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LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow

Horsemen Saga


- (???): Three for the wedding, and four for the birth.

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- Helene Hawthorn: Five for the chorma, and six for the glow. Seven for some dark past never being told...

Season 2 - Death Arc

Episode 20 - Blood and Fear

Haunting Past Sub Arc - Part 1

Sixth Episode of Season 2

2nd Sub Arc Premiere

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From the last Sub Arc of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow...

  • Ichabod Crane: From the last Sub Arc of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow...


Sent by the power of the magic mirror, Ichabod and his allies were teleported back to Van Bilj Facility. The Team Witness then looked around and found themselves at the hall of Van Bilj Facility.

  • Abbie: It looked like the magic mirror itself had tricked us.
  • Selina: No, he sent us to the place where we came from. Maybe he did not know it was Sleepy Hollow.

The red light were flashed violently, and Ichabod widened his eyes. He immediately remembered the self destruction system.

  • Ichabod: If this place blew up, I think it will inflict the town, right?
  • Selina: There is no need to be bothered, Mr. Crane.

Selina shook her head calmly, and people around her all looked at the towering woman in her red dress and her red mask. Selina only shrugged her shoulder with no fear.

  • 49768056 p11 master1200
    Selina: I created a magic shield around this plant, and it will prevent the explosion to affect the town of Sleepy Hollow. It will also make the destruction into a minimum scale. I give you my word. All we need to do is go to the town's boarder via my teleportation, and I will call an ambulance for you. There is a hospital where...

Ichabod looked at Selina with curiosity. He politely interrupted Selina's word.

  • Ichabod: Sorry to interrupt, but... You know who I am? Who are you?

Did not feeling angry at all, Selina smiled as she blinked her eyes. Her smile was hidden by her mask.

  • Selina: If I tell you my true identity, can you keep my true identity as a secret?

Ichabod nodded confidently.

  • Ichabod: Yes, I can.

Selina chuckled like a joking child.

- Selina: Well, me, too.

Ichabod widened his eyes as Sister Mary Eunice and Abbie smile to each other.

  • 【】Sle-00 30 19--20170728-190958-0-
    Ichabod: Well, I know. You are really... really trustworthy...

​Selina smile as well...

  • Selina: No problem...

... when suddenly, Selina's smile faded. Ichabod had found something was wrong. Sister Mary Eunice had widened her eyes and was startled as well. Ichabod was confused.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: Crane... behind you...
Abbie Mills

​Ichabod turned back as Abbie raised her gun. She walked towards the man who stood at the door - Atticus Nevins.

  • Nevins: It looks like you guys are chatting really well in here. May I cut in if you don't mind?

​Abbie knew who Nevins are, given to his former friendship with Corbin.

  • Abbie: Shut the hell up and I will take you to jail. You and Corbin had a lot of debt between you.

Nevins slowly raised his hands and smiled in calmness.

  • Nevins: You think I am the villain here? No, no, no, no, it doesn't work like that. In this game, Lt. Mills, the debts collects you.
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Nevins looked at Abbie as the latter glared at him with rage.

  • Nevins: Your sheriff learned that the hard way.

Abbie shook her head.

  • Abbie: I am not like Corbin.
  • Nevins: Yeah... and have you ever asked yourself why you need to know? Why we're playing ring-around-the-rosy over this little town? You're exactly like him. You and his son, Joe, you two are exactly like him.

Sister Mary Eunice and Ichabod both looked at each other with surprise. They never knew that Corbin had a son. Even so, they looked at Nevins as the latter still grinned at her. The time was running out, but Nevins seemed never bothered at all.

  • Nevins: You're drawn to the darkness, and you can't look away. That... badge of your sheriff, that uh...

Nevins looked at Abbie with a cold smile.

  • Nevins: Mayberry sheriff vibe... that was not August Corbin. No, he knew the truth.

Abbie heard this and immediately looked at Nevins with surprise.

  • Blood moon by koobazz
    Two covens in Sleepy Hollow? One is good and one is evil? Hmm... There is no good... no evil...

Nevins turned back and then he revealed the replica Blood Moon Ring on his hand. He then opened his coat and revealed the things inside his inner pocket - Caspar's pin, Christine's fake bracelet and Colin's real ring.

Ichabod, Sister Mary Eunice, Pandora, Mr. Gold, Selina and Abbie all watched with horror as he opened the box beside him, revealing something that made them screamed...


The corpse of Betsy Ross.

- Nevins: ... Just power.

Nevins raised his hand and immediately summoned the real bracelet of Christine, making it slipped from the hand of Sister Mary Eunice to the hand of his. Ichabod widened his eyes when he saw the corpse of Betsy.
  • Ichabod: What have you done to her?

Nevins raised his other hand and touched the box with his palm. The box containing the body of Betsy disappeared before Ichabod reached it.

  • Nevins: I am yet to do things on her. Christine is dead, indeed. I just need to take the corpse of Betsy Ross. She still has Christine's evil blood inside her, which will benefit my plan. Our master and that man will both be pleased when the latter returns to this place.
  • Abbie: That man?
  • Nevins: He and I both serve the same Master that Christine served. You six people all know his name.

Nevins slowly opened his mouth and spoke a name that made everyone in front of him startled.


- Nevins: His name is Michael Langdon.

  • Fate.Grand.Order.full.2067609
    Sister Mary Eunice: Damn you!

​Sister Mary Eunice immediately tried to charge at Nevins, but Selina blocked her way.

  • Selina: Sister, please, there is no time. This time, he won, but next time we will make him pay. I give you my word.

Selina then narrowed her eyes and bit her lips.

  • Selina: Because I have my own debt of blood between me and that man named Michael Langdon. I want to pay it with blood.

Nevins chuckled and he looked at Selina.

  • Nevins: Pathetic, young lady. I know who you are, but I am not going to tell anyone about it.
  • Selina: I cannot trust you.

Nevins blinked his eyes with a cruel smile.

  • Nevins: You are just wasting the time here. I will leave here now. If you don't want to die here... now it's the time to leave. Next time if you met Betsy, Mr. Crane, maybe she will be revived as well, just like me!

After throwing these sarcastic words, Nevins suddenly disappeared with a cruel smile. Sister Mary Eunice tried to grab the collar of Nevins, but it was too late.

Countdown to explosion

Ten, nine, eight...

  • Sister Mary Eunice: No, we must leave here!
  • Selina: Run!!!

Selina immediately used her teleportation magic... and soon they disappeared almost immediately.

... Three, two, one...



Sign of Sleepy Hollow

10 minutes later

Sleepy Hollow sign

Selina awoke beside the road. She stood up and looked around. She saw Sister Mary Eunice on the ground, sitting beside Abbie and Ichabod, who were both unconscious.

  • Selina: Sister?

Selina looked at Sister Mary Eunice, who nodded at her with a smile. Selina looked around, and she found no trace of Pandora and Mr. Gold. They must have left already.

  • Atticus Nevins-SHS3
    Selina: (think) * Atticus Nevins had won... It is cruel, but he had won... *

Selina bit her lips and stomped her right foot in anger. She then immediately realized what to do next. Selina opened the phone and looked at the Witnesses.

  • Selina: Mm.......

Just then, someone answer the telephone. Selina immediately reacted an answered it, all the while looking at Ichabod and Abbie.

- Selina: Please... I need an ambulance...

