somehow gained a habit of talking to herself. Quite recently, she was distressed due to the revaluation and broken of her own split personality. Despite this disillusion, she was still loyal to Michael and that would not change. Then, she closed the drawers and turned to the gigantic cocoon once again.

  • Resident Evil 6 Haos 01
    Melancholia: When the time comes, I shall use this monster to destroy this world as long as it shall please my pope. However, if the situation needed... and then I shall awaken this monster with the death... OF MYSELF!

​Then, covering her face, Melancholia sadistically chuckled and eventually it bursted into menacing laughter... and behind her, Mahiru Banba herself, severely injured, was hanged upside down on a beam, struggling to escape. However, she could not.



Mary Spencer held the knife in her hand and shivered in horror. She saw him. She saw Jane Judith Jocelyn. She saw her walking like a total free woman. Soon, the blood inside her started to boil in rage. She could not believe in her own eyes. Just then, three rascals, who were wandering on the street not far away from Mary, had saw her. Then, those three looked at each other with a perverse smile. After that, they start walking towards Mary.

  • The Byzantine Parang
    Rascal 1: Hey, sugar, how's it hanging?

As they were 10 meters away from Mary, one of the rascals shouted at her. Mary did not respond. She only held the Byzantine Parang in her hand before placing it back to her pocket. During this time, Aleister Crowley was making the blade to regain some of its power, but unfortunately, it could no longer have the functions to drain someone's blood. Despite this, it would still be a really dangerous weapon, with no doubt.

  • Rascal 1: Wanna have a drink with us in the nearby bar?

The rascal put his hand on Mary as soon as he reached her. The other two rascals started to flirt with her as well, giving her eyes and even tried to touch her. Mary, however, immediately went away, much to the three rascals' displeasure.

  • Mary: Is there a prison for you freaks?

The rascals were angry and so they immediately surrounded her. They seemed to be deeply offended by her.

  • Uijjkl
    Rascal 2: Who are you calling "freaks", lady? We own the road, and I demand you to be respectful to us!
  • Rascal 3: Yeah, we already occupied the entire street and people all feared us. They will hand out money as soon as we demand, otherwise, we shall destroy their estate and violate their family as long as we want!
  • Rascal 1: There is no law in this time known as war, you know! So why don't you---

Hearing this, ​Mary clench her fist and for the very first time in her entire life, she had a thirst for blood lust coming from her inner impulse. Then, much to the three rascals' horror, slowly drew her blade before she suddenly struck the knife into the chest of the first rascal, yelling out.


Jane Judith Jocelyn's room

On the third floor

5 minutes later

Minase Residence dining room

Jane Judith went back into her room on the third floor. Once she got into the place, she felt tired for going upstairs while dragging her large bag a short time ago. The elevator itself went broken, so she had to walk upstairs. As she opened the light after taking some rest, Jane Judith dragged the bag right into her bathroom, leaving a long trail of blood on the ground.


The traces of blood could be found all the way on her way home. Mary Spencer walked upstairs as she looked down carefully. The trail of blood indicated that Jane Judith had killed someone.'
Bloody stairs with door by moon willowstock
  • Mary: If that is true, then I have no choice...

Mary Spencer knew this woman already since several years ago. The woman was once her colleague in the navy until she was disgraced due to her found guilty in the crime of serial killing as well as mutilation 2 years ago. She was put in jail until 1 year later, she bailed herself out. Therefore, Mary Spencer deeply hated this woman and so she tried to arrest her when she got a chance. Armed with the Bazantine Parang and her gun, Mary went all the way upstairs with sheer rage in her eyes. Voices started to echoed in her head once again.

  • Voice 1: Do not let her get away with her crimes.
  • Voice 2: She deserves death penalty!
  • Voice 3: Kill her! Kill whom you hate or she shall start killing again!

Mary walked closer and closer before she heard some sound as if there was someone pouring liquid within a container.

  • TB59-20a
    Mary: Catholic Church! Hands in the air!

After breaking the door with a rant, Mary raised her gun as she walked closer to Jane Judith, her old nemesis. Jane was working inside her bathroom. A bathtub was beside her. She was putting a copper container which contained something liquid.

  • Mary: Back away, slowly!

Jane Judith immediately raised her hand as she saw Mary, and when Mary ordered her to back away, she did so.

  • Jane Judith: This ain't what you looks like.

However, shaking her head, Mary just passed by somewhere seemed to be like the bedroom of Judith before stepping into a pond of red liquid.

  • Mary: Explain to me down at the local precinct, my dear old "friend." For now, you'd be wise to keep your mouth shut...
Tumblr n7hl7sFUqv1tzixowo1 500

As she stepped into the pond of red liquid, Mary was feeling uneasy all of a sudden so that she stopped walking or talking. Then, Mary turned her head into the bedroom.

  • Mary: Impossible...

She was horrified by what she saw. It was a large opened bag on the bed in this room, whereas a highly mutilated corpse, naked, with no head, hands or its left leg, was lying on the bed. The scene was such a brutality that Mary was shocked by what she had seen.

Tumblr muoeyqswzj1rc6egvo1 500

Mary was so horrified that she immediately went to the living room, only to find two desks with mutilated corpses as well as skeletons on it. Blood could still be seen in the room.

  • Mary: You... are Jack the Ripper of the 21st Century, aren't you?

Seeing such a horrific scene of brutality, Mary was highly disgusted to point that she nearly vomited. Jane Judith looked at Mary as she became nervous.

  • Jane Judith: Well, can we talk about this?

Mary immediately drew her attention back to Jane Judith. She then saw the copper container. There was a mutilated arm inside it, and the arm which drenched in the liquid was releasing smokes. The liquid inside the container was boiling.

It was, obviously, a full vat of thick sulfuric acid.

  • 365TrinityBloodMarySpencer
    Jane Judith: Be reasonable, Mary.

Mary glared at Jane Judith with hatred in her eyes as she continued to pleaded for mercy.

  • Mary: You joined the alchemists with that bad Aureolus Izzard, and you are even worse than him, Jane. You are nothing but an amoral abomination. Even after so many years, you are still your old self in your new place. I wonder what would Aureolus think if he saw all of your dreadful works.
  • Jane Judith: Look, I didn't kill anybody, okay? I am a fresh woman now. After being released from the jail, I became a cleaner. That's all.

Mary took a look at the bedroom and that pond of blood. She lowered her head with a poker face.

  • Mary: You became just a cleaner?
  • Jane Judith: Yeah!
Asuka corpse (EoE)
Looking at those corpses on the desk one last time, Mary then looked at Judith once again.
  • Mary: You're just the lady who chops up the bodies and dumps them in a vat of acid. That's it. I saw you in the alley nearby. Don't fool me.

Jane Judith was frightened as Mary walked towards the place where she stood.

  • Jane Judith: What are you doing, friend? Given our prior relationship, just... take me in, will you?
  • MarySpencer27
    Mary: Oh, I'll bet that's what you want, for me to read your rights, make sure you get a lawyer. Two, three years from now, I see you on some corner, free as a bird. Any other night, yeah, it would eat at me, but yeah, I'd do it.

At this time, Mary had already walked in front of Jane Judith and looked at her menacingly.

  • Mary: Not tonight.
Despair princess by yiroko-daum4bi
She then grabbed the collar of Jane Judith as she dragged her all the way out of the bathroom. Then, Mary pushed the woman she hated for so many days towards the balcony. All the way, Jane Judith was plead for mercy.
  • Jane Judith: Please, I am just a victim! I was forced to fall back to my old way of life after I witnessed the work of Jack the Ripper of the 21st Century! His or her work was so great that I could not help myself from copying it!

"​Jack the Ripper of the 21st Century" was a killer in Tenguu City rampaging more than a week ago, killing hundreds of people. So far, only Kyouko Kirigiri and Pope Michael Langdon knew the true identity of the killer, but they both kept as a secret.

  • Mary: You did achieve something that the Ripper never achieve - annoying me!
At this time, Mary then bumped the shivering Judith on the glass window before she started to drew her knife; her Bazantine Parang. The veins on her face started to turn black.
  • Mary: See, something is gotten into me. When I see a scumbag like you, my blood starts boiling in my veins. I just want to punish you, make you suffer. Up until now, I've been able to control it... but it's getting stronger inside of me.

​Jane Judith was so terrified that she immediately cried for mercy.

  • 142341-143489
    Jane Judith: Please... Find the Ripper himself or herself, I told you. He or she is the one... Just arrest me... Arrest me!
  • Mary: We're past that.
  • Jane Judith: PLEASE!!!

Narrowed her eyes, Mary immediately slashed the shoulder of Jane with the Byzantine Parang in her hand. The light began to flash as Mary's back shadow on the wall started to shake violently.

The parang somehow had a different effect rather that its original ability. Instead of sucking blood into it, it caused blood flowing from the victims' eyes, mouth and nostrils in a matter of a minute. Then, Mary immediately broke the window with her gun and pushed a severely injured Jane Judith from the window.

Jane Judith let out a scream and fell on the ground. After looking at Jane with satisfaction, Mary then took Jane's cloak as a disguise and put it on. Then, she instantly left the room.

- Mary Spencer: Sentence served.

Aureolus Novel
The early light of dawn itself shone in the city of Kiev. However, people were not caring about the sunlight. In fact, they were all frightened when they saw a bleeding woman falling from the third floor of a nearby building.

Aureolus Izzard was one of them. He and Acqua of the Back were separate for now, but they are both trying to figure out the secret behind the KnightWalker Family, especially this mysterious disappearance of Eckidina KnightWalker, the leader of the family. Five minutes ago, Aureolus was walking in the streets of Kirv, wondering something surrounded the recent events. He looked down on the pavement. No one had recognized him.

  • Aureolus: (think) * Ah, this is quite boring. It is not like the city of Kirv I used to know. People here seemed so... apathetic. Where is Eckidina KnightWalker now, by the way? We haven't been seeing her coming out since the recent events in Rome. I wonder what she was now planning.

As Aureolus was walking, he heard a scream and looked horizontally. He then saw a woman falling from a small apartment 50 meters away. He immediately went forward to the place, running and running.

2804402 1339993063481.43res 439 300

However, Aureolus never noticed Mary Spencer who had wore a disguise and escaped through the crowd. In fact, no one had noticed her. They only paid their attention on that blood shedding corpse.

  • Aureolus: Sorry, excuse me! Excuse me! Give me a way please!

Aureolus pushed people desperately as he tried to go there. He had an instinct, believing that the victim was someone he knew. Then, he walked closer and looked at the victim carefully. To his shock, he immediately recognized Jane Judith who was barely alive. Aureolus immediately whispered to her with great distraught.

  • Giphyokoko
    Aureolus: Oh, my! Hold on, I'll call an ambulance!

However, as she was dying, Jane Judith still tried to speak in a weak voice. Blood started to flow from her eyes, mouth and nostrils.

  • Jane Judith: *whisper* No, no, listen...
  • Aureolus: *whisper* Who did this? Terra?

Jane Judith shook her head as she was slowly dying.

  • Jane Judith: *whisper* No... not Terra...
  • Aureolus: *whisper* Then who did this?

With her final energy, Jane Judith then whispered the name of her murderer before she finally died.

  • Jane Judith: *whisper* Mary... Spencer...

Jane could not speak more. Blood started to flow from her eyes and mouth, and it took her 10 minutes of struggle while moaning in pain... before she finally stopped struggling. Her hand became colder, much to Aureolus' shock. Jane Judith Jocelyn was now dead.

Aureolus's eyes narrowed as he was greatly startled by all this news. He could not believe what he had heard. He could not even believe in himself.

Mary Spencer? How could she?

Opening - Heathens

Heathens - Suicide Squad -Official Video-

Heathens - Suicide Squad -Official Video-



All my friends are heathens, take it slow

Wait for them to ask you who you know

Please don't make any sudden moves

You don't know the half of the abuse


Welcome to the room of people

Who have rooms of people that they loved one day

Docked away

Just because we check the guns at the door

Doesn't mean our brains will change from hand grenades

You're lovin' on the psychopath sitting next to you

You're lovin' on the murderer sitting next to you

You'll think "How'd I get here sitting next to you?"

But after all I've said, please don't forget:




We don't deal with outsiders very well

They say newcomers have a certain smell

Yeah, I trust issues, not to mention

They say they can smell your intentions

You're lovin' on the freakshow sitting next to you

You'll have some weird people sitting next to you

You'll think "How'd I get here, sitting next to you"

But after all I've said, please don't forget:

(Watch it)

(Watch it)




All my friends are heathens, take it slow

(Watch it)

Wait for them to ask you who you know

(Watch it)

All my friends are heathens, take it slow

(Watch it)

Wait for them to ask you who you know

(Watch it)

Why'd you come, you knew you should have stayed

(It's blasphemy)

I tried to warn you just to stay away

And now they're outside ready to bust

It looks like you might be one of us

Act 1 - Fiamma's Invasion


Fiamma of the Right's Location

Fiamma 2

With an insane and horrendous grin that was not shown on the face of any human, with a cold and vacant eyes that was glowing inhumanly red, Fiamma of the Right grinned sadistically, looking at the burning docks.

He was waiting for Vento and Terra so that he could take them both away.

  • Fiamma: Let them burn... Let them burn! Ah, yes, it is a greater step towards the world what I dreamed to be.
  • ???: Fiamma of the Right!

Suddenly, a yell came from behind Fiamma. Fiamma turned back and narrowed his eyes. He saw a young lady with white dress and blond hair, staring at him with red aura all over his body.

Fiamma scoffed as he closed his eyes with sheer arrogance.

  • Fiamma: I am surprise to see you here.
  • Maria: Shut up. I don't care who you are, what your so-called God's Right Seat is, but I am here to inform you that everyone who is sane is going to kill some kind of monster like you!

Fiamma chuckled in malevolence. His eyes was as vacant as Vento's eyes, hinting that he, too, was under demonic mind-control.


Scene from LOTM: Crossover - The Corbin Files - Chapitre Cinq

Junko Enoshima was angry, very angry. With Sonia's crown on her head and sitting on Sonia's chair comfortably, Junko glared 14 Ultimate Despair members, members who were once students of Hope's Peak Academy, had knelt in front of her with their hands tied. Soon, a sadistic grin appeared on Junko's face.

Eckidina and Mukuro were standing beside Junko. Eckidina watched with pleasure as Junko kept pushing the mental state of her minions into Despair ever deeper.

  • Junko: Is that what you give to me as a pre-Thanksgiving present, a rebellion? You all put everything on risk, especially our REPUTATION!!! Why did Sonia Nevermind ever resist the "Mr. Unknown"'s command ? Why did you drone on alongside her? That's absurd, isn't it? Who is the leader anyway, me or her?!
  • Eckidina: Junko, calm down. Sonia won't go far. She only aims that Mr. Unknown, but I bet she had no guts to lay a finger on us. She still needs us, and therefore she will come back.
  • Junko: Yes, she will, and she will still be our mere puppet. Anyway, those people need to be punished, Eckidina. I will cane them bloody. Sonia's cane is right there, lying itself on the ground, right?
  • Eckidina: There is no need for you to do this work. Here, besides the good news of catching Dr. Frankenstein, I brought a present for you to cheer you up, and you are gonna like "it".
  • Junko: Come on! Show me!~
Junko Enoshima cute face
​Jumping from Sonia's chair, Junko yelled and cheered in excitement with her eyes widened in happiness.
  • Eckidina: Now, it is the time to witness miracles...

Eckidina merely clapped her hands, and then, just like something magical started happening - The door opened by itself, and revealed Fiamma of the Right, with a prosthetic right hand being attached on his wrist, was standing at the door. A big red claw was behind him. People inside were mostly horrified, but Eckidina smiled and Junko curiously watched this man.

  • Fiamma 2
     Who is he?
  • Eckidina: Drum roll, please...

​Several guards started to play drums as Eckidina started her introduction as she was babbling something casual.

  • Eckidina: This is Fiamma of the Right, the leader of a secret Catholic council known as the Right Seat of God, which is a driven force behind the Pope and runs everything in the Catholic Church. He was connected to Peace Foundation, alongside Vento of the Front and Acqua of the Back, his two colleagues, and they planned to join forces which are against us! The End! 

The drum roll stopped. Junko looked at the brainwashed Fiamma curiously.

  • Junko: Amazing... but why bring him here? Is he safe?
  • Eckidina: (to Junko) Now, yeah, he is safe. We brought him here on purpose. We brainwashed him just as what we did to Biagio Busoni, so he will do anything we ordered him to do. (to Fiamma) Is that correct, Fiamma?
  • Fiamma: (brainwashed) Yes, Milady Eckidina.
  • Eckidina: You can even pick him up and turn him around!~
  • Junko: Really? Now, allow me to try.
With a evil grin, Junko started to order Fiamma to do what she wanted him to do.
  • Junko: Fiamma, dance for 10 seconds!

Without hesitation, ​Fiamma did what she told him to do as he danced for 10 seconds. Junko applauded with a smile.

  • Junko: Bravo.
  • Eckidina: Now, order him to do something harsh.
  • Junko: (to Eckidina) Okay, um... (to Fiamma while pointing the kneeling Ultimate Despair members) THOSE PEOPLE NEED TO BE PUNISHED! CANE THEM ALL AS HARD AS YOU CAN! CANE THE VOMIT BLOOD OUT OF THEM AND I DON'T GIVE A SINGLE CARE!!!
Najimi Ajimu
Fiamma lifted his prosthetic right hand and pointed it to the cane. Then, the red claw behind Fiamma went towards the cane and picked it up. It immediately slapped the Ultimate Despair members' back and causing them to cry hard. Mukuro was looking at them indifferently. Junko and Eckidina, however, were satisfied.

After 30 seconds, the Ultimate Despair were all nearly unconscious, but because their state of being brainwashed by Junko, they dared not defy her.

  • Junko: Stop. (Fiamma stopped) Someone take Kazuchi Soda to medic. We still need him to hit Brazil.

​Two KnightWalker guards dragged an unconscious Soda away.

  • Junko: Eckidina-san, now what? Is it the time for us to start our next move?
  • Eckidina: Our Mr. Unknown will send us a message if situation changes. Junko, this is just a start, don't you think so? We have control the Catholic church!
  • Junko: No, we will wait until the new Pope was elected, and that will be the time we control the Church.

59148828 p0 master1200

Cc46eed44c331df24bb9d5d2910d57ef079f1c9d hq

​- Junko & Eckidina: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


14594212 p0

Maria narrowed her eyes after seeing Fiamma's inhumane look. Therefore, she decided to do it quickly before the city burned itself to the ground...


Maria swayed her sword and went towards Fiamma, but Fiamma raised his right hand. Immediately, a large and red claw appeared behind Fiamma, and  immediately blocked Maria's sword with this large hand. The two then struggled against each other desperately.

  • Fiamma: Now, with this entire city of Kirv on fire, I will bring your world into Hell!

