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Episode 1.5 of Season 2

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Episode 15.5 - In the Name of Saints

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Previously on Firenza Junior...

(Vital Parts only)

  • Matt: Previously on Firenza Junior...

Sasha Kreuzhev Profile
Just as the patriarch was speaking, Vasilisa looked at the abandoned ruins of Chernobyl and sighed as well. Just then, they heard a female voice appeared behind him.
  • ???: The leader of Necessarius is here!

The two turned their head and turned back. They saw two people, one is a young girl with red nun's habit, and one is a man with black robes and long red hair.

  • Man: Oh, well, it seemed that I am not here too late, right? The archbishop herself is always accurate on time. I am glad that I took her advice.

Patriarch Krans struggled himself to get up. Recently, he was severely sick, possibly due to the radiations as well the pollution.

  • Magnus
    Krans: Ah, finally, Stiyl Magnus... You are finally here.

Standing in front of him was the leader of the Necessarius, a sub-faction within the Anglican Church. The man named Stiyl Magnus bowed in front of the Patriarch and spoke gently. His cigarette was holding in his hand.

  • Stiyl: I am sorry of being so late, Your Holiness, but we were searching for Carl Robinson who went to Rome for chasing Carissa, but we found no trace of him. I suspect that he was abducted. Just then, Archbishop Laura demanded me to search for your help. Then, this Sister... Sister Misha... came to me, saying you need my help. Then, I followed her to see you.

Sister Misha Kreutzev is an operative of Annihilatus, an organization of the Russian Orthodox Church that specializes in the hunting down of spirits that are not supposed to exist, with Vasilisa as its leader. She is the nun standing beside Stiyl.


Hearing this, Patriarch Krans sighed and looked at Stiyl calmly.

  • Krans: I am seeking help and backup from Anglican Church. It is easier say than done to end this war and keep it in peace, so we need help from every forces that can be united. However, would you please tell me why your Archbishop seeks my help?
  • Stiyl: Yes, Your Holiness... It was Corporal Matt Butcher, who had found out that his sister - a nun from Catholic Church - was brainwashed by Aleister Crowley to become their unwitting pawn. He heard that the Russian Orthodox Church had Water of Life that could save them, so he advised our Church to seek for your help.

Hearing this, the patriarch then walked himself in circle while lowered his head, falling into thoughts, and then he looked at Styil before he stopped.

  • Aleister Crowley Novel
    Krans: Stiyl, in a time like this, we can provide the Water of Life. It can only be provided in critical times, and it is the most critical time for us ever. However, are you sure that this will eventually save Matt's sister?

​Stiyl nodded his head.

  • Stiyl: Maybe we can undo what Aleister Crowley do to them. It was our last hope and eventually, if we failed... then we have to kill our formerly potential allies. Then, Carl Robinson may not be saved.

​Krans felt his heart hurt when he heard "formerly", and then he bit his lips.

  • Krans: I agree. I think God is giving us more chances to win this war with the least causalities.

Unbeknownst to the patriarch, Stiyl or the Eastern Christians, there was a telescope observing beside them maliciously... as the patriarch continued.

  • Adamfefiuh
    Krans: Here is some good news from Sephiria Arks KnightWalker. She told us that Chronos Empire had two new member. One is Adam Frankenstein and another called herself the Bride. The two people were fighting in China, in a valiant way. We will unite with them when situation needed, and soon together, we will reclaim Russia. The fight must end, otherwise all those sacrifices will be utter meaningless. All we left in the world will be blood and cadavers.

Vasilisa and Misha looked at each other and then they nodded stoically. A smile appeared on her face.

  • Vasilisa Profile
    Vasilisa: I know that. Your Holiness, I will manage to help those people back into their own personality, releasing them from Michael's control. Then, we shall end this in the right way forever.

The patriarch put his hand on the shoulders of Vasilisa.

  • Krans: The only antidote that may cease Crowley's brainwashing lies within the precious Water of Life. I have a vast containing under the basement, hiding away from radiations. I will show them to you.

  • Sforza: So you already know it was not a bottle of perfume, right? That is a kind of toxic gas that would be easily evaporated! Usually, you shot it inside your target before you open it with a remote, so that the gas shall expand in your target! WHEN YOU OPEN THAT BOTTLE SO RASHLY, IT WILL BE FILLED WITH NOTHING BUT AIR ITSELF!
IMG 6552
Suddenly, Sforza's eyes widened when she spoke "air itself", and she turned her head, looking at the Patriarch who had just regained consciousness thanks to his friends' saving in time.
  • Sforza: So... he ignored air itself, wasn't he?

​Just then, a sprinkle of water started to pour down from the left and Sforza stopped looking at the Patriarch. Both she and Noelle were now wet. Sforza started to kneel on the ground in pain as her body began to release white smokes. Noelle was having the same reaction as well. Both of them were so shocked that they could not speak a word at all.


Beside them, Poison Ivy was holding the bottle filled with Water of Life with a weird smile. Sforza was still struggling as Noelle lost her consciousness. Ivy looked at them with a sarcastic smile.

  • Poison Ivy: Polly, want some drink?

Before Poison Ivy could finish her sarcastic tease, Cardinal Sforza covered her stomach with her hand and started to vomit blood from her mouth. She immediately covered her mouth with her hand. This greatly shocked Ivy who was looking at her moaning.

  • Sforza: The disease... the pain... no... Not that dreadful CROTOAN VIRUS...

Sforza coughed more and more bitterly and her hand were tainted red with her blood. Shocked, Poison Ivy immediately turned at others who were still taking care of the Patriarch.

  • CroatoanVirus
    Poison Ivy:
     Guys, there are some more people who needed help from us!

Poison Ivy became more and more worried when she heard the word "Croatoan". Hearing her call for help, Stiyl immediately led everyone went to Sforza who were still coughing.

  • Stiyl: What happened?

Poison Ivy shook her head in confusion.

  • Poison Ivy: I don't know. She was fine before I spray the Water of Life on her. It seemed to have effects on removing the brainwashing, but I never expected that things will become like this. I have no idea. I did not do anything.
IMG 6564
As Ivy was speaking, more and more people gathered around Sforza, who became weaker. Poison Ivy bit her own lips as she looked at Sforza.
  • Poison Ivy: We must save her in time.

Vasilisa was shocked to hear that, and her gaze widened.

  • Vasilisa: Are you kidding me? This woman almost kill the Patriarch.

Hearing this, Poison Ivy glared at her angrily.

  • Poison Ivy: But not on her own free will, thank you for your reminding. I think she is not dangerous now. The Water of Life works.

Stiyl lowered his head as he started to check Sforza. Ivy then put on a green hood before she stood up.

  • Poison Ivy: What a harsh winter in here.

Stiyl went to take a look as Sforza lost her consciousness. He checked her pulse, finding her still alive. Then, Stiyl checked Noelle's pulse, and Noelle was still alive as well, only in comatose.

  • Stiyl: Mission accomplished.
Toaru Majutsu no Index II E09 06m 35s
Stiyl then started to pray after closing his eyes. Then, he stood up and look at Kaori.
  • Stiyl: What shall we do then?

Kaori shrugged her shoulders, but Ivy turned to them and gave an idea.

  • Poison Ivy: Please return back to London and tell the Archbishop & Matt Butcher about what was happening in this place. Allow me and the Patriarch to deal with them.

Stiyl then stood up and looked at Ivy.

  • Stiyl: We are grateful for your help, Ivy. Good luck.

Stiyl then went away, and the Anglican clergies followed them as well. They soon disappeared into the mist. There were only Krans, Ivy, Misha and Vasilisa who were looking at the unconscious Noelle and Sforza.

  • Misha: So, what are we gonna do to them?

Patriarch's room

10 minutes later

During his days in Patriarch in Ukraine, the Patriarch was staying within a temporary office that was already abandoned for many years. He used magic to block the radiations as much as he could. Poison Ivy took a cup of tea made with herbs as well as heated Water of Life to make Sforza drink it. Sforza drunk the tea and her face started to became redder.
  • Sforza: I am feeling much better now. Thank you, Dr. Isley.
    Poison Ivy: Please, just call me Ivy.

Poison Ivy looked at Sforza with a sigh. Sforza was now sitting in a large chair and lowered her head. She put her hand on her cheek and was apparently stressed out.

  • Poison Ivy: Cardina Sforza, is there anything you knew about your disease? As a former doctor, maybe I can find some cure to this.
  • Sforza: Ivy...

Sforza shook her head as she trembled in pain. The pain was still inside her despite it was weaker than minutes before.

  • Sforza: There is no cure. My disease is somewhat like a family disease. No one exactly knows what sort of illness it is, and neither do I.

Sforza then started to cough once again and the Patriarch immediately patted her back.

  • Krans: Now, now...

​Sforza then stopped coughing and looked at the Patriarch. Fortunately for her, she was not coughing blood this time, much to Krans and Ivy's relief

  • 499068
     How was Noelle? Is she okay?
  • Krans: She is in another room. Vasilisa and Misha were now taking care of her. She is fine.

Sforza sighed and smiled sadly as she went on explaining her disease, much to her listener's shock.

  • Sforza: This disease... has no cure. It is swallowing me bit by bit ever since I was small, and as the days passed, my body became more and more painful. The brainwashing of Crowley made me forgot the pain, but in fact, it was still there. This kind of plague... its virus has many varieties, but we all called it "Croatoan". This virus had no cure and would never be cured in 100%. Sometimes it is deadly, sometimes it is torturous. It had took the life of my parents and my brother, but I thought they were lucky. For me, death itself shall be a gift... and for now I never earned it.

Poison Ivy then thought for a bit and widened her eyes.

  • Poison Ivy: As far as I know, there is perhaps only one creature that would spread this kind of virus... even though I am not sure about it.
  • Krans: You mean...
Poison Ivy 0007

​Poison Ivy nodded as she was giving a startling conclusion.

  • Poison Ivy: Yes, the Horseman of Pestilence, also known as Conquest... One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

​Hearing this, the Patriarch was utterly surprised.

  • Krans: Really?
  • Poison Ivy: I know this sounds crazy. However, one thing is possible - The current pope was working with them... or he worked with at least one of them; Death.

With a sad face, Kathrine Sforza then looked at the ceiling and sighed helplessly. She then closed her eyes.

  • Sforza: I met him, years ago in Rome. I first saw him as a kind, sweet and benevolent figure and therefore I endorsed him as the Pope. However, when he showed himself right on the Holy Seat, I felt I was looking at a stranger whenever I looked at him, looking at his eyes. His eyes were no longer green. Now, they were inhumanely red, showing a color of blood and fire.
​While speaking and confessing her feelings, Sforza's face turned extremely pale and frail. All of her ten fingers was shaking, and it was obvious that she was feared.
  • Sforza: There was nothing left in him; no reason, no conscience, no understanding; and even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong His face was once warm and smiling like white roses, but now it became cold, menacing and malicious like thorns. I spent three days trying to reach him but then I decide that I need to overthrow him when because I realized that what was living behind Michael's eyes was purely and simply... evil.
Poison Ivy and Krans looked at each other with surprise, and they turned back to Sforza once again.
  • Poison Ivy: So you suspected that the current pope was evil already.
  • Sforza: Yes, but I was later brainwashed by Crowley right before the coronation. He knew that I sensed something was wrong when Michael returned back to St. Peter's Ballisca. I do not understand... Is he born to be like this?

The patriarch did not answer this. Instead, he presented a big bottle of Water of Life before handed to her.

  • Krans: Ah, anyway, I think this might help you out. Find a chance to spray this on Michael or let him drink it when he was severely weakened, and if he was as you thought, this water shall do nothing but making him regain his power. Therefore, you must do it carefully. Use it when you are sure that Aleister brainwashed him... like he brainwashed you.

While the Patriarch was speaking and handing the bottle to Sforza, Poison Ivy put her dark green hood on as she wore a cryptic smile.

  • Poison Ivy: Yes... that is a great idea. By the way, does the Patriarch ever believe that the Pope was brainwashed?

The Patriarch turned to Poison Ivy, with a face mildly offended. Cardinal Sforza put the glass carefully into a bag. Ivy was still speaking.

  • Some hooded figure
    Poison Ivy:
     Well, he never believes it, and that is why he raised army to fight against the Catholic Church so hard... Am I right?

The patriarch turned to Poison Ivy as he glared at her.

  • Krans: Ms. Isley, I have not get any moods to play with your sarcasm. However, you are either with me, or you are against me. If you are against me, and then I have no choice but make you into jail.

Ivy looked at Patriarch Krans calmly as the latter's lips shook in anger, but then he started to cool himself down.

  • Krans: You are right, Ivy. I suspect Michael's true loyalty all along ever since he coronated himself and allowed the Catholic Church to become one with the KnightWalker Alliance. At that time, I believed that those deathly chaos - including the missing of the Grand Grimoire -  was brought by him.

The patriarch was referring to that serial tragedies orchestrated and/or executed by a hooded man who stole the Grand Grimoire from the Catholic Church, and soon this man was known to many as the "Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure".

  • Poison Ivy: I see.

Poison Ivy knew this man's true identity very well, but she continued to smile cryptically since she found it funny to hide secrets and make suspension.

  • 1692422-profile poisonivy
    Sforza: Do you know who that mysterious man is?
  • Poison Ivy: I can't tell, since this is so fun.

Looking at this strange woman, Sforza and Krans could never figure out what Poison Ivy was planning, but even so, considering a fact that she was also a victim of the KnightWalker Family, she would be an ally. However, Krans suspected that Ivy was hiding something, and she was enjoying in hiding it.

Then, Ivy's face turned serious once again from her darkly humorous smile.

  • Poison Ivy: I think this is all for now. You are right about Michael Langdon. He IS a monster born to be evil, and I once confronted him... It was a terrible nightmare fuel that even I would never remind myself of it ever again.
Poison Ivy then walked forward before she bypassed Cardinal Sforza. She did not look at Sforza but she was talking to her.
  • Poison Ivy: Be careful, Cardinal Sforza. Find Katarina Couteau immediately if one day you can, and you will organize a resistance using your minion. You may not use that water on Michael, but you can use it on your brethren in the AX. You are in charge of the AX, don't you?

Cardinal Sforza bit her lips.

  • Sforza: Yes, I am.

Hearing this, Ivy smiled again, but just a little bit.

  • Poison Ivy-0
    Poison Ivy: Very well, and the key to Michael Langdon's downfall lies in the hand of yours.

Ivy then walked towards the door, and as she left the Patriarch's office, she calmly spoke something before she disappeared.

  • Poison Ivy: However, Your Holiness, please be careful. When you think you can bring peace in this world forever, you are digging a grave for yourself... as a martyr... unless you never underestimate Michael.

Poison Ivy then left, and the patriarch did not chase her. He only fell into thoughts.

  • Sforza: The Patriarch, farewell...

Sforza then bowed to the Patriarch before she left the room. She then found Noelle and they both headed towards London. After almost two days of ride on a plane to avoid Michael's supervision, they arrived at London. Then, they managed to collect the remaining pieces of Maria Arzonia's armor. They cannot find her corpses, so they secretly and humbly buried Maria in a local cemetery.


Maria Arzonia's grave

Three days AFTER Michael Langdon's rise as the pope

Many graves stones were under the sun. The entire cemetery was absolutely quiet. In front one of the gravestones, there stood a Catholic nun with black hair and in white habit with blue stripes on it.
  • ???: God bless St. Maria Arzonia. May her soul rest in peace. For Jesus Christ, our Lord.

The nun then drew cross in front of herself. She was praying to a poor soul related to this tomb. The poor soul's name was Maria Arzonia, a hero who sacrificed herself during English Civil War in order to save the entire London from utter destruction. The nun then looked up after picking up a large bouquet and placed it at Maria's gravestone.

Here Lieth the Remains of

Maria Pirotecnia Arzonia


Age 13

May her Rest in Peace

Noélle Bor normal Trinity Blood 08-082

The Catholic nun sighed when she looked at Maria's gravestone.

  • ???: Rest in peace, Maria. You proved to us that you are not a member from Mafusa Gang in your heart. You are a hero. I, Sister Noelle Bor, will always remember you.

The nun named Noelle Bor then turned back and looked at another woman behind her. The woman was dressed up in the attire of a Catholic cardinal, with a pair of glasses on her face, looking serious.

  • Cardinal: I hope I know what you are doing, Sister Noella... or should I call you Erica Butcher?
Noelle Bor
Erica Butcher was the birth name of Noelle Bor, and she is the biological sister of Matt Butcher, who was once a Royal Air Force member.

(- Narrator: For convenience, we will call her Noelle.)

  • Noelle: Cardinal Sforza, either is okay. For you, I prefer Noella; for my brother, I prefer Erica. Anyway, the two referred to the same sister to my brother, right?

Cardinal Katherine Sforza looked at Erica with a serious face.

  • 卡特琳娜‧丝佛札
    Sforza: Never play a pun in front of me. I never like to buy it.
  • Noella: Oh, yes, sorry...

Sforza then looked aside with a serious look.

  • Sforza: However, it was a shame that your brother did not join any of the Church, not to mention ours. He was such a brave man who managed to find Orthodox Church to help us.
  • Noella: You are right, Cardinal. Thanks to the Water of Life, some of us were free from Aleister Crowley's control, and now we have realized that we became the pawns.

Noelle's smile faded and her face was wearing sadness. Sforza bit her lips.

  • Jeanne alter and ruler fate grand order and fate series drawn by shiguru sample-0a2001f61e30bd3704d744c057a78b86
    Sforza: I came into shock that the Inquisition became a major function once again, and that terrible old man, Francesco di Medici... How could the pope use such a man as the co-leader of Inquisition? What is more, I have no idea on that woman named Melancholia who became Mother Superior.

A moment later, Cardinal Sforza sighed helplessly.

  • Sforza: Michael renounced his vow which he once made in front of the remains of the late Matthai Reese, and he even allowed the Mafusa Gang and the Ultimate Despair to continue their atrocities. Even though they went quieter for some time, I am still not sure if one day they will unleash another great catastrophe again.
The Cardinal then thought about Matthai Reese who endorse peace instead of war, but eventually he got killed.
  • Sforza: I guess we have no choice. We have to do something... in the name of Maria Arzonia. We will make God's justice to be served.

Noelle then looked at the Cardinal with curiosity.

  • Noelle: Do what? An rebellion, you mean?
  • Sforza: Yes, I do mean rebellion. We must tell your brother to save Carl. After that, we will ally with Russian Orthodox Church and find Cardinal Pietro Yogdis. For now, Michael was yet to kill Pietro and I don't know why. However, it is only a matter of time.
Anime Noélle Bor 46546464
Noelle lowered her head and fell into thoughts. Then she looked up at Sforza.
  • Noelle: Allow me alone to do the job, please.

With a surprise face, Sforza walked towards Noelle. She was utterly unexpected to the words of Noelle.

  • Sforza: Alone? You save Carl alone?
  • Noelle: At least this will not cause the attention of Pope Michael. No matter what reason to cause this corruption, we must find a way to clean it, stop it. After that, not only will we the life of Carl, but also stop another terror to rise.
Pietro Yogdis profile
Then, she looked at Sforza and smiled once again like an naive girl.
  • Noelle: No pressure.

​Sforza shrugged her shoulders before she start walking in clockwise until she finally stopped..

  • Sforza: Fine, but be careful. Once you got out, send a message to your brother, and then we will aid Acqua of the Back and Aureolus Izzard in Eastern Europe. We have to be fast.

​With her smile faded, Noelle then bowed to the kind Cardinal.

  • Noelle: Yes, ma'am. Consider it done.

​After that, Nodelle looked at Maria's tombstone once again before her eyes were filled with tears.

Then, she casually brushed away her tears.

  • CrimsonRosePortrait
    Nodelle: Once we blocked King Hamdo's army out of Eastern Europe, we will head towards Gernerve, and we will find Pietro Yogdis. Now, since Eurotunnel was bombed... we will have to use teleportation.

Nodelle was still looking at the tombstone while talking, and the Cardinal had noticed this.

  • Sforza: I know you admire her. We never found her body, only some metallic remains that once belonged to the. I also found the Chain Viper which somehow survived the blast. Now, we have kept it in Buckingham Palace.

Noelle turned back and faced her superior.

  • Noella: The war becomes much, much worse, and now as a matter of the fact, I must contact my brother as soon as possible.

Then, she attempted to go away, but Soforza had blocked her way, looking at her.

  • Sforza: This is not the time for this, since we cannot draw Michael's suspicion, and we cannot let more people fall into ominous danger. It is the time to prove yourself.

Hearing this with a surprised face, Noelle looked at the Cardinal and eventually, she nodded. She knew that the Cardinal wanted to make this entire rescue operation go quietly. Even so...

  • Elesis crimson avenger by ruby8769-d7v6zde
    Noelle: However, I think we do need help. We will find the Red Haired Demon... who had recently returned to this place after a long period of missing.

Reports has that the Red Haired Demon, real name Katarina Couteau, had just returned to Tenguu City with her friends. During this time, Katarina was at her house some times before she was attacked by Chinatsu and Kefka Palazzo, who were looking for La Folia Rihavein. Again, the Cardinal shook her head.

  • Sforza: No, I said, "no", and it is "no". I know what Michael was capable of after three days of investigation, and if Katarina Couteau stepped into Rome, she would very likely be captured and tortured by the Neo Inquisition.
Hearing all of this, Noelle was a bit of distressed. She lowered her head in sheer dismay.
  • Noelle: We can leave Katarina Couteau alone, but... Well, you know what my brother was like. He was such a duty-driven man who cannot bear if his family was in distress. If he heard I was in danger, he would come here quickly.
  • Sforza: That's why I need you to do it carefully. I trust in you. You can save Carl, and then you shall reunite with your brother. It is a highly critical movement, so I need you to do it. You are the one whom Melancholia will never suspect.

Noelle then nodded and felt great responsibility of being someone whom a cardinal would trust, and then, she bowed to Sforza with respect.

  • Noelle: Yes, Your Eminence.


Neo Inquisition Base

The Papal State of Vatican was no longer the same as soon as the new Pope sat on the Holy Seat.

Melancholia sat in her office with a smile on her face. She looked at the town from the window calmly.

  • Melancholia: I have been such a fool, Your Holiness. Too humble I am to become the new Mother Superior. Sometimes, when you have more power in your hand, you have more duty. Rome is so beautiful.
Vatican Cross
Then, she turned back and walked swiftly towards her table. She smiled like a normal teenager instead of a deranged psychopath.
  • Melancholia: I have to say that I owe you more than one. This place is full of sacred scent and happiness. I am proud to be here assisting your great ambition. I... want to say...

Melancholia had her mouth wide opened as she tried to speak out the words, "I love you", that she wanted to say, but she could not. In sheer frustration, Melancholia punched her thigh.

  • Edmond dantes fate grand order and fate series drawn by kouzuki kei sample-02a1670816f7087c6a5fe6c021b4c2d9
    Melancholia: Darn it! Why am I still struggling in this relationship? Is there any possibility to avoid this tension?
  • ???: I know your feeling is true, you don't have to tell.

Suddenly, a dark voice had occurred behind Melancholia. Melancholia turned back and saw Michael looking at her with a cigarette in his mouth... or in fact, unknown to her, it was her own delusion of Michael. This "Michael" was wearing black cloak and a dark hat. His presence made Melancholia surprised.

  • Melancholia: Michael? I thought you never smoke cigarette.

After their last meeting, Michael had placed a soul fragment of his inside Melancholia's mind in order to make her fall into delusions. In fact, for now, the real Michael was inside the St. Peter's Ballisca.

  • "Michael": I seldom smokes, but since I faced pressure, I began to use it as a way to relax. I know it may cause trouble if you smoke too much.

Hearing this, Melancholia's expression turned from surprise into smile. She was waiting for the day for her to make a difference. Now, the blood of Firenza Junior had been stored in Neo Inquisition's basement, and the sample was contained in ten syringes.

Edmond dantes by gumdeong-d9xje6g

One day ago, the Pope had just ordered Melancholia to interrogate Carl to make him betray his Anglican friends. Then, she would attack the Eastern Orthodox Church in Eastern Europe before heading towards Aldegyr Kingdom to deal with Kanon Rihavein, helping her to capture La Folia Rihavein, the kingdom's missing princess.

  • Melancholia: So, why are you here? Are you...
  • "Michael": I am here to tell you that I am arranging a new schedule. During your mission, I will join you in the flesh and help you if necessary. By the way, I will protect you in the Eastern Europe. No one will ever harm you.

​Melancholia immediately smiled with her tears nearly falling down.

  • Melancholia: Thank you, Michael. I really, really appreciate that if...
Episode 9 (Inquisitors)
​Just then, the door opened. Melancholia turned back after brushing her tears away, as "Michael" faded behind her. It was several inquisitor guards.
  • Guard: Reverend Mother, that Firenza Junior is there to wait for the trial.

All of a sudden, ​Melancholia smiled wickedly as if she became a deranged psychopath in just one second. The kind and loving smile, which was in contrast to her current expression, had fade.

  • Melancholia: Tell Cardinal di Medici. I want him in the torture chamber, alive.

Hearing the news, Michael was very satisfied since he knew that the dead Mafusa Gang member was abducted and coerced by the Church to assist Terra, Shinya, Celestia and Sumeriko in their actions, and it will be dangerous if he dared to expose some information to someone clever like Kyouko Kirigiri.

  • Hades Diamante
     Very well, very well. Kyouko Kirigiri and Acqua of the Back are both at Poland, and I think the attack in Ukraine will be going on well if no one dared to interfere us.

However, Michael then gruesomely grinned once again and covered his face.

  • Michael: You see, the thing is funnier and funnier. We have been fooled all along, haven't we? Someone is behind the war, right?

The sudden turn of atmosphere around the hall made the clergies stunned in surprise. However, being curious about what the pope will continue in the following times, they went on concentrating themselves and listen to Michael's words. No one dared to go asleep.

  • Michael: Do you ever think of this? How was La Folia escaped from her own home country? She may deeply despise her life as a princess, yes, but how can a young girl just go to a city in Japan from a nation in Northern Europe?
Tumblr n3gmjiUvdd1rnwgypo1 400

​Nobody answered, and Michael had answered it himself.

  • Michael: Someone... or something... must caused her escape, not for saving her, but for a desire in manipulating her. It is so interesting, and if I was not bothered by this wretched injury, I would like to meet this man or "thing" in person. I know he exist. I just do not know his name.

Chuckled sadly, Michael then scoffed as he looked at the sky. With a serious look, he then looked at the clergies.

  • Michael: Who cares? After all, we are all people who were chosen by fate itself. Humanity are made to be like computer programs. They shall function in the type their creator, superior or whatever...

As if he was feeling tired, Michael closed his eyes and continued.

  • Abyssanchorageample-b714149fc6c148110badccd36ad458f8 (5)
     That is how the New World Order came from. That is how Illuminati itself take its form, I believe. We are all puppets on the strings. However, they do not know that I don't need any strings. I shall be the one with puppeteers, and I shall one day dismantle this seemly stabilized order and create my own glory... before finishing the things that woman had started, once and for all.