Valindra Shadowmantle
After the Team Witness, their allies and the unconscious citizens had left for their respective place through the Magic Mirror, Christine's remains still was inside the place. At this point Christine was now nothing but something fragmental and turned into several burning fragments...
  • ???: Hmm, Christine Van Bilj, do you know why you died? You talked too much and showed too less strength.

A scornful female voice, follow some noise of footsteps, had entered the Mirror World. It was Valindra Shadowmantle, who was looking at the remains of Christine with dismay and anger. She did not waste the time to insult Christine's remain.

  • Valindra: It is a shame that you are not on my side. However, I will take you back and bring you back one day. Soon enough, I will make you even more powerful and vicious than before, maybe worse than I am.

Valindra then summoned a purple aura inside her hand and soon, she gathered the ashes of Christine as well as the ashes of Blood Moon Witches.

  • ???: You are going to revive her? I am afraid one day he will surpass you, Lady Valindra, hissssahahaha...

Valindra heard a strange laughter like some snake's hissing, and she turned back with annoyance. As she was expected, it was Marlos Urnayle, the Prophet of Earth, who looked at Valindra with a teasing expression.

  • Marlos: To enter this pathetic world, you need to use my mirror... and that is so pathetic to see. I do not know about this but you will swallow your own bitter pills if you don't make her into a lich.

The words of Marlos made Valindra disgusted. In fact, Marlos is the only one of the Elemental Prophets (beside Aerisi) who is full of extreme vanity, and his vanity even exceeded to Aerisi's narcissism.

Hearing his words, Valindra was absolutely annoyed.

  • Valindra: (think) At least, Aerisi still have her own charm to be narcissistic, but what do you think you are, Marlos? You are just a rich but stinky medusa!
Neverwinter valindra by arteche-d65zfjq

With quite an annoyance, Valindra then turned back as she put the purple sphere inside her palms.

  • Valindra: Marlos, spare me your sermons. I did not want you to follow me here, and yet you did not listen. If you speak like some kind of spoiled child again, don't blame me for my following punishment.

Marlos fell silent and looked at Valindra with some annoyance. Valindra then made the ashes into a shape of a skull and looked at with a horrifying smile.

  • Valindra: I will bring her back as a living, not undead. I have no authority to order her, but I have my plan to make her stronger. This is what they are capable of...

​Marlos blinked his eyes.

  • Marlos: They?
  • ValindraBrokenFace
    Valindra: Moloch and Vizeran DeVir referred them as the Witness, and I believe after we activated the Seeds of Elemental Power, they will die.

Valindra then smiled wickedly before turning back to approach the Magic Mirror, as the Magic Mirror to look at her with nothing but fear.

  • Valindra: First of all, however, I need to bring the ashes of Christine back to Matron Malice. I will return you your mirror after we returned to the Reclamation Rock. Good news here for you, you will not come with me to Do'Urden's house.
Valindra then stopped as she muttered another word.
  • Valindra: By the way, Marlos, don't forget to find Drizzt Do'Urden for me. Our bargain is still yet from over. That thorn in my shoes must be removed!

Marlos shook his head and chuckled bitterly. He then smiled devilishly as the snake hair was wriggling in a horrible manner.

  • Marlos: As you wish.


Captain Frank Irving looked at the paper given by Selina Strawberry with suspicion in his eyes.

  • Selina: It seems that you never did trust me, Captain.

Irving looked at Selina in a poker face. Selina sighed and smiled at Irving.

  • Selina: Never worry, captain. I have specialized some project that can remove bad memories from those citizens. I made them forgot those horrifying memories, and therefore I managed to put the panic down. However, I am not sure if I am going to use that "thing" again.
49768056 p1 master1200

Irving looked at Selina with a cryptic look of sarcasm.

  • Irving: "Thing"?

Selina nodded with a sigh.

  • Selina: It was my invention... but it could only be used in extreme situation like this, and I am not sure if I am going to use that again. This panic was bigger than before, and captain, since this is a secret war, we need to keep it as secret as possible.
  • Irving: What about those people who did not survive in these messes?

​Selina shook her head and closed her eyes.

  • Selina: The only pain it can't be erased was the death in the family. I cannot erase them. That was too cruel. For now, their death could only be explained with "paranormal". It sounds like a rush work, but I have to do this.

Selina then bit her lips as she dared not look at the eyes of Irving, which were staring at her as if she was also a criminal.

  • 49768056 p15 master1200
    Selina: Please don't ask more, captain. Once you know the truth, once you join all of this, there is no turning back. It is not like you let someone joined a surprise party which the surprise was reserved for them very specifically. This is war, a war should be done unnoticed, or people will pay with their life.

Captain Irving sighed in relief.

  • Irving: Very well, Ms. Sarandon, and I hope you will enjoy your vacation. How is Detective Luke Morales?

Selina looked at Irving and was relieved as well.

  • Selina: He is recovering and his mental status became normal once again. Maybe he would be out of hospital by next week.

Irving then took a look at Ichabod Crane, who was still napping on the chair.

  • Irving: He has been sleeping for several hours after that.

Selina lowered her head and closed her eyes. She seemed cared deeply for Ichabod.

  • Selina: It's true, and fortunately, he was alive. I will leave for a while and then return here to check this Crane's personal conditions.

Selina turned back to Captain Irving with a calm smile.

  • Selina: Goodbye, Captain Irving.

Selina then left promptly. Irving sat back on his chair and fell into thoughts.

49768056 p2 master1200
  • Selina: A cup of cider, please.

Selina sat in the bar and smiled when the patron got her a cup of cider, her favorite alcohol and a relaxing drink for her after such a long work.

  • Selina: (narrator) * Finally, my winter vacation is here. Even so, I am really excited for waiting the next part of my jobs. Everything in the future is unknown. All you need to do is to keep a good work, like I do. *

Selina allowed her mind wander when the bar patron gave her the cup of cider.

  • Bar patron: Here, Ms. Sarandon.
  • Selina: Many thanks.

After drinking the cup of cider, Selina felt relaxed. She then took a small note and paid for the price, and then, when she turned back, she knocked into someone else, someone much shorter than her.

  • Selina: Oh! Ah!

Selina looked at the person, who was a woman with short black hair and white dress. The woman was holding a cup of champagne and it spilled some on Selina's dress.

42372442 p0

However, instead of becoming angry, Selina apologized first.

  • Selina: Oh, well, I'm sorry. Let me get you another.

The white dressed woman, however, shook her head with a smile.

  • ???: Oh, you know what? It's okay. I'm gonna take that as a sign that it's time to call it a night and go back home.

Selina smiled as well when the woman continued.

  • ???: Or to the hotel, rather. Mm-hmm.
  • Selina: You're from out of town?
  • ???: Yes, I just arrived.

The woman in white nodded with a smile and shook the hand with Selina.

  • ???: I'm Pandora.

As a response, Selina shook her hand with Selina, all the while wearing a cryptic smile.

  • 【】Sle-00 42 33--20170727-183554-0-
    Selina: My name is Selina. "Pandora"? This is an interesting name. It's like the lady with the... the box.
  • Pandora: The lady with the box?

At this point, Pandora sighed helplessly though she was still smile. Her smile became visibly sadder.

  • Pandora: Yeah... which is actually more of a dowry.

Selina did not understand what Pandora meant, and she smiled at Pandora in a frivolous manner as some kind of a joke. Pandora laughed as well.

  • -Ichabod-ichabod-crane-sleepy-hollow-tv-series-37189436-642-720
    Pandora: Ha-ha, you know, I used to study classics, so I tend to get a little carried away with the old stories sometimes.