Right after finishing his words, Fiamma used his claw to grab Maria, and she was trapped inside the large claw despite her spiritual appearance. Maria felt pain and suffocated inside that claw, pretty much to her injuries that was yet to heal and regenerate.

  • Maria: You... you are a monster!

Maria struggled fierecely inside the claw of Fiamma, and she even increased her body temperature, but Fiamma felt nothing.

  • Fiamma: Before you make yourself melt, boil, sizzle and vaporized, I must tell you that your heat is nothing in front of me, Ms. Arzonia. I still remember the night when Vento heard your alleged death. She cried so badly, so badly.
  • Maria: What have you done to her?!

Fiamma only smiled as he made Maria in the grasp even tighter and tighter.

  • Fiamma: We made her perfect. At first, Cardinal Aleister Crowley had established a brainwashing project to make us feel perfect, but Vento resisted this several times. However, fortunately for me, Melancholia had used some kind of black magic charm... in the form of a necklace... in order to make her perfect!
IMG 2674

Maria struggled in tears, feeling heartbroken when Fiamma said all the words heartlessly.

  • Fiamma: She believed you to be dead. She believed Acqua of the Back murdered you... However, in my point of view, all of these are truths, and Mother Melancholia only make the truth uncovered...

​Maria was finally fed up with Fiamma's words. She tried to escape, but Fiamma grabbed her tighter.


Fiamma then grinned with a grunt.

  • Fiamma: Hmm, very well, Maria Arzonia, but you died for Acqua, right?
  • Maria: No, no... I died for many, but I do not want to talk about this now! Leave and erase those false memories from Vento, now!

However, before Maria could continue, Fiamma grabbed her even harder. Soon, Fiamma squeezed lava blood from Maria's wound once again.

  • Fiamma: One minute later... no, two minutes later, you will melt, melt and melt.
58541479 p0

Maria shivered in horror, but suddenly, as she was closing her eyes in despair...

  • Maria: (think) * I am sorry, everyone... *

... as she was closing her eyes in despair, a bright light had shone and slashed through Fiamma's claw. Fiamma's claw had broken, and disappeared in a red mist.

  • Fiamma: Ugh!

Fiamma stepped back in horror and pain, and it was apparent that the attack had finally inflicted pain on his body... even though it lasted a short while.

59407919 p0

With rage, Fiamma look at Patriarch Krans, who arrived at the scene with a white uniform as well as a large blade.

  • Krans: Leave her alone!
  • Fiamma: Why? Why won't you give up, you filthy cockroaches!

Enraged, Fiamma cursed his enemies and then bit his lips as he looked at the Patriarch had helped Maria to get up. Maria struggled herself to stand up and closed her eyes.

  • Maria: Patriarch Krans...

Then, she raised her staff just at the same time Krans raised his sword, both towards Fiamma.

  • Maria & Krans: How can we give up so easily? The hope is still here!
  • Fiamma: Oh, really? You are about to lose, and your territory is now swallowed in flames. Now, you are telling me you still have hope? Ha, what an international joke... and I am sick of it!

Fiamma then narrowed his eyes and summoned a new fire claw behind him, looking at his enemies with a savage smile.

  • Fiamma profile
    Fiamma: What you call hope is all nothing but lies! LIES! Now, here I am, and I am going to tell you what I call as truth - THE TRUTH I CALL DESPAIR!

Fiamma raised his hand as more explosion started to occur across the entire city. Maria and Krans looked around in sheer panic, and then Krans angrily turned his head to Fiamma.

  • Krans: You only targeted the weakling?

Hearing the screaming of the citizens, Patriarch Krans' right hand was grabbing his sword and was ready to strike once again.

- Krans: YOU COWARD!

58626057 p0

Enraged, Krans immediately raised his sword and leaped towards Fiamma. As Fiamma stretched his claw towards the Patriarch, the two immediately clashed against each other.

  • Magilou: Maria!

Magilou's voice could be heard from not far away, and Maria immediately turned back to see Magilou and Noelle coming towards her. Magilou reached Maria and helped her to get up.

  • Magilou: Oh, my! How can you be injured so badly?

Maria bit her lips and did not answered. Magilou did not waste anytime and used a healing magic on Maria.

  • Magilou: Please, allow me to heal you.

As Magilou was healing the injured spirit, Maria had struggled herself to stand straight. Nevertheless, she was now feeling better physically, but her emotions was still in distress.

  • TV Tropes - Vento 7780
    Magilou... they are here.
  • Magilou: Yes, the Right Seat of God is here.
  • Maria: I hope Acqua is not corrupted... Oh, it is a shame that Adam Frankenstein is not here. He returned back to Chronos Empire for his own duty, and I can't push him to stay here.

Maria bit her lips when she thought about how Vento looked at her under the brainwashing. She narrowed her eyes as the fury and hatred towards Michael Langdon burned like fire in her chest.

  • Maria: Why does everything such sad came to happen upon me and my family? Why? Why...

Maria could not hide her feeling of sadness. Her tears soon streamed down her cheeks.

  • Maria: I am so weak and useless... If I was stronger, I could erase Michael's mind-control very easily...

​The Patriarch clashed with Fiamma at the docks, and Vento and Terra somehow did not reach the area yet. Magilou immediately patted the head of Maria, trying to comfort her.

  • Fiamma.Of.The.Right
    Magilou: Don't cry, Maria. This is not your fault. We are all here to help you, and we all will help you to make things right!

Suddenly, Patriarch Krans had a horrid scream, and everyone turned to look at where Fiamma and Krans were fighting.

They reacted in horror as soon as they saw the young Patriarch covered his left eye in pain and sorrow. Krans collapsed on the ground, whereas Fiamma gloated in sheer menace after blinding the Patriarch with his claw.

  • Fiamma: Ha, now how can you find a way to defeat me? You have only one eye now. I will blind the other one as well.

As Fiamma was gloating, the Patriarch immediately used bandages to cover his wound simply, and he angrily took a look at Fiamma with only one eye.

  • Krans: I have no regrets. I sacrificed my eye only for the others, and I won't be bother if I sacrifice my other eye to protect everything I care about... because God and his justice will be my light!
TV Tropes Villian 2 9487

Fiamma chuckled bitterly. He walked towards the hurt Patriarch and was ready to finish him.

  • Fiamma: God? God will help me, not you. For so many years, people have been discussing the problems about justice. However, it is futile. No true justice exists in this world. Only the victor can claim himself as justice!
  • ???: You are wrong, Fiamma!

Fiamma heard a female voice occurred from behind just at the time he was ready to finish the Patriarch. He turned back and with surprise, he saw two people standing not far away from him. One was Acqua of the Back, and the other was Princess Villian of the United Kingdom, also known as the Third Princess and is Princess Carissa's younger sister.

  • Maxresdefaultijio
     You are absolutely wrong. Justice is not about victory! It is about benevolence. It is about what is right!

Fiamma narrowed his eyes and scoffed.

  • Fiamma: But I am doing what I think was right! Can't you see that?

Villian shook her head in dismay and disapproval. Then, Fiamma heard a noise from behind, and he saw Matt Butcher running towards him and stood beside Maria and Magilou. Maria had stood up, and yet she could barely stand straight.

  • Star of Bethlehem
    Villian: Then, we will disprove your opinion!

Fiamma then raised his claw and narrowed his eyes.

  • Fiamma: Hmm, very well, I will see how can you all disprove me. I will use this to purge every warmonger in this world and create a brand new world!

Fiamma narrowed his eyes and raised his claw. Then, people around him all looked up and saw an enormous brown floating island started to surface on the sky, and it looked like a star. Acqua of the Back looked at this with horror.

  • Acqua: The... the Star of Bethlehem? You completed it?

Acqua widened his eyes and looked at Fiamma, who grinned wickedly.

  • Fiamma: It is just a trivial sacrifice. I will save the world myself and wipe the plague of war from this world. You just can't understand this, mere mortals.

Maria struggled herself to stand straight, and her face was as purple as a riped eggplant.

  • Maria: If we are mortal, then what do you think you are!?
21284507 p0

Maria immediately turned into her angel form and tried to strike down Fiamma, but Fiamma still raised his claw with a calm and arrogant smile. Maria bit her own teeth in rage.

  • Maria: You hurt my family! You will pay for it... slowly!

Before Maria could finish, Fiamma pushed Maria away and send her back to Magilou, but Maria had remained stabilized and stood tall at the place. Acqua was ready to draw his own sword after looking at the injured Patriarch.

  • Acqua profile
    Acqua: Wake up, Fiamma! You think your plan is going to save the world, but it is endangering billions of people on this globe!

Acqua raised his sword and tried to attack Fiamma with it, but Fiamma grinned wickedly and blocked his attack. However, when Fiamma was distracted by the attack from Acqua, Villian raised her sword and tried to strike down Fiamma.

  • Villian: You all will pay for what you've done to my sister!
48531220 p0
Realizing she was too weak to fight, Villian had trained herself in order to become stronger and protect everyone she cared about, and she was skilled in swordsmanship not long after the destruction of Aldegyr Kingdom.
  • Villian: For the humanity--!!

However, before Villian could cut Fiamma's right arm, a light had shone in front of her and Villian's attack was blocked. Villian widened her eyes and looked up, seeing a blonde woman with a sword made of light and wore red dress.

  • Villian: C-Carissa?

Matt widened his eyes when he saw Carissa, and he then shouted out in rage and horror.

  • Matt: Finally, you are here, tyrant!

In response, Carissa pushed her sister away and turned to glare at Matt in anger.

  • Carissa: Hey, I know you. You participated the English Civil War and stood against me. You are the best buddy of my poor cousin, and you will pay for that!

Carissa's eyes was blank and vacant, as if there was some kind of monster that was controlling her. Matt did not trying to hesitate.

  • Index v14 274
    Matt: It is YOU who will pay!

Matt immediately raised his blade and tried to attack Carissa, but then, Terra of the Left had appeared all of a sudden and blocked Matt's way with a blow of sandstorm.

  • Matt: Uh, sand...

In anger and rage, Terra appeared in front of Matt and immediately blocked Matt's attack. Matt tried to take Terra down, but then he heard another voice.

  • ???: Cease fire, now! Otherwise, we will kill her right now!

Matt suddenly turned back and saw Maria being held hostage by Vento of the Front. It was Vento who made this threat.

  • Maria: Please, no, don't do this...
  • Vento: Shut up! I should have killed you long ago for impersonating my only family... that he took away from me!

Vento then gave a death glare at Acqua, and Acqua was surprised to see Vento there, looking at him with anger and rage.

  • Acqua: What is going on? Why is Vento looking like that?

Maria tried to remind Acqua, but Vento forced her to hold her toungue.

  • Maria: Acqua! Vento is under...
  • Vento: I said, "Shut up!"

Seeing all of those things happening, Terra chuckled in some kind of diabolical manner, and he looked at Acqua, Fiamma and Vento.

  • Terra: Finally, after so many days, we Right Seat of God had finally stand together, we four.

Fiamma only glared at Terra with calmness.

  • Acqua: You are no longer one of us, Terra... neither is Fiamma. I know Fiamma is a megalomaniac all along, and yet I never expected that YOU are someone just like him!

Terra cackled sarcastically and looked at the flying fortress of Fiamma above the sky. He ignored Acqua and turned to Fiamma.

  • Terra: Oh, is that what you are planning, Fiamma? I am impressed, but seriously, don't you think it is a waste? This world is doomed, and we can only allow it to step towards its end. All of us, including me, cannot make any difference in the end...

Terra then raised his sword and attempted to strike down the Patriarch. Carissa seized the chance and made Villian her hostage as well.

  • IMG 2384
    Terra: ... unless you agree to start a parley between the two sides. Be quick, since the Mother Superior is coming here by herself, and I am not sure if she will spare you all.

The Patriarch stood up and glared at Terra despite he only had one eye left.

  • Krans: You are a coward, Terra!

Krans then rolled his only eye and he had an idea. He secretly blinked to Matt and Matt nodded. The Patriarch then turned to 

  • Krans R. profile
    Krans: Fine, I will put down my arms...

Krans crouched and carefully put down his sword... before throwing it at Vento. Seeing this, Vento immediately blocked it. Maria seized the chance and grabbed the necklace of Vento.

  • Maria: Snap out of it!

Maria finally striped the necklace from Vento using her strength, and then, Vento's eyes turned white and blank. She immediately fell on the ground. Carissa noticed this and tried to resist, but Villian bit the wrist of Carissa and stepped on her foot.

  • Carissa: AHHH!!!
  • Villian: Leave me alone!
Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel v18 cover
Carissa was so painful that she had to release Villian due to pain and shock. Carissa widened her gaze and could only watch as Villian ran to Acqua. Acqua immediately hugged her in his arm.
  • Acqua: Are you all right?

Villian joked as always.

  • Villian: What made you stood by and looking at me, you dimwit mercenary?

Acqua smiled and then he turned to Terra and was looking at him with a more serious look.

  • Acqua: Look, you have done too much to cause mayhem. Get out of here!

Fiamma looked at the sky and snapped his finger, before the fortress disappeared. Terra, however, did not raise his sword. Vento was in comatose, and Maria was taking care of her. Carissa stepped back and snarled at her enemies.

  • Carissa: If I can take my new army here...

Terra, however, remained his calm.

  • Terra: What do you think, Patriarch?

The Patriarch clenched his fist and widened his only eye. His answer surprised everyone.

  • Krans: I can't let you go. No one can leave. It can only reflect poorly on my citizens.

Terra was now the only one who can look at Krans in calmness and bit his lips.

  • Terra: Did you forget? You are now just a powerless human.

​The Patriarch looked at the burning city behind him and narrowed his eyes. He faced Terra once again.

  • Krans: You are right. I am a weak and worthless human, but God had shown me His light. I will not hesitate to apprehend against evil like you so that you will pay for those war crimes!

The Patriarch then summoned a green crest inside his palm, and then, he widened his eyes and placing the crest inside his chest...

  • Acqua: That is...

Acqua widened his eyes and shouted out, as everyone watched as the Patriarch transformed into his next form...

Oscar Cut-in (ToB)

- Krans: Behold the true power of Russian Orthodox Church!

61165368 p21 master1200

The Patriarch turned into a new divine appearance with shining body with golden and green aura. He narrowed his eyes and glared at Fiamma of the Right.

  • Krans: Fiamma of the Right, you are arrest for arson and war crime! Behold the Wind Armatus!

Maria and others around him could not believe her eyes. Maria could only open her eye wider and had her jaws open in awe. Vento is still under comatose and closed her eyes, losing unconsciousness.

  • Maria: What is this?

Even Maria was shocked by the transformation of the Patriarch, but the latter seemed calm about all this.

  • Krans: I will never allow you to escape, never!

Krans immediately charged himself at Fiamma, Carissa and Terra. He raised a sword before he clashed with Terra's sword.

  • D93de9e9e47d340b7b49be01606
    Terra: Patriarch Krans, you are pathetic. You had your Crest of Seven Deadly Sins taken by Pope Michael, and now you are handing another ancient artifact to him!
  • Krans: Silence! Don't you ever refer him as a pope in front of me! He is just a putrid hypocrite who work for those putrid KnightWalkers!

Terra grinned wickedly as he narrowed his eyes.

  • Terra: Really? You can leave that as your final words when the Second Hands of the Apocalypse Satellite is activated!
Terra's words shocked Fiamma who was beside Terra. Fiamma watched as Terra pushed the Patriarch away and settled himself. Terra's mouth began to bleed a bit, but he immediately brushed it away.
  • Fiamma: The second Hands of the Apocalypse Satellite?

Terra's word not only shocked Fiamma, but also shocked people around all of them. Terra took a glare at the Patriarch and looked at everyone.

  • 62003205 p0 master1200
    Terra: Your Star of Bethelehem is nothing but a useless piece of trash now. You created it for nothing unless you want us to retreat from this planet with it... Can't you see?
  • Fiamma: But the Pope...
  • Terra: The Pope himself never approve your arrogant and megalomanical dreams of such a Noah's Ark! He wants some more realistic thing! He changed his mind, and now your project is a failure!

Terra then approached to Fiamma, and he narrowed his eyes bitterly.

  • Terra: Can't you see that? You are not the one in charge now. The Pope himself is now the new leader of the God's Right Seat, code named "Tenabrae of the Centre", among all of us - including you!

As Terra was speaking, the Patriarch tried to attack Fiamma and Terra, but Carissa blocked her way. She turned her head to Terra with shock all the while blocking herself from the attack of Patriarch Krans.

  • Carissa: Stop talking there! Help me out! I cannot hold him for too long!
Original curtana

Carissa holds the Curtana Original. Note the two intertwining "ribbons" on the blade.

Carissa then narrowed her eyes at the Patriarch before her new sword shone white light from its blade.

  • Carissa: Taste the Shard of Curtana!

After the end of the English Civil War, Carissa had her Sword of Curtana broken. Later, with the help of The Fallen's Essence, Carissa had recreated another blade using the shattered shards of the Curtana Original and fueled it with dark magic. She blocked the Patriarch's attack, but was knocked back by the small storm caused by the Patriarch's wings.

  • Carissa: Fiamma! Terra! Help me out!
Terra profile

Fiamma did not heard Carissa's cry for help, and Terra merely looked at an unconscious Vento and an infuriated Maria. Maria tried to attack him, but he blocked her with sand.

  • Terra: Hmm...

Maria was blown on the ground by the sandstorm, and she landed beside Vento. Terra glared at Vento and smiled in an sarcastic manner.

  • Terra: Ha, Vento of the Front, as a top member of the Right Seat of God, you have such a shameful defeat.
Maria was infuriated even more and she drew her sword once again.
  • Maria: I won't allow you to insult her!
  • Acqua: I will arrest you for your crimes, Terra!

Suddenly, as Maria and Acqua both tried to charge at Terra, they heard Fiamma bit his lips in horror and whispered in dismay.

  • Fiamma: All of you, all of you, all of you, all of you, all of you, all of you...
Kuwata's Breakdown
The Patriarch and Carissa stopped fighting and looked at Fiamma. Terra, Matt, Maria, Acqua and Villian all looked at Fiamma with horror in their eyes. Fiamma had widened his eyes and red vines could be seen inside it. His face turned more and more menacing, and his mouth wide opened. Then, he yelled with fury...
Raven blade master by 1234doe
Fiamma immediately released a certain amount of flame before throwing it at the port, and soon the fire and explosion happened everywhere. As an reaction, the Patriarch immediately left Carissa. Carissa tried to catch him, but she was then blew away by the explosion caused by Fiamma's breakdown.
  • Matt: No way! He is losing his control!

Matt immediately leaped towards Fiamma and sliced many of the fire ball, and Fiamma kept on his sheer mindless attack.

  • Fiamma: If I cannot rule my utopia, I will send this hellish world with me!