The clergies were frightened to hear Michael's words that saying humans are mere puppets. However, they dared not interrupt him since Michael's word was referring to a realistic problem the entire humanity is going to face.

  • Michael: I hope you all shall be aware to that battle in Ward Walker 24 three years ago. I felt those Black Demons' power, and then I began to find my own ambition due to that mysterious black-haired woman. Her death is only just a beginning of all this mess, my friends. After we win the war, however, the world shall be push towards the brink of chaos, but I shall rewrite the history. We will remake the Church's medieval glory... before we take over the entire universe and find out what was happening outside this planet. God's honest truth.
Ward 24

Ward Walker 24

Michael smiled calmly all along while he was speaking, and then many people looked at each other with dismay. The black-haired woman named Scathach was the one behind the events centered around the infamous Tech of the End as well as the current shape of humanity itself.
  • Michael: I know what happened to her in the Battle of War Walker 24. That blue-haired lady warrior had defeated her. Azul Jissele... or more precisely, Yona Lindray, is on my list of targets as well. She once attended that so-called KnightWalker Funeral Parlor before its untimely collapse. No one, even me, shall understand the power deep inside her completely.
Medaka Box Abnormal 01 Medaka Kurokami 1
Slowly speaking the words one by one, Michael felt that he was regaining his power while analyzing the things which eventually triggered the war. When Michael was thinking and/or gathering information, his power shall be recovered. If he stopped thinking one day, he will behaved like an empty shell... and of course, that could not possibly happen at all.
  • Michael: Azul Jissele... will one day be my own prey... when I have a chance.

Suddenly, a bird's squeak could be heard far away, but it was not from a crow or a duck. It was from some large bird like a eagle. It immediately drew everyone's attention, especially Cardinal Borgia.

  • Antonioborgiamanga
     Ah, my good messenger is back.

Just as he was speaking, Cardinal Borgia watched as a large brown hawk appeared, flying itself into the barren hall and landed on the shoulder of Cardinal Borgia. It was none other than the pet hawk of Cardinal Borgia himself, being his messenger.

Cardinal Borgia started to pet his hawk as he looked at it.

  • Borgia: What is going on in Chernobyl?

Cardinal Borgia had a special talent that was born to have - to understand all of the bird's language and can converse with birds of all kinds. The hawk itself start to "whisper" to its master. The cardinal's expression turned from surprise to doubt before he began to feel panicked. Having a unnerving feelings, Michael noticed this, and he immediately stood up from the chair.

  • Michael: What did it say?

Frightened, Borgia looked at Pope Michael while sweating intensely because of his feelings of nervous.

  • Borgia: Your Holiness, it brought bad news... Our attack in Chernobyl failed due to Poison Ivy's sudden interfering, and Cardinal Sforza and Sister Noelle were both captured by the Patriarch.

People around started to feel intense after hearing all of this bad news, while Michael remained his cool somehow.

  • Michael: Even if Poison Ivy joined the Patriarch and the Russian Resistance, there was no possibility that she could overthrow our plan. Is there something else that happened?
Laura Stuart Manga
As Michael questioned Cardinal Borgia was still sweating as he turned more and more nervous.
  • Borgia: Yes, there is. As far as I know, the Anglican Church itself set its moves, and Laura Stuart sent Stiyl Magnus to help the Russian Orthodox Church. What is more, both Cardinal Sforza and Sister Noelle were sprayed by something called the Water of Life...

Hearing the phrase "Water of Life" all of a sudden, Michael's calm expression immediately turned into panic.

  • Michael: Water of Life?

Cardinal Borgia nodded as he felt that Michael himself was turning mentally unstable. That made him scared.

  • Borgia: Y-yes, sir...

During the time after becoming the pope till now, Michael's mental state was turning more and more unstable. He could be bright as one sunny day in one second... and in the next second, he would turned stormy and violent unexpectedly.

  • Borgia: The two became wet and was put into deep coma. Then, the Patriarch had kept them imprisoned. I do not know what would they do to them since that is what I know.
Michael lowered his head and put his hand on his chin. His face turned pale and sweats like waterfall started to fall from his forehead.
  • Michael: Water of Life... That would be a great problem... I must think of my dear Melancholia... among others... if the situation needed.

The cardinals except Borgia all looked at the pope with confusion since they did not know what the Water of Life was since it was only kept in Russian Orthodox Church.

  • Cardinal: What is the Water of Life?

Michael angrily looked at the cardinal and pretended that he did not know what it was. In fact, exposing the real effects of the Water of Life will cause panic in those clergies and made them doubt their own will.

  • Michael: How should I know? I have never been to Russia before!

Refusing to answer the question, Michael then lowered his head as the cardinals all went quiet after being rebuked.

  • Michael: (think) * That is not good... If I am not wrong, the Water of Life shall erase my brainwashing effects and undo what I am done. Sforza and Noelle shall betray me. I must call Melancholia if...*
File 227
Suddenly, Michael had just calm down as if the storm had itself disappeared all of a sudden. All it remained was peace once again.
  • Michael: (think) * No, maybe later, and I never need them. Even if they foil my plan, I will come up with a new one to fix this.*

Michael then stood up as he gathered Aleister Crowley, Brother Petros and Cardinal Borgia in front of him.

  • Michael: The Patriarch is not the first priority, and I will one day take him down. However, the first priority was concerning Carl Robinson, the son of the infamous Duke Firenza.

Michael then narrowed his eyes in malice. The three loyal minions looked at him with respect.

  • Michael: I shall put my trust in you three, and during me and Mother Superior's project on this "Firenza Junior", you must shun the entire City of Vatican. No one shall enter until I finish my project. Slaughter anyone who dare to interfere my own plan. Anyone of you who failed me shall be punished severely very soon. Capisce?

The trio then bowed at the pope deeply to show their own respect.

  • Alessandro XVIII
    Borgia: As you wished, Your Holiness.
  • Crowley: Consider it done.
  • Petros: No one dare to cross you, I promise.

Having relieved, Michael then sat back into his seat with a face full of feigned concern.

However, soon enough, as he covered his mouth with his hand in order to hide an evil grin he had just let out, his true nature started to resurface. Fortunately, no one had saw what happened on him. Now, unknown to others, Michael was sadistically smirking like a total psychopath.

- Michael: Hmm... closer and closer to my most cherished wish... Yeah, I know, and I will never give up. With the blood of Firenza Junior, it will soon be clear that I will eventually gain the most of those profits in this forsaken world.

Suddenly, Mary felt an invisible power had dragged her into a place far away. It was feel like being dragged for 3,000 kilometers in almost ten seconds... and then, she opened her eyes.

Her eyes were now filled with fear and surprise.

  • Mary Spencer: Where am... I?

She found herself inside a white place, and no one was beside her. Mary was terrified, so terrified that her body started shaking.


Then, Mary crossed her arms and crouched herself on the ground, trembling in sheer coldness coming from her spines.

  • ???: Mary? Mary?

An old, frail female voice had came from somewhere not far away from Mary. Standing up and turned around, Mary reacted at this and then she immediately went towards the place, where she found a frail old woman lying on the ground.

  • ???: Mary Spencer, my dear... Please come here. Please. I beg you.

Mary was surprised and so she walked closer to the woman, and she was surprised to find that it was her birth mother. The old woman tried to touch Mary's cheek with her hand, but she was too weak to do so.

  • Mary Spencer: Mother?

Mary immediately went forward and went closer to the dying old lady, and the old woman looked at Mary as a large drop of tear flowed down her cheek.

  • Mary Spencer: Mother? Is that you?
  • Mary's mother: It was good to see you again, my dear daughter, even after my death...

Mary could not believe what was happening in front of her eyes.

  • Mary Spencer: What do you mean? W-why are you here?

​Mary's mother spoke something that was nearly as whispering.

  • Mary's mother: You should have know why I was dying in here. The late queen herself poisoned me so that she would take over me. In fact, it was I who would become the wife of your father, and therefore you should be the new Queen of Spain. However, that devious harpy had torn us apart. She is dead now, and it serves her right.

​Hardly believing the news, Mary's eyes widened in shock and then, as she looked up unknowingly (as if some sort of invisible force drove her to do so), she saw an illusion with her wearing the robes and the crown of Spain, becoming the queen of the nation.

Mary's mother then continued to speak as Mary looked at her own illusion. As she was speaking, the frail old lady was turning blackened and terrifying-looking.

  • Mary's mother: Therefore, you are the true rightful heir of your father. The pope should coronate you instead of your sister.

​Then, the old woman looked at the knife which Mary was still holding.

  • The Old Witch
    Mary's mother: Now, use the knife the pope himself presented to you, and slay your sister that man-eating harpy had gave birth. Reclaim your own throne from her, and expose the whole truth.

Clenching her fist, Mary Spencer shivered in a mixed emotions full of anger, pain and sorrow. She knew that she and her sister were good friends as well as family by blood, and she found it unbelievable to kill Esther for what the deceased queen had done to her mother.

  • Mary: What if I say "no"?

At this time, Mary was still unknowingly holding the knife which Michael gave her right in her hand. Just then, the knife itself melted into a mass of black slime and covered the wrist of Mary.

Mr as nodt bleach and bleach the thousand year blood war drawn by sm koutarou sample-2332ce88feafe2d791ff890f97c21799
Feeling the scorching pain, Mary then saw what happened on her hand, and she tried to got rid of the knife, but the knife itself won't do so.

Then, the face of Mary's mother had a horrendous twist until it was absolutely deformed into a hideous face of a hag with a gruesome grinning. She opened her mouth and it was filled with sharpened teeth. Mary was so terrified but she could not move at all.


Then, without any response, the hag clawed herself upon Mary all of a sudden, striking her nails inside Mary as the latter went ranting in sheer horror...


At this time, there were some horrid atmosphere in Melancholia's office. Carl was deeply tied on a chair, and then he started to struggle desperately. His cheeks had bruises since the guard kept beating him on his face, and soon his face had turned into something like a tomato.
  • Melancholia: TALK! I KNOW YOU ARE NOT A MUTE!

Melancholia sat on her chair, glaring at Carl who was now tied on another chair in front of her and suffered from torture. She then let out a cold and malicious grin.

  • Melancholia: So this is what you really got? Not so tough after your blood was taken, right? Mr. Robinson, never mind, you can meet your father in Hell.

Seemly enjoying such a torture, Melancholia kept humiliating Carl as she narrowed her eyes. She was holding her sword but she would not like to kill Carl with it. She still needed him to give her information he wanted.

  • Melancholia: Alright, Carl... Shall I call you Carl?
  • Carl: At least I am a man who was about to die, and so you can call me whatever you want except that so-called "Firenza Junior" thing.

Carl bit his teeth as he angrily glared at Melancholia, and Melancholia nodded her head with a smile. She was now smiling like some sort of troll. She became more gentle though it was just a mask.

  • TransRF
    Melancholia: Very well, Carl, and I am sincerely sorry for, um, for this torture. I hope I can do something to fix it as long as you give us the information we needed. Tell me what you felt.
  • Carl: Reverend Mother, to be honest, I hold no information in my hand. I came here to find Carissa myself, and then you all arrested me. I just don't understand why things will become like this. I am like having a torturous nightmare.

​Carl bit his lips and tried to held his feelings, but tears kept dropping down through his cheeks. Melancholia sighed while still looking at him.

  • Melancholia: Grieving is an individual process with a universal goal: the truest examination of the meaning of life and the meaning of its end.

​Carl shook his head with a sigh.

  • Joan.Alter.full.2047688
    Carl: I know what the life means. We've existed for a hundred thousand years. In that time, a hundred billion human lives have beginnings and ends.
  • Melancholia: A hundred billion lives haven't impact yours, but clearly Duke Firenza's life has, and you seemed surprised by that.

After that, Melancholia then took a look at Carl and narrowed her eyes. She was, in fact, teasing him.

  • Melancholia: You see, I had lost my family and friends as well, and so I know your feelings. However, I have now found my true destiny whereas you are still wandering on the ocean, trying to find a lighthouse. Now, Carl, if you want to be alive, then please allow me to be your friend. Tell me, where are your friends and allies in the Church of England.

​Carl looked at Melancholia with an expression of scorn, and then he started to chuckle sadly. Melancholia's face went pale and frowned in dissatisfaction.

  • Melancholia: What is the meaning of this?
  • Carl: I am someone who is going to die, anyway. How can you ever let a dead man talk? I refuse to speak.

​Melancholia sighed helplessly and covered her eyes. At this time, the masked woman on her rope had climbed nearer to the gargoyle. When she saw Carl through the window behind Melancholia, she immediately stopped. The guards were putting their eyes on Carl and did not see her, and neither did Melancolia could see her.

  • Melancholia: After all this time, we could have been friends. Time is passing, and my patience is running out.

Melancholia did not see the masked woman behind her were swinging the rope and tried to break in. She was only looking at Carl as her face turned more and more menacing. The two guards immediately punched Carl as if they had received some sort of orders, and blood began to come out from Carl's lips.

  • Melancholia: Now, I gave you a chance to redemption but you just throw it all away. So, you choose to die here? Very well.

​Melancholia then stood up after drawing her sword, and she was too concentrated on Carl that she did not realized that the glass window behind her was breaking. The guards was too concentrated on beating Carl to notice if anyone was trying to break in.

  • Melancholia: You deny the good cop, so here is the bad cop.
Tumblr oeg75gjkXQ1ruj1gwo2 r1 540
Just as Melancholia tried to stab through the chest of Carl, the masked woman immediately kicked through the glass. The glass immediately shattered in pieces, and the woman jumped into the middle of the office, hearing the noise of shattering glass, Melancholia and those two guards had finally noticed the masked woman.
  • Melancholia: Desecrator!

Melancholia tried to attack the masked woman but when the latter reached Carl, she immediately dropped a smoker and filled the entire room with smoke. Then, as the guards and Melancholia lost their direction, the masked woman immediately untied Carl and helped him to get up.

  • Masked woman: Now, we must hurry up. We can't stay here any longer.

After saving Carl, the mysterious woman with her mask immediately busted out of the cell door with magic while escorting Carl. Struggling to get up, Melancholia stumbled herself to the gate of the cell door.

  • Melancholia: The prisoner is escaping! GUARDS, STOP THEM!

Heeding their superior's order, several Inquisition guards rushed out to do their actions. The masked woman pulled Carl while running in the tunnel. Leading several knights, Melancholia was chasing them behind.

  • Melancholia: You escaping mice! You can run, but you can't hide!

Carl was confused by all of the scene as he looked at the mysterious hooded woman.

  • Episode 12 (Inquisitors 3)
    Carl: Who are you?

The masked woman did not answer Carl's question. She just kept running towards the exit in front of her. However, when she arrived 50 meters away from the exit, she saw some more holy knights were coming towards them. The woman and Carl had to stop and soon they found themselves in a crossroad.

  • Woman: We are surrounded...

In front of them and behind them, there were holy knights on both sides. Melancholia and her guards stopped chasing them and walked closer to the two. Carl's eyes widened in horror as he realized that he and his savior were surrounded.

  • 8n5ScEF
    Carl: They are about to trap us here... We are indeed surrounded!

The masked woman immediately turned to the right and saw a door. The door had no guards.

  • Woman: THIS WAY!

Turning to the left, she immediately led Carl towards the door, followed by Melancholia and her minions.

  • Melancholia: No hiding anymore. This is where you two are going to die!

Stopped chasing with her minions, Melancholia raised her hand and put on a magic mask herself. Then, she cast a spell and start summoning several masks of all patterns. The masks were glowing in purple aura. Those masks floated at the air.

  • Melancholia: You two are going to regret this!

Melancolia's masks then stormed towards the running prisoners, and they started to get closer and closer. They went faster than any knights did.

  • Carl: Behind us! We are not gonna make it!
  • Woman: Not today!

​At this time, the woman had reached the door, and once she and Carl went into the door. They closed the door in time as those faces were about to attack them. Right after the door was closed, a loud crash could be heard on the door, shaking it bitterly as the masked woman locked the door up. Carl heard the noise and realized that the masks were hitting the door.


The masked woman saw a window in the room - or more precisely, its only window. Meanwhile, Carl saw some sacks full of sand as well as boxes nearby.

  • Carl: Aw, perfect, and what are we going to do? That madwoman will break through the door and this is it! She and the new Pope, they both... they both are insane!

The masked woman walked towards the window and bit her lips. It was clear that they were in a very high place and it will be full of risk if they jumped out of the place. Carl was carrying the sacks and boxes to the door.

  • Woman: Oh, St. Maria Arzonia, the Redeemed One, what should I do?

​Carl pushed the boxes and the sacks on the door. The masked woman covered her heart as the bellow of the evil Melancholia occurred outside.

  • Melancholia: Darn it! I will slice them to pieces!

​Then, a noise of cutting could be heard. It was clear that Melancholia was cutting the door.

  • Holy knight: Reverend Mother, what if they escaped and found the Patriarch for help?
  • Melancholia: I know where the Patriarch and his men are, and I will tell the Pope about this. By dawn, he will attack them with a thousand man and avenge me for this humiliation!
Just at this time, the Masked woman saw a cart full of straw right beside the building. She immediately shouted to Carl.
  • Woman: Carl! There are a cart full of straws under it!

Then, the masked woman and Carl immediately jumped out and then fell into the cart, safely and luckily. They then made their head out of the straws to breath.

  • Woman: Thank God...

​Just then, she heard Melancholia shouting at her and Carl from above.

  • Melancholia: There you are! DON'T GET AWAY SO EASY!
  • Woman: You think that is easy?

The masked woman looked up and made funny face to Melancholia. Enraged, Melancholia immediately turned back to her men.

  • Melancholia: It looks like we have no need to inform His Holiness. I will hunt them down myself! Those wretch! I will have their HEADS!

​Meanwhile, on the cart, Carl sighed in relief after he happily smiled.

  • Noélle.Bor.full.86161
     Thank goodness, we are okay!

​Then, the woman immediately took off her mask and look at Carl, revealing herself to be Noelle Bor.

  • Carl: Who are you?
  • Noelle: I am Matt Butcher's own sister. Carl, please. Now, we must hurry, and my brother will be expecting us not far away!

The masked woman - or more precisely, Noelle Bor - immediately put on her mask once again. She went out of the cart and escape with Carl. Both of them ran like quick wind.

Melancholia and her minions tried to catch up but they could not, and Melancolia bumped her fist on the ground. Then, she stood up and tried to chase once again.

  • Melancholia: Darn it all... STOP!

​Suddenly, Melancholia stopped chasing covered her head due to a sudden pain. Her mind was filled with the scenes from the past all of a sudden. Those bad memories of her friends being killed by Moloch in front of her started to haunt her all of a sudden. The scene were so horrible that she did not want to relive, ever.

  • Melancholia: Uh, no, not again... Those bad memories... Not again...
Izuru eye

The holy knight immediately stopped following their superior in order to take care of Melancholia, buying Noelle and Carl some time to escape. Almost like immediately, the two escapees went out of their utmost danger.

Meanwhile, not far away, Michael Langdon stood at the top of St. Peter's Ballisca. His eyes were both red, inhumanely red. Those eyes had no love or compassion, only hatred.

  • Michael: Noelle Bor betrayed me... How interesting. They can run, but they can't hide.

Opening - American Horror Story - Theme (Full Length)

American Horror Story - Theme (Full Length)

American Horror Story - Theme (Full Length)

Act 0 - Matt's Plan


Vault of Vatican

Going back to the underground vault of St. Peter's Ballisca, Michael's eyes glowed in anger and rage since he had just realized that Noelle Bor had betrayed him. The vault was glamorously decorated with precious gems, marbles and gold, and it sited underneath the city of Vatican for many years under papal service.
  • Michael: It looks like I need to find someone to blame, but it is not the time. I have an urgent test to do... I need to make a call through time itself.

​With a malicious smile, Michael sat on a chair and opened his right palm. In a pale blue aura shone above his hand, a mirror floating on his hand started to appear. Then, Michael's face slowly began to change into the face of Lady Van Tassel as he started to grin maliciously.

  • Lady Van Tassel smile
    Michael: It is time... I want to invade the dream of Ichabod Crane.

(- Narrator: The following event would be told in Michael's perspective. For Ichabod's perspective, please read LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow Horsemen Saga - Followers of Pale Horse especially the part of Ichabod's nightmare sequence.)

  • Ichabod: [Lady Van Tassel?]

Just then, Michael saw Ichabod's face on the mirror. Michael smiled as Ichabod looked at him seemly with blank astonishment. Michael smiled as he saw his test of his newfound power worked. Even he was in the future, his influence still reached the past as much as he could.

  • 218Ichabod
    Michael: Ichabod Crane... it's been a long time.
  • Ichabod: [Not long enough. What is it you want?]

Michael found it amusing when he mockingly mimicked the voice of Lady Van Tassel, and then he maliciously grinned and laughed.

  • Michael: I received some very interesting Intel on you, Mr. Crane, Intel that will greatly influence your future. Curious?

​Ichabod reacted with a poker face.

  • Ichabod: [You are not playing around, are you?]
  • Creepy-smile
    Michael: Not quite, but there is something I'd like to show you, something I think you would benefit from knowing.

​Soon, Michael chanted a short spell and some visions had appeared in front of him, with Katrina being surrounded by Lady Van Tassel and some other witches. They captured and sealed Katrina into the Purgatory. Michael stopped talking and looked aside for ten seconds, wondering what would Ichabod react if he saw his wife being tormented and sent into Purgatory.

Soon, Michael grinned and turned his face to Ichabod.

  • Michael: Enjoy the show?

​In satisfaction, Michael smiled as he saw Ichabod's face went pale due to the revaluation.

  • Tumblr od2od7Xhgp1tnk2vjo1 500
    Ichabod: [You... you are the one behind Katrina's imprisonment...]

​What Ichabod did not realized that the real Lady Van Tassel had been imprisoned into Purgatory as well, and this "Lady Van Tassel" was in fact Michael Langdon who pretended to be her.

Sensing Ichabod's anger, Michael smiled in glee. Humiliating Ichabod across the time was exactly what he always wanted since he had a lot of things to do to take part in the World War III...

  • Michael: And your entire family will blame you...

​Then, the face of Michael had appeared in the mirror. Seeing this, Ichabod was shocked that he nearly dropped the mirror.

  • Ichabod: [You?]
  • Michael: I am only here to tell you something that you need to know. Lady Van Tassel had chained your wife inside the place you have never been. HOWEVER, DID YOU TRYING TO SAVE HER FROM UTTER IMPRISONMENT? No, you choose to save another woman, Abigail Mills, and now the every single outcome it cause, you will never foresee it.


With a smile, Michael then closed his palm as the mirror disappeared. He could not hide his sadistic smile, and he was glad that no one actually saw his smile.

  • Michael: Test completed... and now I shall contact someone once the time had come.

The United Kingdom


Tower of London

Laura Stuart Novel
On a chair, Laura Stuart was sitting at the top of Tower of London with her eyes widened in shock, looking at the urban areas of London after the war. She was thinking about Maria Arzonia as well, like Noélle Bor. London had suffered the second time after the attack of Carissa, and its outcome was way more devastating than the destruction caused by Mafusa Gang five months ago.

She was still injured in these days because of the ambush from Aleister Crowley and had to walk with a cane...

  • Laura: So this is the place where the girl gave her own life to save our lives...

Stiyl Magnus, the leader of Necessarius, was behind Laura and his face remained stoic. Princess Villian was beside him.

  • Stiyl: Archbishop, Michael Langdon had became the new Pope, but somehow he invited the members of Ultimate Despair to join his coronation.

Laura waved her hand.

  • Laura: Never mind. He had turn against us, betrayed the SU. At a time like this, betrayal and assassination are constant risk in political zones. By the way, I want to know if William Orwell is fine.
Stiyl shook his head in dismay. William Orwell, known to many Catholics as Acqua of the Back, is currently in Eastern Europe, particularly Russia and Ukraine, assisting Eastern Orthodox Church to fight against the New USSR, a corrupt Stalinism country that King Hamdo founded and fought alongside the KnightWalker Family.
  • Stiyl: That strange man? So far, I received no news coming from him and I suspect if he was killed in action.
  • 005-Hamdo
    Laura: Then, forget it. As long as we blocked those travesty of Hamdo's so-called "Red Army"... I wouldn't call them Red Army if I were you. They are just a pack of nut jobs disgracing the meaning of Communism, turning it into... Red Fascism...

Laura did not support communism as she was neutral on all political ideologies. However, she utter despise how King Hamdo did to "endorse" communism. She could not hide her face of disgust. Princess Villian was beside Styil and carefully asked.

  • TV Tropes Villian 2 9487
    Villian: If William was in danger, then we must help him. Recently, about Carl Robinson, he was caught by Pope Michael as well. Since Michael had betrayed us, as you said, now our allies are thin.

Villian then walked one pace closer to the Archbishop while still talking to him.

  • Villian: William saved my life from Carissa, and Carl helped us to defeat Carissa. We cannot leave both of them dying.

Laura looked at the princess with her eyes full of cold and vacancy. Villian's eyes widened as she saw the uncaring eyes from the Archbishop of England.

  • FileIndex v18 258-259
    Laura: Princess, in order to apprehend Carissa who was still at large, I prefer to save Carl, and I will make Matt Butcher to do the job. He will come to this place soon. As for William... I would let him be inside the current situation... whatever it is.
For now, Carissa was under the service of Michael Langdon, since the Fallen's Essence ordered her to do so. Michael was helping Carissa to build an new army after brainwashing her with the despair video, turning her in an unofficial member of the Ultimate Despair, before making her to apprehend Carl. With Carissa at large, the whole nation was in imminent danger from aboard. 
Villian was shocked by Laura's words and bellowed in anger. The fight between her and Carissa had made her more matured and braver.
  • Villian: No, Archbishop, that's wrong! With three-quarter of the Right Seat of God had joined the KnightWalker Family under unknown circumstances, William is one of the few, if not the only, allies we can rely on.
Acqua profile
Laura glared at the princess with anger and she spoke something which shocked the princess.
  • Laura: Looks like it was too good for William that I did not make Her Majesty punish him for treason. I was suppose to throw him in jail, but considering the critical situation, I decide that I won't have him executed... yet.

Hearing this, Villian looked at Laura, and she could not believe her ears.

  • Villian: How can you be so cold?
  • Laura: I must be as cold as I can be, and that is what keeps me alive to this day.
Just as they were arguing, a young man with black hair and white coat had arrived at the place. He stood near the three people, and they all turned to look at him. The young man was wielding a long sword.
  • ???: Apologies, Archbishop. I am late.

Laura stopped looking at Villian before she turned to the young man with the sword.

  • Laura: Oh, finally, Matt Butcher, I was turning impatient. What is taking so long?

The young man was none other than Matt Butcher, and he was the best friend of Carl as well as one of the many notable participants of the English Civil War occurred just some time ago. Recently, after Michael's coronation as the Pope, Carl immediately retired from the air force to become a vigilante in order to hit crime and the KnightWalker Family.