Selina nodded with a smile as well.

  • Selina: There is someone else in the town just like that.

She was referring to Ichabod Crane.

  • Selina: Maybe you would like to meet him in your own eyes.

Pandora smiled as well, and she nodded. For a while, Selina paused and then she continued.

  • Selina: Well, welcome to Sleepy Hollow. I bet you will feel like you are home in here. Here is my card, and contact me if you have problems.

Selina then handed her name card to Pandora. Then, Pandora happily accepted. Selina cryptically smiled at Pandora, as if she was somethine familiar to her.

【】Sle-00 43 03--20170406-094903-1-

Selina then put on her coat and slowly walked to the door. Pandora watched as Selina walked away.

  • Pandora: (think) * She was like she had recognized me as someone who helped the Witnesses... I think she is not that simple. It looks like Sleepy Hollow is full of surprises. Anyway, no matter what happens here... *

Pandora then turned into a more serious and scary expression, with her eyes glowing in light green aura, like that of a snake.

- Pandora: It always feels like a home.


Do'Urden Castle

Matron Throne Room

  • Valindra: Christine Van Bilj is dead, My Matron. I suspect that the so-called Witnesses are supposed to be responsible.

Inside the Matron Throne Room of Do'Urden Family, Valindra Shadowmantle stood in front of Matron Malice Do'Urden, reporting her about a recent news. Malice heard this and immediately widened her eyes in shock.

  • Malice: Christine Van Bilj?
Malice by fesbraa-d9utvsd

Valindra nodded her head with calmness, as if it was none of her business. Matron Malice bit her lips and trembled in great terror. The Matron was infuriated that she even spill the blood red wine inside the cup in her hand.

  • Malice: What... the Underdark are those so-called Two Witness? They... they defeated one of the most trusted and most sadistic minions of Moloch?

Valindra, however, still kept her calm at this very moment, as she only looked at the panicked Matron with a calm and cold expression.

  • Valindra: Matron Malice, if I may say... perhaps the death of Christine will show us how those called Two Witnesses on Earth is capable of, and we will do anything to prevent being exterminated by them...

Valindra paused and then her own expression turned darker.

- Valindra: ... not to mention that I have already conceiving a new plan to bring Christine back to life.

Matron Malice heard this and she immediately widened her eyes in surprise. Valindra still looked at her calmly. It was obvious that she did not boasted or lied.

  • Malice: Are you sure?

Finally getting out of her calm and aloof face, Valindra nodded with a sadistic grin.

  • ValindraBrokenFace
    Valindra: I collected some remains of Christine, and I shall summon her soul and create a new body for her. The only problem is that this might cost some time, and if I do this job, maybe you need to find another person to find your son, Drizzt.

Malice looked aside and bit her lips.

  • Malice: Porcelain can deal with this. I will send her to the search of Drizzt. I permit your work, but if you failed this within one month, I will have you head!

Valindra smiled confidently and then she bowed in front of Matron Malice.

- Valindra: Do not worry, Matron Malice. Valindra Shadowmantle never fails.

Ichabod suddenly awakened from his nightmare, finding himself sitting in a chair, and he took some time before he could calm down. After that, Ichabod looked around before he heard a soft and calm voice talking to him.
  • ???: Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Crane. You slept for more than four hours.

Ichabod turned his head and widened his eyes, as if he was shocked. However, Ichabod soon relented when he saw a tall and thin woman, standing next to his seat with red dress and red hair. She was wearing a black eye-patch. Her presence made Ichabod very confused.

  • Ichabod: I am sorry, miss. May I have your name, please?

Ichabod slowly stood up and asked the question, all the while regaining his own composure. The woman smiled at Ichabod.

  • ???: My name is Selina Sarandon. I am the town mayor's maid and secretary.
48204960 p0
It was Selina "Strawberry" Sarandon standing in front of Ichabod, with her face soon turned more serious when looking at Ichabod.
  • Selina: Mr. Crane, I am here to inform you that I found you and Lt. Mills in the town's streets before sending you back to the street.
  • Ichabod: Thank you, miss, but... how do you know my name? Why did you look for me?

Hearing this, Selina looked around as if she was looking for someone that was beside them. Selina then whispered to Ichabod.

  • Selina: We will talk in a place away from the crowd.

The two people then went to the corridor, and then they began to talk.

  • Selina: The following talk between you and me, Crane, we need to keep secret to each other. Do you understand me?
  • Ichabod: Oh, I am a man of my word. I will keep secrets on everything. In fact, I know you are the one who...
  • 43879477 p0
    Selina: Hush...

Selina then sighed in relief as she entered an empty room. She then turned her head back to Ichabod.

  • Selina: In fact, I know who you are, Ichabod Crane. I know many things, including some top secrets within the town. I know how to cover up your trace to keep the public.
  • Ichabod: What did you mean?

Selina then opened the newspaper and it showed the headline news, "The Mystery of Sleepy Hollow Disappeared". With confusion, Ichabod started to read the news with the newspaper inside his hand. He widened his eyes, but Selina slightly smiled.

  • Ichabod: All of the victims were spared?

Selina nodded with confidence and smiled. 

  • Selina: There were no evidence that those citizens had caused the recent mayhem inside this town. I helped the town to spare them all. Captain Irving did not ask too much on this, and he complimented Abbie for her good work. The bad news is, he is still yet doubting you. However, I can assure you that he is now impressed by you.

​Selina paused and then she lowered her head with a sigh, and her face turned more unhappy.

  • Mckey mary-eunice 9763
    Selina: For the citizens who have been killed, I need to attend some funerals after this meeting. As for those survivors, they could not remember and/or spoke what they suffered, and I guess... the trauma will affect them throughout their life.
  • Ichabod: Where is Sister Mary Eunice? Did she know about you?

Selina then sighed as she stayed calm and aloof.

  • Selina: Maybe, and maybe not, but I managed to save you all from the Mirror World. Then, you both were teleported to the street, and I sent you and Abbie back to this town. Sister Mary Eunice is taking care of Abbie, and those Hexenmeister Members and Fairy Tale characters returned back to their realm... but there is only one problem exists.

Ichabod immediately realized what the problem was.

  • Ichabod: That man known as Atticus Nevins.

Selina then bit her lips. Her face became more incensed. She slowly clenched her fist.

  • Atticus Nevins-SHS3
    Selina: FBI itself had put a search warrant for Atticus Nevins, and yet he is yet to be found. However, since he was now classified as a global terrorist, I guess Nevins won't get away so easy.

​Ichabod then looked aside and closed his eyes.

  • Ichabod: The sad thing is that he took Betsy Ross' corpse away, and I do not know what he was planning next...
  • Selina: Yes, I know, but you must find out.
Ichabod heard this and looked at Selina with surprise. Selina remained serious before she revealed a envelope from her pocket.
  • Selina: As your reward to stop Christine Van Bilj and her malevolent plan, I, on behalf of the mayor and every citizens of Sleepy Hollow, shall present you a gift as a reward, Mr. Ichabod Crane.

Selina then handed the envelope to Ichabod.

  • Selina: I found this letter in the Archives, and I lend it. Corbin is an old friend of mine. Then, I shall bring it to you.

​With confusion, Ichabod took the letter from Selina's hand and opened the envelope.

  • 402Washington
    Selina: Please read it. It is written by General Washington.

Ichabod heard this and was surprised. He looked at the letter and immediately recognized the writing style of Washington.