Terra's face of surprise then changed all of a sudden. While dodging himself from the attack, Terra smiled while looking at Fiamma mindlessly attacking everyone in his sight.

  • Terra: (think) * Good, that is a nice way to drive him into despair. *

Aiming at Fiamma, Acqua raised his sword and then summoned a large water stream and tried to put out the fire.

  • Index v16 006-007
    Acqua: I think I need to use something to cool you down.

The water put out the fire that Fiamma caused, but when the water was sprayed on Fiamma, it vaporized almost immediately.


As Fiamma was ranting in sheer horror and madness, Terra immediately went to Fiamma before knocking him with a large rock he summoned. Fiamma fell on the ground and lied unconscious. Terra then went to help Carissa to stand up.

  • Tumblr m7vviqTHRH1qg9agso1 500
    Terra: Hmm, not looking good. You've done enough, Fiamma. I think it is time for you to make a stop.

Despite saying those, Terra looked at Fiamma with a cruel grin on his mangled face. Terra then looked at Carissa while wearing this grin.

  • Terra: That is enough for it, Carissa. Now, we can leave and make them clean all this messes. I won't let this to break the current truce.

Carissa looked at Fiamma, who lied on the ground, widened his eyes and had a face of horror frozen on his face. Carissa felt chill on her spine.

  • Carissa: What about them? What about my sister?

Carissa asked anxiously. Terra only glared at his enemies and glared once again.

  • Terra: Leave them for now. The real fun shall begin very soon.

Terra then teleported himself, Carissa and Fiamma away from the burning port, leaving an unconscious Vento behind.

  • Terra: Enjoy your final days, you so-called rebels! Ha-HAHAHAHA!!!
Burning Fiore

Terra's laugh was so loud that it could be heard across the entire city, even after he disappeared. The Patriarch and Maria widened their eyes in horror when she looked at the port burning along with many parts of the city. She heard many people crying not far away.

  • Citizen 1: Why!? Why did they do such a thing to us?
  • Citizen 2: We're finished! Kirv is no more...
IMG 2920

Maria looked at the place where Terra stood, and she punched the ground with her fist.

  • Maria: Curse you! Curse you...

The Patriarch landed on the ground and returned back to his normal human attire, holding a green crest in his hand. He narrowed his eyes and bit his lips.

  • Krans: Such a ghastly attack. I hope there won't be another...
  • Matt: Terra said that "the fun is just begin"... and I think it is yet from over.
  • Acqua: No matter what will happen, just send Vento to wounded camp at first!

​Under Acqua's advice, everyone headed to the wounded camp, where Carl, Magilou and Noelle Bor were also there.

Act 2 - Plaisir


Wounded Camp

5 minutes later

IMG 2917
  • Maria: Excuse me! Excuse me! Here... here is an emergency!

Maria and Matt carried an unconscious Vento into the wounded camp. Vento was mumbling something, but she was yet from awakening. Maria arrived in front of a guard.

  • Maria: Here is another one who need to be saved!

The guard took a look at Vento and was surprised.

  • QWASDEE23333
    Guard: Isn't that Vento of the Front?

Maria nodded with her eyes narrowed in anger.

  • Maria: Yes, and she needs help! I will explain to you later! Save her first!

The guard realized what Maria meant (judging her serious and nonsense words) and immediately called other guards. They carried Vento into a tent. Maria stood outside of the tent and bit her lips in anger.

  • Maria: Matt, did you find Sister Paula and Mary Spencer?

Matt did not answered. He looked down on the ground as his head was sweating.

  • Matt: Uh...

Maria looked at Matt and immediately knew what had happened. She looked at him with an expression as if she was ready to scold him.

  • Maria: You didn't?
  • Matt: Maria, I failed...

Matt immediately lowered his head and his eyes was having tears rolling.

  • Matt: I am so stupid... I lost them...

Before she could scold Matt, Maria immediately saw a scar on Matt's face. Maria was surprised when she saw it.

  • Matt: I tried to capture Paula, but she claimed that the blade had already "return to its chosen one" before slashing my face and escaped via teleportation... I had no other choice since the city was in the mess, so I must help you to get rid of the intruders first... because I cannot let my family to do all of those things while I am out there for nothing.

Maria looked at the scar, and all of her anger turned into sadness.

  • Maria: Boy, you're such an imbecile...
IMG 7642

Despite scolding Matt, Maria was showing a sad expression on her face. She closed her eyes, and felt weak all of a sudden.

  • Maria: No... I am the only imbecile here, the most foolish one of us all. I have responsibility on this mess as well, since I never expected that Fiamma of the Right would be here. I never expected that my godmother would be used as a tool... This is all my fault.

​Matt heard this and immediately patted Maria's shoulder, comforting her.

  • Dwodof
    Matt: No, it's not. Michael used Vento as his gun to point at you, at us... It was his fault.

Just as everyone were feeling sad, Magilou and Noelle came out from the wounded camp, and behind them, there was shouting from a orderly.

  • Orderly: Wait a minute, Magilou! Your injury is not recovered! Wait a minute!

Magilou ignored the words of the orderly and walked towards Princess Villian.

  • Magilou: You... you are Princess Villian Windsor of the United Kingdom, am I right?
Anime Noélle Bor 46546464

Villian nodded and looked at Magilou. She never met this magical girl before.

  • Villian: May I have your name, please?

Magilou shook her head with a sad sigh.

  • Magilou: I am Magilou. It is good to see you here. I hope you can help us... out from such a situation...

Noelle followed Magilou out and looked at Princess Villian. With full respect, she immediately bowed in front of the princess.

  • 62711954 p0
    Noelle: Your Highness...

Noelle then turned to Magilou and whispered to her.

  • Noelle: Magilou, I told you to rest until you are recovered from your wound. You should listen to that orderly and take a rest. Poison Ivy will help you with it.

Magilou shook her head and sighed.

  • Magilou: I can never fall asleep, thinking that Carl is now suffering not just physically, but also emotionally. He seemed to be haunted by some sort of evil inside his heart, and he was having a disturbing face. I am deeply worried with it. He was crying...

​Magilou lowed down her head. It was so rare to see her with such a troubling face.

  • 31686532934 c04b362f89 b
    Magilou: No, it was not crying. It was the roar of anger. His roar was so loud, horrid and agonizing that so many patients were disturbed. The orderlies had to bring him to another camp alone, but I am deeply worried. I do not know what was wrong to him...

Maria widened her eyes in shock and she sighed helplessly.

  • Maria: It is so bad... We are now in the gravest peril. Time is not on our side. By the way, what about the Patr--
Aureolus Novel

Maria tried to ask about the situation of the Patriarch, Esther and Mary Spencer, but suddenly, she was approached by a resistance guard who was taking a man with green hair and white suit, much to Maria's surprise.

  • Guard: Lady Maria, we captured a stowaway.

The green-haired man with white suit struggled in anger and made his complaints.

  • ???: I wasn't stowing away, you dimwit! I merely boarded without permission!

Maria immediately walked forward and looked at the strange man with confusion. The green-haired man looked at Maria with a playful attitude and scoffed.

  • ???: Huh, hmph, Angel of Flame, your trick of coming-back-to-life does not scare the mighty Aureolus Izzard!

Maria frowned her eyebrows.

  • Maria: Aureolus Izzard? Is that your name?

Maria asked this and Aureolus nodded. Maria then opened a bounty poster with Aureolus' portrait and showed it to him.

  • Maria: The Catholic Church offered 100,000 euros for your only head on your neck, and now you are here. Are you looking for refugee here, alchemist?

Facing Maria's sarcasm, Aureolus shrugged his shoulders with a calm smile.

  • Aureolus: Hst let this guard of yours release me. Seriously, Ms. Arzonia, I won't tell you that I already joined the Peace Foundation and is here to reunite with my pal, Acqua of the Back.

Maria blinked her eyes as she walked back. She raised her hand as a gesture to give orders.

  • Maria: Libéralo. (Release him.)

Matt heard this and was surprised since he recently learned Spanish. Although he was not very well with Spanish, Matt heard the word sounded like "liberty". He then realized the meaning of this order.

  • Matt: You let him go?
  • Maria: I said release him, but I do not want to let him go. He may have something here to tell us.

Maria then turned back to Aureolus as she looked at him with her eyes.

  • Maria: Alright, is there anything you want to tell us?
  • Aureolus: It is...

Aureolus then tried to tell the things that he saw on the street, but all of a sudden, an explosion occurred at the nearby tents. Everyone was shocked. Aureolus swallowed the words he was going to say back to his guts.

  • Jeanne alter and ruler fate grand order and fate series drawn by dai xt sample-e9a725e17cab6f1c639a3db477a5309f
    Aureolus: Oh...

Maria immediately turned back as she saw two guards coming towards her.

  • Guard: Lady Maria! Melancholia is here! She is trying to capture Mr. Robinson herself!
  • Maria: It is her!?

It was obvious that everything that was bad all came into one time, the fire, the invasion and the killing spree all in one. Feeling more and more upset, Maria then turned to Matt and widened her eyes.

  • Maria: Matt, protect Pricess Villian and Aureolus. Ask about the things he is about to tell.
  • Matt: You can count on me.

Matt immediately escorted Aureolus and went to safety. Nodded, ​Maria then turned to Noelle and Magilou.

  • Maria: Noelle, take Magilou back to the tent and ask Vasilisa for the Patriarch's condition.
  • Noelle: Roger that.

​Maria then turned to the rest of the guards.

  • Maria: Rest of you, please follow me and I will not let her get close to Carl!

Followed by guards, Maria raised her sword and ran against the time itself in order to reach Melancholia, before she had Carl as her prisoner.

- Maria: Hang on, Carl!

Carl's Special Tent

1 minute later

  • Joan.Alter.full.2122274
    Melancholia: Hmm, Firenza Junior, finally, after so many days of suffering and humiliation, I finally get you. Now, you are mine!

Melancholia raised her sword and tried to break the lock, but all of a sudden, she felt something hit her sword very harsh.

  • Melancholia: Hmm!?

With a loud "clang" and splashing of sparkles, Melancholia looked ahead and saw Maria blocked her attack with her staff and snarled at her.

  • Maria: You have some nerve to show up here.

Melancholia pushed herself away from Maria and leaped backward, facing Maria, who was landing on the ground.

  • Melancholia: I have no time to deal with you, kid. Get out of here!
  • Maria: Are you sure? You can ask my staff first to see if it agrees with you!

Yelling in fury, Maria immediately narrowed her eyes and leaped towards Melancholia. Maria immediately stroke the head of Melancholia, but the latter blocked it with her sword.

  • Melancholia: Leave!

Instead of engaging herself into a fight, Melancholia then narrowed her before she jumped onto the midair and rushed towards Carl's tent immediately.

  • Maria: You fiend! Leave the wounded alone!

Seeing all of this, Maria was furious and flew on the air, attacking Melancholia all the while fighting. Then, her staff struck with Melancholia's sword. Melancholia tried to push Maria away, but Maria was nevertheless stronger than her. The guards surrounded the tent, creating an energy shield to protect the screaming Carl inside the tent.

  • Joan (FateZero)
    Maria: Ha, now allow me to see the wicked part of your own soul, monster! I will see if you have a glimpse of redemption!

As Maria stared at Melancholia, she suddenly saw something which was wrong. She saw another figure with pale skin and blue eyes, wearing in silver armor. The eyes of that person were full of sorrow and grief, and Maria was shocked to see the person.

  • Maria: What?

The most shocking thing was that female person, who had the same face as Melancholia's face, but with no evil on it.

  • IMG 2388
    Maria: No, it is just an illusion...

Maria bit her lips and immediately attacked with the face Melancholia once again, as the latter shouted out to her all the while fighting.

  • Melancholia: Did you see something? Did you see someone?

- Melancholia: Did you see my stupid past self?

Maria heard those words, and intended to ignore it, but when she heard the words "past self", Maria stopped her attack and immediately pushed Melancholia forward. Both of them floated at the sky and looked at each other.

  • Melancholia: In present days, my name is, as you know, Melancholia... but thousands of years ago... my name was Plaisir.
  • Maria: Plaisir?
IMG 2883
With a cruel smile, Melancholia then raised her hand and immediately showed to Maria a scene. Maria then saw the scene where Plaisir was tormented by Moloch and had her family and friends killed by Moloch.
  • Melancholia: Now, do you see? Have pity on me, please. I...

Before Maria could react, suddenly, Melancholia suddenly felt pain inside her head. She widened hr eyes and grabbed her head. Maria suddenly noticed that Melancholia's white hair was becoming golden, while one of her eyes were turning blue.

  • Melancholia: Wait... why am I feeling so hurt? Why am I looking like this?

Melancholia suddenly talked in a mixed voice, like there were two people talking the same sentence together. Maria sensed this and was confused. Most importantly, Maria sensed two kind of energy clashing inside Melancholia's body, hinting there were two kind of personalities inside her.

One voice was gentle and sad, and the other was menacing and dreadful, and the latter was Melancholia's voice when she spoke to Maria.

  • IMG 2222
    Melancholia (gentle): I won't allow her to lie to you! She is not the one who needs pity! She controlled me and made me to do those dreadful works!...
  • Melancholia (menacing): Hey, we are one and the same! I don't think you are going to get away from my crime!...
  • Melancholia (gentle): No, you are the evil! You had bad influence on my benefactor, Michael Langdon...

Melancholia pressed her head harder and harder, to the point of was bashing her own skull, as if she wanted some nefarious thing to get out of her head.

  • Melancholia (both): NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

Maria only stared at the scene with confusion, but then she raised her staff once again before it turned into a sword.

  • Maria: Looks like she had a split personality... I must get rid of her very soon.

However, before Maria could strike, Melancholia growled and immediately raised her hand.

  • Melancholia (menacing): That wicked psychological disorder... I am still not fully in control... not yet!

Melancholia immediately raised her sword and flashed a purple light. She immediately disappeared. With confusion, Maria could do nothing but landing and looking at the sky.

  • Maria: What happened just now?
Maria took a look at Carl's tent, finding that Carl was okay as the tent was under protection, and yet Maria was trying to figure out the truth behind what she had just saw...

The visions, the split personality, the benevolence released from the body of Melancholia when she was under that unstable states...

There were so many mysteries. Maybe Melancholia we saw... is a combination of two souls, Maria deduced. However, she was not sure.

- Maria: Was Melancholia really once a tragic person or she was just acting?

Maria, however, put the question behind and turned back. She wanted to find if Carl was okay, but the yelling of horror had made her startled. Magilou was beside him. Carl was roaring as if he having a horrible dream.
  • Maria: That voice sounds even more horrible than Melancholia... He must be in danger!

Maria immediately rushed into the tent, and tried to shake Carl to awake him, but somehow his fist beat her out of the tent. Maria fell on the ground and lied on it. She could only see that Carl had his hair turned white.

  • IMG 7641

Maria stood up and bit her lips. She coughed blood suddenly. In order to avoid her state of choking blood being seen by the guards, Maria wiped the magma blood from her lips. Some blood drops fell on the snowy ground and sizzled due to its heat.

  • Maria: It can't be... His fist was enhanced with dark magic...

Maria then raised back to her full height and bit her lips. She could feel how Carl was suffering inside his nightmare.

  • U=148484210,2880566878&fm=214&gp=0
    Matt: Maria!

Suddenly, Maria heard the voice of Matt coming not far away, and she immediately turned back, seeing Matt running towards him with Aureolus, Noelle and Esther. Maria widened her eyes in surprise as they approached her.

  • Maria: Matt? The situation of Carl is getting worse. I do not know what is going on, but I am afraid that he is slipping into the dark side...

Maria thought about Carl falling into the dark side, and it was very uncomfortable for her. She immediately stopped herself from thinking it. Matt turned his head and looked at Carl's tent, where the patient inside it was screaming. Matt took a deep breath and sighed.

  • Matt: Not only Carl is worsen. The entire situation was worsen.
  • Maria: Why did you said that?

With a helpless sigh full of dismay, Matt then slowly spoke something that shocked Maria very greatly.

- Matt: There is someone who might already slipped into the dark side.



St. Peter's Ballisca

Papal Throne Room


Melancholia was shivering and kneeling in front of Michael Langdon, who glared at her with fury in his eyes and bit his lips.

  • Michael: Melancholia... no, Plaisir... you forgot who you are. You still have "her" inside you.

Michael's words was so cruel and cold. Melancholia did not show any sign of resistance and dared not to look at Michael's eyes.

  • Melancholia: No, Your Holiness, please don't call me that... Plaisir? Plaisir died due to heartbreak so many years ago. I am, and I will always be... Melancholia.

Michael's face remained as stoic as a rock.

  • Joan.Alter.full.2014108
    Michael: Only changing a name cannot change your former nature - soft, sentimental and weak.

​Michael stood up from his throne. He walked closer to Melancholia, and he looked at her with no emotions, much to her shock.

  • Michael: Listen, my dear apprentice, if we need to do something better, you must give in all of your own kindness, which belonged to the original Plaisir. Otherwise, I will have no choice but driven you out of my place.

Michael then glared at Melancholia, whom he found crying in sheer despair. Melancholia reacted in horror and pain. She covered her face and cried insanely. Michael bit his lips, as he realized that the part of Plaisir never died out in Melancholia no matter how hard he tried.

  • Melancholia / Plaisir: No, if I was gone to elsewhere, then I don't know what to do... You know, Moloch took all my family away... He made me a monster... I will have nothing...

Melancholia lowered her head and cried even harder. Michael only looked at her with emotions on his face. The sad thing was, Melancholia did not notice this.

  • Melancholia / Plaisir: You gave me a home, a family, a job, a place to live and told me my true destiny. I care for you, Your Holiness. You are my benefactor, and I will treasure you with my own life...

Michael heard this and eventually, he sighed. Michael then put his hand on Melancholia's shoulder. Feeling this, Melancholia looked up and widened her eyes in sheer surprise.

  • Sonia-Nevermind-sonia-nevermind-37321283-480-700
    Michael: My foolish child... I know your feelings, but it can't be used in a battle as a weapon. If love even made someone like Sonia Nevermind weaker... the it will weaken you as well.

Michael then looked aside. Melancholia looked at the face of Michael in confusion.

  • Michael: You just don't know just how cruel and dark this world out there really is, but I do. I am your only friend, and I will not abandon you under any circumstances.

Michael then looked back to Melancholia with a smile which was very gentle to a now mentally frail and hurt Melancholia.

  • Michael: When everything ends and we create a new world with I as the king, I will return you back to normal and remove your despair from you. I can bring back your lost family and friends.
​Hearing this, Melancholia was surprised and glad. It was her wish to make herself back to normal and with her family once again, without dying.
  • Michael: You will be glad to see them. I will bring them back to life and bring you back to normal... if you could be a merciless warrior for me.

Hearing this, Melancholia blinked and nodded, as her eye color turned once again. This time, both of her eyes were yellow, hinting that her evil and cruel side had took the best of her good and benevolent side.