Some hooded figure
After some time of research, Matt had gathered plenty of information about the possibility of Fallen Catholic Church's next move. He had found a letter in Terra of the Left's only known resident situated in Folkenstone. The letter was from an anonymous person, but Matt saw the words "Grand Grimoire" on it. Therefore, Matt deduced that the writer was the real Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure, the same man who was responsible for many events that stirred with elections and papal conclave in Vatican.

This had proved Matt's suspicion was real. He always suspected that Terra was not the Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure, but was impersonating him.

So far, despite with those information, Matt could not figure out what Michael was planning to do. After the capture of Carl, Matt was in great distraught for not being heard from his best friend in several days.

Just at this time, Matt was called by Archbishop Laura to the Tower of London, the same place where Maria Arzonia sacrificed herself. Now, Matt was looking at the Archbishop very nervously.

  • Matt: Archbishop... I am sorry. I was gathering tons and tons of information to seek out the true identity of the real Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure... and I have some news to tell.
Hearing this, Laura remained indifferent, but Villian was very curious that her eyes widened. Her face could be described as "(O o O)".
  • Villian: You found the man who drove my sister into insanity, right?

Matt shrugged his shoulder in embarrassment.

  • Matt: Not really, but I suspected that there were some people else within or without the Catholic Church - other than Terra of the Left - might be the hooded man. It could be Aleister Crowley, Aureolus Izzard, Izuru Kamukura. The person could also be Princess Sonia Nevermind if the person was female. I also suspect that Michael Langdon himself is the man we are looking for...

Stiyl immediately interrupted him. Matt had just said the truth unknowingly, that the Unknown Figure was indeed Michael Langdon. However, Stiyl denied Matt harshly.

  • Stiyl: You mean Michael Langdon himself? He turned into an insane and outrageous dictator, yes, but he could never be the Unknown Figure since as we all knew, he was in every part of Europe organizing for some help. Many had seen him, and that would be an obvious alibi for him.
Matt bit his lips and really try to prove this point.
  • Matt: But how could this man go quiet all of a sudden after Micheal's co--

Matt tried to say the word "coronation", but he saw Laura's eyes full of warning were looking at him. Then, Matt had to stop with reluctance.

Laura's eyes were so cold and vacant that even a fearsome beast like lion would fear it, not to mention a mere human soldier who had no superpower at all. Laura then closed her eyes.

  • Laura: Aw, looks like we have dispute here. I hate dispute. I only hope Carl would be safe and sound since now we need a plan to save him, not just discussing about someone who come and go without any signs.

Hearing this, Matt's eyes widened in horror and then he was so shocked that he left standing on the ground like a stone.

  • Matt: You... mean...

Scoffed, Laura glared at Matt with full of scorn. She then calmly revealed an viridian envelope from her pocket. A wax seal was on the envelope, with a crest of the Holy See.

  • Emblem of the Holy See usual.svg
    Laura: You finally realized what really matters me. Now, take a look at this.

Matt grabbed the envelope and opened it with haste. Villian and Stiyl were both surprised as well. They gathered beside Matt, who was standing at the middle of them, reading the letter.

Dear Archbishop Laura

The false popes had died out. Pietro Yogdis were now under my surveillance.

Vatican is mine now, come and see. Carissa is my own minion now and I will make the Queen of Britain. Tell her frail mother as well as her sisters that one day she will be back.

Your war hero, Carl Robinson, was currently held captive in my dungeon. If you want him back, come and get him. I will place him in a fine cage. I will parade him on the street, so that the whole world can see him.


Read to this part, Matt and Villian were both shocked and they looked at each other.

  • Matt: Carl... is alive?
  • Villian: I don't think so. We must figure out a good way as fast as possible.

Then, turning his attention back to the letter, Matt continued to read it with his hands shaking in horror.

Do not worry. I think he will be a very useful tool so I will make him perfected. Tell Matt Butcher that if he did not come for Carl in three days, I will kill Carl alongside Matt's sister. Come and see.

This is only between you and me. Secretly, I made my army to conquer the Kingdom of Spain. Come and see.

Queen Esther
By the way, Esther Blanchett, one of my most trusted minions, had became its Queen, and I conronate her myself. She will make Kingdom of Spain to join my forces. Come and see.

Now, after so much word to say, I want the United Kingdom bow before me. I want Princess Villian back. If you and your colleagues disobeyed, you will ultimately know what I am capable of.

I will kill all of your clergy of England and purge the entire London in blood. I will stir the feud between English and Irish before taking Belfast under our control. I will rise hate above you all. No one like someone who will kill women, children or infants, and I never intend to fill my hand with blood. Therefore, you obey or your die. There is no middle ground.

Michael Langdon

Pope of the Catholic Church


Then, in a fit of rage, Matt angrily torn the paper apart all of a sudden.

  • Villian: What shall we do? I know Esther Blanchett is just Michael's pawn and she is not evil herself, but posing as a queen allied with the KnightWalker Family is no better than Sonia Nevermind. I think we must do something... like contact King Lucas Rihavein for help.

​Stiyl shook his head and sighed. Lucas Rihavein was the king of Aldegyr Kingdom but soon he somehow went mad, corrupt and abusive towards his daughter in his final years.

Lucas Rihavein A
[- Narrator: For more information about King Lucas Rihavein and what happened to him as the Anglican Church were discussing, please read: LOTM: Sword of Kings AA 2nd Season - La Folia's Death (Sword of Kings "Film") for further information. Alas, his fate did not end well, I must say...]
  • Stiyl: There is no way. We tried every ways to contact Aldegyr Kingdom for help, but um...
  • Laura: Um?
  • Stiyl: Unfortunately we failed to contact King Lucas. I do not know what happened to him, but it never looked well...

Matt lowered his head and started a brainstorm. Unlike Carl, Matt was a man who was good at thinking and will often have an idea when situation needed. Then, his eyes immediately lit up.

  • Episode 8 (The Friend Zone)
    Matt: Maybe I have an idea. Why do we always rely on some monarchs? I have an alternative way to seek out the truth, and it all thanks to Mr. Magnus for saving her... and she will be our new key to this plan.

​Stiyl's eyes widened in surprise. Princess Villian and Laura looked at Matt with curiosity and blinked their eyes with blank astonishment.

  • Laura: Idea? What do you mean you had an idea?
  • Laura Stuart
    Villian: Now, I have lost.

Matt smiled in great confidence and he walked closer to the Archbishop.

  • Matt: My sister can do the work for me, since she was in conflict with Aleister Crowley, whom she utterly despised. More importantly, she regained her free will with my help.

​People beside Matt were all surprised to hear Matt saying this, and even the Archbishop widened her gaze with amazement.

Smiling, Styil coughed a bit before he went on to explain the situation about Matt's sister.

  • Vasiliss
    Styil: I recently found Vasilisa of Eastern Orthodox Church, and she helped me to capture Erica soon after she was under Aleister Crowley's brainwashing. She cleanse Erica with the Water of Life from the mountains of Russia, and then she agreed to wear a pretense of being brainwashed. Therefore, she was now acting as a spy alongside Cardinal Sforza. I found Matt and told him all about it...

​Villian interrupted Styil politely as he was speaking. She was amazed by this vast and advanced information.

  • Villian: I am sorry, but isn't Cardinal Sforza on the side of Pope Michael?

Styil did not respond. Instead, Matt showed his index finger and swayed it, and it was an informal gesture meaning, "No, no, no."

  • Matt: Not really. Sforza feigned her sheer loyalty to Michael and they were closed friend. Michael put trust on her and will not suspect anyone from AX. In fact, I used Water of Life to cleaned them all, and they soon realized that Michael had betrayed all of them. In anger, they had now secretly canonized the martyr Maria Arzonia, and in the name of her spirit, they built a secret rebel within Catholic Church.

Then, Stiyl and Villian both looked at each other and were happy to hear that someone within the Catholic Church shall rebel against Michael.

Even the Archbishop looked at Matt and asked in sheer curiosity. She knew Matt had a sister, named Erica, also known as in her Latin name; Noélle Bor. She is now working as a Catholic nun in the Catholic Church under a female cardinal, Cardinal Katherine Sforza.

  • Laura: You mean your sister shall be reliable? You mean Katherine Sforza is planning to overthrow Michael without being suspected? Interesting.
Katherine Sforza is the leader a Catholic faction known as the Arcanum Cella Ex Dono Dei (AX). The faction was opponent of Neo Inquisition, led by the infamous Cardinal Franchesco di Medici. The two Cardinals had bitter rivalry. If there is someone who might help them to overthrow Michael's reign, it shall be the members of AX if they were fully freed from brainwashing.

They may be some wonderful spies in Michael's army and the Anglican Church will made them as their spy to stop Michael before he could set out to have his conquer. No matter what Michael was planning to do with Carl, it will have horrid consequences,

  • Toaru Majutsu no Index II E10 14m 39s
    Laura: Your sister? Noélle Bor?

​Matt nodded in agreement

  • Matt: I will contact her and she will come and save Carl. We will set out to support the Northern and Eastern Europe.

​Laura bit her lips and her face remained hard and cold as glacier. However, soon enough, her eyes began to narrow and a smile had lit on her face. The smile could be rarely seen and even Stiyl Magnus behind her was mildly surprised. No one saw his surprise face, though.

  • Index v17 126
     Very wise... If Catholic Church made its next move, it will target on either Aldegyr Kingdom or the New USSR. Aldegyr Kingdom will be an uneasy work since we have no authority to breach its boarder...

​Matt looked at Laura with anticipation, but Laura still ignored him as she always did even prior to her ascension into the Church of England's leader.

  • Laura: But Eastern Europe is much, much more different. Since we need some support from Eastern Orthodox Church, and considering William Orwell was inside Eastern Europe, we have to support them. Go and save Carl. Do not disappoint me.

Matt bowed to the Archbishop and immediately set out for his sister. Laura sat on her seat and her face turned emotionless once again.

  • Laura: If Carl did not help us in an admirable way, our recent battle will not end in our victory. I owe Carl one, and I will return the favor. Then, we are even.

Styil only continued smoking and did not respond her. Villian remained silent as well.

Act 1 - Hunting

City of Rome

300 meters away from Vatican

After managed to escape from Vatican, Noelle and Carl were both riding on a carriage they found on the street and escaped, ignoring what might happen if the owner of this carriage had discovered that it was stolen.

Carl was holding a gun in his right hand. The gun was just grabbed from a gangster of Mafusa Gang. After ascending as the pope, Michael officially declared Mafusa Gang to be legal in the city of Rome. They will do whatever they want in the city.

  • Carl: Duh, I can't imagine how could a member from Mafusa Gang walked on those streets of Rome. The new pope must have lost his mind. He took my blood... and I don't know what shall he do with them.

Noelle was riding the horses on the carriage as she bit her lips.

  • Noelle: Oh, the whole world itself lost its mind, if I must say. Starting from the Kingdom of Fiore being screwed from the map, succeeded by the Battle in Liberty City, and now this World War III. The entire world is messed up ever since the KnightWalker Family rose to power.
Abyssanchorageample-b714149fc6c148110badccd36ad458f8 (6)

Carl shook his head and put the gun back into his pocket. He was thinking.

  • Carl: When I went here, the pope asked me if I was looking for a world of chaos, but does that chaos started when the Kingdom of Fiore years ago? No, I think the true chaos started when that woman went to the Earth... and it was occurring beneath the seemly stable order.

Noelle looked at Carl with surprise. She blinked to Carl as if he was telling some strange tale. Carl shook his head as if even himself do not know what he was exactly on about.

  • Noelle: Carl? Are you talking about that woman who called herself... Scathach?

After nodded in agreement, Carl had to held his head tightly with his own hands and closed his eyes tightly in sheer pain.

  • 7712illuminati
    Carl: I do not understand why she appeared in this world and I don't know what she was planning before her defeat, but I bet it would not be well. I had a strange feeling that she was planning to control the entire world with a new order, to stabilize and sustain the system she had created; but apparently, Pope Michael... Pope Michael wants to destroy it. 

Noelle then took a glance at Carl but she distracted herself from riding the carriage.

  • Noelle: And the world will blame... you.

Hearing this, Carl looked at Noelle with surprise, not understanding what did her words mean.

  • Carl: What do you mean?

Noelle bit her lips and her face went pale. She cannot deduce the whole thing completely, but in her mind, there was one thing for sure.

  • Space cube wallpaper by hardii-d5wif8w
    Noelle: You told me Michael had took your own blood for some dark purpose, and no matter what it is, he would push the blame on you since it is YOUR blood.

Carl then shook his head in confusion.

  • Carl: I don't know now. I don't know... I was not a believer in magic but I soon realized that magic itself does exist. However, it was just... messy. It is chaos in this world. Recently, there was no signs of Eckidina KnightWalker and rumors had that she was planning something with that mysterious Tech of the End, as well as LN-666 or whatever the project is.

Turning her head back to the horses, Noelle did not look at Carl, but she did not stop talking to him.

  • Noelle: I know what you meant. We humans had our own dark side, since we are nothing but a kind of animal. When our instinct of a beast was released, we will spawn megalomaniacs, as well as monsters in human skins. Eckidina and Kureto Hīragi, as well as the deceased and disgraced Juria KnightWalker...

Noelle's words stopped when she look aside. She saw fields as well as farms. Then, she turned back to see if there was anyone chasing them. There was no one behind them. Noelle sighed in relief.

  • Noelle: Phew, that was close, huh. I guess we had lost them, Carl.

Carl then looked aside and saw another wide wheat field beside him as well. His eyebrows came closer as he had an idea in mind... but this idea was mad, very mad...

  • Reckless.Fist.(Raven).full.947944
    Carl: All right, come and jump!

Hearing this, Noelle's eyes widened when she turned to Carl with her eyes widened in sheer shock.

  • Noelle: Come and what!?

Before Noelle could react, Carl immediately grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer. He aimed for the wheat field and soon leaped himself from the carriage as it start losing control. Noelle was pulled out of her seat by Carl before she could realize what happened.

  • Noelle: CAAAAAAAAAAAARL!!!!!!

It all happened too fast. Carl and Noelle soon fell into the wheat field, and fortunately, neither of them were badly injured thanks to those piles of wheat. They rolled themselves all the way before they stopped.

A wheat field

10 seconds later

Wheat close-up
After regaining his own consciousness, Carl opened his eyes and crawled himself up from the ground.
  • Carl: Oh, well, I thought I will suffer from a serious comminuted fracture... How about you, Noelle?

No one had answered.

  • Carl: Noelle?

Suddenly, Carl heard grunting below his backside and then he suddenly realized something and hopped to the side.

  • Carl: AHHH!!!

He saw Noelle lying on the ground. Somehow he had fell on Noelle right after she fell on the ground and rolled her way in the field.

Noélle Bor normal Trinity Blood 08-082

Carl was shocked and immediately shook Noelle after grabbing her shoulders.

  • Carl: Noelle! Please, wake up! Show me how to revive you!

Noelle suddenly opened her eyes with rage before she hit Carl's face and nose with her fists. After he was suffering from those hits, Carl lied on the ground once again.

  • Carl: Oh, maybe that way works...
Strike The Blood screenshot 0071

Noelle pat her own hair before she put on her hat. Then, she helped Carl to get up while scolding him.

  • Noelle: Carl, next time if you want to jump down from a carriage, just ask others for an agreement first! That's... a protocol.

Carl shrugged his shoulders as if all his spirits returned all of a sudden.

  • Carl: A protocol? Who knows? Don't you tell me there was a protocol when I faced that wicked Kanon Rihavein, who was holding an axe and a banana in each of her hand.

Noelle patted her habit to sweep down dusts.

  • Noelle: Approach her at the side of that axe. The banana was a decoy.
  • Carl: Ha, that's really... fun?

Carl stopped acting funny as soon as he saw Noelle looked at him in a serious face.

  • Carl: Very well, maybe it will be good for me.

Noelle then sighed in dismay before she turned back. Then, she start crossing the field.

  • Noelle: *sigh* Good, and now I am going to send my current location to my brother, making him to know we are here and pick us up. Since those soldiers were still hunting us, I guess, we can't stay here for too long. Come with me, Carl.

Carl was thinking about all those events he witnessed and tried to find a connection, but when Noelle called him, Carl sighed and followed her immediately, knowing that staying in the wheat field may not be a good choice either.

  • Carl: Here I come.

The two the start crossing the field.


In the City of Rome

  • Melancholia: Your orders, Cardinal?
  • Francesco: Find that English boy!

Meanwhile, the cities of Vatican as well as Rome were in a sheer frenzy, and a group of soldiers of the Church, led by Francesco di Medici and Melancholia, went so desperate in searching for Carl Robinson.

Under Francesco's order, those soldiers went like beasts who broke into the bakerman's store and revealing those hiding Anglican Church members hiding inside a basement.

  • Francesco: Ten pieces of silver for the boy, Carl Robinson.

Holding ten silver coins, Francesco di Medici angrily yelled at his prisoners. However, none of those prisoners agreed to spoke about the whereabouts of Carl. 

  • Francesco: Lock them up!

Francesco ordered the holy knights to lock those prisoners up and led to another attack. He went to a lake beside the gate of the city before pushing a carriage into a lake, much to Melancholia's horror.

  • Francesco di Medici
    Melancholia: What is the meaning of...

Francesco did not answer her. People that sympathized with the Protestants within the carriage went out of the lake, soaking and struggling in horror. With no mercy, Francesco ordered their arrested before placing twenty silver coins in front of them.

  • Francesco: Twenty pieces of silver for the boy, Carl Robinson.

Francesco angrily threw the coin in front of those people as if they were mere beggars. Those people refused to speak.


Francesco then turned to Melancholia who tried to say some suggestions.

  • Melancholia: If I must say, Cardinal--

However, ​Francesco abruptly interrupted her. Even if Melancholia refused to hurt many innocent people in the search for just one man - despite being weird for someone like her - she cannot change the mind of a cruel Cardinal like Francesco.

  • Francesco: Take them away!

The soldiers went to arrest those citizens. Seeing this, ​Melancholia was furious and immediately sighed. When Francesco did not look at her, Melancholia shook her head with anger.


In fact, unbeknownst to many people, there was actually two entities known as Melancholia, both lived inside one body.

One is the body, formerly known as Plaisir, who once was a pure and kind-hearted fairy that resided in the Enchanted Forest but later was corrupted by Moloch and turned her name into Melancholia.

However, there was another Melancholia, another pure evil Melancholia who was a dark crimson shadow of void made from Plaisir's sorrow and horror when she lost her family because of Moloch's manslaughter.

The evil Melancholia was a malevolent shadow made of nothing but evil itself and tried to break the good Melancholia (or Plaisir). The two combined into THE Melancholia showed in front of everyone with a complicate personality, just like black and white combined into grey.

Therefore, despite her sheer cruelty, Melancholia actually had two personalities. Even with the personality differences, both of Melancholias loved Michael, one (the good part) was out of gratefulness, and another (the evil part) was out of zealous fervent.

Their love for Michael, so far, made them live together inside one body and combined into one single personality with no internal conflicts...

IMG 2222

... For now.

A windmill barn

200 meters beside the field

10 minutes later


Ten minutes later, Francesco and Melancholia had their soldiers surrounded a barn with a windmill. The barn itself had two doors, one in the front and one at the back.. The miller who lived her with his wife and two children faced interrogation from the church who entered the front door, and many people were looking at the barn in different directions.

  • Woman: Poor miller! He's never harmed anyone!
  • Man: The Inquisitors have gone mad...

A couple were secretly discussing the case 10 meters away behind the windmill. Beside them, there was Matt Butcher, who disguised himself as a farmer.

Inside the mill, Francesco was holding a bullet in his hand before menacing interrogating the miller and his family.

  • Reckless.Fist.(Raven).full.921178
    Francesco: We found this English bullet in your property. Have you been harboring any English soldier like Carl Robinson?

The miller knelt in front of Francesco and begged for mercy, while his wife and children were standing behind.

  • Miller: Our home is always open for a weary traveler. Have mercy, Your Emnisence...
  • Francesco: I am placing you and your family under house arrest until I get to the bottom of this. If what you said is true, then you'll have nothing to fear.
Francesco then turned back and walked out with Melancholia as the miller stood up and chase behind them.
  • Miller: But we are telling the truth! I assure you we know nothing of this Carl Robinson!

Francesco ignored him and walked out, and when Melancholia walked out of the mill and closed the, Francesco fetched a spear from a guard beside him and locked the door. Then, Francesco turned to Melancholia before giving her a horrid order.

  • Francesco: Burn it!
  • Melancholia: What!?

​Melancholia was utterly shocked by Francesco's word since she realized that Francesco was doing something that Pope Michael was yet to order. However, Francesco immediately grabbed a torch and brought it to Melancholia.

  • Francesco: Burn it until it smoulders. These people are traitors, and they must become examples.

Melancholia grabbed the torch and narrowed her eyes, not wanting to burn the house with it.

  • Melancholia: Screw it! I only take order from the Pope, not a dreadful scum like you!
  • Francesco: Woman, since you are in MY department, since I am in charge today, I hope you can do something without any mercy!

​Melancholia bit her lips and breath deeply, but suddenly she started to fell dizzy and pain in her head, and then she began to have her own hallucination once again....

Melancholia's mind

Zalgo by asur fallinplim-d7nvclq
  • Melancholia: Why am I doing this?

Melancholia shivered in sheer horror and she tried to resist, but she cannot move. For the very first time, she met with a major internal conflict inside her mind that was tearing herself apart.

  • ???: Because this is my will... and OUR will.

​Melancholia turned back to her and soon she saw a dark and diabolical shadow shrouded with bright red aura. Much to her own horror, the shadow looked very much like... her.

  • Melancholia: No... not you again... not after all I have done under your order. I did everything I want since you said that it was good for Michael's plan. Despite I sometimes want to end his life due to his vicious and megalomaniacal plan, I can't do it because he is my savior! I owe him one. WE owe him one. Can't you just stay away? That monster you ordered me to create was only a last resort, but you want it to be set out once it was hatched! What are you trying to do? This is not really what we had said before!
Joan (FateZero)
Waving her arms with a sad look, Melancholia shouted at the shadow that was in fact, the real evil Melancholia who was apparently possessing Plaisir and fused with her, forming an unique evil personality. In order to separate it from its host, we will call it "Shadow Melancholia".
  • Shadow Melancholia: [You are always that hesitate and merciful. You should had kill Carl Robinson a long time ago during the interrogation, like I would have done if I were you. If you allow ME to take 100% control on you, not just 50%... things won't get vicious like that. Now, throw that torch and be cleverer. You and I need to be one and the same, not like being two entities that had clashed with each other.]
  • ?6?6?6.2014108
    Melancholia: No! You puppet of Moloch made of my family's tears, stay away from me!
  • Shadow Melancholia: Not so, Plaisir... We two will always be together until we are one, body and soul.

All of a sudden, the red shadow ran towards Melancholia before merging with her once again, as Melancholia had a shocked looking on her face before she heard a male voice behind him.

  • ???: You are putting everything on the risk because of your remaining kindness. You are still able to defy that. You failed me and I am disappointed.

Melancholia was frightened. She then turned back robotically before she saw the man she loved once again. It was a transparent Michael Langdon, though unbeknownst to Melancholia, it was only an illusion of Michael in her own mind, but she thought Michael was coming into her own mind talking to her.

  • Avenger.(Edmond.Dantès).full.1984692
    Melancholia: I... I used bad judgement, Your Holiness.
  • "Michael": Bad judgement? Like eating too much cakes? Is that what you mean, Melancholia? Is that because of your own fault or the part of Plaisir is still functioning inside you?

Melancholia tried to avoid eye contact to "Micheal" out of her own fear and respect.

  • Melancholia: Cardinal di Medici had made me very confused...

"Michael" seemed displeased about Melancholia's answer, and he immediately grabbed the chin of Melancholia and turned her head to make her face him. His eyes narrowed and his face looked grim.

  • "Michael": Maybe the sin is mine; maybe my faith on was nothing but the sin of pride.
  • Melancholia: No, no, you are no sinner, Father...

​Melancholia tried to step back in horror, but she could hardly move at all.

  • Fate.Grand.Order.full.2012026
    "Michael": I favored you, I coddled you, and I refuse what others saw! People all said you were cruel and deathly... but I say no, it was simply because that you were braver and less hesitate than others.

Melancholia's eyes widened in horror and shock, and the hand which was holding the torch was shaking. She tried to avoid eye contact with "Michael", but unfortunately, she could not.

  • Melancholia: No, please, trust me, Your Holiness! I have no intentions of betraying you! I am not someone who is ungrateful someone who helped me find my own way and my ability to love someone!
Jeanne alter and ruler fate grand order and fate series drawn by shiguru sample-0a2001f61e30bd3704d744c057a78b86

The eyes "​Michael" arrowed and he let out an evil grin before he faded away.

  • "Michael": So what are you waiting for, Melancholia? To prove your Master that you are trustworthy.

"Michael" disappeared. Melancholia was sweating in sheer horror and shock. She bit her lips and tried to avoid herself from burning the house. She did not know what kind of that feeling came from, but she assumed that it was coming from the remaining part of Plaisir, her past self that was benevolent.

The key thing was that this torch had triggered Melancholia's own pyrophobia, causing her to shake in fear. However, she immediately closed her eyes so that she could not see the fire that made her horrified... before she let out a sad grin...

  • Melancholia: Here is the proof you want, my Master...

Biting her own lower lip, Melancholia immediately threw the torch to the house...



Soon, the mill itself started to burn and Matt was so shock to see this as his eyes widened in horror. The fire soon spreaded towards the entire house. Matt immediately went towards the back of the house, trying to save the miller's family.

Soon, he successfully broke into the window and helped the miller and his family out of the farm from the back door in order to avoid the soldiers from the Church.

  • Blademaster
    Matt: Are you okay?

Matt immediately escorted the miller's family and retreated into the wheat field not far away.

At the same time, standing at the front of the mill without noticing Matt, a bemused Melancholia could not move at all as she clenched her fist and had no emotion on her face, as if she was dead. Francesco walked towards her with a serious look.

  • Francesco: You see, when you need to do something fast, you need to abandon your own rule. You need to be cleverer to realize this, Reverend Mother... Because of this, I am far more clever than you.

Melancholia shivered and she bit her lips to the point of bleeding. She turned to Francesco with such a face, much to his surprise and shock.

  • IMG 2212
    Thanks for the tutoring of you, Your Emnisence, and you did make me cleverer.
  • Francesco: Huh?

Francesco was shocked to see this before a smiling Melancholia raised her hand and pointed her index finger at Francesco... mercilessly.


It was Francesco's turn to become bemused now. The holy knights immediately went towards Cardinal di Medici and subdued him.

  • Francesco: What is the meaning of this? You can't arrest me!
  • Episode 9 (Inquisitors)
    Melancholia: Well, I won't execute you, but after we take you to His Holiness and told him that the blame was all yours to take - and this was the fact. You were not at the door when that masked woman entered. Where were you?
  • Francesco: Is that really necessary... ?
  • Melancholia: SILENCE!!!