  • Ichabod: The year was 1798?

Selina nodded with calm.

  • Selina: Please, read it.

Ichabod then read the letter.

Inside the base of Hexenmeister Community, Emma Swan was facing a man in black outfit like someone who was attending a masque. The man was wearing a mask and spoke in a tone like an old man.
  • Masked Man: Why are you coming here, Ms. Swan? Can't you see that you cannot put your own will forcefully upon me?

A moment of silence later, Emma broke the silence with anger and disgust.

  • Emma: Ever since you became the leader of the Hexenmeister Community, you brought us in it, and now we behave like cowards. You called us back from Sleepy Hollow merely due to small assaults, but killing Christine Van Bilj will conclude the assault with our victory!

The masked man, who was revealed to be the new leader of the Hexenmeister Community, did not answer or show any emotions. Anyway, his emotions was hidden by his own mask.

  • Emma: Was it because... because of you never want us to help the Witnesses?

The masked man shook his head. Emma seemed very disappointed by his reactions, but it was obvious that he never feel bothered at all.

  • Masked Man: Emma, you must understand all these circumstances. We cannot sacrifice our good to help two mere mortals who just can't adjust themselves to the reality.

After hearing all of this, Emma could only bite her lips in anger just as the masked man continued slowly and gently.

  • 220444-183088-mephisto
    Masked Man: Beside, Mephisto is a greater threat than Christine. He rose those assaults, not Christine. We are helping Arendelle, not Sleepy Hollow. Unless the town itself falls into ruins, or many things will gone, just gone, unnoticed and forgotten, never to be know by people out of the town.

Emma did not fear the masked man and she immediately went forward.

  • Emma: Leader, I think you are hiding something like a self-serving purpose.

The masked man seemed to be offended, and he looked at Emma immediately. Through his mask, Emma saw his eyes widened.

  • Emma: Never forget about my own ability. I can see through your lie if I want to, but I am sparing you from your final indignity. Tell me, what do you want from Mephisto? What made you so desperate to take him down that you even ignored many other threats?

The masked man seemed to get much, much calmer, and he turned his head back with a slow speed.

  • Masked Man: Only a few pages of books, but that pages of books means greatly for me... for us.

Emma narrowed her eyes and bit her lips. She had her own ability to seek out lies, and she did not find any lies inside the masked man's words.

  • 215SpellBook1
    Emma: Pages of books? A magic book?

The masked man nodded his head and sighed.

  • Masked Man: Yes, and that is no ordinary magic book. I can only tell you this much now. I need to go for a rest, and leave my office now. I will find who the spy truly is.

Emma then bit her lips and looked at the masked man before the latter stood up and left.

  • Emma: (think) * One day, I will find who you truly are and what you did. I will expose it to everyone in this world. I will see people know who you truly are, and I am going to enjoy it. *

Emma immediately turned back and stormed out of the room.

Solace Sigil
Ichabod widened his eyes with surprise when he read about the letter, and he looked at the words, "under the request of Betsy Ross"...
  • Ichabod: Betsy? I thought she was... transformed and trapped... in 1798.

Selina shook her head with a sigh.

  • Selina: Well, this... is what I am yet to know. However, I assume that it was her soul who returned back to her time and continued to live until the day she died according to the history. She might visited a retired General Washington and sent you this letter.

Ichabod then handed the letter of Washington back to Selina.

  • Ichabod: George Washington founded a secret organization to battle the supernatural.
  • Selina: Actually, he allowed one secret organization to stabilize Sleepy Hollow and battle the supernatural. I am one of them.
49768056 p0 master1200
Ichabod slowly turned back to Selina with his eyes widened. Selina began to become sadder in looks, and Ichabod did not know what to say to comfort this enigmatic woman.
  • Selina: Our leaders' intentions were noble. We are not all bad people, though many of us have lost their way. If you qualified to be one of us, to be one of our leaders, you must adjust everything that was wrong.

Selina then closed her eyes before she sighed and walked towards the door. Tears started to stream down her eyes despite she tried herself not to cry.

  • Selina: Forgive them... for they do not know what they do.

Ichabod looked at Selina as she went away, and he then went out of the room as well. No one heard their talking, and no one was interested in what they talked about.

Corbin's office was full of In silence, ever since it was closed. No other officers had yet to enter the room until Abbie went to that office with the words "Sheriff August Corbin" on its door, and she opened the office, trying to say her last goodbye to her late mentor. However, she then got a surprise.

Surprisingly, Abbie Corbin reading his files inside there. Seeing Abbie coming inside, Corbin smiled to her.

  • Corbin: You look lost, kid.
  • Abbie: What is this? (paused) I'm dreaming, right?
  • August Corbin
    Corbin: Well, what difference does that make? I'm here right now, aren't I? With you?

Abbie stepped closer to Corbin, ignoring the fact that he was a ghost or perhaps even an illusion.

  • Abbie: Look, if you're gonna haunt me, be helpful. Okay?
  • Corbin: Okay, what seems to be the problem?
  • Abbie: Ooh... "What seems to be the problem?" How about, what the hell is happening here? You were ahead of me the whole time. Were you ever planning on telling me anything?

​Corbin still smiled cryptically.

  • Abbie in the Necromancer
    Corbin: Would you believe me if I did?
  • Abbie: Maybe.
  • Corbin: Maybe not. You spent a lot of time running away from what happened to you, Abbie.

​Abbie shook her head in confusion.

  • Abbie: I asked you to be helpful. I don't know how to do this.
  • Corbin: You're scared, aren't you?

​Abbie bit her lips when she looked closer at Corbin.

  • Abbie: Scared? Yeah, and I'm furious... and outraged that you didn't tell me...
  • Corbin: Good, that's progress. Ever since you were little, you let your life be ruled by fear. You're so afraid about what you don't understand that it kept you from seeing who you really are... or what you were meant to do.

​All the while, Corbin still kept his smile. Abbie sighed in helplessness.

  • Abbie: Which is... ?
  • Corbin: The only person that can tell you that... is you. That's what faith is, honey.
  • 318Promo19
    Abbie: I really... miss you.

After sometime of silence, Corbin smiled and nodded.

  • Corbin: Don't be afraid of No. 49. That's where you find you're not alone.

​Abbie looked up to Corbin before Ichabod came behind her.

  • Ichabod: Lieutenant?

​Abbie turned back to see Ichabod behind her, but when she turned back, she was surprised to see Corbin had disappeared...

  • Ichabod: Are you all right?

In the Room No. 49, Jenny Mills was doing push-ups inside her room one time after another, sweating and feeling anxious as if she was feeling something horrid. At this time, a female orderly arrived at the scene with a cart that carried medicines and all kind of tools.
  • Orderly: Tonight, Mills.

Jenny stopped doing push-ups and looked at the orderly. Then, she breathed out. The orderly then turned to the cart and grabbed two small cups on an iron plate, with some tags written on the plate.

Mills, Jennifer

Delusional Disorder

Chlorpromazine 35mg Capsule

Jenny stood up as the orderly bring her one of the cups, with a capsule inside it.

  • 10719568526 36880005f6 b
    Orderly: Seen any monsters lately, Jenny?

Jenny peeked at the cup before she looked at the orderly straight into her face once again.

  • Jenny: No, ma'am... Not since I've been taking these.

Jenny swiftly and calmly took the cup from the orderly and put the capsule inside her mouth, seemly swallowing it. The orderly then gave her the second cup filled with water, but Jenny did not drank it. She swayed her hand and refused it.