  • Melancholia: You will make me back to... normal? That sounds strange, but if you want me to be your merciless killing machine for you in exchange of freedom, I will be glad. I will take charge of everything that is connected to that Firenza Junior, and I will not fail you, a man who wants to be a king of this world.

Satisfied, Michael nodded and brushed Melancholia's tears from her cheeks.

  • Michael: You get it, my prodigious wonder.

Michael then looked at the door that led to a secret tunnel, which led into the department of the Neo Inquisition.

  • Ollerus saves fiamma
    Michael: Hmm, well, Fiamma of the Right is in the department of Neo Inquisition, right? Well, it seemed that Terra gave him a severe blow on his mental state with the words concerning that new Hands of Apocalypse satellite.

Michael then sighed as Melancholia asked him with a careful expression.

  • Melancholia: Then, the Star of Bethelehem is useless?
  • Michael: Aye, it's useless... for now.

Michael's words, "for now", had caught Melancholia's own curiosity. Michael chuckled bitterly as he just thought about Fiamma's sky being replaced by a new technology super weapon.

  • Michael: I never expected that those scientists of the KnightWalker Family would create a new Hands of the Apocalypse Satellite. That metal monster had destroyed much of Liberty City so many years ago.

​Whenever Michael thought about the first Hands of the Apocalypse, he became aroused about the chaos it caused.

  • Michael: As you know, I was at the scene when Liberty City was exploded, watching the world as we know it burned...
Saitou hajime by impactalchemist
Michael clapped his hand as if he was mimicking something that exploded in the sky.
  • Michael: ... and then the Liberty City War ended with that fantastic firework on the sky. That man named Tomas Sev brought the satellite down, and one day I will capture him. That is for another time.

​Michael then turned back as he walked around. Melancholia followed him. They were safe to talk about the Hands of the Apocalypse inside the hall room, because there were only them inside it,

  • Michael: However, I never expected that the KnightWalkers would produce a second one... and it is almost finished. It seems that I am mildly outdated.
  • I8bhuibni
    Melancholia: The main director of that doomsday weapon would be some kind of monster that is... wicked. Do you know who he or she is?

​Michael sighed with a smile, knowing even someone like Melancholia would call that woman scientist an evil monster...

  • Michael: I don't blame you for calling her a monster. She is a monster. In fact, I am now admiring whoever that created the satellite and Hlokaust Cannon... since she had influenced the life of poor dear Azul Jissele... or Yona Lindray. However, I have no interest in meeting her, or what her name is... even if she is Eugen's aunt.
As he finished the words full of vast information as if he knew it all, Michael then stopped and looked at Melancholia, who was amazed to hear that Michael said all this.
  • Michael: Melancholia...

Michael looked at Melancholia closely as if he wanted to see through her skin and into the deepest part of her soul.

  • Michael: Is there something you want to tell me?

Melancholia thought a bit and asked.

  • Melancholia: So, since the KnightWalkers are preparing the second Hands of the Apocalypse satellite, then the super weapon of Fiamma won't be used for now.
  • Michael: Yes, for now... since I don't just want this small country. I am one of the Anti-Christs. An Anti-Christ is someone who will conquer this universe... no, this omniverse... and make God cry! How will I stop in such a wasteland where God had forsaken? Therefore, I will wait until I can finally put that thing in its real preparation...

Speaking his blasphemic words inside the center of Vatican, Michael had no qualm and nodded with a sadistic grin. He turned to Melancholia, who looked at him with surprise.

- Michael: ... even if it means an eternity.

Vento of the Front Novel
Melancholia thought for a while before she bit her lips.
  • Melancholia: What about Vento? I am afraid that those Russians are going to un-brainwash her. She will become our enemy, and even she could be sent back as a spy.

​Michael grinned wickedly as he thought about Vento, before he shrugged his shoulder.

  • Michael: That depends. If Vento attacke us, then I will kill her. She has no use to me... Not anymore. If she returned back to us as a spy, I will keep her away from my plan. Even if she discovered them, I will come up with another. I prepared many in my stores, and as the last resort... even the entire Church... will be utterly destroyed.

​Michael's words surprised Melancholia, who looked at him with an admiring face.

  • Melancholia: Really? What will you do after you had the Church destroyed?
Abyssanchorage51094834 p0

​Michael nodded with a evil smile.

  • Michael: I will build a new Church on the original one's ruins. I will rule it with the requirement of an absolute obedience, crushing the so-called New World Order that woman established.

​Michael then thought about Scathach, the Black Demon that invaded the Earth years ago, and he grinned.

  • Michael: Alas, it will be nice if everyone could stay loyal to me, like you do.
  • Melancholia: Even if the whole world turn against you, I will support you since you are benefactor of mine.

Now, Melancholia had returned to her zealous evil self, and Michael was pleased with it. Michael and Melancholia then walked into the dungeon to check the prisoners' condition. No one else was listening to what they said, other than themselves.

Act 3 - Iscariot

Carl's dream


Inside his dream... or better--nightmare, Carl was agonized and had a nightmare that he could be hardly awaken from it. He was almost drowning inside ocean and was dragged out of the water, as his body was covered with green sea snakes and sea water.

  • Carl: Oh... Argh!

Roaring in rage and agony, Carl could hardly say something, because a snake had wrapped his face and covered his mouth. His body could not barely move, and he must suffer from the biting from the snakes and the torture due to their venom.

  • ???: Look at him! Whoever see him will be laughed at him and call him an idiot!

Many people stood in front of Carl, looking and laughing at him as if he was a bunch of jokes. Carl looked around and found himself being caged. He saw a sign above his head and was appalled by the words, "The Devil's Child". Carl realized that he was been sold into a circus.

  • Carl: Urgh!

Carl looked around and found who had laughed at him, before he spoof at a clown who was pointing at him.

  • Clown: Good day, damas y caballeros (Spanish: ladies and gentlemen), come and see this Devil's Child! He is a man who is born to be a trash! It is such an embarrassment!

The clown cackled and looked at the audiences. Carl took a look at the audiences, who were all laughing insanely.

  • Carl: (think) * You? *

In fact, those audiences were all familiar people that Carl knew, and they were not supposed to be enemies. Carl was shocked to find that his supposed comrades were laughing out of the cage, including Vasilisa, Noelle, Maria, Magilou and even Acqua of the Back, who rarely laughed.

  • Carl: (think) * WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS? WHAT HAPPENED? Somebody help me... TELL ME THIS NOT TRUE! *

Carl felt he must scream the words out, but the snake that wrapped his neck had wrapped him tighter. Carl was feeling shocked that his friend had put him inside a cage and showed him like some kind of circus freak.

  • 646fbd05f7d63db803ae0ee99c1b847e--elsword-online-elsword-game
     (think) * If only Matt was there... Maybe he could help me out... *

Carl cried and yelled in sheer agony and pain. He desperately looked for Matt... and then he widened his eyes and saw Matt talking to a man who looked like a circus ringleader.

  • Ringleader: Thank you for the curiosity you sold to us. Here is my gratitude.

The Ringleader presented Matt a large bag of money, and Matt went away with a smile, much to Carl's horror.

  • Carl: (think) * Matt, you, too!? *

Carl could not believed it. His best friend sold him to the circus like an antiquity.

  • Carl: (think) * No! That is not true! Not true! *

Carl yelled in agony and tried to say something, but he was enduring so much of pain and could not speak at all. Then, the clown walked towards him and whipped his face with a long whip.

  • Clown: Ha, cry and yell as long as you could, you little petty meanie! You are just a freak! Nobody will ever listen to you! Ever!

The clown slapped Carl with his whip, harder and harder...


Russian Resistance HQ

Kirv Urban Area

5 minutes later

Burning city by artboy70-d359s1o
  • Misha: Carl! Carl! Wake up, you pathetic and annoying Sleeping Beauty... No, I mean "Sleeping Idiot"! Wake up!

Yelling in despair, anger and horror, Misha slapped and punched Carl in the face harder and harder. Now, Carl was chained on a bed in order to stop him to do aggressive move while dreaming. Misha slapped him as hard as she could.

  • Misha: You fool! We asked for your favor, and now is this what you responded to us? You made me so disappointed!

Maria stood beside Misha and looked at Carl, feeling intense and uneasy for this.

  • Tob-49
    Maria: If Carl can never get up...

Maria was worried for a reason. Just 5 minutes ago, Aureolus told her that one murder occurred in the city street, where the victim was stabbed and much of her blood was drained. The victim muttered that Mary Spencer is the culprit. Maria immediately sent Matt and Magilou to look for Mary, before the crisis was getting much worse than they expected.

  • Misha: Just wake up! Wake your damn self up! WE HAVE URGENT WORK TO DO!

Misha was so angry that she had no time regarding speaking out profane words, and Maria knew it was not the time to scold someone about this. She went to stop Misha from slapping Carl, and she looked at the face of Carl.

37550745 zps625a7b43
  • Maria: His hair... it is becoming white! I have never seen such a thing before!

All of a sudden, before Maria could finish, Carl immediately opened his eyes and yelled in pain and agony. His yelling was so loud that the districts all across the city heared his screams of pain. Maria and others had to shut their ears. While having herself struggled with the yelling, Maria made some earplugs with magic before giving her friends earplugs.

All of them regained their composure when they put on their earplugs, but before Maria could react, Carl suddenly had himself bursted from all those chains and raised his fists.


In a yelling of rage, Carl raised his fist and slammed the ground, which had formed a large hole on the stone floor. People around him were all startled and widened their eyes in surprise. With a fake smile, Misha had to hide her own embarrassment.

  • Misha: That, that is... such a pay off.

Suddenly, before she could react, Carl growled in horror and agony. He had now mistook reality and nightmare. He looked at the horrified people in front of him and bellowed like some kind of beast.

  • Reckless.Fist.(Raven).full.1632106
    Carl: You all... sold me to a circus... and made fun out of me?

Maria widened her eyes and was confused. She had never been so panic before, much to the surprise of herself.

  • Maria: Circus? What are you talking about?
  • Carl: Stop pretending! You laughed at me, and you laughed hard!

Carl immediately tried to attack Maria in a manner full of aggressiveness. Maria had to raise her staff in order to defend herself. The Russian Resistance guards all raised their weapons and tried to fire at Carl, but Noelle stopped them.

  • Reckless.Fist.(Raven).full.947941
    Noelle: Hold your fire!

Maria tried to defend the attack of Carl with her own staff, and yet Maria didn't fight him.

  • Carl: Fight me!

Carl bellowed in sheer rage and tried to attack Maria once again, but Maria instantly dodge his fist.

  • Carl: Fight me!

Carl immediately made a spiral kick and tried to attack Maria...

- Carl: I said, FIGHT ME NOW!!!

...before Maria caught Carl's ankle with her bare hand.

  • Maria: No, I won't. Carl, you don't know what you are doing now!

​Carl laughed like a total savage.

  • Wasirisa0
    Carl: Ha, I definitely know, you Lady of so-called Perpetual Grace, and I had enough of your annoying sermon!

Carl then bit his lips and snarled at Maria. Maria had sensed something went wrong inside Carl. Even she cannot comprehend this kind of demonic power.

  • Maria: Sister Vasilisa, please sedate him!

Sister Vasilisa immediately took a bowl of water and splashed it on the head of Carl. Carl immediately cooled himself down and sat on the floor, losing consciousness and had his hair slowly turned back to black again. Vasilisa was satisfied by this and she smiled.

  • Anime Noélle Bor 46546464
    Vasilisa: Water of Life, the best sedate in the world, no toxin, no danger, purely...

As Vaslisa was trying to made an add, Noelle stood beside her immediately and covered her mouth before she could finish.

  • Noelle: What happened? Why did you advertise this? The Water of Life cannot fall into the enemy's hand, and you know it.

Hearing this, Vasilisa immediately made the hand of Noelle away from her mouth.

  • 13745
    Vasilisa: I know. I was just joking.

Misha and Esther looked at Carl and then they looked at each other.

  • Misha: Great, he loses his consciousness again!
  • Esther: No, he doesn't. Look!

Esther immediately pointed at Carl, who awoke almost instantly. Carl bit his lips and he looked at others with a pair of frosty eyes, with no anger. However, that does not help, either. People all looked at him with shock, and they even forgot what to say.

  • 87451
    Esther: (think) * Can we really rely on him in order to save my sister? I'm feeling I became nothing but a burden. *

Esther thought with a drop of sweat coming from her cheek, and when felt Carl's staring at her made her feel even more frightened.

Now, Esther was still torn about Matt and Carl's revelation about Michael Langdon's true nature, but he was the first man who came to comfort her and her sister, adopting them, caring them and teaching them when they almost became street orphans.


Therefore, instead of hating Michael for deceiving her, Esther now had an extreme distrust towards Carl Robinson, but she had no choice. Just as Esther was hesitating, Carl spoke in a cold voice.

  • Carl: I had a nightmare of you selling me into a circus. I was scared. I'm afraid one day it will become true.

Carl spoke in such a calm and direct tone, which had made everyone disturbed. Maria knew it was not the time for arguing and she immediately walked towards Carl, trying to comfort him.

  • Maria: Carl, it's not like that. You must trust me. We are a family now.
  • Carl: Ha, yes, a family in your name, and that is quite interesting.

The "family" in Maria's words referred to her reformed Arzonia Family which contained her comrades from all kinds, all treated as family members. It was known as La Nueva Familia de Arzonia, which is Spanish for "the New Family of Arzonia".

  • 3598
    Carl: You helped me to build my Pica Army, and I am glad... but why did you trying to make those former troops of the KnightWalkers to join my force?

Hearing Carl's objection, ​Cardinal Sforza, who simply remained silent and sat beside Esther, finally spoke her words with an extremely serious face.

  • Sforza: It is our force, Carl. Besides, they surrendered and were forced to fight for the KnightWalker Family, so I accept them.
Tumblr oi4vmsx0f61uc3alpo4 1280
​Carl shook his head with sheer disappointment. He narrowed his eyes with a belief of black and white morality.
  • Carl: You all made me so disappointed. You want me to trust an enemy? Never. If an onion is rotten in half while its other half is perfectly all right, it is still a rotten onion. Their side changes, but not their nature.
  • Vasilisa: Even after they joined our side?
  • Carl: Anyone who is not on our side is not on our side, and their surrendering cannot justify that they once helped an evil Fascist Corporation to raise Hell on Earth!
Carl then covered his head and sighed before he turned back and sat in the corner with a gloomy face.
  • Carl: Believe me, I had enough from those bad egomaniacs, especially that demonic Cardinal Franchesco Di Medici, who had become the head of Neo Inquisition! One day, I will slice him into pieces!

Esther almost shivered when she heard the name of Franchesco Di Medici, for she never ever expected someone so cruel would take power. Everything happened in Vatican seemed oblivious to her. Cardinal Sforza had a face full of disgust as well.

  • 13742
    Sforza: As you can see, we all hate that brute, but you cannot work alone! You must be with us and we will help you!

​Carl shook his head. He was too stubborn to listen to others.

  • Carl: I am always alone, work alone and live alone. I am glad that you never really sold me to a circus. Even if you had, never expect that I will count your profit for you. Now, leave me alone.

Carl stood up and went into a small house, locking himself into it. Everyone were astonished and worried for Carl's cynical and pessimistic attitude, but then, a voice came from behind.

  • Vento: Yes, leave him alone... for now. This poor boy needs to cool himself down.

It was the voice of Vento of the Front, who stood not far away. Maria immediately turned back and saw Vento, who looked at her with a calm expression.

  • Vento: My child, you looked as if you had seen a ghost.
Maria was feeling excited and she immediately ran towards Vento and hugged her.
  • Maria: My Godmother... is that you?
  • Vento: Yes, it is me. The Patriarch used the Water of Life and saved me from my injuries. Glad to see you still here, Maria...

​Both of them were shedding tears of joy, and it made people beside them being moved. If that is not family, then nothing will be.

  • Maria: Oh, it is a long story, and yet I am happy to see you here.

Aureolus coughed and raised his hand.

  • Aureolus: *ahem* Sorry to interrupt, but I am afraid that we diverted ourselves from our proper goal for too long.

Maria and Vento had to separate themselves from the long time hug. Besides, Aureolus and Princess Villian were worried. She, Esther Blanchett and Mary Spencer were personal friends after they met in the same university, and she was deeply worried. She knew what Aureolus was referring.

  • TV Tropes Villian 2 9487
    Aureolus, I knew Mary Spencer for so many years, and I could not understand. How can someone, with a good record that lasted for more than two decades with no blood on her hands, had became a murderous killer?

Maria heard this and knew it was the Parang Knife that drove her into this, but as she was about to explain this to Villian, she saw Aureolus bit his lips and sighed. It was clear that even he was not sure about all of this stuff, either.

After all, no one really saw Mary Spencer holding that accursed blade.

- Aureolus: I hope I was wrong. I hope Mary Spencer... is not guilty.



Meeting Room of Iscariot Section XIII

Hospital corridor at night cc by nc sa by jakebowkett-d65jhoh

Princess Carissa sat  in her seat inside pf her own meeting room facing several people. They were now around a round table. Carissa is the only one who had her face revealed, while other members had their face hidden in darkness.

  • ??? - 1: Princess Carissa, you mean your own sister have allied with a man with unholy tainted blood, right?

The question was about the royal family of England, and it was a fierce question to Carissa. Hearing all of this, Carissa stayed calm when she looked at the man who asked her the question.

  • Reckless.Fist.(Raven).full.1965061
    Carissa: That traitor does not deserve to be a part of my family. I'd rather disown her... since she supported someone that will become a source of plague to this world... and she took the Chain Viper with her. I know who she will give it to.

Carissa then looked at the others with a face of scorn. She then analyzed the recent situations.

  • Carissa: Recently, both the protestants from my own kingdom and the members of Russian Orthodox had made an alliance to the Church traitors Noelle Bor and Maria Arzonia. They founded a so-called rebel cell to assist Russian Resistance and Global Pact Defense... and to protect a young man with demon blood.

Carissa smiled to the people in front of her as they kept their silence with no expression.

  • Carissa: Isn't your duty to wipe all the demons and heathens across the world, people from Iscariot Section XIII, hmm? The new Pope declares that young man as a demon. He plans to send your force to the place in such an excuse, in order to avoid war. Capturing a criminal won't start a war as long as you do it quietly. That boy has a dangerous weapon, which is his left arm. Be careful.

Carissa thought about her previous defeat at the hand of Carl, and she narrowed her eyes. It was apparent that she suffered much from that mysterious and accursed power that was far more formidable than she ever imagined. Then, gloated in an remorseless face, Carissa narrowed her eyes and grinned.

  • Icon iscariot
    Carissa: After all, the whole world is not aware of your own existence... That is only a suggestion, and that's it.

Some other member of Iscariot Section XIII looked at their colleagues briefly, and then they asked Carissa in a serious manner.