Before Francesco could finish, Melancholia immediately punched him with her right elbow. She then forced him to kneel in front of her before looking at him with scorn.

  • JoanAlterSword
    Melancholia: Cardinal Francesco, you still treat me as a personal maid, right? No misogynist shall treat a woman properly. I am telling you that what you taught me had made me finding a new direction. All of those days, I realized that I was busy... killing myself, a day after a wretch day. However, when you told me to burn down that mill, I became, like you said, cleverer. You see, there is an natural order in this world. There are always sheep and wolves, and I... I am a wolf.

Melancholia then grabbed the head of the cardinal with a scornful grin. She relished every seconds taunting the cardinal who was like a piece of trash in her mind.

  • Melancholia: Therefore, you think you can order me to do what I don't want to do? You think you can make me use fire which took away the lives of my family? You want me to kill innoncent people just due to your own pleasure forever? Ha, as if! My intelligence belongs to the Pope, not a mere sewer rat in a suit like you!

Paused for a while, Melancholia then whispered to Cardinal di Medici evilly.

  • Melancholia: Sad that you are gonna be demoted if the Pope really do so.
Rey491px-Crimson Avenger Alternate (3)

Melancholia then stood up and raised her hand.

  • Melancholia: Take him away... and find something that can put out the fire.

The holy knights immediately took a struggling Francesco away and they were heading back to the City of Vatican. Melancholia closed her eyes as if she was having a terrible nightmare.

  • Melancholia: Being cruel is so... strange.

Suddenly, an eerie of an eagle could be heard far away and the eagle soon flew on the shoulder of Melancholia. Then, Melancholia opened the letter.

  • Melancholia: It must be the messages coming from my own dear spy... and it might carried message about Katarina Couteau.

Recently, after becoming the Mother Superior, Melancholia sent her demonic spies around the entire world looking for messages while hiding inside human beings, just like what Moloch did in Sleepy Hollow years ago. That eagle was one of the ways to carry message.

La Folia Rihavein A

The bird of prey immediately landed on the shoulders of Melancholia, who saw a note that was tied on its leg. The eagle was not the same bird as the hawk of Cardinal Antonio Borgia, but their functions are the same. They are both messengers.

  • Melancholia: Hmm, now let us see...

Melancholia opened the note and was surprised to see the news. It said the news which was about La Folia Rihavein, the lost princess of Aldegyr Kingdom.

It began with recording the events of which Katarina fought bitterly against two new enemies, Chinatsu and Kefka Palazzo from Godom Empire, because they wanted to take La Folia away.

Tobiichi origami by tammypain-d7cjxcr

However, La Folia was soon captured by two members from Peace Foundation named Jin Kisaragi and Saeko Busujima... who tried to bargain with Kanon Rihavein and were betrayed.

  • Melancholia: Hmm, this is quite a serious matter, but since Kanon Rihavein is still on the side of the KA, it was only a matter of time before the Pope coronate her in Aldegyr. It was all because of that Firenza Junior who had escaped... Now, what should I tell the Pope when he faced me with this?
Origami SpiritDress

Melancholia then turned to the later part of the letter, where she read that Kanon Rihavein had turned into an angel that had great power of mass destruction. Melancholia's eyes widened in horror.

  • Melancholia: An angel? This is... This is impossible! There haven't been any strong and powerful angels on Earth for almost a century! How can this be?

Melancholia wasted no time trying to take more look on the letter. Just at this time, the fire was put out by the holy knights who carried water from a nearby lake and put it out. Then, they started to find the corpses of the family inside the house but they could not find a body.

Melancholia was frustrated since she did not find a true and valuable explanation of Kanon's angelic transformation, and soon she immediately torn the paper apart.

  • Melancholia: Oh, I lost so many targets, starting from Firenza Junior and now La Folia Rihavein! Things goes rough for me, to tell the truth. In these days, this world is messed up. Even a Beijing Roast Duck can fly away!!!
(- Narrator: ​Of course, that "Beijing Duck" stuff was purely out of sarcasm, LOL)
  • Holy knight: Reverend Mother! We found no body!

Melancholia was shocked and rushed herself towards the smoldering ruins. The holy knight who called her stood in front of her, as she looked at him angrily.

  • Melancholia: Where are they?

The holy knight pointed not far away, and Melancholia turned to see several villiagers being questioned.

  • Holy knight: We asked those people and they said they saw a young swordsman, who had short black hair and wore a white coat, had saved the miller's family from the back door. He helped the miller and his family went away and went into a wheat field without them. Would it be Firenza Junior?

Melancholia shook her head and put her hand on her chin.

  • Melancholia: Did you ask them about his arms?
  • Holy knight: Well, they said that his arms were both normal, but...

Melancholia raised her hand as she interrupted the holy knight with a smile. Her excitement seemed skyrocket due to this advanced information. With satisfaction, Melancholia closed her eyes for a while.

  • Jeanne alter and ruler fate grand order and fate series drawn by shiguru sample-0a2001f61e30bd3704d744c057a78b86
    Melancholia: That is not Firenza Junior, no, but I assume that it was his best friend, Matt Butcher, the brother of Noelle Bor...

Then, opening her eyes, Melancholia then raised her sword with sheer excitement. The holy knights noticed this and all turned to look at her and rally to her side.

  • Melancholia: Now, hear my orders! Leave that miller and his family alone since they are not people who should die. We must go through that wheat field as well! If we found anything about our escapee, I want Carl alive. That swordsman? Either way!

Her eyes glowed in bright yellow out of pure spite and excitement as she was talking.

- Melancholia: All I want is to wash down the shame I suffered!!!

Act 2 - Soul of Maria

Wheat Field

30 seconds later

Wheat close-up

After escorting the miller's family to safety, Matt parted his way with them. Inside the field, Matt ran, ran and ran. He could not stop because of the soldiers from Melancholia's group were chasing him... and he ran, ran and ran until he hit someone.

  • Matt: AHHH!!!

Matt fell on the ground with a scream, and thus he was forced to stop. Matt bit his lips bitterly and yelled out in rage.

  • Matt: Aw, who is that?!

Matt looked up before he saw a glimpse of his sister Noelle standing in front of him. She waved to Matt with a embarrassed grin.

  • Noelle: Oh, hello...
  • Episode 12 (Inquisitors 3)
    Matt: Erica?

"Erica" was the original name of Noelle, which only someone like Matt could call her like that since she was his younger sister.

  • Matt: And who did I...

Forgetting about his situation of being chased by his enemies, Matt looked back on the man whom he hit and he found it was Carl much to his surprise.

Carl was covering his nose with his hand since it was hit by Matt's forehead. Carl narrowed his eyes and started to complain.

  • Department of Inquisition in novel
    Carl: What's with this rush? Can't you see the way you're going... Matt?

​At this point, Carl had finally recognized his best friend in childhood.

  • Matt: Carl! My dear brother!
  • Carl: Matt...

Before Carl could react, Matt immediately hugged him with a smile.

  • Matt: What happened? I thought you were dead since those Catholic inquisitors are always that cold-blooded like their medieval counterpart.
Episode 9 (Inquisitors)
With a smile, Carl then looked at Matt while patting the latter's shoulder.
  • Carl: It is a long story, Matt. We must hurry now or we cannot make it.
  • Matt: You are right. We must get to the port not far away from here and leave here for the Patriarch in Ukraine!
  • Carl: By the way, what's with all your rush?

Matt suddenly widened his eyes before he saw himself being surrounded by numerous people dressed up as holy knights from Neo-Inquisition.

  • Blade.Master.(Raven).full.1632871
    Matt: This.

Carl and Noelle looked up and blinked in shock just as one of the soldiers called out.

  • Inquisition Soldier: Raise your hands and surrender, otherwise we will kill you here and now!
  • Carl: Oh, shit...

Carl and Noelle could not believe what they had saw. Now, those soldiers of inquisitors were surrounding them very closely, and it was no way they could make it.

  • Carl: Step back!

Carl yelled in blind fury but it was futile, since he was severely weakened, Carl could not show his powers he used to defeat Carissa.

  • Matt: Let me handle this...

Matt then drew his sword and cut through the chest of one of the soldiers and knocked down his helmet when suddenly, the wound itself started to release black smoke. What was more, the other soldiers failed to meet the injured soldier as if nothing happened.

  • Matt: Uh, what the...

Matt was astonished to see this, but he was even more astonished to see the true face of that soldier - a mangled and deformed face filled with green scales.

  • Matt: They are...

The guard itself soon regenerate itself before striking Matt with his blade. Others soldiers drew their blades and tried to cut through the three, but Matt raised his blade and shielded those weapons with it. Now, he was shielding his friends from several soldiers with his strength.

  • Matt: They are no human!
  • ???: Of course not... They are demons.

Suddenly, Carl heard a strange female voice and was surprised. Noelle and Matt had the same reaction as well.

  • Carl: Who's there?

He looked up before he saw a golden light shone above everyone, and soon several light beams came towards the demonic troops before striking them down. Those demon troops immediately collapsed on the ground and turned into ashes.

  • ???: Therefore, you can't kill them with a normal blade, my good sir.

Matt, Carl and Noelle heard the female voice once again and looked up as the light itself faded. They were all astonished to see a young woman standing above the wheat by tiptoeing very easily.

Wind gushes through the field as the young woman gently spoke out.

  • ???: Are you all right?

The young woman was much younger than Carl, and she was wearing a white hood, a white cloak, a pair of black gloves, a red and gold dress as well as a pair of long brown boots. She had long blond hair and a tall, slender figure. She smiled at Carl nicely as if he was an old friend of her.

  • QWEEARS1234
    Young woman: Good morning, Carl Robinson. It is an honor to meet you.

Carl was astonished as he saw the maiden in white hood. He was about to speak before Noelle shouted out. Several other demonic guards arrived at the scene, but they were alarmed by this young woman's presence and did not apprehend Carl and his friends immediately.

Noelle looked at this young woman with a look full of awe.

The young woman who was revealed to be Maria Arzonia, the deceased martyr who sacrificed herself to stop Aleister Crowley's evil plan, smiled at Noelle kindly.

  • Maria: Not really, I am no longer flesh and blood. I was enhanced with angelic power and was immortalized, brought into a higher plane of existence. I heard your prayers, and now I am here to assist you, Sister Noelle.
Then, she smiled at Matt as she took a glance at the man who was looking at her with bewilderment.
  • Maria: And young man, Mr. Matt Butcher, we meet again.
  • Matt: *gasp* ......

Feeling embarrassed, Matt was shocked by Maria's words and presence. He blushed in embarrassment before Maria turned away from him. She drew a pair of sword made of holy light and pointed it at the Holy Knights.

  • Maria: Get off from my friends! Leave now!

Maria immediately revealed a pair of wings and started to stroke down the demon troops with her flaming sword, and those demons started to burn into ashes as they started to scream in pain.

  • Maria: Such weaklings.

Maria cleaned most of the invading demon troops and reduced them into ashes. Only one troop she did not kill. That troop was sitting on the ground with fear. Maria then walked towards him before withdrawing her sword. She removed the knight's helmet, and saw a face of human.

  • TransCR
    Maria: (think) * Finally, a mortal man... *

Then, Maria looked at the soldier with a serious face.

  • Maria: I only want to tell you that is not personal. Run. Tell Melancholia that Maria Arzonia is here, and be cautious or I will have her burned! Leave!

The soldier immediately stood up and went away. Maria soon raised her hand and her wings just disappeared all of a sudden. Maria then put up her white hood once again before turning back to Carl, Matt and Noelle with a smile. Due to his sheer astonishment, Carl was having his jaw opened and his eyes almost turned white.

  • Carl: Awesome...
  • Maria: Gracias. I am only here trying to do what I have to do.
With a gentle Maria then gracefully curtsied in front of the people she just saved.
  • Maria: Sorry I am late. I agree it is not my best disguise, but... I had to make do.

Somehow, Matt suddenly fell shocked upon see the face of Maria as if he saw it before.

  • Matt: Maria Arzonia? Isn't that...
  • Carl: You know her?

Like a little bunny, Matt widened both of his eyes and bounced himself around Maria, looking at her with sheer shock and curiosity. Maria was a little bit of uncomfortable.

  • Maria: Why are you looking at me with such concern?
Matt crossed his arms in dissatisfaction as Maria narrowed her eyes with a large drop of sweat hanging on her forehead.
  • Matt: I was sharing my anger to you. Look at what you've done.
  • Maria: Huh???

Maria, Carl and Noelle looked at Matt with confusion and Matt looked up into the sky.

  • LyndinDarkSmile
     It was you, right? That mysterious girl at the bay when I arrived... Disguise is a sin, I tell you. Is there anything you want from me?

​Maria did not feel shock or annoyed. She only looked at Matt with her eyes as calm as a veteran.

  • Maria: I think it is a scheme. Besides, I disguised myself for safety, otherwise how can I come here to save you?

​Maria slowly swept the drop of sweat on her head.

  • Noelle: Excuse me, you two, but how did you know each other?

Matt and Maria both turned to Noelle calmly.

  • Matt & Maria: We met once not long before.


10 minutes ago


200 meters away from the wheat field

From Matt's POV


Not long ago, Matt went into an Anglican Church boat which travelled from England to Rome in just half a day, just in time for him to find Carl.

  • ???: Whoa!

Matt suddenly heard a female voice behind her just as he was looking for Carl, and he turned back to see a tall girl with blond hair. The girl was wearing white hood and cloak, and she was looking at the blade of Matt he was carrying.

  • Girl: Mister, this is such a splendid sword. I have never seen this sword before. Can I... Can I touch the sword, please?

With a poker face, Matt looked at this strange girl with a blunt answer.

  • QWASDEER2345

The girl was startled and stepped back.

  • Girl: What do you mean "no"? I only want to touch it. I am not gonna take it away.

Matt shook his head with no smile on his face, much to the girl's displeasure.

  • Matt: Never negotiate or bargain with me. Sorry, but when I say "no", I mean no, you can't.

Hearing this, the girl made a funny face in sheer annoyance after hearing this, like a spoiled brat. She seemed displeased with Matt's rejecting, and she made a funny face.

  • Girl: Ha, I see. The sword is your own private property and it only belong to you, but I won't take it away! Why don't you want me to touch it? This sword can't carry a virus, right? You are not someone as mean as Felix Grante after all.

Shrugging his shoulders, Matt looked at the girl as he was displeased as well. Even so, he looked at her with a serious face, ignoring her insinuation.

  • Blade.Master.(Raven).full.1733565
    Matt: I am sorry, but it is really an ancient relic and was preserved in my family for generations. Therefore, I cannot allow it to be touched by anyone since it could be dangerous. It hasn't been used for years. My late parents asked me not to give it to anyone to touch since it could be very dangerous. Sorry, but I have to obey them.

The girl then let her tongue out and made a funny face once again to Matt, much to his annoyance.

  • Girl: Bah! Still stingy!

Then, the girl immediately grabbed numerous red pepper and put it inside her mouth.

  • Crimson flames

Much to Matt's bewilderment, the girl grabbed a red bottle on the table before she poured it into her mouth.

  • Matt: Wait!

​Matt tried to warn the girl just as he saw the mark printed on the bottle - It was a bottle of chili oil. However, it was too late. After drinking the chili oil as if it was water, the girl screamed in horror and pain as she started to breath fire at Matt...


Matt's face was blackened. He immediately shook his head and took a bottle of mineral water. He opened the water and let the girl to drink.

  • Matt: Here, drink this!

After some struggling, the girl immediately drank down the entire bottle of water before she finally washed not the spicy feelings in her mouth. She opened her mouth and some steam came out from it. The girl then crossed her arm as she looked at Matt in the eyes.

  • Matt: Are you okay now?
  • Girl: Fine, since you helped me, then I shall do you a favor. What can I do for you?

​Seeing the rude girl becoming gentle and nice in a matter of hours, Matt was a bit of astonished before he showed her two photo. They were photos of Carl and Noelle, respectively...

  • Matt: You seemed to live in here, so did you see either one of these two?
  • Girl: I saw them both.

​Matt was shocked by the girl's words as she calmly continued before pointing at a road not far away.

  • Girl: I saw them riding on a carriage on that road. There were two of them, one boy and one girl, probably from the Papal State of Vatican. The boy suddenly pulled the girl from the car and jumped off the cart. It seemed that they were running away from someone... or perhaps something. I hope they do not get hurt since I saw them rolled in that wheat field.
Noélle Bor normal Trinity Blood 08-082
As the girl was talking, Matt looked at the wheat field and became more and more worried, and he looked at the field after biting his lips.
  • Matt: (think) * Carl, I hope you did not kill my beloved sister... *

​He then turned to the girl before shaking her hand.

  • Matt: Thank you! Thank you very much! You saved my day!
  • Girl: Good luck... stingy boy!

This girl spoke the bitter word at Matt but it was just a joke. She saw Matt running into the field a speed as fast as wind, and a smile surfaced on her face...

  • Girl: (think) * So that is Matt Butcher, the friend of Carl Robinson... Since Michael was using Carl to achieve his evil goals, I need to help him out. Despite he seemed not as friendly as I think... he can still be my ally. I, Maria Arzonia, need to gather all the forces I can gather. *

From Maria's POV


This girl was in fact the spirit of Maria Arzonia, who had arrived at Rome just now to track down Michael Langdon.

In fact, Maria pretended to be a spoiled and greedy girl only to test about the quality of Matt to see if he could be her ally in her newly-planned crusade. Maria was supposed to stay in Paradise, but she soon changed her mind and returned back to Earth in order to help more people who suffered from the war and destroy the KnightWalker Alliance.

She disguised as an ordinary young lady with her well-prepared disguise and tried to find Carl at the bay, but only she found Matt Butcher. Due to her spiritual power, Maria recognized Matt immediately but he did not know her. Therefore, Maria tried to get close to Matt to see if he was cautious enough. Therefore, Maria asked for touching his sword while pretending to be a spoiled brat until she found that Matt was both duty-driven and self-restrained.


Even the pepper-eating and that chili-sauce-drinking was made out of her purpose. Maria had already prepared a bottle of chili oil and put it on the table, pretending as if it was already there. She then found out that Matt was also helpful since he sent her his bottle of water in time. That is why she did Matt a favor. Maria smiled a bit while thinking.

  • Maria: (think) * Interesting... since he is such a good man who can reject someone's reckless request and help anyone in need... That is the ally I know to build a resistance to reclaim Catholic Church. *
58472529 p1 master1200
At this time, Maria's face lit up and then she looked at the shadow of Matt as he went further and further.
  • Maria: Interesting...

​Suddenly, Maria smelt something bad and then her smile disappeared.

  • Maria: Is there something burning?

Just then, Maria heard screaming nearby before she turned to the source of this chaos. She was shocked after seeing a mill burning not far away. Maria bit her lips and immediately went towards the smoking mill, ignoring some farmers who passed her.

  • Maria: *think* I must keep my identity secret so I cannot fly for now... Hang on.


56271951 p1 master1200

Smilingly, Maria then blink her eyes as she looked at Matt, as if he fell into some sort of trap set by her without noticing it.

  • Maria: By the way, thank you for that bottle of water.

Matt blushed and he turned his head, pretending to ignore Maria's words.

  • Matt: Duh, I just did what I should, but please don't be such a masochist.
  • Maria: If I don't set up drinking that chili oil, how can I know if you just left in pain or help me out. I will buy you a bottle of water later.
  • Matt: Nah, don't worry. I have a bag-full of water bottles in my bag.

Maria then stopped acting childish before she went serious once again.

  • 55560633 p0
    Maria: By the way, guys, I don't think we have much time. I deduce Melancholia was coming.

​Noelle nodded in approvement, as she looked aside, when she saw the wheat 500 meters away were moving. It seemed that some people were hiding inside it.

  • Noelle: Maria is right. We need to go to the Russian Orthodox Church as soon as possible since Cardinal Sforza was there.

Just then, Carl raised his hand.

  • Carl: May I?

Maria nodded as she turned to Carl.

  • Maria: Yes, please, but be fast.
  • Carl: Well, what do we need to do when we arrived at the place where the Patriarch was hiding?
  • Maria: After uniting with the Patriarch, we will find a way to destroy Melancholia before finding Katarina Couteau and her friends as soon as the right time comes. I recently found that Melancholia was planning something ominous and so I am here trying to stop her and Michael. I met Katarina before, and I know she will accept my request to make you ally with her.

Maria's Flashback

Scene from LOTM: Crossover - The Corbin Files - Chapitre Douze et Fin (Final)

Katarina's eyes widened as Maria walked towards her.

  • Crimson rose by davidnightmare-da4jtkg
    Maria: I am here because I am also a victim of Michael Langdon, who attacked me before I became a Cyborg. I knew it after I viewed my life in a view of God. Since my spirit power is immature, I could only stay here for three minutes. Even so, I gave some holy power of yours so that you can use it to expel those mists and saved your friends. All you need to do is to speak this spell.

​Maria then gave Katarina the spell.

  • Maria: Got it?
  • Katarina: Yes, but I don't understand... Why are you helping me?
  • Sasha pic
    Maria: For atonement. Beside my brothers and I who was summoned by Michael to do our criminal jobs, there are still numerous Mafusa Gang members who are gathering and returning, because they had a new leader whose name is Sasha, a close friend of Aki who murdered your sister. I am helping you so that you can return to your world.

​While Maria was speaking, her soul started to stepped back.

  • Katarina: Would you please explain more, Maria?
  • Maria: There's no time. Use that spell and stop Michael from subverting the Witnesses' fate!!!


  • 56347970 p0 master1200
    Maria: In order to help her and her allies, my friends, I am looking for my own alliance since I alone is not enough. Therefore, we need to stick together.

Maria then turned back to Matt as she sighed at him when shrugging her shoulders.

  • Maria: Therefore, admit it, Mr. Butcher. You are chosen as my new companion... by giving that help in a form of a bottle of water...
  • Matt: Duh, of course, no one can refuse to help some sort of girl who will mistake chili oil as water... on purpose.

Maria and Matt both smiled before Maria turned serious once again after this chit-chat.

  • Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, I think Melancholia will know we are here, and now it is time for us to go to Russian Resistance immediately.

Suddenly, Carl turned back and walked away, and Matt and Noelle looked at him with surprise and confusion. Some time ago, Carl was stunned by Maria's beauty and so he cannot even talk, but then after Maria demanded him and his friends to the Russian Resistance Base, Carl immediately regained his bad feelings caused by his imprisonment and the reveal of his parentage.

  • 29674471 p0
    Carl: I am not going with you.

The other three people looked at Carl with surprise, and Carl deeply sighed as he covered his face.

  • Carl: Just the other day, I found out that my life was changing towards the point of no return. I must seek out the truth before I go with you.

Maria shook her head as she went towards Carl in an angry and serious face.

  • Maria: You are Carl Robinson, right? You are about to give up a fight that was not even begin?
  • Carl: Because I am getting mad!

Carl turned back and bellowed at Maria all of a sudden, as he started to broke his composure.

  • Carl: Michael Langdon said that I was the son of a Satanist, blah, blah, blah; he took my blood and said he shall reserve my blood for many people and many things, blah, blah, blah; and he also said sent that bat crazy woman to interrogate me, blah, blah, blah and more!
  • Blade.Master.(Raven).full.1613240
    Maria: Carl...
  • Carl: Listen, I don't know how you came back from the dead, Angel of Flame, but I am not in the mood for your little game. I need to stay focus!
  • Maria: CARL!

Maria immediately walked towards Carl as she looked at him with a extremely serious face.

  • Maria: I want him dead, too, Carl, and that is why I am here. All I want is to kill Michael Langdon and destroy the KnightWalker Family so that this war will stop!

Maria then looked at Carl as she widened her eyes into sizes of marbles. Soon, Maria calmed herself down and she looked at Carl calmly. Matt and Noelle looked at each other as they were both surprised and confused by Carl's word.

  • Maria: I am sorry for your suffering. However, believe me, complaints never solve anything. Parentage was not an excuse for you to stop moving on towards the bright side of your life. My late mother is a humble woman, and still I love her. She is an inspiring and gentle woman, and I think your father is the same.
  • K0a9994543a98226b54f336b8a82b9014b90eb59
    Matt: At least she is right about this. No parent should be hate by their children!

​Carl merely shook his head stubbornly.

  • Carl: At least you remember who your true mother was, and as for me, well... Turns out that my parentage that made me proud in all those years... was a lie...


  • Maria: What? A lie? How can this be?!

Before Maria could express her shock and horror, Carl then pushed Maria away and he turned back, lowering his head.

  • Carl: Because of my true father's own horrid incompetence, I was granted not with so-called happiness... I was accursed with this!

Carl then took away the bandages that wrapped around his right arm, and Maria looked at the arm before she reacted with sheer shock as if she felt something ominous on that arm. Noelle noticed Maria's expression and realized something was wrong.

  • Maria: That's the...
  • Carl: This is what made me to defeat Carissa, indeed and yet this is also what made me accursed into such a maelstrom within my entire life!

​Maria was shocked to see the strange arm of Carl, and yet she regained her composure before she tried to persuade him once again.

  • Maria: Hey, it was too early to say the entire...

Suddenly, Maria did not continue her words and she then closed her eyes. A wind had blown behind her. Maria's expression turned more and more intense.

  • Maria: Wait a minute... We must leave now, all of us.
  • Matt: Why?

- Maria: She is here.

All of a sudden, everyone heard a war cry when Maria finished her words, and then a shadow jumped out from the wheat like a leopard, but Maria immediately drew her blade and blocked it.
  • Maria: It is you... You are the second in command within Michael's army!

The attacker was none other than Melancholia. Licking her lips, Melancholia aroused in sheer happiness when she saw Maria.

  • Melancholia: Ha, look who I've got here! Maria Arzonia! I do not expected that you survived... or maybe not!

Enraged, ​Maria took down her hood and revealed her true form, an angelic figure with silver armor that had golden stripes. She was wearing a little red hat. Her long blond hair was flowing in the air. Her eyes turned more menacing and wrathful.

  • Melancholia: Finally showing your true form? Very well, very well.
  • Maria: Shut up! I am not like those trashes in your army which you once abused before! Today, you are going to pay for what you've done to my friends! YOU WILL DEFINITELY DIE, SINNER!!!

Melancholia licked her lips once again, with a smile full of sheer malice.

  • Melancholia: Then, I shall see if you do have that power to kill me! Come!

With her eyes turning white and her face became more menacing, Maria pushed Melancholia with her might and turned back to Carl before shouting out.

  • Maria: Carl! Matt! Noelle! Run, and I'll handle her!

​However, instead of retreating, Matt immediately bounced towards Melancholia and slashed her armor from behind. Melancholia was not harmed, but she was shocked by the attack.

  • Blade.Master.(Raven).full.1733562
    Melancholia: You little...

Enraged, Melancholia turned back as she was trying to take down Matt, but Matt was a skilled martial artist who then immediately dodged the attack.

Maria was shocked by Matt's interference as well, and she looked around as she saw numerous soldiers of Melancholia tried to surround them as well.