  • Orderly: Open.

Jenny calmly opened her mouth, and the orderly checked this carefully. There was no capsule inside. It was seemed that Jenny swallowed the medicine.

  • Orderly: Good girl.

Jenny nodded her head and closed her mouth.

  • Orderly: Lights out in five minutes.

The orderly pushed the cart away before closing the door, all the while Jenny was watching this. However, Jenny soon spat out the capsule hidden under her tongue and immediately crushed it with her foot until it was ground into dust. Then, Jenny crouched and blew the dust away, leaving no trace on the floor. Jenny then looked at a news hanging on the wall, which was cut from a newspaper 13 years ago.

Mills Sisters Found

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 6.16.56 PM
Afterwards, Jenny put an long iron bar on the window and started to do chinning. However, after that, the lights out... and Jenny heard a mysterious whisper behind her, as if there was someone or something behind her...
  • Jenny: (!?)

Jenny immediately stopped chinning and turned back, but strangely, Jenny found no one there. A face full of horror soon surfaced on the face of Jenny as she looked around...

Opening - Somebody That I Used To Know

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) - official video


- Gotye:

Now and then I think of when we were together

Like when you said you felt so happy you could die

Told myself that you were right for me

But felt so lonely in your company

But that was love and it's an ache I still remember

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness

Like resignation to the end, always the end

So when we found that we could not make sense

Well you said that we would still be friends

But I'll admit that I was glad it was over

But you didn't have to cut me off

Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing

And I don't even need your love

But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough

No you didn't have to stoop so low

Have your friends collect your records and then change your number

I guess that I don't need that though

Now you're just somebody that I used to know

Now you're just somebody that I used to know

Now you're just somebody that I used to know

- Kimbra:

Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over

But had me believing it was always something that I'd done

But I don't wanna live that way

Reading into every word you say

You said that you could let it go

And I wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know

- Gotye:

But you didn't have to cut me off

Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing

And I don't even need your love

But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough

And you didn't have to stoop so low

Have your friends collect your records and then change your number

I guess that I don't need that though

Now you're just somebody that I used to know


(I used to know)


(Now you're just somebody that I used to know)

(I used to know)

(That I used to know)

(I used to know)


Sub Arc Prologue


Moloch's lair

1 day after Christine's death


Standing in Moloch's lair, Atticus Nevins watched the face of a young Ichabod in a mirror with a cold and harsh face, staring into the eyes of Ichabod. Nevins did not speak a word, only watching what the young Ichabod Crane had saw and felt.

  • ???: To be honest, I don't feel like you had the blood of Van Bilj in Lord Moloch's possession, Mr. Nevins. I want to clarify this.

Nevin's interest was suddenly interrupted when a voice came from behind. Nevins turned back and saw a woman figure in Purgatory. That was a tall woman with pale skin and grey hair, with her eyes glowing in yellow. She was wearing a large hat.

  • Sae Shadow
    Nevins: What are you doing here? I did not ask for your opinion.

Nevins then turned to the mysterious woman, who looked at him with her eyes like leopards. She was wearing her black lipstick in a carefree attitude.

  • ???: Rumors said that little wench whose name was Selina Strawberry play a key role upon the death of Christine, and I am here to confirm it, alongside the rumors of your containment of Van Bilj blood.

Nevins looked at the grey-haired woman with sheer disdain, and vice versa.

  • ???: I want the truth, now. Otherwise, you won't expect me to help you further after this task. Our partnership shall be over.

The grey-haired woman walked further with full of arrogance, and she had her face covered fully in grey shadows. Nevins stood still and shook his head.

  • 303ByzantineParang
    Nevins: So, forcing the answer out? Is that what you did when you prosecuted your poor defendant?

The grey-haired woman looked at him with a horrid expression of scoff on her face, but Nevins never cared about it. He then went to the table in front of him and picked up the blade. He then went to the woman before handing the knife to her.

  • Nevins: I have my own work to do, and I will tell you later. You came here without permission. You should leave before Lord Moloch and those Twelve Nethers find you, or you will die by their hands. Here, the knife you requested.
  • ShadowSae1
    ???: You...
  • Nevins: Rumor has that Michael Langdon was using the same knife in another timeline, and I hope you will use it properly to collect more souls for our Master. 

Getting the blade from Nevins, the grey-haired lady then sighed and looked at Nevins in anger. She slowly walked back before an evil smile appeared on her face.

  • Atticus Nevins-SHS3
    ???: That sounds like a perfect threat. Do not expect I will bow down in fear because of this petty threat, though.

The woman then slowly turned back and disappeared in a mist with the mist, but not before she made her final announcement all the while looking at Nevins' cold and harsh face.

  • ???: I will call you after our task is over, and I will tell you where and when we shall meet. I will sign up to join you in secret. Don't be late.

The mysterious woman disappeared, but Nevins was not caring what the woman was planning. Maybe she planned nothing at all but her desire to join Moloch's force, but the further intention of hers is unknown. For now, Nevins had to do his own work.

  • Nevins: Suit yourself.

Act 1 - Blade

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

A company building

10 minutes later


Despite a town like Sleepy Hollow was not in that big scale like New Your City, there are still dozens of departments and office buildings of all kinds inside the town.

Inside an office building, an ordinary office building, a black-haired white man, was very anxious. He sat on his desk while peeking at a blond woman far away from him, talking to another blonde man in business suit. They were talking happily. The black-haired man, named Nelson Meyers, seemed distressed by this, somehow.

【】Sle-00 06 41--20170829-083513-0-

Just then, the elevator had arrived, and the woman and the blond man both went into the elevator. Nelson went forward and rushed towards the elevator almost immediately. He got into the elevator in time before it started to close. He stood beside the woman whom he was watching from beside.

  • Nelson: Hey, Emily?

The name of that woman was Emily. She smiled to Nelson.

  • Emily: Hey, there.
  • 303Nelson
    Nelson: I was thinking about going to the new... food truck today. I heard the Korean barbecue tacos are off the chain.

Eager to make Emily join the fun, Nelson smiled at Emily warmly, but unfortunately, she seemed indifferent on his invitation.

  • Emily: No, a bunch of us are headed over to Gardot's Bar for dinner. It's Rachel's birthday.
  • Nelson: Rachel? From HR? Well, that sounds like a way more fun time.
  • Emily: Okay, see you then.

Emily and Nelson both smiled, just as the elevator arrived in the ground floor. Emily promptly left the elevator with the others, but Nelson did not move at all, leaving himself alone in the elevator.

  • Nelson: ......

In the evening

Gardot's Bar

6 hours later

【】Sle-00 07 05--20170901-112417-3-
Inside the dinner party, almost everyone were enjoying the great music as well as dancing, being very happy in this party... well, almost everyone. Only Nelson was sitting in front of the counter and drank a bottle of beer in sheer stress.

He was looking at Emily walking towards that male colleague of her. They laughed, chatted and danced. Nelson looked at them with sheer jealousy. Then, he looked away and took a next cup. He did not notice that a woman with long grey hair was sitting beside him, looking at him with a calm face. 

  • Xp1u7s41uo1 540
    You're not gonna let that guy get in your way, are you?

Nelson turned his head to the woman, who was in a Gothic dress and had a thick make up. She also wore dark mauve lipstick. Her face seemed very sinister. Even so, Nelson was drunk, so he could hardly sense that woman's menacing look. Frustrated, Nelson shook his head.

  • Nelson: She's already with him.