  • ??? - 2: Princess Carissa, stop acting so vain and prideful in front of us.
  • Iscariot
    ??? - 3: You are just a minion of the Pope who just recently joined him. Some of us... Some of us had already existed long ago and maybe as long as the Catholic Church itself.
  • ??? - 4: Even the Right Seat of God have to negotiate with us in certain manner, much less the Holy See. We will capture, tried and sentence Carl Robinson, but not for you. It is for God's justice.

Carissa scoffed and she turned back bitterly. She did not reply to those members of Iscariot at first, only mocking them in her mind.

  • Carissa: (think) * They are so stubborn and conventional. *

Carissa then turned back with a smile.

  • Carissa: Then, here is the question. Just how would you go and capture him without starting another major conflict? I recently accompanied God's Right Seat and tried to capture that Carl, my accursed cousin. Even so, it caused great mess and His Holiness had to put Fiamma in prison so that he can put it down.

​Although seemly being satisfied by this outcome, Carissa was in fact dissatisfied in her heart since she missed a chance to strike down Russian Resistance.

  • Paranoidi
    Carissa: It avoided another conflict that can restart the war. I think you know it. It is not the time to restart the war, not yet. Even so, I think there are still some fear all around the globe and that's enough
  • ??? - 1: Hmm, it sounds strange from a English princess like you, who is fond of war.

Carissa sharped her eyes and grinned.

  • Carissa: The fight is not the point. The point is the strategy. As we all know, we need to set out a nice strategy, and fortunately, the Mother Superior had told me something.
Carissa Profile

The Iscariot was immediately curious and surprised. The members of Iscariot were not pleased at all with Melancholia the new Mother Superior whom Michael had ordered to be the Mother Superior.

  • Carissa: She said to me that there was a blade created by Russian Orthodox Church that could turn human into a serial killer, and now she had made my best friend, Admiral Mary Spencer, fall into the darkness.

​Carissa's smile then faded and her face became more serious and sinister.

  • Carissa: From what I heard from the Mother Superior, I deduced that Admiral Spencer is rampaging in the streets and tried to kill others whom she deemed as guilty. Now, it is our time to strike them.
  • 303ByzantineParang
    ??? - 2: Under what reason?
  • Carissa: Can't you see?

- Carissa: The Russian Resistance is guilty for hiding demonic secrets. We must take back that demonic blade and capture Carl. That is enough for our actions.


Carissa's words immediately alerted the members from Iscariot Section XIII, and they whispered to each other, apparently discussing something. Carissa smiled as she realized her revealing of the "truth" worked, just as Melancholia said.

  • Carissa: Oh, misters, excuse me. I forgot one more thing... about Queen Esther Blanchett.

Carissa cut in, and the members paused their own discussion. With a smile, Carissa spoke out another lie made by Melancholia.

  • Furniture-meeting-room-with-black-glass-and-green-phospor-conference-table-combined-with-black-leather-upholstered-swivel-chairs-under-ceiling-fan-modern-conference-room-chairs-728x455
    Carissa: Well, Mother Superior also claimed that Carl Robinson had kidnapped Queen Esther Blanchett and kept her hostage.

Hearing this, all of the members of Iscariot Section XIII were shocked. They looked at each other and realized that Carissa might told the truth. After all, they need to find a excuse to capture Carl Robinson without starting another battle.

  • Iscariot Members: We will consider your ideas. You are in charge of it.

With a smile, Carissa stood up and nodded. She was glad that she will finally set out to hunt down her cousin herself.

  • MarySpencer27
    Carissa: Thanks. Now, if you excuse me, I will set out now.

Carissa then turned back and walked away, all the while thinking about Mary Spencer, her best friend who was possessed by demonic power.

  • Carissa: (think) * I am sorry, Mary, but I need to save you from this... and eliminate the Russian Orthodox Church with Papal Knights. Now, enter the hero. *

Carissa the gloated in sheer arouse in her mind.

5384486 p0

- Carissa: (think) * Today is the end of Russian Orthodox Church! The end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder! At this very moment in a place far from here, the Russian Orthodox lies to the country while secretly supporting treachery of the loathsome Resistance! That fierce blade which His Holiness had found will bring an end to the whole Russian Resistance, to their cherished rebels! ALL REMAINING SYSTEMS WILL BOW TO THE KNIGHTWALKER FAMILY AND WILL REMEMBER THIS DAY... AS THE LAST DAY OF RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH!!! *

Act 4 - Manhunt


On the streets of Kirv

6 minutes later

Streets dark night street lights alley garages 1600x1200 wallpaper 75
Standing on the gloomy street and the cold wind, Matt shivered in coldness and sneezed. Magilou stood beside him with a fire ball she summoned.
  • Matt: AH-CHOO! AH-CHOO! I should have take Maria with me...

​Magilou shrugged her shoulder with a smile.

  • Magilou: So you can make her your mobile stove, am I right?
  • Matt: Come on, this is not the time for...

Matt sighed in dismay and he looked around with sheer distraught. Magilou had the same reaction as well.

  • 365TrinityBloodMarySpencer
    Matt: I can't believe it. I just don't believe it. Where can we find Mary Spencer? Maybe Sister Paula took her to Vatican... You think we can trust some guy like Aureolus?

Magilou shook her head in disapproval.

  • Magilou: Aureolus is morally ambiguous. Even if he was telling the truth, we cannot ignore that Jane Judith Jocelyn was a psychopath, who gave face transplants to the Mafusa Gangsters using stolen faces. She's hardly a credible witness. And the suspect, Mary Spencer?
  • Matt: Well...
  • Magilou: ... Esther told me about her. If she is so much as jaywalked, she would write herself a ticket.
  • Matt: I know.

​Magilou the crossed her arms. She was not like telling a joke this time.

  • 1485755051604
    Magilou: And now you buy that dead woman's trash? Now, you're saying Mary Spencer went crazy during the fire put by Fiamma of the Right, and out of nowhere, stabbed someone, made the victim like some sort of spilled ketchup, right before she chucked her through the window?

​Matt shook his head. He felt that his head was about to explode into pieces.

  • Matt: I know, Magilou.
  • Magilou: What's the motive?

​Matt sighed and made his explanation.

  • Matt: I don't know, but maybe she... When she saw Jane Judith, she got pissed off when the latter was released, and she lost control.

Magilou was still highly unconvinced. She stared at the eyes of Matt and frowned her eyebrows.

  • Magilou: Is-is that your theory?
  • Matt: Maybe you don't know, but I and Maria both suspected that something went wrong. Something has been off about Mary Spencer recently. And why Sister Paula tried to abducted her from the hotel while holding that accused blade?

​Magilou nodded to Matt's words, but she was still yet to be convinced.

  • Blade.Master.(Raven).full.1340353
    Look, Matt, I don't know, but that does not make her a killer.

In utter dismay, Matt looked down on the ground and blinked her eyes. He sighed and turned his face back to Magilou.

  • Matt: And so we need to find her as soon as possible.
  • Magilou: Listen, no matter how hard this seems, we cannot make such a rash conclusion. She was abducted and maybe brainwashed, but that does not mean she is genuinely guilty.

Matt crossed his arms and nodded. He then sighed in doubt. He could not believe in himself, either, under such a circumstance.

  • Matt: You know what, Magilou?

- Matt: The last thing I want is for Mary Spencer to be guilty.

  • Blade master and raven elsword drawn by ruaki sample-8a02e9d78bf9890635ac2a05ce39f55e
    Magilou: Really?

Matt nodded after having a deep breath.

  • Matt: I look up to the woman, but if there is even a chance then we have to know. And something doesn't feel right.

Magilou then closed her eyes and walked several steps further.

  • Magilou: Okay, okay, I'm gonna help you, but just so you know, I'm doing it to prove she's innocent, not guilty.

Matt nodded and then he turned his head and walked side by side with Magilou as well.

  • IMG 7682
    Matt: That's fine. All right, so we'll go back to the crime scene, see if forensics can pull some prints from the bathroom. Spencer's should be on file.

Magilou immediately raised her hand and make Matt stop.

  • Magilou: Matt, I know how to do my job.

Matt heard this and frowned. This time, after his loads and loads of words was unconvinced by Magilou, it was his turn to deny what Magilou said in this sentence.

  • Matt: You really know?

Magilou looked at Matt with surprise. Matt then slowly replied...

- Matt: Remember a few days ago when Maria first got angry with you?

Magilou's Flashback

2 days ago


36559794 p0

Carl bit his lips and looked at the mysterious thing right in front of him.

  • Carl: Is that what we salvage? I thought it was a treasure chest from a shipwreck.

Maria narrowed her eyes as well, looking at the thing in front of her.

  • Maria: The treasure chest... I never expected that I will salvage a treasure chest. I just heard there are rumors about sea monsters, and so I suspected that there were some conspiracy that the KnightWalker Family was planning...

- Maria: ... under the sea.

They were facing a enormous body of a fish, which was decaying. Maria shrugged her shoulders in dismay.

  • Maria: Besides, we never salvaged it. It was pushed on the seashore by the tide, and people called the police.
Maria then bit her lips and stepped back. She frowned her eyebrows in disgust. She almost vomited when she saw such a putrid abomination.
  • Maria: I have called Vasilisa. She will come here to take this putrid corpse of such an unknown sea creature... and send it to Odessa

Matt looked at Maria while narrowed his eyes.

  • Matt: Why Odessa?

Maria closed her eyes and sighed.

  • Maria: I have arranged a research in our Odessa Sub-Base and study about all sorts of paranormal creatures.
36903869 p0 master1200

​Carl quickly spoke after Maria was finished.

  • Carl: Recently, people claimed that they saw some strange sea creature that they never saw before, with petrified smelling. They claimed that they were sea monsters.

Matt looked at Maria with skepticism.

  • Matt: Do you believe that?

Carl sighed and she covered her face with her own gloved palm.

  • Carl: Yes and no... They may saw some sort of strange sea creature, but Magilou think those people just mistook some strange but ordinary sea creatures that were dying as sea monsters. She never buys that.

After Carl finished, Maria then stepped back.

  • 31686532934 c04b362f89 b
    Maria: But... if that is Melancholia planned on us... This dead creature appeared right near our current base. You think this is a coincidence or a conspiracy?

Matt had no idea about this. Everything happened during those days were absolutely mysterious. He really cannot figure it out.

  • Matt: Wait, Vasilisa was here.

Matt suddenly saw Vaslisa appeared and stood next to the putrid corpse, and that had changed the topic and the mood. After a brief irrelevant chat, Vasilisa teleported herself, her friends and the corpse away to their sub-base in Odessa.


Russian Resistance Sub-Base

10 minutes later

Sitting in his chair, Patriarch Krans himself was in a serious mood. He had his lips bitten and all of his fingers crossed in anger.
  • Krans: A mysterious sea creature, you say?

Maria nodded and blinked her eyes. She found it very repulsive to think about the petrified body.

  • Maria: Yes, Patriarch, and we never saw that kind of sea creature before. Due to its decaying situation, I cannot tell whether it is a whale, a great white shark or a saltwater crocodile.

Carl nodded as well and was in a serious face as usual.

  • Carl: We have immediately sent it to the research, and I instructed Magilou to do a research on the corpse. It was trying to figure out. She may discover something inside before---



Before Carl could finish, Patriarch Krans slapped the table in fury, which scared Matt, Maria and Carl altogether.

  • Krans: You just let her do the research? That's dangerous! We are yet to figure out whether it was really a corpse. WHAT IF IT IS STILL ALIVE!?

Maria, Matt and Carl all looked at each other and all of them reacted in shock... when a explosion had occurred. It was from the research lab of Magilou.

  • Maria: MAGILOU!!!

Maria was panicked and immediately rushed towards the scene. Patriarch Krans, Carl and Matt followed her pace, and they were followed by numerous guards of Russian Orthodox Church soldiers.

Magilou's research lab

Explosion scene

2 minutes later

IMG 7639
  • Maria: Magilou, are you...

Maria pushed the door of the research lab, and she immediately stopped. She just stood there and looked like some kind of rock.

  • Maria: What's the meaning of...

Patriarch Krans stopped running beside Maria and looked at her. He was confused at first, but when he turned his head to look at the scene, he was shocked as well.

  • IMG 7681
    Krans: Uh...

Matt and Carl arrived the scene at the same time, and when they saw the scene, both of them were utterly astonished as well.

  • Matt & Carl: WHAT!?

They saw the sea creature burning in flame, and Magilou simply stood there and narrowed her eyes, completely unscathed.

  • Magilou: Phew, finally I make it right.
5467fe6ceab1c47f637331f10f37ed43f3e67dee hq
Magilou sighed in relieved, and Maria was shocked. She immediately rushed to Magilou.
  • Maria: Magilou, are you all right?

Magilou shrugged her shoulders as if nothing had happened before.

  • Magilou: Well, this putrid creature's attack is useless against the mighty Magilou.

Maria turned her head and looked a the burning corpse, and she narrowed her eyes.

  • Maria: It is really still alive?
  • Magilou: Yes, and its attack method was strange since it had several human arms stretched from its mouth, holding an enormous blade... That was grotesque. I bested that monster again and again until it was inanimate.

​Matt was then confused by Magilou's description, because that alone cannot explain the explosion and the flames.

  • Matt: How did the explosion occurred?
  • Magilou: After I bested that creature, I was feared that I cannot finish it once and for all... so I took some gunpowder of Maria's store and poured it on the creature.
Aldnoah Zero ep 22 kataphrakt explosion anime BentoByte
Maria had her jaw opened all of a sudden. The gunpowder of hers was meaningful for the defense in case that the KnightWalker Family strikes back. She forbade anyone to touch her gunpowder without permission, and even when she needed the gunpowder, she would tell her friends about it if situation needed.

What doubled Maria's shock was that Magilou had destroyed the corpse so recklessly before any further research could be provided.

  • IMG 7640
    Maria: You... destroyed it? With our stores of gunpowder?
  • Magilou: I just can't help myself... Whenever I took a look at that grotesque thing, I felt repugnance, and I can't help myself from destroying the corpse...

Hearing this, Maria seemed to relent... until Magilou giggled childishly.

  • Magilou: Besides, this place is so clean thanks to your mysophobia. There is no need to keep such a putrid and grotesque trash in here to challenge the limits of my tolerance, am I right?

The response of Magilou's question was a swarm of death glaring from everyone beside Magilou, especially Maria.


IMG 7679

Without any warning, Maria immediately slapped the face of Magilou, and the slapping noise could be heard to many. Maria was clearly angry with this, as she had slapped Magilou, someone she was usually sharing a friendly attitude.

It was not the end. With sheer brute force, Maria immediately subdue Magilou on the ground and slapped her butt again and again, like an infuriated parent beating her naughty child.

  • Resident Evil 6 Haos 02
     Screw you if you're "right"! You naughty brat! You learned to steal? You learned bombing? You dared to squander? This is a valuable thing for us! Maybe the KnightWalker Family is planning something right beneath the sea! You crude and dimwit kid, allow me to teach you a lesson!

People aside all loooked with a drop of sweat on their foreheads. It was apparent that even someone so gracious and gentle like Maria could become violent and terrifying.

Asuka corpse (EoE)

Suddenly, as Magilou cried in agony, Matt caught sight of something like a decaying human body. He immediately pointed at the monster fish's corpse and widened his eyes.

  • Matt: Everyone take a look! What is this?

Matt pointed at the fish corpse in horror. Maria stopped beating Magilou and looked at the burning fish, which had its skin burned off. Then, a horrifying thing happened... A rotten human body had came out, almost rotten and there were only blood flesh and bare bones. The maggots were covering on its face.

  • IMG 7641
    Maria: Ew!

​Maria can't hold her feeling of repulse and covered her mouth, almost throwing up all the lunch in her stomach. She immediately turned back and prayed in a Catholic manner. Magilou struggled to stand up, but as soon as she looked that corpse, she closed her eyes in disgust. In horror, Maria closed her eyes to avoid herself from seeing the rotten corpse.

  • Maria: Is it a victim of the monster fish?
  • Matt: No, I don't think so.

Matt looked closer and was apparently shocked when more skins of the dead fish were consumed by fire, revealing more corpses inside it.

  • IMG 7680
    Matt: Ugh...

​Both Matt and Carl could not hide their feelings of disgust. Magilou stepped back in sheer fright. Carl looked at the corpses, but he bit his lips with disgust that could never be hidden. Matt immediately went to the bathroom and vomit, many clergies looked away and prayed in horror.

Even the stoic Patriarch Krans seemed freaked out. Even so, the Patriarch did not acted as if he was feared. He was the only one who could face the bizarre scene with no qualm.

  • Krans: This is not a fish... This is not even a sea creature.

- Krans: This is a composition of dead bodies!

  • IMG 7682
    Maria: Your Holiness, please take others out of the place. I need to speak to Magilou alone.

Maria then turned to Patriarch Krans and made her request, which the Patriarch agreed and took the Eastern clergies and Carl out of the place. There was Magilou blinked her eyes and looked at Maria, feeling embarrassed.

  • Magilou: So, I made a big trouble instead of big discovery, am right?

​Magilou lowed down her head and closed her eyes in dismay, like a kid confessing her mistakes at her mother. Seeing Magilou's attitude of confession, Maria calmed herself down and sighed, looking at Magilou.

  • Deofjogf
    Maria: Probably, Magilou, I think it probably is a troubling but still big discovery. I no longer blame you from burning it.
  • Magilou: Oh?
  • Maria: I was angry because you had broke the rule of no stealing between family members or innocent citizens, one of the most vital rules of our family... but maybe, you could use your skills against those corrupt officials.

​Maria then turned back and looked at Magilou with an apologetic smile. It was like that Maria never blamed Magilou for anything.

  • Blade.Master.(Raven).full.1632871
    Matt: (think) * So, Maria easily forgave Magilou, so easily... *

Meanwhile, Matt, who had returned back to the bathroom and was astonished to see Maria forgave Magilou so quickly, pretty much distracted him, toning down his feelings of disgust towards those dead bodies.

After the short feeling of astound, Matt smiled as well since he knew Maria cared for all of her family members deeply. Maria then continued to speak, ignoring the burning corpses.

  • Maria: That is how Diamante Army works, like Robin Hood. I am sorry for beating you so hard. As long as you don't steal something from your teammates or innocent citizens, I won't punish you again. Next time, if you find something is wrong with anything we found, just tell me, okay?

Magilou blushed and bit her lips with a sigh.

  • Magilou: Nah, it's okay. I will.
  • Maria: Good kid. It was also my fault to beat you. I assume there was some parts of my dead brothers still inside of me... Some negative parts inside my blood... But I will try to be nicer next time.

​Then, turning back to a serious expression, Maria peaked at the fish mount of corpses and closed her eyes. She never wanted to see such a thing ever again.

  • Maria: It could be another work of Michael Langdon. One day, we will find the true reason behind all this... before things get out of control.