  • Maria: I told all of you to run away!
  • Matt: No, Maria, you must keep your strength. Please escort my sister and Carl to the Patriarch and we will find you all in Ukraine! I will handle this.
Maria then turned back to Carl and yelled at him.
  • Maria: Come with me, then, Carl!

However, to Maria's surprise, Carl bit his lips before he lifted up his head as well.

  • Carl: No, since I am someone who is dead all along, at least I want to slay one of my most hated one with my own hands. I will be fine. If Matt is about to fight, then I have no reason to stay away.

One second before, Carl was behave like a sheer pessimist, but now he was about to fight his enemies. With confusion, Maria's face went pale as she stared to clench her fist in anger and panic. Her body was shivering. She do not understand what was inside the mind of Carl, but she deeply worried about his situation.

  • Blade.Master.(Raven).full.1613243
    Maria: FOOLS!!!

But then, she immediately put her hand on Carl with a calmer expression.

  • Maria: But I admire this kind of fools. Be careful, you two.

Matt simply shrugged his shoulders as he swiftly dodging and blocking the attack of Melancholia.

  • Matt: Admit it, Carl! You are only jealous because of my will to fight which you lost!

Carl did not answer. Maria turned to Noelle and put her hand on the latter's shoulder.

  • Joan.Alter.full.1972511
    Maria: (whisper) * Come, Noelle. We have to hurry! *

Maria immediately hugged Noelle in her arms and flew up quickly. Just at this time, however, Noelle's mask slipped from her face all of a sudden and it dropped on the ground, unfortunately. Melancholia noticed this and she stopped her attack.

  • Melancholia: What?

Just as this time, Matt and Carl stopped attacking Melancholia and looked at the mask as well. The air itself suddenly frozen when Melancholia looked up... Carl knew that the situation worsened.

  • Melancholia: Noelle Bor? That wicked woman who burst into my prison turns out to be NOELLE BOR!?

Someone said that if something was vital, say it in three times. Now... Melancholia was looking at Noelle's face... Melancholia was looking at Noelle's face... Melancholia was looking at Noelle's face...

And... as a result of that, she went mad...


All of the rage that Melancholia had accumulated had burst when she finally saw who the masked woman that saved "Firenza Junior" was. Purple flames kept flowing beside her body.
  • Melancholia: Shoot her down!

Feeling the sudden rage, Maria looked at Melancholia with a shocked expression as the soldiers of Melancholia started to release their crossbows.

  • Maria: Ohhhhhh...

However, she wasted no time flew in as fast as she could, trying to avoid the arrow that shot at her and Noelle.

  • Maria: Hold on!

Protecting Noelle all the way, Maria immediately flew herself towards the east with her wings. Melancholia tried to order another attack, but suddenly, all of those archers were slayed by Matt and Carl.

  • Carl: I won't let you to harm someone whom I owed them!

Melancholia turned to Carl with sheer malice in her eyes, then she immediately walked towards Carl with a menace look.

  • Joan.Alter.full.2045958
    Melancholia: Hmm, I do not know if this day shall be your last day on earth, but if I keep you alive for too long, it won't end well.

Carl only bit his lips as he showed no fear towards Melancholia.

  • Carl: You wicked woman... swing your sword as you can. Fate... is not on your side.
  • Melancholia: As you wish.

Melancholia then raised her sword and pointed it at Carl with a cruel grin. She then started to strike Carl.

  • Melancholia: You fought bravely despite your own bad situation and despair event horizon, so I shall grant you a merciful ending with a quick death...

Just as Matt looked with horror, Melancholia's point of sword suddenly stopped in the position just 10 centimeters away from the heart of Carl, but it never struck Carl, much to his confusion.

  • Carl: ......
  • Melancholia: ......


  • Melancholia: Eh-heh-heh-heh-heh...
  • Carl: Huh? What is so funny?

Melancholia started to chuckle deviously as he withdrew her sword. Carl did not resist, and instead, he looked at the evil face of Melancholia, wondering what was wrong with this "lady of insanity"... until Melacnholia started to speak to him in a devious tone...

  • AvengerJeanneAlterStage4
    Melancholia: I see something inside you.
  • Carl: What? What is inside me?

Being more and more incensed, Carl shouted at Melancholia in full confusion and desperation as Melancholia stopped chuckling.

  • Melancholia: I see...

While showing her sheer menace towards a helpless Carl, Melancholia's eyes were like some sort of thorn which pricked through the boy's soul, making him to feel fear for the first time in several years.

  • Melancholia: I see a darkness in you, Firenza Junior. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you'll shut forever.

Carl could not resist since his body was feeling powerless. Due to his blood loss after his blood being took by Michael, Carl was much weaker than he was during his fight in the English Civil War.

However, to his surprise, Melancholia did not kill him. Instead, she stepped back and started turning into a thick puff of black smoke.

  • Blade.Master.(Raven).full.1733565
    Melancholia: We will meet again.

Melancholia then disappeared and leaving Matt and Carl in their original position. All of a sudden, the entire squad of Holy Knights she brought vanished with her as well. Carl and Matt looked at each other with confusion.

  • Carl: What ever does she mean?
  • Matt: Come on, who cares?

Matt then helped Carl to get up before looking at him with a serious look.

  • Matt: We must get to the port as soon as possible. It is not far away from here, just over there. Now, follow me.

Then, Matt and Carl started to run towards the port as fast as possible. Carl stopped thinking about the words of Melancholia. He only wanted to arrive in Eastern Europe as fast as he could.

Act 3 - Esther in Danger


Underground Chamber

Next Day


After hours and hours of working, Shinya Banba finally finished her final piece of those Monokuma cakes before then stretching her arms in relief.

  • Shinya: Bleh, what a relief...

Shinya turned back and took a look at Sumeriko Hanabusa behind her with a smile.

  • Shinya: So, what do you think?
Bamba Shinya ep2

Sumeriko stood in front of Shinya with a strange look that meant, "Seriously?"

  • Sumeriko: My God, Shinya, are you really gonna plan this?

Shinya crossed her arm as her grin did not fade but getting wider.

  • Shinya: Wait and see, Sumeriko... since His Holiness wants me to cause chaos and conflicts around this place. This time, he wants me to cause some troubles in the upcoming Spanish Imperial Winter Feast!

Shinya's words had cause Sumeriko shocked and surprised. She never heard the terms "Spainish Imperial Winter Feast" before.

  • Sumeriko: Spainish Imperial Winter Feast? What is that?
    Shinya: Well, after the ascension of the young Queen Esther Blanchett, Mother Superior wanted her to held the feast with the people in Spain to cheer for an arrival of a new order. However, we are going to plan some attack upon her. I won't go there myself, but there is another killer who will do the job. All I need is to bring this cake to the guests, poisoning them as much as possible!

Sumeriko was even more shocked as she promptly went towards Shinya almost immediately, with her eyes widened.

  • Sumeriko: Are you insane, Shinya? Queen Esther is the adoptive daughter of the pope! His Holiness will kill us both if you dare...

Shinya merely shrugged her shoulder.

  • Shinya: Who said I want to harm her?

Sumeriko blinked her eyes as what she was about to say was stuck into her throat.

  • Sumeriko: You... you... you don't?

Shinya laughed out when she saw Sumeriko's expression. She pushed the tip of her index finer on the tip of Sumeriko's nose slightly.

  • Shinya: Don't be panic. I will harm other aristocrats other than Esther. At least, the pope won't care of the lives of those other aristocrats, will he?

Shinya then crossed her arms, speaking in some sort of cool tone.

  • Shinya: The current situation is critical for us, and the Mother Superior wanted to push Esther harder into the depths of darkness. She said that she will make Esther to feel a bad day which cause someone into sheer insanity. I don't want to kill Esther, but I want to make her one with us.

Shinya's words had caused Sumeriko's curiosity and she widened her eyes, this time with interest, not confusion.

  • Sumeriko: Are you kidding me?

Shinya promptly shook her head and put one hand on her waist.

  • Shinya: No, I am not. Esther has the weakest mind of us all and she could be easily manipulated. However, we are going to make a long term of plans to make her loyal to the pope with no minds of betrayal. Also, her naive appearance shall be deceiving. She will become a spy for His Holiness to bury the Russian Orthodox Church, and she will not even realize it.
57102920 p0 master1200

Sumeriko sighed helplessly. She was still confused and soon somehow, all of a sudden, she was feeling sad and enraged.

  • Sumeriko: I still can't figure out what you are currently planning, but I guess the plan of Mother Superior shall be mad. Just take a look at what she did to me.

Then, Shinya took a calm look at Sumeriko. The most menacing thing was that Shinya had no emotions on her face. Sumeriko suddenly had her tears streaming down her cheeks.

  • Shinya: Oh, that?

What she looked at was the left arm of Sumeriko... or at least the position which the left arm of Sumeriko once existed. Now, the arm was missing and was replaced but three sharp, thin and solid iron whips.

  • Sumeriko: Now do you see? After we failed to kill Kyouko Kirigiri and Acqua of the Back in Warshaw, Mother Superior made me to take those dreadful blame!
  • Shinya: ......
  • Sumeriko: She cut off my arm and replaced it with this. I don't know where she took my arm to, but this is terrible, right? Do you know what this means?

- Sumeriko: This means... I AM NOW A FREAK!!!

Shinya did not show any concern on her face despite Sumeriko's tearful shivering.

  • Shinya: Welcome to this world's biggest freak show. We are all freaks on this planet. People call us monsters among them. However, if you are sad, then show them that you are sad. Show them what you are capable of. I believe you, Sumeriko. And if you can achieve that, then so can Esther.
23179329 p0

​Looking at the uncaring face of Shinya, Sumeriko lowered her head and wiped her tears silently.

  • Sumeriko: (think) * You can never be compared to Mahiru... You are not like my childhood friend. *
  • Shinya: Besides, from what I was heard that there were rumors which Maria Arzonia had returned back from dead and was coming towards His Holiness. To prevent such a horrible menace, we all need to be upgraded.

​Just then, hearing this, Sumeriko was utterly shocked and surprised. All of her sadness suddenly faded away.

  • Sumeriko: Maria Arzonia? I heard she was dead, and I heard Vento of the Front mourned her for many days.


Scene from LOTM: Crossover - The Corbin Files - Chapitre Cinq


Fiamma of the Right's office

With an angry face, Vento of the Front pointed her blade to Fiamma of the Right's throat. Fiamma looked at her with no fear in his eyes.

  • Fiamma profile
     Who do you think you are?
  • Vento: I am a person who has enough quality to slit your throat, if that's what you're thinking.
  • Fiamma: No, no, that's not what I'm thinking. You don't have to point your knife at me. You should cut turkey meat or pumpkin pie with it. I will never hurt you.
  • Vento: Pretty right, you won't, and me neither. I just want to know if you are responsible for those assassination within Rome and/or the death of Reynolds. Also, I want to know if you were responsible for the chemical weapon attack in Shanghai, of which--
  • Fiamma: Would you please stop doubting me? Who do you think I am?
Tumblr oa9otbM1e81tj8m7no5 1280
Just as they were arguing, the door opened and they quickly stopped. Kyouko and Acqua arrived into it with frown faces. Vento hid her blade slowly.
  • Acqua: Hello, Vento. Sorry about interrupting your talk, Fiamma.
  • Fiamma: Oh, hey, no problem. (to Kyouko) Welcome, detective, please come in.
  • Kyouko: (whispered to Fiamma) Fiamma, I have bad news for Vento, but I...

While Kyouko was whispering her bad news to Fiamma, Acuqa went aside with a sad face and prepared four cups of tea, one for himself, one for Fiamma, one for Vento, and one for Terra of the Left who has been missing for several days. The reason which Acqua poured Terra's cup of tea was just out of his old habit. He believed Terra will one day return back to Vatican.

  • GRS

    God's Right Seat

    Acqua: Oh, what a shame it is. If Terra is still here, the Right Seat of God will be completely assembled. We will share our condolence to... martyrs... like we did every year.
  • Vento: (worried) A martyr again? We mourned Parcifal, right? (paused as she realized what might happened) Oh, no... Kyouko... is Maria okay?

Acqua and Kyouko looked at each other, and eventually, Kyouko told Vento about the sad news.

  • Kyouko: I'm very sorry, Vento... She's not gonna make it.
Tumblr oa9otbM1e81tj8m7no2 1280k
A long time of silence had come and Vento of the Front angrily glared at Kyouko. Now, she had poured her hatred and anger from Fiamma to Kyouko.
  • Vento: You PROMISED that you would help her.
  • Kyouko: I tried, Vento. I tried, but she didn't want to go quietly.
  • Acqua: The explosion she suffered was far too intense... and it might not even be saved by the technology of Rome, not to mention magic.
  • Kyouko: Her body was transferred back to Tenguu City and will be buried near her mother. I think she wanted it to end this way.

Hearing all of this, Vento shivered in sadness and anger, and tears eventually streamed down her cheeks. Kyouko tried to comfort Vento, but this was futile.

  • Kyouko: Look, Vento...
  • Vento: Don't touch me. Don't touch me. I trusted you, but you ended up bringing me the WORST THANKSGIVING I EVER HAD!
  • Kyouko: I know you were telling the truth about Maria, that her brothers put her up to this. I need to know who hired them.
  • 39739-Gif-Anime-Edit-Manga-Cry-Tears-Sukitte-Ii-Na-Yo-Tachibana-Mei-Poor-Mei-...
  • Kyouko: And I still don't believe you.
  • Vento: What do you care, Kyouko? You don't care about people like her! It's not like you're really gonna go after that mad princess!
  • Kyouko: Mad princess? Do you mean Sonia Nevermind?
Sonia smilingi
​Acqua and Kyouko looked at each other in surprise. ​Vento did not answer Kyouko's question. She just turned around and walked away.
  • Kyouko: Why would she set those fires? That doesn't make any sense.
  • Vento: ASK HER YOURSELF! SHE IS AN INSANE KNIGHTWALKER SUPPORTER NOW, REMEMBER? Now, I'm done talking with you. (walked away while crying) Oh, for God's sake, I should have never ever trusted a detective. My only family is ruined... and this is all because of you!
  • Kyouko: I tried to help her, but it just went a different way.
  • Kyouko: I'm sorry.
  • Vento: (sobbing) Whatever.
Tumblr ncdfgsuxFr1sl890do4 500
Vento walked to the door and closed it. Kyouko lowered her head with guilt on her face, and tears began to streaming down her face as well. Fiamma and Acqua looked at each other with sadness on their faces, but they could spoke nothing.
  • Kyouko: Vento, I'm sorry...

Crying and crying, Vento ran out into the heavy rain and after she stopped on a pavement, she cried loudly when watching to the sky above her.


21823723 p0


TV Tropes - Vento 7780

Shinya turned her head aside and sighed.

  • Shinya: Ah, that woman, she rather gave me the horrors, putting it all down to the Almighty and his impenetrable plans.
  • Sumeriko: Well, I suppose we all cope in our own way.

​Shinya, however, continued her words.

  • Shinya: She wants to show us all to think she's the model Christian, but there is not a lot of charity in that heart, I can tell you.

Shinya then looked back on Sumeriko with a menacing face. Sumeriko looked at Shinya with confusion as the latter continued.

  • Shinya: Vento wants to prove science is futile simply due to the death of her own brother and her God-daughter by accident. Huh, well, she nearly got her way.

As Sumeriko was struck speechless, Shinya then started to pack the poisonous cake inside a box.

  • Shinya: Now, if you excuse me...

Then, Shinya turned back to Sumeriko with a devious smile, much to the latter's horror.

  • Shinya: I still need to do some delivery.

Just as Shinya was about to leave the room, her way was blocked by Sumeriko who stopped her from reaching the nearby gate.

  • Shinya: Sumeriko?
49149906 p0 master1200
​Shinya tried to push Sumeriko away, but Sumeriko did not want to go away so easy.
  • Sumeriko: Shinya, can't you just stop saying anything bad about Vento of the Front? I heard Maria Arzonia is back from her death, and she will definitely kill us both in pure rage if she heard anything you said just now!

Shinya stopped pushing Sumeriko and looked at her with shock.

  • Shinya: You must be kidding.
  • Sumeriko: I wish I was, but she slaughtered almost entire squad of Inquisitorial Knights to save Firenza Junior and his friends.
  • Shinya: Did His Holiness knew this?
  • Sumeriko: I don't know, but I did not tell him. He may already knows.

Shinya, however, did not show any fear and then she deviously grinned again.

  • Shinya: But Vento do not know, right?



Sumeriko's eyes widened in horror. She could not expect that Shinya was still be able to speak in such a malicious and horrid tone.

  • Shinya: No? Very well, as long as we keep this news away from her, we will hold her under our control. She fell into despair due to Maria's own apparent death, and that is how Cardinal Aleister took control on her. If she knew Maria is still alive, she will betray His Holiness!

Sumeriko bit her lips harshly as Shinya continued.

  • Shinya: According to our dearest and utterly unconventional Mother Superior Melancholia, making someone's love ones to suffer right in front of them is enough to drive them into insanity. I don't know how she came up with it, but it is a great idea. Therefore...

- Shinya: I will let Carl Robinson to kill Mary Spencer in front of Esther!

Bamba close up
Sumeriko's expression became much, much darker as she lowered her head.
  • Sumeriko: He won't do that.
  • Shinya: Sure he will, because we are going to MAKE HIM DO THAT!

With a brutal laughter, Shinya pushed Sumeriko on the ground and the latter fell. As Shinya carried her box of cake out of the room, all the way laughing madly, Sumeriko was left on the ground, sobbing like a child.

  • Sumeriko: My poor Mahiru Bamba... you... don't know what it means to have lost you...


Scene from LOTM: Crossover - The Corbin Files - Chapitre Six

The sun is going down. A white haired girl was sitting on the chair and with a sad look on her face. Judging by her school uniform, it can be concluded that she was a student from Raizen High School. She was just kidnapped by Eckidina KnightWalker on her way home after the school.

With Eckidina by his side, the Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure walked slowly towards the girl and smiled.

  • Unknown: [Do you know who you really are? Could you please tell me your name?]

​The girl answered gently and fearfully.

  • Girl: My name is Mahiru Banba.
640px-Bamba Mahiru first appearance

The Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure chuckled evilly and glared at Mahiru with sheer cruelty.

  • Unknown: [Lovely name, but it don't suit you. Beneath your gentle and nice mask, I see a beast... I see who you truly are, and I am going to let her out. Had you observed the sun going down before, my dear? I meant watching it set until it disappeared from horizon.]
  • Mahiru: No, sir.
  • Unknown: ["No, sir." Ha, no wonder why your "true" self did not surface. Now, Mahiru, listen to me. All you need to do is watch the sun going down, and then you shall know who you truly are -a creature of pain.]
  • Mahiru: No, no, please... let me go home...
  • Eckidina: Is it time?

The Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure smiled.

  • Najimi Ajimu
    Unknown: [Yes, it is. The sun is going down just as it usually behaves.]
  • Eckidina: What are we going to do next?
  • Unknown: [Hehehe... You decide this time, Eckidina. Keep her eye to the falling sun, though. This window is towards west.]
  • Eckidina: Finally, now it is my show!

With a devious smile, Eckidina dragged Mahiru to a chair beside the window. Through the window, Mahira can see the falling sun. Because of the sunlight, Mahiru recognized the face of Eckidina all of a sudden.

  • Mahiru: I got it! Aren't you Eckidina KnightWalker, that former leader of our student council!?
  • Eckidina: I'm glad that you know me, but this will not be the last time you see me. Now, look at the sun and... Prepare to suffer from our torture.
  • Mahiru: DON'T!

​Eckidina smiled as she tied Mahiru on the chair, and she picked up a hammer to Mahiru before bumping her fingers with it. Mahiru screamed 

  • Unknown: [Yes... that's it... Do it more...]
  • Eckidina: Now, electrocute her!
Tumblr m5de6w4XgL1qca432o1 500

Eckidina then attached the device for electric shock therapy on Mahiru's head, and opened it.

  • Unknown: [Turn it to 50%. We don't want her die so suddenly.]
  • Eckidina: She seemed tough. Let's increase it 20% higher.
  • Unknown: [Agreed.]

Eckidina then increased the volume from 50% to 70%, and then 75%. Mahiru screamed in pain, and her eyes were now looking straight at the setting sun. Soon, when the sun was almost set, Eckidina closed the device.

Bamba close up

To Eckidina and the Unknown Figure's satisfaction, Mahiru's expression changed into a much more malevolent look. She grinned evilly at the window before giving a evil giggle.

  • Unknown: [Yes... Yes... This is it. Now, let's see... (to a changed Mahiru) Can you tell me your name?]
  • Inversed Mahiru: This is the smell of the sun. The sun set, so I popped! I come to introduce myself. I call myself Banba Shinya, during the day I am Shinya Mahiru! 

The Unknown Figure laughed and he looked at Shinya with satisfaction.

  • Eckidina: Incredible.
  • JOJJ
    Unknown: It was both of us. We are a team, aren't we? The only problem is that I am not sure if the Shinya persona can hold during daytime.
  • Eckidina: I will make her a Cyborg, and then she will be ours.
  • Unknown: Ha, someone take her to the Cyborg Factory.

Two KnightWalker staffs arrived and took a laughing Shinya to the Cyborg Factory. Just then, a KnightWalker agent ran into the room and shouted out.

  • KnightWalker: Milady Eckidina, and sir, Rentaro Satomi has arrived with several people beside him, including Dr. Frankenstein!
  • Eckidina: How did they ever find the place?
  • Unknown: [No matter how he found it, we shall teach them a lesson. Now, it is your turn, Terra.]
Terra profile

The "Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure" slowly took off his mask and revealed himself to be Terra of the Left. He prepared his double blade with a grin.

In fact, Terra of the left was pretending to be the body of Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure, in his suit and mask, but the voice was provided by the real Unknown Figure (who was in somewhere unknown) through a small device attached on the mask. Terra and the real Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure were like actors playing a two-man act - The former does actions while keeping his mouth open to make himself like talking, but without giving sounds, while the latter speaks with sounds while hiding behind a chair.

  • Terra: We have company. How wonderful.


Slowly, Sumeriko clenched her fist in rage, and her tears started streaming down her cheeks. She was missing Mahiru Banba, her childhood friend prior her Shinya persona was awakened by Michael and Eckidina after a horrible and torturous experiment.

She started crying...


- Sumeriko: Curse you, Michael and Eckidina... You ruined her...

Madrid, Spain

Esther's Palace

1 hour later

18:06 PM

Château d'Armailhacq 53 detail
A mysterious man took a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon wine and placed it on a table, and then he took a syringe filled with some red liquid before plucking it into the cork, pushing all the liquid inside it, as Shinya's voice in his mind.
  • Shinya: (voice) [His Holiness told me it was made according to the invention of some woman... named Christine Van Bilj in 18th century. Wear it to confirm your loyalty.]

A vision started to appear inside the man's mind when Shinya grabbed a necklace decorated with a black stone and placed it on the neck of the man.

  • Shinya: (voice) [His Holiness said that William Howe used this to control his spy and almost foiled the crossing of Delaware River. Don't worry. I don't know what will happen next, but if you want to prove your loyalty, the wear it. Make those guests to drink the wine with Firenza Junior's blood, and poison those who dare to defy you with this Monokuma cake I made myself.]

After wearing the necklace, the man's eyes became cold and vacant as if he turned into some sort of machine with no emotions of humanity. Then, he carried on this mission by killing a waiter secretly before dressing up like him.

Queen Esther thores

Then, not far away, Esther was walking with Mary Spencer with a look of sadness in her eyes. She was wearing her crown and her white dress which she wore during her coronation.

  • Esther: I still do... do not understand why we need to do something like this in such a sad time. I mean, it's New Year, but the war is still waging around the entire world.
  • Mary: I know how you feel, my dear. However, one day once the chance comes, we will sail to the world and reclaim the things that the KnightWalker Family took from us all, as His Holiness promised to us. We will one day help the world from its chaos.

Hearing this with sadness, Esther slowly lowered her head with a sigh and she spoke calmly after some hiatus.

  • Esther: I do hope so. By the way, is the dinner of Winter Feast ready? I think many guests here are hungry. The remaining food shall be donated to the poorest urban eras. I am worried since poverty is pushing people to extreme and crime.
  • Mary: I can see that.

Just at this time, Mary saw a waiter was about to passed by them before he made a sudden turn into the corridor and went away. Mary was very confused as he walked away. The waiter was holding a bottle of red wine in his right hand, and his right hand was holding a rope which wrapped a large box, seemly a present box.

  • Esther: Sister?

Esther saw Mary Spencer's expressions with confusion.

  • Esther: Are you all right?

Mary immediately reacted after hearing this, and although she was still remained suspicious on why that waiter was so strangely behaved, she looked back to her naive little sister.

  • Queen Esther
    Mary: Well, yes, I am all right. Thank you.

Mary then looked at her watch to look for time.

  • Mary: The time of dinner is ready, Esther.
  • Esther: Very well.

Esther then walked with Mary as Mary touched a pistol hidden inside the pocket of her coat.

  • Mary: (think) *If that man is an assassin who dare to harm my friends, I will kill him with no second thoughts.*

Dining Room

Dinner Party

20 minutes later

During the dinner party, it was seemly great, people are talking and chatting together, laughing and shouting, but Esther was lowering her head and bit her lips. Mary Spencer was sitting next to Esther, looking at her plate of salad, and she saw Esther was not in a good mood.

Mary knew people pretended to be happy since everyone here knew that this world is getting towards its doom, and Esther is not someone whose area of expertise is pretending.

  • Tumblr oiwyjkQ0cv1t9k9tyo1 540
    Mary: Esther? What's going on?
  • Esther: Mary...

​Esther turned to Mary with a sigh as she blinked her eyes.

Esther covered her face as Mary start petting her sister's head.

  • MonokumaCake
     Don't worry, everything is going to...

Before she could finish her word, she saw a man in suit, who was pushing a cart, was walking into a dining room and then, she saw a large black-and-white cake on the table.

  • Mary: No...

​She immediately recognized that it was that strange waiter. In fact, this man was disguised by the very same assassin sent by Shinya Banba to do her dirty work.

The waiter stopped before he started to cut a piece of cake. He put the cake into a plate and left it on the cart for a while, but then he opened the cork of his wine bottle and poured everyone a cup of wine. No one had noticed that it was made after the face of Monokuma, a mascot of Ultimate Despair.

A dark grin appeared on his face.

  • Waiter: Ladies and Gentlemen, my superior wants me to send those New Year's gift to all of you, as an apology. He cannot come to the party due to sickness.
Queen Esther thores 161314316
Suddenly, Esther immediately turned to Mary with her eyes widened.
  • Esther: I thought no one is absent!

A sharp scorn had came from the waiter when he looked at Esther as he poured the last cup of whine on the table and placed it back to the table.

  • Mary: Assassin!

Her words immediately caused shock. Without any hesitation, ​Mary immediately stood up and fired numerous shots at the assassin, and yet that assassin did not fell dying due to the necklace he wore had made him unaware of his pain. As everyone looked at that strange man, startled, Mary's eyes widened in horror as she shouted out.