With a sigh, Nelson was about to stand up and leave the place with sheer frustration.

  • Nelson: I'm gonna get out.

Nelson was about to leave, but the woman only sat in her chair, looking at his pessimistic attitude with a cold and harm face.

  • ???: You just gonna run away?

​Nelson ignored the woman and tried to leave, but the woman held his arm and stopped him in his way. Confused, Nelson looked at that woman. To his surprise, the woman's face lit up, smiling at him.

  • ???: Hey. I have a better idea.
  • Nelson: Sorry, ma'am, but... but I think I won't be interested in it.

​A grin appeared on the woman's face.

  • ???: Oh, you will. There is no room for negotiation. Have another cup, please.
P5 portrait of Shadow Sae smiling

Taking a chance of Nelson being drunk and thus utterly oblivious for what happened, the gray-haired woman then dumped some powder inside Nelson's cup before giving him a refill with her bottle cocktail. She then gave Nelson the cup. Oblivious for what had happened, Nelson took the cup and drank it. Somehow, he had felt better.

  • ???: Feeling better?

Nelson nodded. The woman then smiled and dragged Nelson towards the dancing crowd, where the neon flashing and people rejoicing.

  • ???: Let's show everybody the real you.

Feeling pleased for someone who finally agreed to dance with him, Nelson happily agreed and danced with the grey-haired lady in disco.

From a place far away Emily and her dance mate, who was revealed to be her boyfriend, looked at them from far away, thinking that Nelson had get his happy ending and got his girl... without realizing the truth behind this circumstances.

  • 【】Sle-00 08 29--20170901-115346-4-
    Nelson: ......!!

Suddenly, Nelson fell dizzy and his vision turned blurry, and all things he saw started to fade away as if they had disappeared from existence.

It was unknown what that woman had put in his cup, but it was apparent that she caused Nelson's current situation. It was too late for Nelson to realize that, before his vision turned white... and then stained in black.

The next day

Nelson's house

8 hours later

Nelson got up from his coma, opening his eyes and looked at the ceiling above him. He was now inside his house, and the light of sun had shone on his bed. Nelson had snapped out of his drunken state and felt his head hurt, trying to think over for what happened in yesterday.

Nelson struggled himself to get up before he looked at the table beside his bed. In surprise, he found a blade on the table. The blade was like a crescent and was decorated in a luxurious manner.

  • Nelson: Eh?

Nelson picked up the blade and looked at it, hearing some voice speaking inside his head. He soon went to work, but he took the blade with him as if someone in his head urged him to do so.

Office building


1 hours later


Nelson went to his office building not long after he left his house. Then, he went inside the elevator, where his love rival, that man named Matthew Gorman, was chatting with a colleague behind him. Gorman was wearing in suit and jeans, talking to that colleague with a smile.

  • Gorman: So, dude, last night, that blonde from Claims, Emily?
  • Colleague: Hmm?
  • Gorman: I put a few drinks in here and boom-- got her number, which means you know I'm hitting that tonight. All night.
  • 303Matt
    Colleague: Yean, you are!

The two men smiled and made a fist bump. Then, the elevator stopped when Gorman's colleague was about to the place.

  • Colleague: All right, man, see you later.
  • Gorman: Later, bro.

The colleague then left with a smile.

Inside the corner of the elevator, Nelson heard everything. He was now wearing sunglasses and had his face being utterly serious, waiting for people in the elevator left one by one while recalling the gray-haired woman's word last night. He was sure that was not a dream..

  • ???: (flashback) Let's show everybody the real you.

Nelson then thought about the blade. He took off his sunglasses and looked at Gorman in sheer anger.

20 minutes later

Dutch Chapel

3km east away from the office building

  • Sister Mary Eunice: Detective Morales has left the hospital, right?

Sister Mary Eunice stood in front of the Dutch Chapel where the late Reverend Alfred Knapp lived, with Abbie on her side. The chapel once belonged to Knapp until the Headless Horseman had chopped his head off, killing him.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: The Horseman of Death made this place seemed cold and harsh. I need to take care of here.

Sister Mary Eunice turned back and walked towards the street like a normal person going out for a walk. Abbie was following her.

  • Abbie: Really?
  • Sister Mary Eunice: Yes, we need more bases. We can't always let the church empty. Also, since I am in the town, I don't need to always live inside a mirror.

​Sister Mary Eunice took a peek at the church again.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: Therefore, finding a place so close to the Archive will be more convenient if you look for my help.

Sister Mary Eunice then looked at the sun above the sky before she looked straight at the Archives not far away and sighed in helplessness, thinking that the body of Betsy Ross had been taken by Atticus Nevins. She also thought about that mysterious woman with blood red hood, wondering the reason behind her alliance...

  • Abbie: Sister?

Abbie's words made Sister Mary Eunice left her own thoughts. She looked at Abbie with distress.

  • Hungary.full.1827132
    Sister Mary Eunice: Ms. Mills, remember the last battle we had participate against those evil that haunted this town? Turned out that the winner was the archenemy of your sheriff.
  • Abbie: Sister, I am sorry to say so, but I guess we are going to find out what Corbin was hiding before we head back to chase Nevins.

Hearing Abbie's words, Sister Mary Eunice then frowned her brows when she thought about Betsy Ross.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: I had once fought against Nevins alongside your sheriff. He was a dangerous man, and I guess he took the body of Betsy for some unknown purpose.
  • Abbie: Yes, I know, but I don't think it will serve a purpose. Nevins would get nothing from Betsy's body.
201 Mary Eunice

​Sister Mary Eunice and Abbie walked all the way on the pavement, unknowing they have reached a block near the Police Department. Sister Mary Eunice's face was calm and patient.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: As we both know, Betsy Ross had the blood of Christine inside her body, and maybe that was why Nevins took Betsy's corpse. It is never hard to imagine what would Nevins plan with the body of Betsy.

Sister Mary Eunice then stopped and turned back to take a look at the chapel.

  • Abraham Van Brunt
    Sister Mary Eunice: Besides, the Horseman...

It was like as if she saw the bloody slaughter of the Horseman come once again. August Corbin and Reverend Knapp are both its victim, and the murder incidents were manipulated by Michael Langdon, who went missing but was confirmed to still be alive.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: We must race against time to fight against those evil enemies, and we don't know when will the Horseman will strike again in this town full of dark secrets.

Abbie then thought for a while. It was apparent that Abbie still do not understand how dangerous this current situation was.

  • Abbie and Icky
    Abbie: Hmm, I see.

However, it could be justified since the Team Witness had quite a hard time dealing with the problem caused by Christine, and Abbie didn't want the things gone wild like that in their previous battle, so she preferred to take it slow.

  • Abbie: Very well, Sister, but I guess we should take it slow.
  • 111Promo5
    Irving: Don't mean to interrupt you.

Abbie suddenly heard something and saw a man in black suit walking towards them with a serious face. It was Captain Frank Irving, the current sheriff in the town of Sleepy Hollow, walking towards them. Abbie took another sip from her cup of coffee and waved at Irving.

  • Abbie: Not at all. Captain Irving, this is Sister Mary Eunice, the new nun in this town who took charge in that Dutch Chapel. She is a friend to the late Reverend Alfred Knapp.

Captain Irving was familiar to the name Alfred Knapp, since he was the one who investigated the murder of the Reverend despite he still had no clue on the murderer even till now. Sister Mary Eunice took the change of Abbie forging her an identity before smiling at Captain Irving.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: It's nice to meet you, captain.
  • Irving: Welcome to Sleepy Hollow.