Maxresdefault (3)ooj-o
Magilou sighed and she narrowed her eyes.
  • Magilou: At least Maria later apologized to me and made me a plate of lemon cake for me. She is a strict disciplinarian, but not an abusive abuser.

Matt sighed and covered his face with his palm.

  • Matt: It could be what Michael Langdon or even Eckidina KnightWalker is planning, to create sea creatures out of dead bodies, but this is not the point.
Tumblr of4mac6QUy1u2lyiwo1 1280

Magilou then sighed as she bit her lips.

  • Magilou: I acted too rashly, but now I can assure you that I won't. No matter what the outcome is, we need to bring Mary Spencer back alive. We cannot kill her. If we kill her, then we can say bye-bye to our budding friendship with Esther.

Magilou spoke those words in a casual tone, but still the words did not cheer Matt up.

  • Matt: I hope I'm wrong about Mary Spencer.
  • Magilou: Yeah, me, too.

Magilou and Matt looked at each other before they started their searching. Just then, Matt felt he had kicked something.

  • Matt: Hmm?

Matt was surprised and then he found a large paper bag on the pavement. He picked it up.

  • 12007
    Matt: What is this?
  • Magilou: Maybe we can open it?

With curiosity, Magilou urged Matt to open it. Matt took a look at the bag, and he found a photo glued on the bag. It was the crown of Esther.

  • ???: May I help you?

Matt looked up and widened his gaze. He saw Mary Spencer standing in front of him.

  • Matt: Lady Spencer? Glad to see you okay. Apologies, is this yours?
  • 12010
    Mary: Yes, it is. I just escaped from Sister Paula, who released me under some enigmatic circumstances.

Without opening the bag, Matt immediately returned the bag to Mary Spencer, who accepted it with a smile. Mary Spencer seemed completely normal and had no trace of malice or murderous desire.

  • Matt: I was, uh, just curious and picked it up. I was investigating the arson caused by that monomaniac Fiamma of the Right, thinking that there are connections between this arson and a murder.
Jscanned 011
Hearing this, Mary Spencer frowned her brows.
  • Mary: You mean the murder of that woman this dawn? Yes, it's horrible, isn't it? Is there any progress?

Matt and Magilou were both surprised. They did not expected that Mary Spencer had any knowledge of the murder of Jane Judith Jocelyn. Matt controlled his feelings and sighed. He could hardly suspect Mary Spencer to be the real culprit.

  • Matt: Nothing hard yet, but we'll get there.

Seemly relieved, Mary nodded with satisfaction.

  • Mary: Ah-huh, I was reading through some of the witness statements. The couple from the alley -- they say when they found Jane Judith Jocelyn, she still alive. Aureolus Izzard was the first on the scene, and it seems that they had a talk.

Matt and Magilou were again surprised, but Magilou pretended that nothing had ever happened.

  • Magilou: Who is this Aureolus Izzard?

Mary blinked in surprise and bit her lips. She expected to hear more from Matt and Magilou, apparently

  • Aureolus
    Mary: You don't know about him? He didn't come to the Patriarch and ID the killer?

Matt shook his head and lied to Mary Spencer. He could not expose the existence of Aureolus. He could not sold his best eye-witness.


  • Matt: No.

With surprise, Mary Spencer heard this and was like she was rendered inanimate all of a sudden, but soon she broke her silence.

  • 386945
    Mary: Oh, 'cause one of the witnesses seems to think that he was talking to her, and another one claimed he was took away by the Eastern Christian guards.

Matt thought for a bit and nodded.

  • Matt: Well, I just arrived here from the base. I did not know anything happen in the base. Maybe Maria knew that this Aureolus man was apprehended, but somehow she did not tell me.

Magilou supported the words of Matt as well.

  • Magilou: The Patriarch was recovering from a serious injuries in order to protect you and Esther, and so we are all plunged into some sort of calamitous chain of events.

Mary Spencer nodded and soon, she seemed relieved somehow. Matt was confused by all this, and it had only deepen his suspicion.

  • Mary: Uh-huh, well, for what it's worth, I called an old C.I. of mine with deep ties to the mob.
626262-jormungand 54
Mary then walked further into the alley as shen narrowed her eyes. Matt did not waste time observing her. Mary took out a gun from her pocket and filled it with bullets.
  • Mary: He says that once I collared Jocelyn, the higher-ups got jumpy.

Matt and Magilou were both surprised (again) by the words.

  • Magilou: You're saying the mob had her killed?

​Mary nodded.

  • Blade.Master.(Raven).full.1733565
    Mary: She was giving these guys new faces. She's probably the only one who can ID them. That's a lot to protect.
  • Matt: It makes sense.

Mary then bit her lips and turned back at Matt.

  • Mary: My C.I. also had a suspect on his list. He claims that it was Celestia Ludenberg, who is in the East End recovering from her previous injury. He says she actually did the kil by hiring a hitman.
  • Matt: I'll have a police team to pick her up.

Matt immediately tried to phone Eastern Christian Church, but Mary interrupted him.

  • 4989319-7645964008-the s
    I'd rather you kept this between our three. Mobs still has their fingers in many of the police officers' pocket around the world, like police in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

​Matt was confused by Mary's words. Magilou was even more confused as well.

  • Matt: You mean some police like that Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro State which falls under Felix Drake? However, this is Kirv, not Rio de Janeiro.
  • Magilou: Kirv Police Department is now under the command of the Russian Eastern Orthodox Church until then day when that mad King Hamdo is overthrown.
Seemly disappointed, Mary Spencer shook her head in a disapproval manner.
  • Mary: You never know who you can trust. People like Felix Drake are everywhere now.

Matt looked at Mary with twitching lips. He really could not figure out what Mary was thinking.

  • Mary: My car is near this alley. Are you ready for a ride with the Catholic Admiral?

Matt nodded nervously.

  • Matt: Sure, but just let me run it by my, uh, partners.
  • Mary: Why bother them? We'll be there and back before you know it.

Matt looked at Magilou who shrugged her shoulders and opened her palm. She seemed helpless as well.

  • Matt: So where are we heading? - 173308 building car city keepvalley nobody original ruins sunset

Matt turned to Mary with interest. The trio then walked all the way towards a silver car not far away.

  • Mary: Celestia hides in an old foundry at 133rd and 6th. Oh, that reminds me.

Matt and Magilou went into the car at first, and Mary went to check the trunk. Matt blinked at Magilou, and the latter immediately took out her telephone and dialed a number. She phoned Maria.

  • Maria: (voice recording) [Hello, this is Maria. Please leave a message.]

​Magilou immediately whispered in Spanish, thinking that Mary Spencer did not hear it.

  • Magilou: Estoy con La Sra Spencer, la partida a 133 y la Sexta. Llegar allí. (I'm with Lady Spencer, heading to 133rd and 6th. Get there.)

Magilou immediately closed the phone and put it back to her pocket as if there was nothing happened. Mary soon arrived and got on the driver's seat, before handing Matt beside her a shotgun.

  • Mary: You never know what's gonna happen.

Mary then lit up the engine and drove the car towards her destination. Matt was nervous beside her.

1 minute later



Wounded camp

IMG 2916
  • Poison Ivy: Wait! You want to find Mary Spencer by yourself?

After doing a treatment for a wounded soldier, Poison Ivy gasped and she immediately heard what Maria had said. Maria nodded and she spoke in a tone that was undeniable.

  • Maria: Yes, Ivy, and I must go in case Matt and Magilou are in danger. Now, I heard they ARE in danger just now!
Poison Ivy 0007
​Maria then took a deep breath. She was determined to find Mary Spencer.
  • Maria: Don't worry about me. I am fine.

Maria then turned abck to go. Poison Ivy immediately widened her eyes and soon she bit her lips. She immediately blocked the way of Maria.

  • Poison Ivy: Wait a minute! You can't... you can't just leave! I trust in Matt and Magilou, and I believe they won't be in danger. If you leave here so recklessly, who will take care of your Corazon Army?

Hearing this, Maria bit her lips. She became much more distraught after hearing Poison Ivy's words.

  • Maria: Yes, Melancholia had a surprise attack just some time ago. It was lucky for us that she left without taking Carl... but if she returned back once again, things would got uglier.

However, Maria turned back to Poison Ivy with her face became determined once again. She was thinking about an old friend of hers... or a former friend of hers she felt deeply sorry for.

  • 57974245 p2 master1200
    Maria: However, I must save my friends from the enemies! Years ago, I had a friend named Mikan Tsumiki, and now she is brainwashed and became one of the Ultimate Despair top members, a puppet of Junko Enoshima!

Thinking of Mikan, Maria closed her eyes and tears streamed down her cheeks.

  • Maria: I was too weak... I should have protect her... but I joined Mafusa Gang for being coerced by my savage brothers... I cannot bear it anymore. I am no longer what I was, and I must do something. Therefore, don't try to stop me. Our arguing had wasted my precious times, even if it is a few seconds!

Poison Ivy immediately went to comfort Maria.

  • Poison Ivy: Alright, alright, I know you are now upset, and I feel sorry for your loss, but this task is not a simple child's play.

​Vasilisa beside Ivy thought a bit and then she nodded as well.

  • Vasilisa: Ivy is right. If you are going to do this, someone must be in charge on your behalf, given the fact that the Patriarch is not very well. Who will be that person?

Just then, to the surprise of everyone presented in the scene, Princess Villian raised her hand.

  • Cc1f5b01d57ea78e9049a3e49c5716
     I do. I can temporarily be the Corazon for now when Maria is on her duty.

Maria then turned to take a look at the young English princess who was mildly shorter than her. Maria then immediately widened her eyes.

  • Maria: Are you really sure that you will act on my behalf, Princess? This task is very hard for anyone.

Villian lowed down her head with a sigh.

  • Villian: I know, but I won't be afraid anymore. I am weak and powerless, but during the coup raised by my elder sister, Carissa, I realized that I can make a difference if I keep myself on the side of compassion and kindness.

While speaking her words, ​Villian clenched her fist before she almost immediately revealed something hidden in a bag beside her by opening it.

  • Villian: Therefore, Maria, if I fail you, I will wait for your own punishment! This shall be the proof of my loyalty!
Maria widened her eyes when she looked at the thing in the bag. It was a axe attached on a long chain, and a gun was attached on the axe as well.
  • Villian: You won't be a stranger to this thing, will you, Angel of Flame?
  • Maria: No, I won't...

As Villian showed this to Maria, people around her were all shocked by all of this, just as shocked as Maria herself. Even Vento (who was still struggling with her injury) and Acqua were both stunned with awe.

  • 20110507143825-1048628122
    Vento: The Chain Viper?

Vento tried to go closer to see clearer view, but suddenly she felt her chest was full of pain.

  • Vento: Ugh!

Vento was so shocked by the pain and she stopped in a second before started to cough blood.

  • Maria: GODMOTHER!

Maria immediately went to Vento to check her own condition, and Ivy stood up as well.

  • 20110507143735-50749242
    Poison Ivy: I am sincerely sorry, Maria. I told Vento she should take a rest due to her own injuries... but she did not listen. She determined to see you...

Vento sighed as she covered her bleeding mouth.

  • Vento: No, that's nothing. I have endured harsh situations even worse than this, and I overcame all of this.

Vento then looked at Maria when she blinked her eyes.

  • Kirigiri kyouko danganronpa and danganronpa 1 drawn by zawameki sample-678ecf631bfa9c70ec15b90c7e22b96c
    Vento: When Kyouko Kirigiri told me that you were dead, it was so heartbreaking that I was mad at her... but now I came to realize that I was wrong about her. I am glad that you came back. I am glad that I was freed from those brainwashing as well.

Vento then took a look at the Chain Viper inside the hands of Villian.

  • Vento: Maria, if you want to save someone you cared about, this will be what you need.

Maria took a closer look at the Chain Viper. It was never damaged and was intact as well. She sighed as she thought about the days when she busted the magic weapon from the Tower of London while under Eckidina's brainwashing.

  • Maria: But I feel guilty using it... I used the Chain Viper when I was a Cyborg under Eckidina KnightWalker's control. Why did you brought such a miserable thing to me, Princess? I used it to slaughter innocent people... and I attacked Acqua with it.
Acqua profile
Villian shook her head with a sigh. Acqua went forward and looked at Maria with a serious look.
  • Acqua: Look, I know you are upset, but that was neither the fault of yours or the fault of this weapon's. It was Eckidina's fault. If you want to save your friends, then accept it, please.

With a face of surprise, Maria heard Acqua and looked at others, who all nodded at her. Maria wiped her tears and nodded.

  • Maria: Very well. I accept it.
Droidh2013-10-22(134845) alien cyborg by zerojs-d605py3
Maria immediately overcame her fear when she held the chain. She closed her eyes when she tried to touch the chain, as all of her bad memories returned back to her.  She was abused. She was burnt. She was disfigured. She was turned into a Cyborg. She got brainwashed by Eckidina. She almost killed Acqua. She killed many innocent people. However, soon those bad memories became puff smokes when Maria thought about her sacrifice. At least, she did not die as a monster at all.
  • Maria: (think) * I won't be afraid anymore. *

Maria's hand got closer to the chain.

  • Maria: (think) * There are so many good people that needs to be saved. *


  • Maria: (think) * I shall no longer be a coward who could only cry for her sad past. That Maria Arzonia had died and I need to be reborn! *

... until she finally grabbed the chain between her fingers. She opened her eyes and held the chain tightly in her hands.


- Maria: It is time to face it!

Maria soon felt there was more strength being poured into her body, as if the Chain Viper had gained her more power. Vento slowly wiped the blood on her lips and smiled at Maria.
  • Vento: That is Maria I know! Now, go forth and help your friends!

With tears filled in her eyes once more, Maria then walked forward and kissed Vento's cheek.

  • Maria: I have so much to tell you, my dear Godmother, but that's for another time. I must go now. They'll wonder where I am.

Maria then turned back and opened her wings. Under the amazement of everyone, she went to her destination as fast as possible.

Act 5 (final) - The AX's Arrival

Mary Spencer's car

5 minutes later


On the way of their ride, Mary Spencer, who was driving the car, peeked at the rifle. Matt and Magilou both looked at her nervously.

  • Mary: I have to say, Matt, I'm disappointed with you.

Matt was confused and he cannot hid his confusion by rolling his eyes. In confusion, Matt decided to stay calm.

  • Matt: Oh, yeah? How's that?
  • Mary: You're the lead Trebol Agent for Maria's new found rebels and is now investigating a high-profile murder, and you don't collect statements from everyone present?


Matt seemed nervous and he looked at Mary Spencer.

  • Mary: Like me.
  • Matt: Oh...
  • Mary: Well, let's do it now, and for the record, I waive my right to counsel.

Matt looked at Mary once again, but the latter seemed really casual and relaxed.

  • Matt: My Lady...
  • Mary: Ask your right question, Matt.

Matt and Magilou looked at each other. Magilou nodded, meaning, "Do as she said." In distraught, Matt sighed and immediately asked the question. Mary simply answered them and drove her car calmly.

  • Matt: Did you see Jocelyn at the arson scene?
  • Mary: Yes.
  • Tumblr np0vv632jC1szxg1to1 1280
    Did you talk to her?
  • Mary: No, I did not.

​Matt became more tensed and his suspicions aroused further.

  • Matt: Did you see her go into her apartment before she was attacked?
  • Mary: Unfortunately, no.
  • Matt: Were you ever in it?
  • Mary: Yes...

Matt widened his eyes a little, little bit... and Mary turned to look at him for a while.

  • Mary: ... before it was a murder crime scene, obviously.

Matt then sighed in relief, since even Aureolus himself was not sure of his statements, much less was Matt himself who was not even at the crime scene. Magilou had the similar reactions as well, looking at Matt in a face of, "See? I told you before."

  • Mary: So, Trebol, am I in the clear?
  • Matt: Hmm, for now.

Matt jokingly smiled, and Mary smiled as well and continued to drive on. However, when Matt turned his head away, and Mary was not paying attention to  him... his smile faded anyway.

  • Mary: This world is now a cesspool. Don't you ever want to do something about it?

Suddenly, Mary asked the above question and made Matt nervous once again.

  • Matt: I thought I was.

Matt's words made Mary frowned her eyebrows.

  • Mary: What, as a mere soldier? I would think that you, of all people, would find that limiting.

Matt thought about his days as a normal soldier, and he walked a long way from a mere soldier that almost gone unnoticed under any circumstances, to a corporal, and to one of the top members of the Catholic Rebels. He walked a long way to this place. Even so, he always fights as a soldier and only cared about his duty and others, not his own personal gains.

  • Matt: Not anymore. Becoming a part of the New Arzonia Family is a good thing, and I just want to do things right. I do not want any authority above others. Maria said after we took down the entire KnightWalker Alliance and their allies, the Catholic Rebels will be disbanded when the Church is redeemed and the KA's reign of terror ix over.

Mary looked at Matt with a calm face. She was seemly satisfied that Matt did not say the cause was Michael Langdon. In truth, Matt had avoid saying the true catalyst of the Church's corruption, in order to prevent the mission's failure.

  • Mary: So you and I shares the same dream. Someone may say our job, the first and the foremost is to protect the Christians of this world... even if it means gaining the further power, like becoming rules above many.

Matt shook his head, disapproved. He tried to be confident.

  • 12008
    No, if one gets too much power, we're no better than the corrupt tyrants. Some rebels failed because they became rulers even before they accomplished their goals, like Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, which it top leaders became corrupt and prideful, causing an internal conflict. The purpose of building a new government to replace the old one is to end the tyranny, not to gain power. That could only start another tyranny.

Mary scoffed when Matt finished his words.

  • Mary: Is that what you were thinking when you build the Catholic Rebel and became one of its top officials?

Mary then looked at Matt with a serious face. Matt tried hard not to behave nervously.

  • MarySpencer27
    Mary: The world is at the blink of utter chaos, Mr. Butcher. The question is - Will good men take power to stabilize all of this? Will they take what's necessary? The decision is ours to make.

Matt looked aside and sighed. Magilou felt bored hearing their talks, and so she looked out of the window... but soon she discovered something wrong. The car went pass the supposed destination. Magilou immediately turned to Mary Spencer with shock.

  • 386952
     Lady Spencer, you passed our stop. Is it not 133rd and 6th?

Mary frowned a bit and narrowed her eyes. Matt was shocked by Magilou's words and looked outside. Magilou was telling the truth, much to Matt's horror.

  • Mary: Did I say that? It's 136th and 3rd. It's an honest mistake.

​Magilou and Matt looked at each other, and Magilou felt there were thousands of horses stepping on her heart.

  • Magilou: (think) * Oh, great... *

Celestia Ludenberg's Hideout

After 10 minutes of a ride

Raven blademaster elsword by amarog checkmate-d91j3jj
The arrival of Matt, Mary Spencer and Magilou in her hideout seemed never disturbed Celestia. The trio just walked through the back door. Mary Spencer led the team, and Matt was following her, followed by Magilou behind him.
  • Matt: So how do we deal with this Celestia, Lady Spencer?