  • Mary: What?!

A moment later, that assassin looked up with a horrid grin. He then immediately grabbed that cake and stuck it into the mouth of one of the guests beside him.

  • Assassin: At first, I want to make you die unknowingly, but now...

As the guards was ready to fire at him, the assassin grabbed a cup of wine and forced one of the guard to drink it. The guest who was forced to swallow the cake was now bleeding in his nose and died on the ground, struggling in pain and agony before he finally fell dying.

  • William Birkin 12
    Esther: That man suffocated him!
  • Mary: Wait! He is not suffocated! He is poisoned!

Then, Mary looked at the bottle of wine as her eyes widened. She immediately realized that the wine was poisoned as well and it was now poured into everyone's cup. Unbeknownst to many, that wine was polluted with the blood of Carl Robinson, with one of the ten syringes were came to use. When that assassin forced the guard to drink the wine, he jumped aside.

  • Assassin: You are right. Both the cake and the wine are poisoned. I wish you all good health!

The guard had to kneel on the ground in pain before he started to transform. To everyone's horror, limbs were distorted and his skin turned sallow. his body became more and more terrifying and monstrous as the crowd yelled in fear. The right arm had swelled and there was an enormous eye on it. Not long afterwards, the guard himself had turned into a horrid monster.

  • 876f8e0336959d62337605578fdd4690
    Mary: RUUUUUN!

The guests screamed in horror after seeing this horrid abomination, and they were all ready to run, but that assassin fired one shot at one of the guests and blew up his head.

  • Assassin: How far you can run? Now, my monster, tear them apart!

The monster immediately roared before it started to attack many guards as they started to fire at it, and some of the guards were brutally torn apart, spilling blood on the wall. The guests soon found themselves trapped since that assassin had all ready locked up the door.


However, just as the assassin began to laugh madly, a voice had came from the place outside of the door.

  • ???: Step away from the door.

The guest fell silent before they stepped away from the door, and the assassin looked at the door, wondering. All of a sudden, a golden light shone at the door before the door suddenly struck by a large golden sword, and the sword cut the door in half. Then, the door burst into flame before revealing a young lady behind the door

It was Maria Arzonia, who was looking for Michael's agents to hunt down. She found the assassin and deduced that he was the assassin from Fallen Roman Catholic Church, and then she managed to storm in. Since she found those guests and participants are just pawns of the Church, she did not plan to kill him. Her only target is that assassin.

  • Maria: Leave them alone!

Maria rushed into the room before she drew her sword and struck the eye on the right arm of that monster. Before the monster could fight back, Maria immediately struck the heart of the monster, killing it instantly. The monster was in fact weak since it was born not long . Then, as the monster fell on the ground, Maria immediately took out a gun from her pocket and pointed at the cup, with the confidence that the poisoned wine won't taint anyone.

  • Maria: It is such a waste on a good red wine, but I have to do this!



In a quick speed, Maria then fired more shots at every single cups, and finally, she shot at the Cabernet bottle on the table, the one that was filled with some blood of Carl Robinson.

The assassin turned back and yelled at Maria.

  • Assassin: I don't care who you are but if you dare to stop me, I will destroy this place with my bomb!

The guests were all frightened after hearing there was a bomb, and some even passed out. However, ​Maria merely scoffed and smirked before she calmly and slowly showed everyone a dismantled bomb.

  • Maria: You mean this one?

The assassin's jaw dropped when he saw the dismantled bomb. Maria dropped the dismantled bomb on the ground like some sort of trash.

  • Maria: Such a low quality... My brothers made many bombs a lot better than yours. Sorry, but you are not a professional terrorist like they was.

The guests were all shocked by the dismantled bomb, and Maria the fired another shot at the knee of that assassin before he fell down from the ground. Then, Maria just immediately jumped towards the midair and kicked the chest of the assassin, before she suddenly saw a black necklace on.

  • Maria: That's...
Sensing some malevolent power inside the necklace, Maria immediately ripped the necklace off from the man, before she finally subdued him and start punching him with all her might. Then, much to everyone's shock, Maria pushed the assassin on the wall before yelling at him.
  • Maria: I just hate people like you! Those freaks like you harmed innocent people and make fun out of their pain. I cannot allow this! I will not allow this!

As Maria was fiercely punching the face of that assassin, the guests were shocked. The guards were shocked. Mary Spencer, who was hugging Esther, could not believe her eyes as well. A guest creeped towards Mary Spencer and whispered to her.

  • Guest: Is punching a criminal legal?

Shocked as well, ​Mary merely shrugged her shoulders since she had no idea what she would do as well.

  • Mary: No, it isn't, but will you dare to step in and tell her that?

As Maria started to attack the assassin with her might, the people around Maria was like frozen in air all of a sudden. Then, Maria grabbed the assassin's collar and dragged him towards her in sheer anger. She asked him in a deep voice.

- Maria: Now, you shameless and cowardly stain! I just want you to answer one question: Who wants you to do this? TELL ME NOW!

Tumblr inline mz2z4yUh5c1rj2wfs
The assassin started to vomit blood as he lay dying. Maria lowered her head and immediately leaned towards the man who was whispering a name.
  • Assassin: Banba...

The assassin's voice was so weak that only Maria could here it, and yet he could not finish speaking the name and then he fell on the ground, dead due to his injuries. Lowered her head and started to realize who the mastermind was, Maria then stood up as several other guards raised their gun at her.

  • Guard: Don't move!

Maria then start playing with her hair slowly while speaking in a calm tone.

  • Maria: Good evening. I mean no harm. I will leave here as soon as possible, but only if you allow Queen Esther Blanchett come here. I have something secret needs to inform her.

The guards looked at each other and looked at Maria once again. Maria merely smiled confidently with no panic.

  • MarySpencer27
    Maria: I am a Spaniard as well.

Then, one of the guards glared at her.

  • Guard: You have five minutes.

Then, the guard turned to Mary Spencer and nodded. With a nervous look, Mary then released Esther from her arms, and Esther walked towards Maria, looking at her nervously. However, Maria immediately curtsied in front of Esther.

  • Crimson rose by davidnightmare-da4jtkg
    Esther: I am sorry, Your Majesty. My name is Maria Arzonia, and I am here to tell you something. Please come closer.

All of the guests there were shocked by Maria's words before Esther walked towards Maria slowly. People started to discussing about this, and Mary Spencer was shocked by what she heard.

  • Mary: Maria Arzonia? The sister of that notorious Arzonia Brothers? She is alive?

Esther then walked towards Maria, who spoke in a voice only they two could hear...

  • Maria: Queen Esther, I am here to tell you that you are not safe here. I haven't get enough time, so I make it short. Your beloved Cardinal Katherine Sforza is in Ukraine...
  • Q.Esther-thores4919494
    Are you kidding?!

​Esther was so shocked and she immediately yelled out, which cause more people's alarm.

  • Mary: Hold your fire!

As the guards was about to fire at Maria, Mary Spencer called out to make them stop. Maria immediately put her own lips beside Esther's ear closer.

  • Maria: Don't be that loud, please. This is a secret. Besides, I am not kidding. Cardinal Sforza is in Ukraine. She is fine. Go and find her alongside your sister, and she can protect you.
  • Esther: The pope can protect me as well.
  • 2333333IIJKLLLL
    Maria: No, not even him. Please, you need to do what I said. Don't tell anyone about your arrangements. Do it quietly.

Maria then jumped from the window. Esther immediately tried to catch Maria, but then she saw Maria opened her wings and immediately flew away like a bird, before disappeared in light. Esther watched at this with awe. Others were astonished as well.

- Esther: I saw an angel...

Just then, the door opened suddenly, and then Pope Michael Langdon, Brothers Petros and Cardinal Aleister immediately stormed into the messy hall, with several holy knights. No one in the scene had an idea that Michael was the one behind all of those dreadful events happened this day... not even Esther.
  • Esther: Your Holiness! Your Holiness...

Esther immediately went towards Michael and hugged Michael. She cried dreadfully and sadly.

  • Esther: Your Holiness, there was... there was an assassin...

​Michael then took a look at the dead man on the floor. His face was full of disgust and dismay.

  • Michael: I know. Esther, did you get hurt?
  • World domination pope kristine by jenazia
    Esther: No, I am not, Your Holiness... Maria Arzonia saved me.


Michael's eyes widened in sheer horror when he heard Maria's name. Despite Maria's previous warning, Esther was too naive and she trusted Michael so much that she told everything to him.

  • Michael: Maria Arzonia?
  • Esther: Yes, and she told me that Cardinal Sforza was still alive and in Ukraine. She wanted me and Mary Spencer to join her in order to keep her safe.

Then, Esther looked at Michael with a naive face like a small child, right before she pointed her own head.

  • Esther: Your Holiness, do you think think Maria had a problem inside a place like this?

Michael was shivering and lowered his head in sheer anger, but then he looked up at Esther.

  • Michael: Don't worry. I am here...

Then, Michael lowered his head with a serious look. His anger immediately consume him once again.

- Michael: Maria Arzonia...

As a devious idea came into his mind, Michael then stood up as he clenched his fist. However, he then spoke another type of words in order to hide his feelings of anger towards Maria.

  • Michael: There is something I almost forgot. When I get back... I will punish Francesco di Medici!


Russian Resistance Base

1 hour later

The crown of thorns02
  • Sforza: They did this?

Laying in her own sick bed, Cardinal Katherine Sforza was holding a small newspaper in her hand and she was so shocked by the headline news that she her eyes widened up twice as big as usual.

  • Sforza: They... they cannot be... I treat them as my daughters, and I cannot forgive this...
  • ???: It is correct, Your Emnisence. I just came back from there. Shinya Banba is behind this attack, and I suspect that Michael was aware of this as well.

At this time, Maria Arzonia was standing in front of Cardinal Sforza with a calm expression.

  • Maria: I am sorry if this is not the news you were expecting when you channeled my soul.

Sforza slowly put the paper on her quilt as Maria continued.

  • Maria: Fortunately, the only causalities there were a guest and some guards, but neither Mary nor Esther was hurt. However, this soon became a news spreading thorughout the town. I apologies if I did not do it quietly.
  • Sforza: Hmm...

Sforza looked at Maria with a smile.

  • Queen Esther
    Sforza: No need, my dear child. You fought bravely. I appreciate your help. However, I am worried about Esther. You think she will keep secret on Michael? She is 100% trusting him.

Maria suddenly widened her eyes as Sforza's head lowered in sadness. Her smile disappered.

  • Sforza: I cannot expect that she relied on Michael so much. She said that she will believe him and tell him everything. She is grateful to him since he raised her.
  • Trinity.Blood.full.89766
    How can such a cruel man raise someone so poor like her?

​Sforza lowered her head and fell into thoughts.

  • Sforza: He had his own purpose, but Esther do not deem Michael cruel. In her mind, he is the kindest man she had ever met. However, I hope things will get better.

​Sforza paused with a helpless sigh.

  • Sforza: Michael at least won't lay a finger on her. Even if Esther may told her to me, I don't think Michael will harm me since I am the protester of Esther. He needs Esther as much as he needs me. Without my minions' pressure, without the AX's pressure, I believe the Neo Inquisition will take over the pope. Noelle Bor is one of them.
Maria then put her hand on her cheeks as she nodded. She was thinking of Esther, and she was worried about Esther. Somehow, Maria deduced that Michael definitely won't spare Esther at all.
  • Maria: I see.

However, as Maria closed her eyes, Esther's face was replaced by that horrid monster. Her face turned more and more serious as the hideous body of that mutated beast became clearer and clearer. That was the product of Carl's blood, combined with Moloch's power of corruption. Therefore, Carl himself shall be a problem if Michael took even more blood from him.

  • 59700372 p0
     Cardinal Sforza, if Esther is nothing to worry about, I think there is only one person we need to worry about - Carl Robinson. So, I do not fancy the idea to make him an ally of ours unless we are prepared for the worse. I saw what his blood could do. I pierced that horrid monster... but if I came late, it won't be easy to deal with.

Putting her hands on her cheek, Maria looked at the cardinal with a cryptic smile on her face. Even so, Sforza knew that Maria pretended to be smiling. Inside Maria's mind, she was horrified, maybe due to what Carl might become in her mind.

  • Sforza: I thought you will agree with me. I saw you two have so much in common.

With a polite smile, Maria nodded her head gently and then shook her head in the same manner.

  • Maria: Yes and no, but I can see what Carl will become if he gone too far. When I chose to become a vigilante, I chose to spare the innocent people and targeted criminals only.
  • 62381495 p0
    Sforza: I can see that.
  • Maria: However, Carl will become a different man. He will slaughter anyone who refuse to be NOT on his side - even including people with neutral alignment - with no mercy.

​Sforza was surprised by Maria's words, despite knowing that is uncertain whether it is out of overreaction or not. Maria paused a bit and, presumably realizing her words had shocked the cardinal, she immediately curtsied in front of the Duchess of Milan.

  • Maria: Your Emnisence, I am not here trying to bother you, but...
  • Sforza: Not at all... and I am fine.

Maria then stood up and sighed in a worry face.

  • Maria: Even so...Trust me, we should keep an eye on him, since he is a hidden bomb. I can sense evil and blood lust inside him, and I am worried that... there would be someone who shall pull the trigger. If the blood of this so-called Firenza Junior shall cause havoc... then Carl can be dangerous as well if he turned against us.
61662337 p2 master1200

Maria did not seemed to joke at all, and Sforza bit her lips while she putting the letter on the table beside her with a sigh.

  • Sforza: Very well, my Angel of Flame, and I believe you are right. However, I called Matt Butcher and Vasilisa to check on Carl's own condition every day, and they said that he had not shown any signs of villainy.

Maria blinked and twitched her eyebrows.

  • Maria: Hmm, I can see that. I am pleased to see you take preventions, but there was still one single problem that was yet to solve.
  • Sforza: You mean...

Maria looked aside and saw no one other than they two were in the room. Therefore, she leaned forward and whispered to the carinal...

    Maria: Beside Carl, Esther shall be another problem as well... despite you believe she shan't.
  • Sforza: Esther?

Hearing this, Sforza almost got out of her sick bed because of her total shock.

  • Sforza: What are you talking about? Carl may have some possibility to become a villain due to his soul and blood being attached to the demons from Hell, but Esther is the girl with purity. I guarded her ever since the beginning of her childhood to her teenage days, and as far as I know, she cannot become our sworn enemy since she is too pure to be that.

​Maria immediately cut in the words; even if she knew that it was unorthodox, she did not want to waste any time on this sheer priority.

  • Maria: And because of her purity, she is naive, and she will be manipulated. One little deceit shall make her hate you, Carl and the entire Catholic Rebels. She is now hating Katarina Couteau simply due to Sister Paula's lie - a lie telling that Katarina Couteau is the villain who tried to kill the current Pope... which is nothing but a lie.
Scathach fate grand order and fate series drawn by suishougensou c6a94e7d5e5bba811f0b9cd450fcf461

Sforza felt that her chest began to become painful once again, but not after she start coughing bitterly, and Maria immediately ran beside Sforza, petting the back of Sforza, who looked at the blood on her hand.

  • Sforza: That wicked slime... She tried to corrupt the girl whom I see her as my own daughter with those blatant lies!

Sforza clenched her own fist and shivered in rage. Maria was horrified since she forgot that Sforza was suffered from her rare disease caused by Croatoan.

  • Maria: Oh, Your Emnisence, I did not mean to say that. I was just...
  • Sforza: No, please, Maria... tell me whatever you know.

​Calmed herself down, Maria sighed and nodded before telling Sforza that how she met Katarina for the first time.

  • Maria: I saw her, I sensed her power across the time, and I tried my best to help her after knowing she was in sheer danger. At that moment, I saw the evil face of Michael Langdon... I mean, Pope Michael... 
Caterina Sforza 2
Sforza's eyes suddenly widened in shock when she heard the words of Maria. Sforza realized that Michael was not in the captive of the KnightWalkers as he claimed. The sheer suspicion now had been proved as an unsettling truth.
  • Maria: He trapped Katarina within a... a shadow realm. It was horrible and unholy, and I tried my best to help her. Apparently, she had come through it.

Hearing all of this, Sforza thought for a little bit longer than usual in order to gather informations. Then, she spoke again.

  • Crimson avenger by slashl-d8bwvij
    Sforza: You mean Katarina Couteau, the Red Haired Demon, had travelled across the time?
  • Maria: Yes, and I was glad that I arrived in time to encourage her.

Just then, Maria lowered her head and started to cry, much to Sforza's shock.

  • Maria: He made me like this... My beauty, my pride, my freedom, my will to purify the world and save the humanity, even my whole life, he took all of them from me...
  • Sforza: My poor child...

​Hearing Maria sobbing, Sforza's tears silently streamed down her own cheeks as well while Maria was crying. Her sad past was still haunting her even if she was freed from the world's cruelty.

  • Some hooded figure
    Maria: He disfigured me... and he might do the same to the entire humanity. He may wants to ruin everything... but he can't have them destroyed!
  • Sforza: You mean Katarina, Esther and Carl?

​Maria stopped crying and nodded with tears on her faces all the while.

  • Maria: They are among many others. He won't touch anyone of them, and I swear that... even though I fail to become a hero when I was alive, I would always help you out of this madness.

Maria's tears start streaming down her cheeks once again as she shivered in horror and sadness.

  • Maria: Please, Cardinal Sforza, build our rebels and call Acqua of the Back to this place, and bring Michael to justice as you vowed in front of my grave...

The cardinal struggled herself to hug Maria in her arms. She sighed sadly.

  • Sforza: So sad to know that you die in such a young age, but I promise that I will carry your spiritual legacy for eternity until the last of my breath.

Just then, the sun began to rise and Maria looked at the outside window after wiping her own tears.

  • Maria: Oh, my, I am sorry, but I was about to leave this place. I have some more things needs to do.
  • Wasirisa0
    Sforza: That is nothing bothering. I will do what you say and I will keep praying on you.
  • Maria: I will be here if situation needed, Cardinal Sforza. Farewell.

Maria smiled before she faded away silently. Just then, the door opened when Vasilisa walked into the door with a lazy smile.

  • Vasilisa: Well, Your Emniece, you kept waking the whole night?

All of a sudden, Sforza looked at Vasilisa with a face with mild anger.

  • Sforza: Vasilisa, I told you that come to me whenever I needed help, but when a ghost presented me a letter with some bad news, I called you and you were not here!
58840803 p0
Hearing this, Vasilisa widened in her eyes with shock.
  • Vasilisa: Uh, what? No way, I did not close my eyes for the whole night, and I kept guarding outside all along. I never heard you said that a ghost was inside the house.
  • Sforza: Are you sure?
  • Vasilisa: Yes, milady, and I swear to God! If I had lied to you, I will become someone as ugly as a toad with no way coming back!
  • Sforza: Hey, stop it!

Sforza immediately put her index finger on Vasilisa's lips while looking at her, interrupting the words of Vasilisa herself.

  • Sforza: Not meant to be rude, but... you must be careful for what you were speaking. Do you understand?

Then, Sforza gently removed her finger from the lips of Vasilisa. Vasilisa then gently bowed to Sforza as an apology.

  • Vasilisa: As you wished, Cardinal.
  • Sforza: Very well, and I guess it is the time to make Esther Blanchett and Mary Spencer to this place.
  • Trinity.Blood.full.105382
    Vasilisa: What?

Vasilisa was shocked by this and she immediately opened her jaw. Sforza looked at her expression with sheer confusion when blinking her eyes.

  • Sforza: What is that suppose to mean? We need to protect them and we must not let anyone to get closer to them.
  • Vasilisa: But they are adoptive family of Michael!

Sforza struggled herself down from the bed, slow and frail, and Vasilisa immediately helped her to get up.

  • Sforza: I believe them. They are not as evil as you thought since they are merely pawns. However, we need to help them before Michael could corrupt them into monsters like him...

Sforza then went closer to Vasilisa's ears and whispered in a deep voice.

  • Sforza: It is apparent that Melancholia had made the blood of Carl Spencer into some kind of toxin which will poison the minds of those innocent children, making them into insane monsters. I suspect that he is about to do these on both Spencer and Esther.
Vasilisa's eyes widened in sheer shock and horror. Sforza remained serious.
  • Vasilisa: No... You mean we need to bring them here?
  • Sforza: Yes, and with haste, since time grows short. Besides, don't let anyone suspicious to get any closer to them, find if there was something suspicious on them in order to prevent assassination.

Sweating, Vasilisa then helped Sforza to sit on a couch.

  • Vasilisa: I will, and I need someone to secretly call them towards our place. Now, you should not get up so suddenly, Cardinal. You need to stay in here and have a rest.

Sforza bit her lips and closed her eyes. She grabbed her chest in pain once again.

  • Sforza: I can never fall asleep until the last remaining piece of war crimes disappeared from this world... until this machine of war ends its functioning. I wish I could do something, but I was too sickly to... *cough*

Vasililsa immediately patted Sforza's back.

  • Vasilisa: Allow me to bring you a cup of water.

Vasilisa then calmly turned back and went away.

Act 4 - Michael's Arrangements


St. Peter's Ballisca

Papal Throne Room

Vatican Cross
Rains had been falling down for a couple of days, and Michael Langdon clenched his fists while looking at the outside. Behind him, there was Francesco di Medici who was forced by several Swiss guards to stand on a chair, looking at the menacing pope for sheer anger. A lasso was tied on his neck.
  • Michael: You must now explain to me what happened in the prison. You should have keep the place guarded properly, giving no hope of intruding the place for the outsiders.
  • RWS Tarot 12 Hanged Man
    Francesco: Uh...
  • Michael: Since Melancholia went to Ukraine to carry on my plan to eliminate the Eastern Orthodox Church... I have no one else to blame but you. Now, look at you... a Hanged Man, representing from death to rebirth. I am going to enjoy the process of kicking the chair under your feet.

In fact, it was inaccurate since the tarot of the Hanged Man was hanged by the ankle instead of the neck, but Michael spoke that out of intentional purpose for sarcasm. Francesco was a bit of terrified and started to shiver in horror.

  • Francesco: Please, Your Holiness... Have mercy.
  • Michael: I give no mercy to FAILURE!

Michael then walked nearer towards Francesco and angrily glared at him.

  • Michael: If you fail me once again, you will die. Now, consider this as a warning.

Michael's face was grimly cold and malicious, and Cardinal Francesco was scared to almost a blink of death. It was now very obvious that Cardinal Francesco was, at heart, nothing more than just a dirty coward.

  • Michael: Now, our chance for turning that poor Firenza Junior to our own side... has lost. How many chances do you think I can present you? NO MORE!

Michael bit his lips and turned back, never want to look at the cardinal again.

  • Michael: Release him and dismissed. ALL OF YOU, LEAVE.

Brother Petros beside the pope went to release the cardinal and escorted him back to the prison, and now only Michael was in the papal throne room. Michael clenched his fist and hit the throne with it.

  • Michael: NO!!!

In sheer frustration, Michael grabbed a golden chalice on his table and smashed it on the ground. The chalice bounced for several times and then rolled on the ground before it stopped. Michael then turned to the magical screen he had just created, showing all the events in Aldegyr Kingdom.

Feeling pain in his chest, Michael immediately coughed blood out of his mouth. He quickly cleaned his hand and lips whilst looking at the screen with sheer malice.

  • Michael: I know this is you, Katarina Couteau! Only you dare to defy me! Only YOU will become something like this! 

Michael's mental state was becoming more and more unstable, and he often bursted into a violent rage whenever he thought of his enemies, especially Katarina Couteau.

  • Rey491px-Crimson Avenger Alternate (3)
    Michael: You and all of your dreadful friends are my curse! You make an alliance with Ichabod Crane in order to foil my plan as a whole! You caused a scar on my body that shall never cease! You just want to make this whole boring world spin around you! I am going to bury you with my own hand! Death! DEATH!!!

All the while he was yelling in agony, Michael started to bump his head on the wall beside his throne, at first in a slower rate. Then, he bumped his head faster, faster and faster before he roll down from his throne, crying and yelling in sheer agony...

However, Michael then stopped yelling and stood up. He slowly walked towards the chalice on the ground with his staff, like a frail old man.

  • Michael: At least La Folia was dead now, and I enjoy your sorrow and your sheer sadness coming from your mourn! Ha, now you shall pay for this...

Michael then grabbed the chalice once again from the floor before smashing it towards the door, but just then a Swiss guard came into the room, and the chalice hit his head. The guard immediately fell on the ground and lost his consciousness.

La Folia Rihavein A

Michael was surprised by this and he immediately went towards the door outside. He knew that the Swiss guard was about to bring him some news.

  • Michael: What is it? I thought there won't be anymore news after La Folia was slain.

The Swiss guard curtsied himself in front of the pope as a sign of respect.

  • Guard: You Holiness, we found Noelle Bor and was trying to capture her. As for Carl Robinson, he disappeared somehow and we are still trying to track him down.

Michael was not pleased, not at all. He went forward a bit... before he raised his staff and start beating the guard with all his might and sheer anger.

  • Pkpkkjjjkik
    Michael: I don't want processes! Give me results!

​Just then, Michael stopped beating the guard and leaving the latter shivering on the ground. Just as Michael prepared to leave, he heard the guard's weak voice.

  • Guard: However, Your Holiness, our teams and agents were trapped due to billions of demons which was now invading the entire globe, slowing down the progress!
Hearing this, Michael turned back and faced the guard with alarm and shock on his face. Then, he immediately gave a final blow to the guard at his head, beating him unconscious almost immediately.
  • Michael: Demons? Demons around the... globe?

Rolling his eyes, Michael turned back with a smile, a smile that was both horrid and gruesome. Michael was staying in Vatican for too long so that he was not able to renew his current information, but soon Michael realized something astonishing was about to happen in this world.

  • Michael: (think) * Interesting... and who can summon an army of demons, billions of them, and spread them around the globe? Finally, I must use this ability once again to see the present and the near future.*

Michael then closed his eyes and feel the wind howling beside him. In his vision, he soon found a young woman with white hair were fighting against several people in the sky high above the land of Aldegyr Kingdom, much to his surprise. The young woman was also holding a magic book which she used to summon demons. He also saw Jellal Fernandes and Katarina Couteau heading towards the scene as well.

  • Emperor Tathagata Killer123
    Hmm, what happened in Aldegyr Kingdom? I sensed war... I sensed death... The army of both Peace Foundation and Godom Empire were approaching to this place, alongside the forces of... 
    Ratatoskr. What exactly is that Emperor Tathagata Killer thinking? I don't think it would be his idea to invade Aldegyr with such a mighty army. Hmm, fortunately, this World War III has no secrets in front of me. After so much "we" have shared, I know it all... for now... apart from her.
Anime Alessandro normal Trinity Blood 20-028
Michael did not know who the young woman was at first, but he soon recognized Katarina who was about to become the one among the many that joined forces against that young woman.
Tumblr m5d7odqQv61rrcgm2o5 1280

​Speaking the name of those former KFP members one by one, Michael then paid more attention to the white-haired girl who summoned the demons. He then saw Azul Jissele, the blue-haired girl whom he desired to captured, bellowed at the white haired woman.