Irving nodded as well, and looked at Abbie with his typical face of seriousness.

  • Irving: You have a moment for me?

Abbie looked at Sister Mary Eunice who looked at her watch. She then turned to Abbie, winking at her as a signal. Abbie recognized this signal and nodded. Sister Mary Eunice then turned to Irving.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: Well, captain, shall I give you a moment for you two? Have a good day investigating.

Under Irving's permission, Sister Mary Eunice then left in a normal way. She was now presenting herself as a normal nun, and Irving was oblivious to her true identity. Even so, Sister Mary Eunice had a bad feeling that something was coming to them... once again. Irving did not look at the leaving nun. Instead, he looked at Abbie straight into her eyes.

  • Abbie
    Irving: Just got a call -- local PD's office needs assistance in a homicide.

Abbie was feeling surprised to hear a local PD calling to the WPD Headquarters for assisting.

  • Abbie: It must be quite a homicide.
  • Irving: A stabbing downtown. Apparently, not a drop of blood. I told them I'd put my best eyes on it.

Abbie listen to Irving carefully and thought about calling Crane for assistance. Recently, so many strange things occurred, and Abbie had always take Ichabod Crane with her during their investigation.

  • Irving: Check in with me later.
  • Abbie: You got it.

Act 2 - Ripper from the Past

Office building

10 minutes later

Murder scene

【】Sle-00 10 53--20170902-101818-0-
The office building that we aforementioned had been evacuated due to the crime scene, and the police officers had been prepared. A police detective named Rudy Chandler was on the case when Abbie and Ichabod approached the crime scene.

Ichabod was permitted by Frank Irving to check on the scene with limited time. Rudy led the two towards the elevator, where the murder occurred. Abbie immediately took out her pair of rubber gloves and looked at the corpse while wearing it.

  • Chandler: Found him just like this.
【】Sle-00 11 04--20170902-102226-1-
Inside the elevator, two other investigators were dealing with the body by checking it carefully.
  • Chandler: Our guys haven't touch anything.

Abbie took a look at the police detective.

  • Abbie: Would you mind getting your people back, giving us some space?
  • Chandler: You got it.

Detective Chandler immediately ordered those two officers to leave so that Abbie and Ichabod could take a check on the victim's body.


Abbie went into the elevator, while Ichabod stood outside and looked at the victim's face. He was shocked by the grotesque and disturbing scene of the state of the victim.

The face of the victim was petrified as if he had been dried in the desert for months. Wrinkles appeared on his face. What was more disturbing was that he had multiple stabbed wounds on his body, and it was very obvious that this man was killed by a knife.

However, Ichabod's memory was suddenly being triggered once again when he saw the body. It reminded him a scene where another body in a similar face appeared in a night of downpour.


Ichabod went into the elevator and looked closer at the body in a clearer view. Abbie was already checking the body carefully.

  • Abbie: Multiple lacerations. And based on the number and depth, significant overkill, maybe even rage.

​Ichabod stared closer at the corpse... when suddenly, his eyes widened when another flashback occurred. Also during a night of downpour, a young man was confronted by a man in black raincoat who stabbed the former to death.

【】Sle-00 11 21--20170902-103045-2-

- Ichabod: Bertie...

【】Sle-00 11 51--20170406-001144-0-
Reminded of this flashback, Ichabod could not help himself from uttering the word as he widened his eyes in shock. Abbie turned to Ichabod, realizing something was wrong with him.
  • Abbie: Crane?

Ichabod immediately snapped out of his flashback and returned back to his calm state. He looked at the victim while recalling his memories. He first looked at the wounds.

  • Ichabod: Deep wounds.

He then thought about the killer and their nature judging by this case.

  • Ichabod: Bold. Never afraid of being caught.

He then thought about the killing method.

- Ichabod: Exsanguination...

【】Sle-00 11 35--20170902-103725-3-

Abbie sensed Ichabod reaction to this case and found out that he had recognized the methods of murder. She knew Ichabod had a perfect skill of photographic memory and could recall everything happened on him as long as he remained conscious.

  • Abbie: You recognized the M.O.?

Ichabod turned back to Abbie with a face of horror, a face that had only appeared when Ichabod recalled the brutal death of his mother. Therefore, it was very obvious that this case brought another dark past of Ichabod back into his mind.

- Ichabod: I do. From long ago.

  • 303YoungIchabod
    Abbie: So, some monster the Brits used against the Patriots?
  • Ichabod: No.

Ichabod shook his head with his expression unchanged. Abbie realized that something had gone horrible.

  • Ichabod: Lieutenant, we are dealing with a terror from my childhood. My very first encounter with pure evil.

Another flashback started to surface in Ichabod's mind. It was a man with long hair, dressed up in a black raincoat, and held a knife in his hand.

  • Abbie: Who are you talking about?
  • Ichabod: He has gone by many names by the centuries.

Ichabod then stood up with his face pale as paper. He then spoke something which surprised Abbie.

  • Ichabod: You may have know him...

- Ichabod: ... as Jack the Ripper.

Corbin's Archive

20 minutes later

  • Maryeunice
    Sister Mary Eunice: Jack the Ripper? You can't be serious, Crane.

Entering the door in a mood of distraught, Sister Mary Eunice looked at Ichabod, also with confusion in her eyes. She then went on helping Ichabod and Abbie with the files. Ichabod was looking at several documents in the enormous file collection of the late August Corbin, who owned this room and had the darkest secrets of this town hidden inside the chamber.

  • Abbie: Yeah, Crane, how can Jack the Ripper have been around when you were a kid? It was almost 100 years before the Whitechapel murders.

Abbie was viewing the files and making notes on the blank pages of Corbin's unfinished notebook. She had carry on the work of Corbin ever since her previous battle against the evil Michael Langdon, who allowed the Headless Horseman to kill Corbin, and Abbie would fill the notes whenever she found new clues about many mysteries.

Ichabod then picked up a book and walked passed Sister Mary Eunice, and he walked beside Abbie while explaining a disturbing past of his own.

  • Ichabod: Spring, 1763, to be exact. During my sixth form at Eton College. I met with a similar event already one year before that, but it was 1763 when I met that monster face to face... and almost eye to eye.
Due to her agile instinct, Sister Mary Eunice noticed that Ichabod's face went pale when he opened the book in his hand. It was his sign of feeling disturbed by those evil events. That event happened years after the death of Ichabod's mother, Lady Crane, who was murdered by Ichabod's possessed father under the control of an unknown demon.
  • Ichabod: The innocence of my youth... came to a very sudden end...

Ichabod's Flashback

Eton College, 1763

【】Sle-00 11 51--20170406-001144-0-
During a rainy day, Ichabod was walking with his friend in a downpour. Then, after biding goodbye to his friend, Ichabod went to his dormitory before the lightning flashed. In the light, Ichabod saw his worst fear - Someone was holding a blade and stood within the heavy rain.

That classmate of Ichabod saw him as well and immediately went towards him, shouting.

  • Classmate: The Ripper strikes again! Come on, Ichabod, shake a leg!

​Ichabod and his classmates immediately went back to the school building and then they were surprised to see someone in front of them.

The man was not Ripper, but their school headmaster. Even so, Ichabod had figured out that someone may have murdered and immediately went towards the headmaster, but the headmaster stopped him.

  • Headmaster: Don't. You will not wish to remember him this way.