As a response to Matt's question, Mary simply whispered to him in a calm voice.

  • Mary: Just follow my lead.

Mary was holding her rifle and walked towards a wooden door. She leaped towards the door and kicked it open.

  • Mary: Catholic Rebels! Don't move!

Mary rushed to a large room, with Matt and Magilou entered. They pointed their respective weapon to Celestia Ludenberg, who was sitting on a coach and watching television. Celestia reacted and raised her hand when she saw the trio.

  • Mary: Good morning, Celestia.

Celestia was utterly shocked and confused. She had never expected that her hideaways was discovered so quickly even before she planned her next move.

Celes anime episode 3
  • Celestia: What the hell is this?
  • Mary: We're here about the gas bill. You are a delinquent.

Celestia blinked her eyes in confusion. She tried to get her weapon, but Magilou used her magic and sent the weapons away. Celestia had no choice but to face her own interrogation.

  • Mary: Where were you last night, say about 10:00 pm?

​Celestia was annoyed and said an sarcastic answer.

  • JunkoE
    Celestia: (sarcastically) At your mama's, as always.

​Matt was annoyed by Celestia's attitude, and he compared Celestia to Junko in his mind.

  • Matt: Answer the question.

Celestia then answered with no sarcasm.

  • Celestia: I was hiding from the fire of last night. A dozen people saw me.
  • Mary: A dozen of your lying, bottom-feeding friends led by Junko Enoshima and her gang?
Celestia frightened

​Magilou made her own question as well.

  • Magilou: Does the name Jocelyn mean anything to you?

Celestia seemed confused, but she answered it anyway.

  • Celestia: No.
  • Mary: No? She was a plastic surgeon. Face lady for your mob buddies? Some sicko who killed and mutilated her victims?
Celestia enraged

Celestia seemed even more confused. She shook her head in confusion and annoyance.

  • Celestia: Wait... no. Like I said, so whatever the hell you think I did, I didn't.

​Celestia then stood up from her chair and angrily bellowed.

  • Celestia: I was hiding from the fire when I was at the streets wandering! People saw me! I'm innocent, man!

​Mary turned her head to Matt.

  • Mary: You know what?

Matt turned to look at her with surprise.

  • Mary: I think she's telling the truth. She didn't kill anyone.

Matt and Magilou were both surprised, Celestia was relieved and tried to sat back on her coach, but what happened next shocked all three of them. Mary did not stop pointing her rifle to Celestia. She turned her head and looked at the gambler with a pair of angry eyes.

- Mary: But you're not innocent.

  • Tumblr o0t92218xP1rfx24fo1 500

Within just seconds, Mary threw away her rifle and revealed a blade in her pocket. She immediately struck the blade into the chest of Celestia, much quicker than anyone else could ever imagine. Matt and Magilou watched those things happened in horror.

  • Matt & Magilou: !!!

Blood was drained from Celestia's body, and the floor was tainted by a blood red pool. In horror, Celestia's face turned even paler than usual, and soon enough, she collapsed on the ground and turned into a bloodless corpse.

  • 6827038697 f5b6b67ddf b
    What the...

Magilou and Matt both tried to react, but Mary picked up her rifle and pointed it at Magilou, before shooting beside her, breaking a empty wooden cask.

  • Magilou: Ugh...

Soon, the air itself frozen, and Matt, Mary Spencer and Magilou were all involved into a confontation that neither Matt nor Magilou wanted.

  • Matt: ......

3 minutes later

Jscanned 011
Matt and Magilou unwillingly dragged the corpse of Celestia to room with only one window as its source of light, all the while under the observation of Mary Spencer, who held her rifle in her hand and pointed at them.
  • Mary: That's good. That's far enough.

Matt and Magilou stopped dragging the corpse and bit their lips, looking at Mary Spencer with a horrified face.

  • Mary: I know what you two are thinking, Matt and Magilou. You're thinking, "Why would Admiral Mary Spencer, the Lady By-the-book, struck a hole in this unarmed scumbag? Could it be she actually killed Jocelyn, too?"

Matt and Magilou both looked at each other, and they looked at Mary Spencer. They could not believe what they heard or saw. Mary Spencer merely looked at them very calmly.

  • Mary: You see, I know that you've been investigating me, Matt.

Matt took a nervous deep breath and narrowed his eyes.

  • Matt: Did you kill Jocelyn?

​Mary did not responded. Instead, she asked Matt other two questions.

  • Aureolus izzard 2405
    Mary: Is that what Aureolus told you about what he heard from that dead slut? I know she said something to her before she died.

Matt nodded.

  • Matt: Yes, you're right.

Mary scoffed in scorn. She hated to think of the face of Jocelyn, and she spoke her words in sarcasm.

  • Mary: It's probably the truest words that witch ever uttered. She chopped up bodies for murderers, and you knew she once changed the face of the mobsters. That is why many Mafusa Gang members escaped from their deplorable crimes. You're gonna tell me she didn't deserve it?

Matt bit his lips and stayed calm, but he could not stay calm for too long. Soon, his words turned more desperate in his tones. He had now recogized that Mary Spencer killed Celestia Ludenberg with the accursed Byzatine Parang.

  • Matt: She deserve it, but you killed her with a blade that is filled with demonic curse. That is what I'm worried about. You may kill criminals now, but soon that curse will consume you and you won't distinguish guilty from innocent! You'll kill everyone.

Mary shook her head and scoffed once again, despite Matt's desperate words.

  • Mary: Open your eyes, Matt. This blade is not a curse. This blade is like some sort of blessing... Now, I'm living like a renewed human beings.
  • Magilou: You know what Esther will feel when she saw you like this?

Mary shook her head and closed her eyes. She did not answer.

  • Magilou: What happened to you? How did you become this?
63169406 p0
Mary opened her eyes and wielded her rifle again.
  • Mary: This... is who I've always been. I just needed someone to help me and unlock it.
  • Matt: What do you mean? What are you talking about?
  • Mary: Well, you're just gonna say that I'm sick. Well, I'm not. I have never been so clear, so powerful in my life. She wanted me to prove myself not to be some sort of coward, and I will prove it to her!

Matt suddenly widened his eyes when he remembered what happened during the last night's fire...

  • Matt: Sister Paula gave you that blade... and it might be under the command of Melancholia! Oh, for Christ's sake, they both fooled you!
  • Mary: Oh, you are a soldier, after all.

Mary smiled and then she walked around Matt and Magilou as they both looked at her. Due to the problems concerning Esther, the two cannot attack her recklessly.

  • Matt: Don't you see? This means you're innocent. We c... we-we can get you help.
Mary's smile faded and her face turned menacing.
  • Mary: Can we just skip the part where you try to get me to give myself up?
  • Magilou: This isn't you. This is Melancholia's fault.
  • Mary: NO! The Mother Superior never lies to me! I'm not insane, and you are not seeing the big picture, both of you!

Mary took a scornful look at the corpse of Celestia, and she then looked at Matt and Magilou again.

  • Matt: You're gonna frame us for the murder of Celestia Ludenberg?
  • Mary: That's up to you both.

Mary Spencer then turned back with her face darker and darker.

  • Mary: I deal in absolutes, black and white, innocence or... guilty.

Matt and Magilou looked at each other nervously. If there was one unexpected thing happened, the two would subdue her. However, it was apparent that there were other black magic curses that was on Mary, given by the blade.

  • Mary.Spencer.full.1839564
    Mary: The people of this world need rulers like me. Esther was too weak to become a queen, and I will try hard to see what needs to be done. I have the courage to do it.

What made things worse, Matt and Magilou had to take Mary back unhurt, or they would be blamed by Esther no matter what. However, Matt was apparently furious when he heard Mary calling Esther a weak queen, but he held it back.

  • Mary: You have it within you, Matt and Magilou, to be those rulers.

Hearing Mary Spencer's words, Matt and Magilou both reacted in an alarmed state.

  • Uryuu.Ryuunosuke.full.1017166
    Magilou: You want us to join you? You are planning a usurping coup against your own sister? You are no better than Eckidina KnightWalker!

Furious, ​Mary Spencer immediately interrupted the words of Magilou.

  • Mary: Oh, don't be so high and mighty. You once worked with the KnightWalker Family  under that worthless Ryuunosuke Uryuu!
  • Magilou: AND EVERY DAY I WISH I HADN'T! I thought I didn't have a choice, but I did.

Magilou sighed in sadness. She shook her head and bit her lips. Her cheerful and bubbly personality faded away when she thought about her time during her own service in the KnightWalker Family.

  • Magilou: I lost my freedom. I lost my mother. I never expected that there were so many people crying due to unjust codes. I'd give anything to take it all back.

Mary swiftly shook her head. Magilou sensed the evil curse within her became stronger and stronger.

  • Mary: I didn't say it was easy, Magilou. I said it was right! Day after day, the criminals thumbing their nose at the law, and the weak rulers never do anything to punch them in the day like this. Well, today, I draw a line in the sand. Only question is...

- Mary: Where do you stand?

Matt and Magilou both looked at each other once again, and then, they both looked at Mary Spencer as if she was a pathetic fool. They both walked closer to Mary, even knowing she had raised her rifle at them and was fast enough to kill both of them. However, they still not afraid of her.

- Matt & Magilou: Against you.

5 minutes later

Cardinal Sforza's Office

With a serious face, Cardinal Sforza had a cup of liquid medicine that is both bitter and pungent. She bit her lips and narrowed her eyes when she looked at Carl with anger.
  • Sforza: My boy, can't you realize that you had wronged everyone just because such an absurd and unrealistic nightmare?

Carl lowered his head and sighed. He had now gained his calmness once more and admitted all of his own wrongdoings to the strict cardinal.

  • 55096
    Carl: I am sorry, Caridinal Sforza. I am just... afraid.

Sforza sighed and she became softer when she looked at the accursed boy. Noelle Bor was beside her, looking out of the window.

  • Sforza: My boy, I understand, but you must not be paranoid to those who is really helping you.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Noelle Bor turned back and immediately went to open it. Then, she widened her eyes in surprise and smiled. 

  • 360619
    Noelle: Oh, Brother Abel, Brother Tres, what brings you two here? Come in!

There were two people standing outside of the room. One was a brown-haired man with sharped eyes, while the other was a white-haired man with a thick glasses.

With a warm smile, Noelle immediately invited the two in, but when Calr noticed the white-haired man with glasses, he was quickly alarmed.

  • Act18-22-abel
    Carl: Hmm? Aleister Crowley! Why is he here?

Carl widened his eyes as he found the white-haired man looked too similar to Cardinal Aleister Crowley, albeit having a much more tidy appearance. Even so, Carl immediately rushed to the white-haired man and grabbed him with his mutated arm.

  • Noelle: Wait! What are you...

Noelle was panicked, and Cardinal Sforza had the same reaction, but Carl did not let the whited-haired man go. He narrowed his eyes and bellowed.

  • Carl: So this is one of the parts on that root of evil which corrupted the entire Vatican! I will punish you, slowly.

The white-haired man sighed as he closed his eyes.

  • ???: Well, I won't get angry. After all, it is a normal thing to get mistaken when you met someone's twin brother.

The calm attitude as well as the words "twin brother" made Carl so shocked that the reckless boy widened his eyes immediately and became less alerted...

  • Carl: Hmm? Twin brother?

Carl looked aside as the brown-haired man raised a rifle and pointed at Carl, with one of his eyes shining in red. Carl then turned to Noelle, who looked at him anxiously and nodded her head.

  • Noelle: Yes, he is Aleister's twin brother. Let him go.

Carl then looked at the man and slowly let him go.

  • Carl: Sorry, I've been reckless.

The white-haired man was freed and stood on the ground. The browned-haired man had immediately disarmed himself after seeing this.

  • 3601
    ???: Well, I guess you are Mr. Carl Robinson, am I right? My name is Abel Nightroad, and I am here to help you alongside this man. This browned-haired man is Brother Tres Iqus, my colleague.

The man named Abel Nightroad with white hair pushed his glasses a bit while revealing his true name to Carl. Carl immediately widened his eyes and blinked his eyes.

  • Carl: Nightroad? I thought your family name is Crowley.
  • 17862559 1453312001407813 2704270271164893626 n
    Abel: No, it is "Nightroad". I know why you are confused. Let me tell you something.

- Abel: In fact, the name Aleister Crowley is an alias.

The shocking revelation immediately let Carl surprised as he widened his eyes in total shock.

  • Carl: What? An... an alias!?

Abel nodded his head and bit his lips. He narrowed his eyes and immediately responed.

  • Abel: The real Aleister Crowley died decades ago... after he was considered as a heretic and became an outcast of the Catholic Church. He was killed by a vampire who possessed his corpse and assumed his identity and memories.
  • Carl: A vampire?

​Carl was so surprised. He was never expected that there were really vampires in this world.

  • Abel: So far, only I and a few of my colleagues knew his identity, but we knew what will happen to us when we said this in Vatican... given to the fact of the new Pope who had acknowledged his cardinal position. His true name is...

- Abel: Cain Nightroad.

Cain Nightroad
Abel then raised his hand and showed a magical hologram of a young man in white cassock with long blond hair and blue eyes, as well as a long face.
  • Abel: He believed that when he combined the meaning of science and magic together, he will gain a place in the world, and so he founded the heretic organization named Golden Dawn.

After that, ​Abel then wiped on the hologram right before it suddenly disappeared.

  • Abel lol hui
    Abel: It is a heretic organization followed the name of Hermetic Order of Golden Down. After Michael Langdon became the Pope, however, Cain had disbanded it since he had already risen to power and no longer used it. For now, he was inside his human vessel, which is the original Aleister. Under Michael's brainwashing, poor Cain believed he was the real Aleister, and he could never use his vampiric power due to Michael placed a crucifix on his body.

Carl felt that his head was going to explode when he heard all of this. He immediately drank a cup of water before calming himself down.

  • 13433
    Carl: So the Cardinal Aleister I saw is in fact... just an impostor?
  • Abel: Under Michael's influence, Cain not only impersonated the real Aleister, he also dressed up like me, and I think that is why you mistook me as him.

The brown-haired man named Tres Iqus, who had remained silence, had finally spoke in a serious and emotionless face, much to Carl's surprise.

  • Tres: That is why were are here to help you as well as your friends. Cardinal Sforza made us here, since we are all minions of hers.

- Tres: We are known as the AX.

  • Noélle Bor normal Trinity Blood 08-082
    Carl: AX?

With confusion, Carl could not figure out what this abbreviation was on about. Then, Carl looked at Noelle, expecting more answers. Noelle immediately answered it for him.

  • Noelle: AX is short for "Arcanum Cella Ex Dono Dei", which is known as the Papal State Affairs Special Operations Section" in English. When a situation cannot be resolved by words, the Special Operations Department of the Ministry of Holy Affairs is called into action—more commonly known as the AX… In other words, us.
Carl widened his eyes in surprise.
  • Carl: You mean you are one of the AX, too?
  • Noelle: Aye, I am. I, Abel, Tres and Sister Kate are all under the command of Cardinal Sforza, and there're more of us inside the Church. In other words, if Neo Inquisition members are "eagles", we will be "pigeons". Cardinal Francesco di Medici and his Neo Inquisition consider us as their rivals.

Carl then turned to look at Tres and Abel, and then he fell into his thoughts.

  • Carl: (think) * AX? That is a big discovery. By the way, if Aleister... or Cain... is a vampire... and the twin brother of Abel, then Abel is also... *

Carl was about to ask if Abel was a vampire, but he held back his feelings.

  • Noelle: What happened, Carl?

Noelle asked with great care, and Carl immediately reacted and widened his eyes in surprise, realizing he was somehow distracted.

  • Carl: No, I'm all right...

Carl kept silent for a bit and sighed.

  • 34816
    Carl: I was just worrying about Esther and her sister... Just no matter how hard we tried, Sister Paula got away with the blade. I hope things will get better.

Carl had just learned about the murder of Jane Joyce Jocelyn that was pinned on Mary Spencer, and he saw Esther crying in dismay beside him. Despite having his own troubles of trusting Esther due to her own trust to the current Pope, Carl felt somehow sorry for her.

  • 13295
    Tres: I hope that girl is a tough cookie. I hate to say this. Sometimes, however, you have to accept the truth.

Tres then looked at Carl with no emotions in his eyes, as if he was mechanically modified and was already programmed to follow someone's order. Sforza shook her head and chuckled. Carl was surprised since he hardly saw this Duchess of Milan smile.

  • Sforza: Tres, I can't expect that you know how to share concern on others, but that is still not passionate enough. I am sorry that you were captured by Eckidina who made you into a Cyborg, but fortunately, you are far from a killing machine. It was good to save you from the service of King Hamdo.
Caterina Sforza 2

Tres was made into a KnightWalker Cyborg? That was quite a shock to Carl, who looked at Tres Iqus. Tres still had no emotions on his face.

  • Tres: I am still a machine, but I am your own machine, Cardinal Sforza.
  • Sforza: Hmm...

Sforza then turned back into her serious face. What she tried to say was cut off by a ring on a telephone beside her. She immediately answer the telephone and would hear a female voice.

  • Sforza: Hello?

​Sforza was shocked when she heard the female voice from the other side of the phone.

  • MarySpencer27
    Mary Spencer: *phone* [Cardinal Sforza, please come quickly with the Patriarch. Matt Butcher and Magilou had killed an innocent people on their sight, and they were responsible for the death of Jane Judith Jocelyn. So now I am apprehending them. I will get them as soon as possible.]

Then, there were no voice coming from Mary Spencer, who cut off the communication. Cardinal Sforza widened her eyes in shock.

  • 12487
    Sforza: Matt and Magilou killed Jane Judith Jocelyn?

Sforza's words had shocked everyone in the room, even including Esther. Even someone like Tres was visibly surprised. Noelle stood out immediately with her eyes widened.

  • Noelle: Cardinal Sforza, I can vouch for my brother! He can never do such a thing! He was with us all along during Fiamma of the Right's attack!

Carl stood up as well, feeling shocked and enraged by Mary's incrimination.

  • Blade.Master.(Raven).full.1445564
    Carl: I can prove Matt's innocence as well. He hates crimes, but he would not kill a criminal if he never know them. Matt had no interactions to Jane Jocelyn and never knew about her crimes at all!

Just as Carl was about to finish, the cell phone of his rang, and Carl widened his eyes with shock.

  • Carl: Excuse me.

Then, in front of everyone's bewildered face, Carl immediately answered the phone.

  • Carl: Hello?

On the other side of the phone, it was the voice of Matt Butcher.

  • Matt: (phone) [Carl, we found the culprit. It was Mary Spencer. The Byzantine Parang had took control over her, and you must send someone to come here as quick as possible. She tries to kill us both.]