  • Azul: And you call yourself an angel?! You summoned demons to do your dirty work! You're a Fallen Angel! It means that you're the same thing as demons! You're delusional! You don't want to create a new race or rule the world to a new peaceful era! You just want to make humans suffer for all eternity and rewrite this planet according to your image! You keep saying that you want to wipe out humans because they're sinners but you just say that to hide your true desires! This is what you want? Kanon Rihavein! No! Heis!
59241956 p3 master1200
Michael bit his lips as he heard the name "Kanon Rihavein" and he almost fell on the floor with shock, but then Michael remained his position after calming himself down. He looked at the Fallen Angel who was conversing with Azul in a lazy smile.
  • Michael: No, that is not Kanon... or that WAS Kanon, but Kanon is kind of dead. If Azul interpreted it right, that woman is Heis. Who is this Heis? Even the blue-haired heroine who defeated Scathach had to ally with so many in order to fight her?

Being someone who was thirst for knowledge, Michael was impressed, shocked and felt curious as he kept delved into that secret within this strange and mysterious Fallen Angel. Michael did not pay attention on the fight, since he only wanted the truth. Then, something yellow like a envelope appeared in front of his eyes. Michael was stunned in shock as he saw a vision once the envelope appeared.

The Human Instrumentality Project
  • Michael: What is that?!

Michael's Vision

Scenes from LOTM: Sword of Kings AA 2nd Season - La Folia's Death (Sword of Kings "Film")

  • Kanon: Eckidina? I'm not the one who started World War III, she is the one who started that. Speaking in World War III, we will continue neutral in this war? In a modern war, there is no neutral country, some nation will invade us for sure if we keep quiet like this. They will see us as easy targets. 

Aldegyr Kingdom map

King Lucas crossed his arms.
  • King Lucas: It's OK. Several organizations are after La Folia Rihavein. If some of these groups returned her back to our country, we will join them as their allies as a reward. There are many nations asking for our support since we have one of the most powerful military in the world. This is a advantage for becoming a communist country.

Kanon smiled. She was happy to hear they would join the war. Kanon always dreamed about testing her military in real battlefields and that was best opportunity for her to start a war. She wants to show to the world the power of her kingdom.

  • Kanon: Fufufufu. I see... However, daddy, I made my own contact... With Novosic Kingdom. I asked some thing of them in exchange of our support. Then... For how long you're watching us... Sonia Nevermind?
59604576 p0 master1200

Kanon noticed someone watching them from behind. Her father looked back in panic searching for that person. Curiously, Kanon noticed that person without looking back. The person who was watching them was hide behind of the entrance door. 

  • Sonia: Oh my...

And the one who was there was Sonia Nevermind... So many stories were around that beautiful blonde girl. Sonia was the Princess of Novosic Kingdom, the one signed the treaty to join the KnightWalker Alliance and put Novosic Kingdom in war. Also, she is Jack the Ripper of 21st Century, the serial killer that killed more than 110 people in Tenguu City in the most brutal ways as possible. 

Sonia wearing a white princess dress, it was extremely sophisticated. Her eyes were red to symbolize that she is part from Ultimate Despair, a terrorist organization founded by Junko Enoshima and Mukuro Ikusaba.

Sonia left from behind the door and entered in the hall. Sonia smiled like a normal girl despite her dark aura. It wasn’t because of the air conditioning in the hall, but for some unknown reason, at the moment King Lucas saw that girl, he felt as if the temperature had dropped several degrees.

  • Sonia: I'm back, Kanon.

Kanon turned around and saw Sonia Nevermind walking towards her and her father. With every step she took, the torturous feeling of Lucas was growing.

  • Kanon: Shut up! You broke our treaty! You sent your troops to our borders without permission! It's not like I care for the civilians who were killed. I don't care about our civilian losses! I care about our military losses! Every single men and drones in our army will be a good sacrifice for my reign.

Kanon looked at Sonia in rage because that princess sent her drone troops to the borders of Aldegyr Kingdom.

  • Sonia: I just wanted your resources. But girl, the women from this kingdom are amazing. White haired, blue eyes... My men will love them. Anyway, I complete our treaty. You give me half of your women if I give you our best technology. And it's here.

Sonia put an heavy folder-shaped compartment on the throne.

Kanon smiled... Some weeks ago, Kanon from Aldegyr Kingdom made a treaty with Sonia Nevermind from Novosic Kingdom. Novosic Kingdom was creating one of the most powerful weapons in the world, a weapon able to turn mere humans in Artificial Angels.

  • Kanon: So you brought it... Let me see it.
The Human Instrumentality Project

Kanon moved forward to the throne and stopped in front of that compartment. Sonia stood up in the same place and just watched with a serious expression.

Kanon opened the compartment and a bright light covered the hall. Lucas walked towards Kanon and saw something inside.

  • King Lucas: This is... IMPOSSIBLE! Sonia Nevermind! This thing is...


  • SoniaHuman Purifier! The most powerful weapon created by humans! With this, you can turn your humanity in a Divine Being.
  • Kannon kanase
    King Lucas: This thing can turn humans in Angels. Angels created by science?
  • Sonia: Exactly. Just like the Magi-Tech created by USA, that is magic created by science, this Project is what you can call Key to Heavens. Be grateful, with this your daughter can become a TRUE Goddess. Not really, she will be an angel but will be the strongest being on this planet. Not even Magicians and Cyborgs will be able to fight her. Also that... Unknown beings called Black Demons ... I don't know about them.
Tumblr n61psxE8Av1twd5eko1 1280

Kanon took the Human Purifier in her hands and smiled insanely.

  • Kanon: Daddy... IF our allies capture my sister in Japan... Please, let me use my power in her friends and allies. We need show an example to those who defy us.

Kanon said that while looking at the project.

  • King Lucas: It's ok.


  • Mistress-roughly-kicks-hentai-slave
    Kanon: Hmm. Japan, right? I've the feeling I'll see you very soon... Big sis... By the way, Sonia, you fulfilled our treaty. The Human Purifier for 5,000,000 of our women. You can even choose them.

Sonia smiled like a true princess hiding her heartless heart. Kanon and Sonia were far away from being saints. 

However, Kanon was confused with Sonia's request. Kanon looked at Sonia in her eyes.

  • Kanon: But I'm really confused. Sonia, Aldegyr Kingdom has many types of weapons, drones, Cyborgs, lands, foods, technology... But why you want women from 16-years old to 30 years-old? Also, 5,000,000 of them...


Sonia started to walk away. She replied Kanon's question without looking back.
  • Sonia: As the Princess of my kingdom, I've to solve problems from my military. In other words, to fulfill their wish, if I do this, they'll get more loyal to me. Humans put their trust and faith in people who do their expectations. Like a kid doing good things for their parents in exchange of candies...


  • Kanon: I don't understand... Can you say that to me more clearly?
  • Sonia: Kanon Rihavein. There are things in this world you should never discover... Like the human nature and their lust.


Michael clenched his fist as he shivered in pure rage, but then he controlled his feelings. In fact, he began to think that the Human Purifier - which Sonia named it - was not outrageous. In fact, it was interesting.
  • Michael: Sonia Nevermind, you are such a undying cockroach... You defied me during my process in Sleepy Hollow, and now still you are undying, still. In this critical time, you just back stabbed me with this! Oh, as for Kanon Rihavein, what an unstable affiliation she had, and it can say that she had no affiliation at all. Never mind, since the boat was made, I will not let it sink... even if this boat is made for destroying this whole world. You are just doing what I wished, Heis. You are unintentionally benefiting my plan.

Michael was a pure nihilistic man who does not even value his own life and as long as his plan went on well, he would gladly accept death itself with dignity. Michael then turned his eyes away from the battle against Heis and began to delve deep into more near future with full of greed.

Then, he saw a twisted face of a pale-faced demon that was grinning coldly to him. In fact, Michael had figured out that face did not belong to a man. It belonged to a mad man.
  • Michael: Greeting, gentleman. I think your name is Conti, right?

The demon did not answer since he was merely a vision. As the vision of Conti faded away, Michael always trusted a demon ally and he was waiting to meet this demon one day - as well as the force he worked for, but Michael knew it was not the right time. Michael looked at the clock beside him and sighed with a smile.

  • Blood moon by koobazz
    Michael: Time killing is over. I believe it is the right time now, and...

Michael then summoned the floating mirror which would reach the past and contact someone who was related or once related to him, whether they are his allies or enemies. Now, Michael wanted to contact none other than Atticus Nevins. The Blood Moon Wicked Pendant started to glow on the chest of Michael as he concentrated himself on the mirror. Michael knew it was just the accurate time for him to contact Nevins since he needed time to wait until Nevins was revived. Soon, the face of Nevins appeared on the magical mirror, who looked at him with confusion.

  • Atticus Nevins-SHS3
    Michael: Long time no see, Atticus.

Nevins was surprised to see Michael's face. Nevins was one of the few people who knew Michael's true identity under his disguise, and so he recognized him immediately.

  • Nevins: Where have you been?

With bewilderment, Michael blinked his eyes as if Nevins was talking to air itself.

  • Michael: Where have I been? Well, Atticus, I am sorry since I was defeated by Katarina and forced to retreat back to my era. However, I am overseeing your conditions for days and now, you are finally revived. You should thank me about that since I was the one who brought the corpse to our Master. By the way, how was the things.
Nevins looked at Michael with confusion on his face.
  • Nevins: I had just left the house of Colin Van Bilj. He seemly drove for Boston to get the flag made by Betsy Ross.

Hearing this, ​Michael swayed his hand as if he was trying to swat a mosquito.

  • Michael: Nah, that was futile. He was such a dimwit, since the flag of Betsy Ross was never inside the house of Paul Revere. Someone placed a fake one inside the house of Revere to hide the genuiue one. I know, and yet... Colin won't get it quite so suddenly. I bet Ichabod Crane and Abigail Mills would be on their way there as well, and Colin would lurk there waiting for them. That is all I deduce.

Michael then looked at Nevins, who had brought back to life just some minutes ago.


Scenes from LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow Horsemen Saga - Followers of Pale Horse


Colin lowered his head and bowed again.

  • Colin: Yes, Master, I will do what would made you pleased.

Then, Colin went to a table and grabbed a magic grimoire on his table, which belonged to his sister, Christine. Colin walked forward towards the corpse before placing the pendant in his hand on Nevins' chest, and then he opened the grimoire in his hand with a serious look. His eyes narrowed in sheer malice as he started to spoke the spell.

  • Colin: All shall die but death itself. All shall stop but time itself. Now, all those rules shall be defied. Hear my calling and bring forth the glory of us in the name of MOLOCH himself! Rise above the line between life and death... Atticus Nevins!

A twisting wind had occurred outside and the moon was covered by the cloud once again, and the round moon itself began to turn redder once again but it was very brief before it turned back to white once again. However, Colin was not aware of it. He looked at the corpse on the ground as Moloch slowly faded away. The pendant on Nevins' chest started to shine in gold.

- Colin: Now, I summon you... to rise! Come and see...


Nevins slowly opened his eyes as Colin finished his spell, and he slowly stood up as his wounds caused by Katarina slowly faded. He seemed confused so he looked around before turning back to Colin, who was looking at him.

  • Colin: The Master has a new purpose for all of us, Mr. Nevins. He made me brought you back in order to serve us once again if you will.

Standing up as the pendant fell on the ground and its aura faded, Nevins looked around and blinked his eyes with full of confusions.

  • Emerald Eye DCAU
    Where am I? Am I in Heaven... or am I in Hell?
  • Colin: Neither, Mr. Nevins, you are in Sleepy Hollow. I brought you back so that you can serve our Master once again, but that does not mean you have to obey me. To you, I am not a pushy person.

Nevins slowly stepped back a bit since he still tried to overcome the strange feelings of coming back to life. Just as he was about to say something, the pendant started to shine in gold once again as it started to float in the midair. Then, with its aura turning into light green, it turned into an eyeball and floated in front of Colin.

  • Colin: What is the...

Before Colin could continued, the eyeball turned into dusts in green light and disappeared. However, Colin soon fell something was inside his empty right eye socket. He felt itchy and immediately took off his eye-patch, but just then, he felt that his once empty eye socket, which once could only "see" nothing but pure black darkness, had seen some blurry visions. Soon, the vision became much clearer. Colin was a bit of excited and wickedly smiled.

  • Colin: Yes, yes, I... I can see... I can see!

Colin then turned to Nevins, as the latter was still looking at him with a confused face.

  • Colin: Mr. Nevins, it was apparent that the act of helping you had helped myself as well, and now I know we both have people to hate. I do not know who killed you, but I wish you can kill them just as how I desired to kill those who made me lose Trenton once again... but not an easy task.

Covered his face in frustration, Colin fell into thoughts as he remembered his disgraced past.



Nevins heard all of those things and his gaze widened. Michael was not presented in Sleepy Hollow, but he had some instinct that was accurate, even like an oracle. It is unknown, though, if Michael was able to look through the future of his own.

  • Nevins: You mean...
  • Michael: Yes, you don't need to do anything to take down the Witnesses. Just make Colin to clean their mess. However, I was interested that whether you managed to get the fresh blood sample of a Van Bilj family member - especially Christine Van Bilj - in order to proceed to the next part.

Putting the Grand Grimoire on his knees after sitting on a chair, Michael looked at Nevins playfully, and Nevins slowly lowered his head and sighed.

  • Nevins: No, I did not. Colin refuse to cooperate with me... with us.
  • Michael: I know he won't.

Hearing this, Nevins suddenly blinked his eyes with blank astonishment.

  • Hungary.full.1598623
    Michael: The time is not yet to come, and it needs patience to wait until you can gain the witch blood from Christine.
  • Nevins: I see, and what about you?

​Michael calmly let out a smug smirk.

  • Michael: I had gained the blood of the son of Duke Firenza with ease, and I hope you can achieve the same. After I burn this lame future into ash, I will return and help you in our next step to destroy the Witnesses and have my revenge complete. However, since for now, I am stuck in here, I need to do something a lot more creative.

Soon it was clear that Michael was currently removing the events of the past and manipulate the newly-formed crises of Blood Moon Witches, and he was also taking part in the plan of Van Bilj siblings in order to find a chance to back-stab them once they outlived his usefulness.


However, at this time, Michael seemed to know something, and he tried to gave a hint to Nevins just for sheer fun.

  • Michael: By the way, do you REALLY think that Christine was back from the dead?

Nevins looked at Michael with confusion in his eyes, and he shrugged his shoulders.

  • Nevins: Why not? You don't believe it?

Michael's smile went wider and he shook his head in a playful attitude.

  • Mckey mary-eunice 9763
    Michael: People love mystery.

Michael went silent for a while before he immediately went serious once more.

  • Michael: Oh, by the way, well, since I had connect myself with the time of yours, I am able to see a little thing that might be our setbacks.

Noticing the change on Michael's expressions, Nevins immediately leaned forward and curiously looked at Michael.

  • Nevins: What is it?
  • Michael: Sister Mary Eunice is heading towards the Trout Lake, beside the fishing cabin of the late August Corbin - trust me, he is dead now - in order to thwart the plan of Van Bilj siblings. I don't want you protect the hive. I want you to capture her.

Nevins was satisfied when he heard Corbin was dead, and he nodded with a satisfying smile. Then, he heard the orders of Micheal.

  • MV5BMTU2MTk1MDczNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTI1MjE1OQ@@. V1 SX640 SY720
    Nevins: Very well, and I will do what I said.

Just as Nevins was about to leave, Michael stood up and called at him.

  • Michael: Atticus, wait a minute.

Nevins turned back to Michael with confusions in his eyes.

  • Nevins: What is it?

Michael coughed to clear his throat and then he spoke in a slow and deep voice.

  • Michael: After the mission was accomplished, call your Hessian minions and hunt down the artifact that you were looking for. Jennifer Mills knew where it is, and you must take her to the Master before using the artifact to summon a horde of demons out from Hell as we originally planned. Also, contact the Horseman of War when the situation needed, please.
  • Nevins: I understand, Mr. Langdon.

Michael smirked deviously in pure satisfaction.

  • Michael: Remember, Katrina Crane is the key part to our plan. The Master would be glad to arrage more on her in order to take down Crane with the woman he loved most as a bait, before we start to break the second seal.

Nevins then nodded once again.

  • Nevins: What about Abigail Mills.

Hearing this, Michael's face began to twitch once again. His smile became more and more twisted.

  • Michael: She... will... be... ours.

Nevins did not want to seek out what Michael got in the store since the latter was someone who would keep his secrets, but his curiosity began to accumulate, which prompted him to asked one more question.

  • Nevins: By the way, what are you worrying about?

Michael's lips began to turn back into a straight line and became serious once more.

  • Michael: Do you want to know why I am trying to gain the blood from Christine Van Bilj and Carl Robinson in the same time? I did this on purpose. I need to make sure that the Croatoan Virus would spread across the world, and since the only cure of original virus was the water from Roanoke...I need to enhance the virus.

​Nevins crossed his arms with doubts.

  • Nevins: Are you sure about this?
  • CroatoanVirus
     Yes, I am. The human's next evolution will be Croats, numerous horrible mutant zombies with no minds of themselves and only walked shambling like a living dead, a perfect army for... Who do you think he is?

With a smug smirk, Michael then looked at Nevins who immediately thought for a while before deducing the answer right in front of Michael.

  • Nevins: The Horseman of Conquest.
Conquest 1

Michael nodded with the smirk smile unchanged on his egotistic face.

  • Michael: Then, there will be three Horsemen to go. I haven't figure out how to recreate the great hunger in Jamestown in order to summon the Horseman of Famine, but I think that would be great to do so.

​Michael's smile suddenly faded and he lowered his head in sadness. Nevins noticed this immediately.

  • Nevins: I suppose we are not just talking about the Four Horsemen, right?
  • Joan.of.Arc.(Fate.Apocrypha).full.2047687
    Michael: No, we are not.
  • Nevins: Is there anything else you want to share with me?

​Michael slowly nodded with an emotionless face.

  • Michael: By now, I am worried about my apprentice, Melancholia, who still had some positive quality of Plasir that strained her own determination to commit whatever I told her to do. I know she was loyal to me, but it seemed that she was becoming unstable. Therefore, I planted a soul fragment inside her to drive her insane, so that she would be a zealous man loyal to me, with her good counterpart being broke down.

Nevins then crossed his arm once again to look at Michael, and Michael realized that he had talked too much.

  • Michael: In the end, I think that is all for now. I will find a solution myself. You just do what I told you and we shall discuss this once there are needs of discussions. Bon voyage, Atticus.
Anime Alessandro XVIIIth416546

Michael then sat back to his seat as he closed his palm, making the mirror disappeared. Michael was mildly disappointed and his eyes looked forward while holding the staff of his very tight inside his hand.

Just then, Michael realized that the time itself flied when he used the power to contact to the past.

  • Michael: It must be...

Michael then took a closer look at the clock beside him. An hour had passed after his talk with Nevins and the vision traveling. The guard Michael had beaten down had already dead due to his injuries.

Black hole on earth by pluty99-d45qb8w

Just then, Michael felt the earth was shaking and he immediately sat still on his chair. The chamber itself was about to shake violently. Michael, however, sat still on his chair.

  • Michael: Is this the end of world? Well, this is much, much quicker than I have expected... but it is amazing.

In fact, the end of the world itself started to begin right in the middle of Michael's conversation between him and Nevins, and Michael still sat still even if the entire church was about to collapse.

  • Michael: Hmm... it must be a sign...
Strike The Blood screenshot 0492

Michael closed his eyes as he felt that the power was slowly tearing the world apart... and then he smiled as he felt the immense power.

  • Michael: So, is this the power coming from that Fallen Angel who was born from the body of Kanon Rihavein?

At this time, Michael would be glad to realize that Kanon was in fact like a dead person when her body was taken over by a stronger and more malicious dark entity.

Tumblr o0a5ah3GQD1tnj6rvo1 500

Then, in surprise, Michael felt that his power was rising once again and the wound on his chest slowly healed.

  • Michael: It was the chaos... The chaos and fear caused by Heis' power... It is curing me! It is giving me more power!

Michael excitedly aroused and clenched his fist with sheer excitement. He was now feasting on the fear and horror of humanity caused by Heis' power during her battle against Katarina and the Rouges.

  • Michael: Yes, yes, that's it. The chaotic power is surging through my cells, and as long as there was chaos, there will be me.

Soon, the entire earth was about to be tear apart when Heis started to unleash more of her power after turning into... her demon form. At this time, every heroes that allied with Katarina were batting against this powerful Fallen Angel, whereas Michael simply closed his eyes with apathy as the whole world was about to be tear apart.

LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow

Horsemen Saga

Season 2 - Death Arc

Tie-in Spin-Off: Firenza Junior

Episode 15.5 - In the Name of Saints

Episode 1.5 of Season 2

To be continued...

Act 5 - MAD - Star and Co-star (Homage) - PART 1

A homage of an old comedy drama

From 1982 CCTV Spring Festival Gala

Formerly portrayed by Chen Peisi & Zhu Shimao

With Acqua of the Back as the "star" (the role of Zhu Shimao)

And Terra of the Left as the "co-star" (the role of Chen Peisi)

Some parts have alterations

Part 1 of 2

Despair Arc spoilers ahead...

Index v16 091
Acqua of the Back was standing behind the stage, but then he heard Terra of the Left, while coming towards him with a KnightWalker Family suit, was shouting at him.
  • Terra: This is not right!
  • Acqua: What?
  • Terra: This costume is not mine!
  • Acqua: It is yours.

​Terra's eyes widened as he continued to complain.

  • Terra: I doubt you brought the wrong coat...
  • Acqua: I never is mistaken.
  • Terra: Let me take a look at yours.

​Terra tried to look at the coat of Acqua, but was rebuked by Acqua at once.

  • Acqua: Don't you look at my coat. This is your coat.
  • Terra: No, it's not!
  • Acqua: You are a TURNCOAT!

Hearing this all of a sudden, ​Terra was both shocked and confused by Acqua's words, so shocked that he stepped back for one pace.

At this time, ​Terra start biting his nails in sheer blind frustration.

  • Terra: Impossible, aren't we both the members of the Right Seat of God?
  • 43b3350b08b3d9fc73b316370854cf89
    Yeah, but don't you ever forget that you became a traitor long ago in The Corbin Files to help the Ultimate Despair scums!

​Terra the chuckled in embarrassment.

  • Terra: Oh, yes... I forgot.
  • Acqua: Now, let us have a rehearsal of the fifth part of the 45th episode.
  • Terra: The fifth part? Which is?
  • Acqua: At first, you tried to make me to surrender to Junko...
  • Terra: Right, right, right...

​Acqua's eyes narrowed.

  • Acqua: ... before I hacked you to your death.

​In shock, Terra's eyes widened once again and his eyes turned white like a dead fish.

  • Terra: How can the screenwriters write such a pack of nonsense?
  • Acqua: What nonsense?
  • Terra: I should portray a very well member of God's Right Seat, right?
  • Acqua: Yet you only had two lines prior to your betrayal.
  • Terra: But I still had the nice feelings of being your own comrade, especially while saying, "Fiamma of the Right, the enemy is right in front of us!" Right?

​Acqua's eyes narrowed and shrugged his shoulders. He was clearly not amused.

  • Acqua: This line was cut.

​Hearing this words, Terra scrubbed his head and smiled in utter embarrassment.

  • AcquaoftheBack
    Right, indeed it was cut, but that was unfair. I should have another line which is much more like a grandeur piece of work.
  • Acqua: Which is?
  • Terra: "I was caught by the KnightWalkers, suffering from brutal torture. You say if I could hold back my fear..."

​Acqua glared at Terra with utter confusion.

  • Acqua: Hmm?
  • Terra: "If I could held back my pain, I would have go through all of this!" Right?

​Acqua nodded when he realized the underbelly of Terra's words.

  • Acqua: And then you became a hero, right?
  • Index v14 007 Textless
    Terra: Exactly!

With a poker face, ​Acqua crossed his arm with annoyance in both of his eyes...

  • Acqua: What about me?
  • Terra: Uh, well, um... Look, we can alter the script before Despair Arc come to an release.
  • Acqua: How?

With a embarrassing smile while looking at Acqua, ​Terra had a noticeably large drop of sweat coming down right from his forehead...

  • Terra: That, um, Acqua, you... you are such a noble English, a man with honor, a friend in need... Thus, you are a friend indeed! My friend, now would you please do me a favor for once?
  • Acqua: I can help with anything you ask.

​Terra sighed and smiled in relief.

  • Terra: Um, okay, please be a turncoat on behalf of me...

Hearing this, ​Acqua was shocked, offended and enraged.

  • Index v18 327
    Acqua: What? What!? On behalf of you?
  • Terra: If you disagree, I will give you my silk costume and I wear your old cotton suit instead...

​Terra tried to change clothes with Acqua, but Acqua simply pushed him away.

  • Acqua: Out of the question! I am the hero, you know! A star!

With a sigh in disappointment, ​Terra brushed the sweat from his head and shrugged his shoulder.

  • Terra: You see, this is simple. All you want is to make me a co-star for you.
  • Acqua: All right, let us begin.

After saying that, ​Acqua turned back and immediately went on the stage. Some audiences were clapping their hands while Terra was still complaining in an angry face at the back of stage.

  • Terra: Stop being so prideful, my pal! To tell the truth, I am going to show you the right way for a true actor right on stage!

Acqua went to the middle of the stage as Terra stood by the right side of the stage.

- Acqua: Ready? And action!

Terra profile

As Acqua was on the stage ready for his magic attack, Terra ran towards the stage.


Seeing Terra, ​Acqua stopped his attempt to attack. He glared at Terra with anger.

  • Acqua: Huh... It is you, wretch.
  • Terra: It is me!

​Terra yelled with sheer ego before leaned forward, becoming very close to Acqua.

  • Img1433866059
    Step back.

​Terra pretended to be unawared.

  • Acqua: Hey, I say step back!

Still, ​Terra never moved at all. Acqua was furious and pushed Terra farther than the place he stood.

  • Terra: Why should I?
  • Acqua: 'Cause you're a co-star!

​Terra glared with Acqua with a scornful expression and stepped back reluctantly.

  • Junko64
    It is you... wretch.
  • Terra: Call me the superior!
  • Acqua: Insolent! Tell me... Is that you who brought my enemies on this hill?

​With a nervous expression, Terra immediately change into a smiling face. He walked to Acqua and grabbed his arm. Then, Terra pulled Acqua and caused Acqua turned his back to the audience.

  • Terra: Um, hehehe... Acqua, Junko-san let me send a message to you. If could surrender to the KnightWalker Alliance, you--

However, ​Acqua suddenly found something was wrong and interrupted Terra.

  • 20140427211853156
    -- Wait a minute! What happened? Why is my back facing the audience?
  • Terra: How should I know? ... (=_=) |||

Looking at Terra with a red face, ​Acqua was angry.