Carl widened his eyes and bit his lips.

  • Carl: Uh... No way! Don't worry, buddy. Maria was on her way, and I guess it won't last long before you are saved. Thank you.
63502600 p0 master1200
Carl immediately hung the phone and bit his lips.
  • Carl: Matt is in danger. Fortunately, thanks to the help from Princess Villian, she had gained the Chain Viper back. Now, I assume she was on her way to save those two guys.

Carl then sighed as he looked at Sforza, who looked down on the table.

  • Sforza: It seems that I have to take actions if anything happens. I know how that Byzantine Parang works, and I know its weakness. I guess I can nullify its effects with my own blood.

Carl was not quite understand.

  • Carl: Your blood?

Sforza steadily stood up and closed her eyes.

  • Sforza: After all, I am someone who is about to die. I need to die for saving all of us before the things went out of control.

Carl then sighed before he suddenly widened his eyes.

  • Reckless.Fist.(Raven).full.1728658
    Carl: Wait a minute, may I ask Mr. Abel a question?

​Abel immediately turned his attention to Carl, who looked at him with full of curiosity

  • Abel: Yes?
  • Carl: I still have something about that Aleister... or Cain... that made me confused.

Abel crossed his arms and looked at the young man.

  • Abel: What is it?
  • Carl: If your brother was rendered to be a mortal by Michael, then does that mean he would be killed like a normal man?

Abel shook his head in disapproval.

  • Abel: Not really, he might feel the pain inflicted on him and would be wounded, but once his body was destroyed in a fatal way, like you cut off his head... The dark spirit of Cain would be released and caused the mayhem across the Vatican. My brother has the power to destroy the entire Vatican. If he gets released from his human bones, he would be freed and do whatever he wants.
In a dark face, Abel then turned to Carl and walked closer to him, whispering.
  • Abel: The most terrifying thing is this: Michael fully knows what will happen if he had "Alesiter" executed. After all my brother's vessel, the body of real Aleister, is nothing but a dispensable pawn for both Michael and Cain.

​Carl was amazed when he heard Abel said all this, and he was also curious.

  • Abel: After seemly killing "Alesiter" if he really does, Michael would release Cain's true power even if he had himself killed.

Utterly confused by such a vast information, ​Carl lowed down his head and fell into thoughts. Then, he looked up and faced Abel.

  • Carl: How do you know that?
  • Tb24-chibi-abel2-frame
    Abel: While working in the AX, I used my phychic power to see Michael's mind. He not even values his own life if he can have the world turned into a living hell on Earth.

Esther sat there and bit her lips. Abel used a very deep voice and spoke those things to Carl, since he did not want Esther being broken by such a horrifying revelation. Esther never interfered their conversation, either.

  • Carl: I see. Thanks for the explanation.
Carl nodded and then looked at Esther. He felt sorry for her, but he thought Mary Spencer had to be utterly punished for her crimes. Even so, Carl felt guilty that he had such a feelings. After all, Mary Spencer never acted on her free will.
  • Esther: Carl?

Esther suddenly called the name of Carl, and Carl widened his eyes and looked at her. Esther stopped crying, but her sad expression remained.

  • Esther: If you go to help my sister from the curse, can you promise me that you will make her survive the ordeal?

Carl was a bit of distressed and hesitated when he heard this. Carl had now considered Mary as a traitor since she killed someone that the Rebels never permitted her to kill. She also framed his best friend, Matt, for murder. Therefore, Carl deemed her deeds to be utterly unforgivable whatsoever.

However, Carl felt pity for Esther, and he did not know what to answer.

  • Carl: Esther, I will see what I can do, but I can't make a promise that your sister will definitely survive the ordeal. I will do my best, but if she is gone too far, she needs to be punished.
  • Esther: Why?

Esther was furious when she heard Carl saying such words. She was so furious that she immediately reached towards Carl and slapped him in the face.

  • Reckless.Fist.(Raven).full.1632106
    Esther: Carl Robinson! You broke the good impression given to my beloved Pope Michael, someone who saved me from that wicked living hell and helped me when I was in need! I was tolerating enough to but your pack of lies! Now, you said you cannot keep my sister alive and will punish her! What kind of amoral man are you?
  • Carl: I don't know what I am, but I know what I can be.
  • Esther: She is my sister. Promise me. You will keep her alive.

Looking at the young girl with a sad sigh, Carl swiftly stood up.

  • Carl: I'm sorry to disappoint you, dear Esther.

Then, Carl walked out of the room with the following words, making everyone else surprised and fell into thoughts.

- Carl: After all, I cannot make a promise that I can hardly keep.

  • Esther: ......



Aleister Crowley's office

57339277 p0 master1200

Michael Langdon opened his eyes and clenched his fist with sheer fury.

  • Michael: They betrayed me... The AX agents, Sforza, Tres Iqus, Vento of the Front...

​Michael then turned back with his eyes narrowed in sheer scorn. He frowned his eyebrows and seemed in a bad mood. He was looking at the man behind him, who is Aleister Crowley... or Cain Nightroad.

  • Michael: ... and your vampire twin brother, Alester... or Cain Nightroad.

With a sigh, Aleister bit his lips. Michael was seemly furious about the "betrayal" of so many people, and it made Aleister nervous.

  • Aleister: I no longer have that name, and I have no relation to than vampire man. I am Aleister Crowley, and I sealed the real Cain Nightroad inside my head.

Michael's face then changed with a smile on his face.

  • Michael: Very good. You have accepted this persona. I admire you.

Aleister looked up with a cruel smile on his face. Michael nodded with a satisfied smile on his face.

  • Michael: As long as you behaved like a human, Aleister, I can control you like a puppet. You set up the ruse of the Golden Dawn, which is just a ruse to cover up my plan. I admire your intelligence, and I give you my most positive rating to you. At least, you won't betray me... unless I cut off your head.

Michael then turned back and chuckled.

  • Michael: You can believe yourself to be the real Aleister Crowley who died long ago, but in your spirit, you are still a vampire who possessed a corpse. If you hate me and want to kill me, I will cut off your head... and release your spirit. You can do whatever you want, including killing me... if you can.

Aleister still behaved indifferently. He was now dressing in a white cassock despite in a possession of a cardinal, and he also looked pretty much alike to Abel Nightroad, the twin brother of his possessor and true form.

  • Cain.Nightroad.600.26533
    Aleister: That is funny.
  • Michael: No, I think it's so plain... The most funny part is this.

Narrowed his eyes, Michael then turned more serious and looked into Aleister's eyes and soul of Cain Nightroad.

  • Michael: You can dress up as the real Aleister. You can dress up as Abel. You can pretend yourself to be a human. However, one thing never changes.

- Michael: You are Sascha Vykos' admirer.

Aleister widened his eyes when he heard the name, Sascha Vykos, just like Matt who heard this name in Private.

  • Michael: Therefore, you are the only one who enforce the will of the disbanded Sabbath Clan, and I know your weakness. Your true spirit, Cain, is weak to the Blade of Karma, aren't you?

Aleister bit his lips and his face went pale.

  • Aleister: How do you know?
Raven blade master by 1234doe

Michael did not say anything. He only pointed at his head. Aleister then nodded after panicked for two seconds. His face was still pale.

  • Aleister: I understand. Why did you talk about the Blade of Karma?

Michael grinned in a horrible manner before he gloated in sheer arouse.

- Michael: Because its current wielder is the best friend of Firenza Junior!

Aleister, alongside his true vampiric spirit of Cain, both reacted in shock. Two voices started to combine together when "they" spoke out.

  • Aleister/Cain: WHAT!?
  • Michael: Hmm...
Fortunately, Michael used his ability to form an energy shield to avoid sound coming out of the shield, preventing anyone from hearing what they said.
  • Aleister: The best friend... of Firenza Junior?

Michael then grinned horribly once again.

  • Michael: His name is Matt Butcher, and I want him be captured alongside his blade. Carissa is orchestrating the attack towards Russian Orthodox Church. I will send Brother Petros and Sister Paula to help you.
  • Vento of the Front Novel
    Michael: By the way, I have a plan to push the fall on the head of Patriarch Krans and make him take the blame. That would be good to

Michael then closed his eyes and thought about his recent success. In another timeline, his foremost colleague in Sleepy Hollow named Atticus Nevins had successfully contained the blood of Christine Van Bilj, marking a great progress in their new plan.

  • Michael: Hmm...

Michael then grinned again with a sinister growl.

  • Michael: Recently, I had targeted too much on Firenza Junior, without realizing there were a swordsman who was destined to slay Sabbat Remnants like you.

​Aleister nodded before he thought of Vento of the Front, who was currently out of her brainwashed state.

  • Aleister: I will deal with that Matt Butcher, but what about Vento? May I capture her back?

​Michael nodded instantly.

  • Cain Nightroad
    Yes, you may... Wait, I mean... You must. However, I will not brainwash her, not anymore. I will torture her in the cell since I have her replaced.
  • Aleister: Replaced?

​Aleister was shocked when he heard "replaced", and Michael did not hestitated to explain all those things to the oblivious "cardinal".

  • Michael: Melancholia have already produced a doppelganger of her via using her hair, and I will use that doppelganger to deal with Maria. That doppelganger has Vento's strength and power, but "she" lacks of her humanity. The Water of Life cannot cure "her", since "she" has no soul to cure.
With arouse, ​Michael then bit his lips as if he was wondering what will Maria reacted when she saw her Godmother's doppelganger, which was based on how Michael viewed Vento; a dispensable pawn with no free will.
  • Michael: After that, Maria Arzonia will fall into heartbreak once again... as long as she never know anything about the doppelganger.

After some silence, Michael sighed casually became serious once again.

  • Michael: Melancholia will orchestrate all of this, and all remains shall depends on her own creativity.

​Aleister bit his lips and frowned.

  • Aleister: You made me to do whatever you want, but you never killed me so that you can free myself. Why?

​Michael turned back to Aleister, looking at him for a final time with a normal smile. His tone seemed much calmer as well.

  • Michael: You cannot die, not now. If I need to "borrow" your head without returning it, I will tell you. Only I can take your head and free your spirit, but for now, you will work for me, continuously, until I want your spirit to get freed... so you can destroy everything.

Michael then turned back and walked away. Aleister sat back on his chair, with his face as cold as a machine with no soul at all.

  • Aleister: I will wait for that day to come... For my freedom... For the destruction of the world. One day, I will meet this boy with the Blade of Karma face to face!

- Aleister: Then I'll kill him and make them lose hope!

LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow

Firenza Junior Spin-Off

Episode 18.5 - Symphony of Madness

By Officer Candy Apple

Suggested to read together with Death Arc

To be continued...

MAD Collections


Godom Empire

Emperor Tathagata Killer's Office

  • Emperor Tathagata Killer123456
    Michael: Emperor Tathagata Killer?

Michael Langdon arrived at the office of Emperor Tathagata Killer, the Emperor of Godom Empire. Tathagata looked at Michael, but his expression was hidden behind his mask.

  • Michael: Lord Fallen told me about you, Your Majesty, and I am here to help you to destroy that red-haired-girl for you. As the pope of the Catholic Church, I hope you and I will work well in a nice partnership.
  • Emperor Tathagata Killer123
    Tathagata: Partnership?
  • Michael: I will support your invasion to Japan as long as you take down that girl, and I will help you to find a spy from Catholic Rebel inside your nation. I will eliminate her. It's good for you and me.

Michael was referring to Cardinal Katherine Sforza, whom he suspected as a "traitor" to him. Tathagata seemed to be pleased by Michael's words, and the pope assumed he was pleased by looking at Tathagata's eyes, which the mask could not hide.

  • Bfbc02db8331429cd4f4eb824048d24c1424635582 full
    Very well, Your Holiness. I agree with our partnership.

Just then, before Michael could answer, he was startled when he heard dog's barking at him. It was Emperor Tathagata Killer's dog, Apo. Michael was startled, and Tathagata turned to his dog.

  • Tathagata: Boy, be quiet! This is my guest! Don't bark at him!

Apo went quiet, and Michael looked at Tathagata when he calmed himself down. Despite still feeling nervous, Michael smiled at Tathagata

  • 13425
    Michael: You have a nice dog. It's name is Apo, right?

Tathagata chuckled at Michael's reaction.

  • Tathagata: Don't be afraid. Do you know that proverb, Michael? "Barking dogs don't bite."

Michael shrugged his shoulder...

  • Michael: Yes, I know.

... before he looked at Apo once again.

  • Michael: But does your dog know that?


During her spare time, Melancholia often go to check the kitchen of CIS Productions. She had a very, very strict rules for all the requirements in the kitchen, in order to make every people in CIS HQ had a good meal after a long day of work.

Many people who took charge of the kitchen were scared of her because she was so strict. She will even criticize the chef if he or she never made a proper chocolate during Valentine's Day, which might ruin Michael Langdon's own pleasure of receiving a Valentine's gift.

One evening, it was Plaisir's turn to do the dishes and cook meals. Melancholia went into the kitchen and saw Plaisir cooking a large pot of soup. There was also a large bowl of liquid on the table.

  • Melancholia: Plaisir, what is this? Is this a bowl of soup? May I taste it?

Before Plaisir could react, Melancholia pointed at the pot on the table and threw three questions at her. Plaisir tried to explain the situation, but the questions pulled her back. In full of dismay, Plaisir bit her lips.

  • Joan.Alter.full.2117878
    Plaisir: Melancholia, this is...

Before Plaisir could finish and explain this bowl of liquid to Melancholia, Melancholia rudely raised her hand and interrupted Plaisir. It was apparent that she never tolerate anyone who tried to made an excuse.

  • Melancholia: Silence. I want you to permit me to taste it and you need to say yes.
  • Plaisir: Yes, madam.
  • Melancholia: Tell me, what is the duty of a soldier?

Plaisir looked at Melancholia with naivete.

  • Plaisir: Obedience?
  • Melancholia: That's right, and just be quiet.

​Melancholia immediately took a spoon and tasted the liquid inside the large bowl... before she spat it out in disgust.

  • Melancholia: Bah, man! Is this the soup you had just cooked? It tastes so bad that it feels like dish-water!

With a large drop of sweat on her face, Plaisir shrugged her shoulder and spoke in innocence.

  • Plaisir: Melancholia, actually...
  • Melancholia: Actually what? Tell me a proper reason or I will punish you with a week of dish cleaning!

​Plaisir immediately lowered her head and pointed at the bowl of liquid that tasted like dish-water...

  • Plaisir: Actually, this is a bowl of dish-water.
  • Melancholia: ......



Sword Coast

Drowned Shore

Minor spoilers from Elemental Evil Saga

IMG 7338
The Drowned Shore, the ruling place of Prophet Gar Shatterkeel and water cultists from the Cult of Crushing Wave, was formed after a huge tidal wave swept the Raven Cliff Beach. Upon being teleported to Faerun, the Team Witness must battle against those nasty worshipers of Ollhydra.

However, the biggest problem inside there was the rain of sea water, and the members of Team Witness had to wait with the Harpers inside their tent... all but one.

  • IMG 7652
    Matt: It is raining? Very well, I had a long journey here and I am going to walk in the rain.
  • Maria: Wait, Matt! This is sea water rain, and there are still water cultists out there!
  • Matt: I'll be fine.

​Matt ignored Maria's warning and walked into the rain. Maria sighed and turned to look at Carl.

  • Maria: At least Carl is better than him.

​Carl, however, stood up and used his palm to catch the rain.

  • Carl: When will this rain become warmer? It is too cold to take a shower out there.
  • Maria: ......

Ending - What Have You Done

Within Temptation - What have you done - Lyrics - HD

Within Temptation - What have you done - Lyrics - HD


- Sharon den Adel:

Would you mind if I hurt you?

Understand that I need to

Wish that I had other choices

Than to harm the one I love

- Keith (now Mina) Caputo:

What have you done now?


I know I'd better stop trying

You know that there's no denying

I won't show mercy on you now

- Sharon:

I know I should stop believing

I know there's no retrieving

- Keith:

It's over now

- Sharon:

What have you done?

- Keith:

What have you done now?

- Both:

I, I've been waiting for someone like you

But now you are slipping away


What have you done now?


Why, why does fate make us suffer?

There's a curse between us, between me and you


What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done now?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done now?


Would you mind if I killed you?

Would you mind if I tried to?

'Cause you have

Turned into my worst enemy

You carry hate that I don't feel


It's over now


What have you done?


What have you done now?


I, I've been waiting for someone like you

But now you are slipping away


What have you done now?


Why, why does fate make us suffer?

There's a curse between us, between me and you


What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done now?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done now?


What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?

- Both:

I will not fall, won't let it go

We will be free when it ends


I, I've been waiting for someone like you

But now you are slipping away


What have you done now?


Why, why does fate make us suffer?

There's a curse between us, between me and you


I, I've been waiting for someone like you

But now you are slipping away


What have you done now?


Why, why does fate make us suffer?

There's a curse between us, between me and you

In the Next Episode...


- Mary: Well, I am so disappointed. Goodbye, Matt and Magilou.

Oscar Cut-in (ToB)

- Krans: To all else, farewell. Please build a brighter and peaceful world with no war... for the sake of our people...

FileIndex v18 258-259

- Carissa: Yes, yes, that is it! I saw the malevolence of your father inside you, Carl, my poor dear cousin! Let it consume you. Give in to your inner darkness, and you will never feel pain ever again!

Sumireko Hanabusa

- Sumireko: It's a farce. Finita la comedia... Oh, you... have no idea what it meant to have lost you, Banba-san.

Army of clerks by alexiuss



- Melancholia: Now, the singers and the musicians are all on stage. I just need to pull their strings and orchestrate the concert.

Elsword raven by elairin-d7vonca

- Carl: This is for the Patriarch and Esther. Justice is served.

IMG 2914

- Maria: Carl... what have you done...

The darkness shall come upon Firenza Junior.

Will it be the bankruptcy of trust?

The Next Episode of Firenza Junior

Coming soon...


  • From Officer: Due to the length of the previous main story episode (also the 1st sub arc finale) had been so large that it was twice as a usual episode, the next time I'll release one more episode of Firenza Junior before returning back to the cycle that was set up. After this episode, things will become worse, and the story will become darker and even more serious.
    • By the way, this creation of episode had been a long time due to the broke down of my internet, and I lost many of my hard work. I have to do it over again. That was totally annoying. I have to cut many contents in order to catch up with the schedule because of that poor internet... Aw...
  • From Prime: More character pages of our storylines are created. See: The Rogues, La Nueva Familia de Arzonia and Akrak Couteau. Please beware of the spoilers.
  • From CIS: This episode also removed several contents and put it into the next episode like many previous episodes in order to catch up with schedule, but there will be more mysteries solved in the coming episode. The battle scene was moved to the next episode, so that we can see more of Patriarch Krans... before everything is put on the hot water.