  • Acqua: You stood at the wrong place!
  • Terra: Then where should I stand?
  • Acqua: Just here!

​Acqua used his sword to draw a blue circle on the stage. Like a child who did not receive a gift from Santa in Christmas, Terra had his eyes widened in dismay, disbelief and shock once again.

  • Terra: Only this big?
  • Acqua: How big do you want?

Acqua glared at Terra sarcastically. With no alternative choice, Terra had to stand in the circle... before raising his right leg. He stood in the circle with only his left leg and now he was like some sort of ballet dancer.

  • Terra: Very well. Big enough.

Acqua was stunned in shock and dismay. Then, with no choice, Acqua had to erase the small circle and drew a bigger circle. Terra then put his right foot back on the ground.

  • Index v16 006-007
    Acqua: All right, stand in this circle.
  • Terra: Very well, here for sure?
  • Acqua: Indeed.

Terra nodded in satisfaction.

  • Terra: Good, and I will stand here. Whatever you say.

Acqua then turned back to his position until he heard Terra mumbling behind him.

  • Terra: Never mind. Even though I was trapped in this circle, I would still take over his role.

Acqua immediately turned back in anger.

  • Acqua: Wait! What? What did you say?

Sensing Acqua's anger, Terra immediately changed his expression and his tone.

  • Terra: I mean I would cooperate the scene well as long as I don't go out of this area.
  • Acqua: Huh, well, okay.

- Acqua: And Action!

Terra ran near Acqua once again and made a stop inside the blue circle, and while speaking, he was behaving very wary to avoid himself from leaping out from the edge of circle.

  • Acqua profile
    Terra: Acqua, don't shoot! It's me! Heh-heh, look, it's me!
  • Acqua: Ah, it is you, wretch... Tell me...

Acqua looked at Terra as the latter cleaned the dust on his coat, much to Acqua's annoyance.

  • Acqua: Is that you who brought my enemies on this hill?

​Terra pretended to be deaf...

  • Acqua: Did you brought-- Look at me!

​Acqua grabbed Terra's collar in fury.

  • Terra&Acqua
    Acqua: LOOK AT ME!
  • Terra: You made me out of the circle...
  • Acqua: Out of the question - Did you brought my enemies in front of me?

​Terra continued to ignore Acqua. To Acqua' s fury, Terra used a towel to rub his own shoulders.

  • Acqua: You're taking a shower?

​Terra put the towel inside his pocket while answering.

  • Terra: I added my own part of this so that, well, I could start brushing my sweat.
  • Acqua: You cannot make such an unlawful move!

​Hearing this, Terra was annoyed.

  • Terra: Why not?
  • Acqua: If you moved like that, the audience will all look at you instead of me!

​Terra bit his lips and spoke in dismay.

  • Terra: Huh, you may care about my behavior, but no one actually cares whether the entire audience would look at you...

​Acqua was stunned in speechlessness and he covered his face with his palm.

  • Acqua: Terra, you don't know just how much of those advantages you have!
  • Terra: How could I never know myself?
  • Terra Novel
    Acqua: Look at all of your advantages, they are all on your face. Just let everyone have a look.

​The two then turned to the audiences.

  • Terra: Everyone take a look, huh.
  • Acqua: Look at his eyes, his nose and his entire forehead. Someone like him may only appear once several millenniums!

​Terra rubbed his head with a smile.

  • Terra: Uh, I am flattered...
  • Acqua: A man with a face like you, well, may portray many people like a thief or a robber, an illegal salesman, a rascal or a thug... only by standing at one place without a single spoken word!

​Hearing that he could only portray someone like a robber or a rascal, the once out-and-proud Terra began to fell sad and frustrated.

  • Terra: Am I such a thing that came out once several millennium?
  • Acqua: Well, you are not a thing.

​Acqua tried to explain this but Terra misunderstood this.

  • The Terra of the Left
    Terra: What? You meant I was not even a thing?
  • Acqua: Well, I mean you are a thing...
  • Terra: (angrier) What kind of thing am I?!

​Acqua immediately waved his palms.

  • Acqua: No, I mean someone like you may portray a character simply by standing straight in an area.
  • Terra: Like what? You mean like a wire pole? Is that simple?
  • Acqua: A wire pole would be fine.

​Surprised, Terra's eyes widened in excitement and he grinned with happiness. He once thought it was very hard to achieve the acting but now it won't be necessary to worry about it any longer.

  • Terra: Really? Then the performing shall be very easy.
  • Acqua: As it should be.
  • Terra: Very well, I will do it as you say!

- Acqua: Very well! Action!

  • Terra: Acqua, don't shoot! It's me!
  • Acqua: Oh...

Terra stopped in front of Acqua and stood very, very straight, and he looked very much like a wire pole. He had a poker face as his expression, and he did not speak a single word. Acqua crossed his arms.

  • Acqua: You wretch...


Acqua glared at Terra, who looked at the former while standing like a statue.

  • Acqua: Talk. Is that you who brought my enemies on this hill?


Acqua was annoyed since Terra did not answer his question. He only looked like him like a statue, standing still. Acqua then yelled at him.

  • Acqua: TALK!

​Acqua was almost speechless after hearing this.

  • Acqua: Hey... you still need to speak your line.
  • Terra: Then so be it!
  • Acqua: Remember this, when I stretch my arm and aim my gunpoint at you, you will fall.
  • Terra: Why is that?
  • Acqua: It can show you my perfect marksmanship.
  • Terra: Very well.

​Acqua coughed a bit and continued his rehearsal.

  • Enoshima junko dangan ronpa by puu nyan-d6csxp7
    Acqua: Talk. Is that you who brought my enemies on this hill?
  • Terra: (in a robotic tone) ACQUA, JUNKO-SAN TOLD YOU TO SURRENDER---
  • Acqua: Shut up! In your dreams, you traitor!

​In a fit of rage, Acqua started to beat Terra down while ranting in rage, over and over again.

  • Acqua: SHUT UP! SHUT UP! In the name of government, in the name of people, I... I sentence you to death!

​Acqua immediately tried to execute Terra with his pistol, but as soon as he made Terra at his gunpoint (without firing), Terra immediately fell on the ground.

  • Acqua: Terra? Where... where are you?
  • Terra: I am here.

Terra stood up as Acqua angrily glared at him as he put his palm on his waist.

  • Acqua: I haven't execute you yet.
  • Terra: I was doing what you said. You raised your gun to aim at me before I fell.
  • Acqua: But I was yet to shoot you!
  • Terra: Yo, isn't that something which showed me your perfect marksman ship?

Finally, the two engaged with each other as both of them had fed up with it.

  •  IAcqua: You... you are trying to take over my role!
  • Terra: I'm not!
  • Acqua: You messed up the story!
  • Terra: I did not! I, I was following your instruction in every way!
  • Acqua: My instructions?
  • Terra: I did everything you asked me to do! Oh, it is such an endeavor to be a co-star, is it not? Acqua of the Back, I acted for more than one decade. I've never seen any star like you that is so hard to please!

- Terra: I QUIT!

Enraged, Terra immediately sat on the bench not far away, in an angry face.

  • Terra: I quit!

Acqua looked at him and fell in silence. Then, Acqua helplessly sighed.

  • Acqua&Terra 2
    Acqua: I know you are upset.
  • Terra: I am NOT upset! Hehe, (faked giggling) I am not!


  • Acqua: I know you don't want to play a part of co-star.
  • Terra: I've been a co-star for more than 10 years, I tell you this.


  • Acqua: I know you want to be a star.
  • Terra: Duh, that is obvious!
  • Acqua: Huh?
  • Terra: I mean OBVIOUSLY NOT!

Acqua the shrugged his shoulder before he went forward with a serious look.

  • Acqua: However, not everyone could being a star in every roles.
  • Terra: Well, I have to disagree. That sounds ridiculous.
  • Acqua: Everyone had their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, you are lack of advantages to play a character like me.

Hearing this, Terra merely scoffed.

  • Terra: You mean I can't play a character like you? You think I don't understand?
  • Acqua: Understand what?
  • Terra: The characters' differences are all in their suit, and if I wear your suit...
  • Acqua: Hmmm?
  • Terra: I'll be a hero much better than you in this story!

Acqua was deeply surprised when he heard Terra. His deduce was correct. Terra wanted to play the starring role.

21395481 p0

- Acqua: What did you say?!

To be continued?

Act ?6 - Origins of Monstrosity

Question mark 6

Almost 1,990 years ago

Enchanted Forest

Once upon a time, there was a little girl living in the Enchanted Forest within a fairy tale world. She was born to have fair hair as well as blue eyes like two turquoises. She lived happily in the woods and lived in a life full of happiness as well as love, with no war or hate.

The thing was, she was a fairy, and her name was a French word for "pleasure" - Plaisir. The teenage fairy loved nature, peace as well as beauty, and even though she went to some places when she was a toddler, beauty always drew her back into her home.

The child was fond of ancient story about many historical legends such as Joan of Arc, and she liked to portray the figure herself. One day, the young fairy went on the role play once again with her friends. Wearing a shiny bright white armor made of paper with silver dust, Plaisir glared at her "opponent" wearing as Edward the Black Prince. She held her sword in her hands and behaved confidently like a brave warrior.

  • Plaisir: Ha, the intruders on the land of France, you shall leave the land immediately. I am here to save my country, family as well as my brothers and sisters in the name of God!
Just for some fun with no harm, "Joan of Arc" swung her sword and prepared to attack, and in fact it was just a game between some of the most naive teenage fairies. Soon after a harmless duel, "Joan" defeated "Prince Edward" and declared her victory.
  • Plaisir: The hero may sacrificed herself, but her spiritual encouragement shall always shine upon this world, encouraging us to fight for peace if we have to, encouraging us to face our greatest fear with no fear!

Plaisir seemed to like her role as a heroine since it could not only bring herself happiness, but also gave her friends and family looking at the performance some encouragements. The fairy tales world needs heroes to fight against villains to ensure every living beings of kindness shall earn a nice ending of living happily ever after.

Plaisir knew that, and so even though she hated war herself, she always tried to use the legendary war heroes to encourage herself so that she won't be so weak. She made the performance for many times, each time a new historical heroine, in some sort of dramatic manners.

Now, for the first time, she portrayed Joan of Arc, one of her favorite heroines, to cheer her family and friends up. However, unbeknownst to Plaisir, this shall be the final performance she presented to her family and friends. Just as "Joan of Arc" tried to make another cool performance, a sinister voice had somehow appeared in the woods...
  • ???: God never exists, ignorant child.

Hearing that voice coming from the back of stage, Plaisir was shocked to hear that deep and sinister voice, and her smile soon faded due to shock. Plaisir looked at the fairy who portrayed Prince Edward with a wary smile.

  • Moloch Second form
    Plaisir: Well, even if you are trying to fight back, the "Black Prince", isn't this sentence gone too far?

The fairy boy who portrayed Prince Edward was shocked as well, and he seemed that he was terrified.

  • Fairy: I-I never spoke anything...

Hearing this, Plaisir was shocked and so were her family and other friends. It was the very first time those fairies became so nervous in many years. Having an uncomfortable feeling, Plaisir immediately narrowed her eyes as she walked towards the back stage.

  • Plaisir: Hello? Hello? Who are you?

​Plaisir was surprised to see no one at the back of the stage, and she was confused.

  • Plaisir: (think) * This is so strange. I heard that there was... *

​All of a sudden, a thunderous noise had boomed behind Plaisir, who was utterly shocked and horrified. With a shocked expression, Plaisir immediately turned back and saw the seats of the audience start burning. A deathly lightning had just struck the seats and burned it. Several fairies had already dead on their seat, whereas some others were struggling.

  • Plaisir: MOM! DAD!
​With shock, Plaisir turned to the audience and ran towards them, and she saw the scorched corpses of her family. Plaisir was so shocked that she could not help herself from crying, and the tears had never appeared on her face ever since she was born... until now.
  • Plaisir: No, no... what is happening? What is happening...

Could not even let out a screaming due to those dreadful pain within her heart, Plaisir could not believe there was someone so cruel and demonic that he even slaughtered a group of innocent fairies and left other survivors to struggle in fire.


Hearing the crying voice of her injured friends, seeing bloodshed, smoke and fire everywhere, Plaisir finally had it enough. She immediately shouted out when she broke down in tears.


Plaisir turned back in horror and anger, and then she saw a demonic creature with greyish face and a pair of horns had held the fairy (who dressed up as the Black Prince) in his palm. The demonic creature was none other than... Moloch.

With his claws, ​Moloch then start crushing the head of the poor fairy boy even harder. Plaisir was so shocked that the fairy boy was her best friend and she was in love with him.

  • Plaisir: You are Moloch... You are Moloch... NOW, YOU MUST BRING MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS BACK TO ME!!!

Plaisir was enraged and panicked. She tried to stop Moloch from committing the murder, but it was too late. In a matter of one second, Moloch smashed the fairy boy's head on the stone, over and over again.

  • Zalgo by asur fallinplim-d7nvclq

Plaisir could do nothing but watching all of those bloodshed happened in front of her very eyes, and this had broke her naive mind due to being the very first time, this naive fairy was exposed in front of one of the most heinous and horrid forms of monsters.

  • Plaisir: I beg you! PLEASE! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!!!

Red blood began to flow on the ground as the blood red was mixed with the red of fire, turning the entire vision of Plaisir into red as well. Plaisir was so shocked that she could not speak a word. Soon, her visions was filled with red as Moloch stretched his arm and slashed more surviving fairies with lightning.


More and more friends of Plaisir bursted into fragments like some brusted balloons, and their scream and shocked expression had firmly stuck in the head of Plaisir. She was still begging while weeping blood, but all of thos was utterly futile. Moloch then smashed fire balls towards the bodies and lit them up, causing everything around Plaisir had turned crimson red.


All of those red visions, illusions as well as blood and fire had suddenly combined into a crimson figure, a figure just like Plaisir wearing her Joan of Arc outfit, but was having much more sinister looks.

Born with pyrophobia and red-phobia, Plaisir's mind slowly shattered into pieces as she lost emotions in her eyes and stopped resisting.

  • Plaisir: Who are... WHO ARE YOU!?

​Plaisir yelled at her illusion as the red shadow started to became more and more clearly. The red shadow started to approach Plaisir with a spiteful smile.

  • Joan.Alter.full.2068736
    ???: I am your despair, Plaisir. I am always in your heart, but you never saw me or feel me because you had no triggers. Let us combine together, since you and I are one and the same.
  • Plaisir: No... no...

​Plaisir tried to resist, but she felt that her body could hardly move at all. The red shadow in her illusion started to turn into a flowing void of crimson as it surrounded Plaisir as if it was trying to devour her.

The shadow then turned into a more normal color, in a form of Plaisir with a much more demonic appearance, and it made Plasir thought she was looking at herself in a mirror.

  • ???: Now, this name of mine shall be your new name - Melancholia. You and I, from now on, shall be one and the same.

​Facing the dark creature who called herself "Melancholia", Plaisir was both confused and shocked.

  • Plaisir: What?

​The shadow who called herself Melancholia soon bursted into sheer anger.

  • IMG 2222
    Shadow Melancholia: If you don't understand, I'll repeat until you CAN understand! Your name is Melancholia. Your name is Melancholia! Your name is Melancholia! Melancholia! Melancholia! MELANCHOLIA!!

​Plaisir covered her head while trying to hold back her pain, and yet the pain and her despair's yelling was flowing inside her veins, devouring her bit by bit, turning her head away from happiness as well as kindness.

Soon, she started to change... as her armor turned into dark purple and her eyes became yellow. The kindness within her eyes had turned into pure hatred as well as malevolence.

Now, the mind of that original Plaisir disappeared... and was replaced by a devious evil fairy, whose name was none other than Melancholia.

  • Moloch: Rise, my new servant, and tell me what do you feel and what do you see.

Rose from the ground, Melancholia looked at Moloch. Perhaps it was because of her original good counterpart still tried to resist, Melancholia could not help herself from feeling repulsive towards the demon king in front of her.

However, the newly-formed evil within her heart had immediately took over before merging with her original personality, as she confessed her own loyalty in front of Moloch while feeling repulsive towards her new master.

  • Melancholia: I feel... alive. I see... my master. I, Melancholia, shall be your humble servant for eternity, my mighty Master.

This is how everything begins.

This is how Melancholia was born.

- Melancholia: From the smoldering ashes of all I had, I was reborn. Since I have nothing left to love... I have nothing left to fear.

Endings - Salvatore

Lana Del Rey Salvatore Chill Industrial Remix

Lana Del Rey Salvatore Chill Industrial Remix

In the Next Episode...


Russian Resistance Base

3 days after the meeting on the London Tower, Carl and Matt, who were reunited after some dreadful events (which will be explained later) arrived at the base of Russian Resistance - the abandoned town of Pripyat - according to a letter written by Noelle to her eldest brother.
  • Matt: Finally, we escaped from those dreadful demon armies and now, we are here... Is this the base of Russian Resistance?
  • Carl: Offhand, I guess it might be more accurate if we call it the base of barren and waste. It was near that nuclear power plant which went meltdown more than half a century ago, hmm...
55787719 p0
Matt and Carl looked at the place while walking around. There were no other people with the place and it seemed deathly and barren.

Carl chuckled whereas Matt was acting with a poker face. Snow kept falling from the sky since the days was colder and colder, making the rain turn into snow in the matter of hours.

  • Carl: Cheerful place, hmm... Well, do you ever think about coming into this place to live with your sister?
  • Matt: Hush, I don't know. I was just want to find her in this place and tell the Patriarch about what we knew... just before we engaged in more trouble.

Carl and Matt passed by a small school house, and inside the house, several Eastern Christians that was leaning on a wall revealed themselves slowly from a grey quilt which hid themselves.

Carl and Matt did not notice them when the passed by the school house and stood by its empty window with no glass.

  • Matt: This is not right... I suspect that there is some danger in this place.
  • Carl: Like what? Radiations?
  • Matt: More than radiations, you know, like guards, booby traps...

​Just then, Matt felt that someone had lay a hand on his shoulder before he finish his words...

- Matt: ... or an ambush...

All of a sudden, several Eastern Christian jumped and leaped themselves from everywhere beside the two young men all of a sudden. The two were shocked and did not react before two strongmen held them down. Then, they had to knelt on the ground, watching a willowy priestess came towards them with a sly smile. The priestess in red habit were standing in front of Carl with their eyes shone with hostility.
  • Vasilisa: Are you the minion of King Hamdo?

Overpowered by the Orthodox clergies, Carl was very confused by the words of this tall blond woman who speaks with Russian accent. However, Vasilisa raised her hand with her eyes narrowed.

43669235 p0

It was clear sign of hostility, and Carl could feel it. At this time, among the crowd of Orthodox clergies, Acqua recognized Carl and Matt before he quickly turned back and ran for help.

At this time, Vasilisa was still interrogating the two before she turned to her followers.

  • Vasilisa: What have we here, my friends?

Two Eastern Christians took of their surgical masks and revealed their faces.

  • Eastern Christian 1: Intruders!
  • Eastern Christian 2: Spies!

​Hearing this, Matt and Carl were both shocked. It was clearly a big misunderstanding.

  • Carl: Would you please listen...

Vasilisa, however, tied their mouth up with two towels before they could finish their words.

  • Vasilisa: Don't interrupt me! You are very clever to find our hideaways. Unfortunately, you won't live to tell the tale! Misha Kruetzeva, would you please execute them for me?

An orthodox clergy walked out of the crowd with a large blade like a band saw.

Misha Kruetzva can easily be distinguished by her signature look, a red hood and cape (which hides her long curly blond hair) and matching pointy red shoes.

Acqua profile

Her torso and limbs are covered with leather belts, and has metal braces on her ankles, wrist and waist, the latter being used to carry her many eccentric weaponry. Under is small layer of clothing that covers her torso and her arms up to the wrist, finished with thigh-high stockings. They are form-fitting which naturally shows Misha's figure. Her bangs covers her eyes.

  • Misha: With pleasure, my lady.

Before Misha could attack Carl, who had widened his eyes in horror, some bellowing could be heard from the crowd.

  • Toaru Majutsu no Index II E19 02m 03s
    Acqua & Noelle: STOP!!!

Surprised, both Varsilsa and Misha Kruetzeva were looking at the place where Noelle and Acqua had surfaced from the crowd. The two immediately ran towards the two before taking down their surgical mask. Then, Boelle looked at Vasilisa sarcastically.

  • Noelle: Hello, comrade.

Vasilisa was surprised to see Noelle Bor. Noelle and Acqua looked at Boelle with a poker face. After some time of silence, Vasilisa faked a cough before she spoke in a deep voice.

  • TransBM
    Vasilisa: "Comrade" is not a Russian word.
  • Noelle: Oh, come on! It is!

Vasilisa crossed her arm with dissatisfaction.

  • Vasilisa: I am not in the mood to buy your bad gag, Sister Boelle. Just tell me who they are.

Noella looked at Carl and then she turned to Vasilisa with anger.

  • Noelle: Release them! They are not the spy. They are our friends.

​Then, she started to untie Carl and Matt as Vasillisa stood embarrassingly like a rock.

  • Vasilisa: But why didn't they say so?
  • Carl & Matt: We DID say so!

While talking, Noelle looked at Versillisa after untied Carl, then she went to Matt to release him.

  • Jeanne alter and ruler fate grand order and fate series drawn by shiguru sample-0a2001f61e30bd3704d744c057a78b86
    Noelle: This is the son of the late Duke Firenza who saved the miller's family, and this ma, Matt, is my very own brother!

Matt immediately went towards the Orthodox clergies as he shouted at him.

  • Matt: We came to warn you! Melancholia is coming!

Hearing the words, the Eastern Christian were shocked by the words and screamed.

  • Matt: She said she know the place of your hiding and will tell Michael about it. They will be attacking here in dawn with a thousand man!

The people in the place looked at each other as Acqua went forward to add more details.

  • Sasha Kreutzev Manga
    Acqua: And it wastes no time. We must take actions immediately!

Then, the Eastern Christians were all alarmed and went for actions to prepare for the weapons. Not long afterwards, they will be armed in the teeth. Vasilisa immediately looked at Misha, who immediately withdrew her weapon with a sigh.

Then, Vasilisa looked at Carl with an apologetic smile.

  • Vasilisa: I am really sorry for my reckless attitude, Mr. Robinson. Please come. The Patriarch will be glad to see you assisting us.

​Hearing all of this, Carl was utterly confused and he looked at Vasilisa.

  • Carl: Who are you people?

​Then, Vasilisa smiled as she looked at Carl playfully.

  • 56214317 p0 master1200
    Vasilisa: We are clergies of Eastern Orthodox Church, Mr. Robinson, and we are your friend if you want us to be.

Hearing "Mr. Robinson", however, instead of cheering up, ​Carl lowered his head in dismay.

  • Carl: You see, my family name is not Robinson. It was Firenza. Believe it or not, but I have "accidentally" become the son of Duke Firenza.

​Vasilisa shook her head with a sigh. She seemed much, much nicer than Carl formerly thought, as she was not being that malicious. Misha went away to report this unexpected arrival to Patriarch Krans.

  • Vasilisa: Destiny is not a accident, Carl. You are born with some special talents, not curses, and like her, you suffered a lot... but I will try to fix it.
  • Carl: Her?
  • Vasilisa: Maria Arzonia.

Just as this time, following the footsteps of Misha, the Patriarch arrived at the place, and both Matt and Carl noticed him.

  • 45183219 p1 master1200
    Krans: Greetings, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Butcher. This is Patriarch Krans.

Realized that the boy who arrived here was the patriarch judging by his attire, Carl was so surprised that he even dropped his jaw. He never expected that he was looking at a kid patriarch.

  • Carl: (think) * A kid? The famous Patriarch Krans is a... a kid!?*

Even so, Carl held back his surprise and immediately knelt to the Patriarch, showing the respect. Matt did the same despite being surprised as well.

  • Reckless.Fist.(Raven).full.947944
     No need. Please.

As Carl and Matt knelt to the patriarch, the patriarch immediately help them to get up. Carl cleared his throat before he looked at the Patriarch in the eyes.

  • Krans: Mr. Robinson, I don't mean to be rude but... hmm, don't you think your presence is too, um... too unexpected?

Carl and Matt looked at each other, and Carl calmly answered the question of Patriarch Krans with a calm tone and a confident grin.

  • Carl: Apologies, Your Holiness, but 'tis certain the world we know ends today, and I won't be letting the likes of Langdon Michael...
Suddenly, Carl had to pause for a bit when all of a sudden, he realized that he had made a mistake. So, he immediately corrected himself.
  • Carl: ... well, say, sometimes known Michael Langdon...

Feeling uneasy, Carl blushed when he met with that mistake, but fortunately he overcame it, much to everyone's amusement - and of course, that amusement were kept secret.

  • Carl: I won't be letting the likes of Michael Langdon to seize any chance upon us, so I came here immediately!
  • Noelle: And that is correct.

Krans nodded with a smile after hearing this.

  • Krans: Thank you for coming to this place. Cardinal Sforza told me about you and she trusted you that you can be our allies. We've been attacked by several troops of King Hamdo and so we were strengthening 
  • Carl: Nah, that's okay. By the way...

Carl scratched his head and chuckled with a smile.

  • Carl: Don't thank me. Thank my friend Matt Butcher. Without his help, I may never make it to find myself a way here.

- (???): Nor would I.

Caster 1

A deep and dark voice occured not far away from the crowd. Shocked, the people from the crowd all turned their face and saw a tall hooded figure who entered the place, and he was followed by several demonic troops behind him. Matt was shocked to recognize those demon troops... and he slowly paced back.
  • Matt: I-I... It is impossible! That was the army of demons that terrorized the entire world! Who is this person? Why did he or she had the power to control them?

​The hooded figure stepped forward as the demon troops started to flow towards the Eastern Orthodox clergies and surrounded them, ready for attack.

- (???): Patriarch Krans, good evening. I... am Michael Langdon.


  • From Officer: This episode is a filler episode to the Blood Moon Sub Arc in LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow - Death Arc. Instead of Moloch himself, Michael is the one who urged Nevins to gain the blood of Van Bilj family, and we need to wait for his real purpose behind this and the containment of the blood of Carl. Therefore, this page is considered as the part 2.5 of Blood Moon Sub Arc if you will.
  • From Prime: The 2nd Sub Arc of LOTM: Sword of Kings AA Final - Eckidina Arc is coming out with this sub arc premiere, and again, the entire arc is 18+ rated with a truly brutal arc villain, 100% serious story-telling and numerous shocking scenes. Please think twice before entering it if you are sensitive.
  • From CIS: The final antagonist of Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow was revealed - the United Kingdom of America. The page is currenly in construction and also contains LOADS OF MAJOR SPOILERS. Please read at your own risk.

- Officer: ​And... it is pity for the original series of Sleepy Hollow got cancelled after 4 seasons. It is a good story in Season 4, and unfortunately enough, we do not know what will happen next in the show. I really hope one day this show will get revived or rebooted like X-Files. :(