Ichabod quickly went towards the place despite the headmaster's warning.

  • Headmaster: Ichabod!

Ichabod ignored this and then he stopped in front of a corpse. The lightning flashed once again and revealed the dead: It was Ichabod's best friend in college - Berty, who was very close to Ichabod since they were in their first term. They once planned to spent summer together at his family estate in Berkshire.

Ichabod felt horrid because the dead body of Berty had reminded him of the corpse he saw 1 year ago... and it was his last memory of Berty.
  • Ichabod: No...

​Berty's body was like a dry corpse, and a red rose was carved on his hand. This murder had finally made Ichabod traumatized since the previous murders targeted on people whom he did not know, but this one was different. The victim was Ichabod's friend...

Ichabod was shivering in horror as he looked at the corpse, speechless for many seconds. Just then, a classmate of him had walked to Ichabod with tears in his eyes. He put his hand on Ichabod's shoulder with tears in his eyes. It was a young Abraham Van Brunt, another good friend of Ichabod.

  • 303Stephens
    Abraham: Meet us in the common room in 15 minutes. We're going after whoever did this.

​Ichabod nodded and immediately went away. Soon, when he got back to his room, he saw a bearded old man in there. It was Stevens, his butler, who was waiting for him. The suitcase of Ichabod was already packed. Ichabod was surprised.

  • Ichabod: Stevens? What is all of this? Why all of my things packed?

​Stevens walked closer to Ichabod with a serious face.

  • Stevens: I'm taking you back to London, Master Ichabod.
  • YoungIchabod
     What? No, you can't! I need to join the others, help them find the...

​Ichabod tried to get out but he was immediately stopped by Stevens.

  • Stevens: It's not safe for you here.

Ichabod stared at the old butler silently as the latter put his hand on Ichabod's shoulder.

  • Stevens: My boy, try to understand. Your first duty is to assure the continuation of your family name. Your semester at Eton is over.

​Ichabod nearly cried out when suddenly, he heard his father calling him.

  • Lord Thomas Crane: Ichabod?!

​Ichabod went to the window and saw his father and many others were outside the building. Ichabod sighed and knew he had to to leave. His last memory of Bert was the latter's butchered remains.



  • Ichabod-Crane-Screencaps-ichabod-crane-sleepy-hollow-tv-series-35761154-500-281
    Ichabod: I would return to Eton in the following autumn once the dust had settled. For the rest of my time there, fear was my constant companion...

Ichabod looked at his friends with a hollowed eyes, and it was apparent that the horrid memory, being one of so many horrid part inside Ichabod's darkest past, had made him chilled to his spine. Abbie then spoke this out.

  • Abbie: 'Cause the Ripper was still yet to get caught. It could have been anyone among you.
  • Lily-Rabe 595
    Ichabod: Oh, we trusted no one. Not our supposedly respected schoolmasters, not even each others. I once almost suspected Christine and Colin were the culprits since they were having infamous reputations among us. Christine also made fun of this in order to scare me. That made me disgusted.

Feeling deeply worried, Sister Mary Eunice heard Ichabod talking about Christine. She thought about their last battle, which was exactly the fight against Christine, which ended up her death, but Sister Mary Eunice always felt bad about this, not just because of Atticus Nevins, who had took the corpse of Betsy Ross for some unknown purpose.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: (think) * Those dark pasts are like haunting ghosts. Even dead men could walk again on Earth if their crimes was as posthumously effective as possible. *

With a calm face, Sister Mary Eunice then continued to listen to what Ichabod talked about.

  • Ichabod: I became obsessed in solving the Ripper killings. It was not until this past week, due to the chance given by a hiatus thanks to Christine's death...

While Abbie and Sister Mary were watching him, Ichabod then started to look over the files on the table before he picked several thin books up. Those books seemed quite old since their papers had turned tanned in color. 

  • Ichabod: ... when I learned of the infamous event in Whitechapel, London, 1888...

Ichabod then opened one of the books and carefully took out several old newspaper, looking at the news on them. It was a report to Whitechapel serial murders. It also included the famous drawing which described police officers looking about a suspect of the Ripper killings.

  • JacktheRipper1888

    "With the Vigilance Committee in the East End: A Suspicious Character" from The Illustrated London News, 13 October 1888

    Ichabod: ... that a far larger pattern took shape.

With curiosity, Abbie and Sister Mary Eunice looked at the newspaper, and both of them had knew what was going on according to many files they found. The trio soon had that information pieced together and got a horrifying result.

  • Abbie: Similar killings have taken place, on and off, for over 900 years, dating back as far as William the Conqueror in 1066. They're all the same killer.

Sister Mary Eunice frowned her eyebrows and put her hand under her chin, in a thoughtfully look. She was feeling something bad from the past was coming back into the future.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: A powerful, supernatural being, spreading death and fear in its awake.
  • Abbie: It must be summoned by those evil followers of the Horseman of Death, evil companions of Christine. Maybe that Atticus Nevins?
  • Sleepy-hollow-season3-winter-premiere
     This is no coincidence, people. The killing's exact match to what I saw as a boy.

Just as he finished his words, Ichabod suddenly raised his index finger as if he remembered something important. He immediately went to the bookshelf, leaving Sister Mary Eunice and Abbie looking at the files.

  • Abbie: If it's him, that means that not only does he know who you are, but somehow has access to your earliest memories.

''thumb|386px|link='' Ichabod was picking up another book from the shelf.

  • Ichabod: (sarcastically) How reassuring.
  • Abbie: Biggest clues that we have is how that body was exsanguinated.

Abbie then turned to the next page of her file and looked at it very seriously.

  • Abbie: Something... has drained the victim of nearly half his blood.

Ichabod took the book and looked at it continuously. Sister Mary Eunice was holding another book with laments in her eyes.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: Yet we are left with very little in the way of hard evidence.
  • Abbie: In 18th Century England or 1960's Massachusetts, maybe, but today, with the latest and greatest of FBI technology, we can start by identifying weapon.

Ichabod and Sister Mary Eunice closed the book in the same time, looking at each other. Sister Mary Eunice then smiled at Abbie.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: The weapon? A good place to start.

Nelson's office building

10 minutes later

【】Sle-00 17 56--20170916-180653-0-
It had been a while after Gorman was killed, and no one had ever suspect that Nelson was the one who did the job. Sitting in his chair behind the block of his desk, Nelson peeked at Emily not far away, seeing her crying in sheer sadness. A female colleague of hers sat beside her and comforted her.

Looking at her from far away, a dark expression surfaced on Nelson's face. His face turned more and more menacing while Emily cried harder and harder. She was definitely crying for Gorman. That made Nelson utterly uneasy.


In the archives

  • 207Promo7
    Abbie: We need to find commonality and ID this guy before he strikes again.

Abbie was looking at the computer while talking. She was searching for old files via the filing system, while Ichabod stood beside her and looked at the computer with curiosity. Sister Mary Eunice stood on the other side, but her face remained calm while looking at the computer screen.

  • Abbie: Using the specs from the victim's wounds, and the angles of attack, forensics was able to reconstruct the murder weapon.

Abbie then opened a file and revealed a three-dimensional model of the murder weapon, which was a short knife. Its blade was almost looking like a crescent. With surprise, Sister Mary Eunice looked at Ichabod after turning her head away from the computer.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: It's not exactly a straight razor.

Ichabod looked back on the computer screen, but this time he was confused as if he had saw this thing before so long ago. Given to his photographic memory, having this kind of situation occurred was highly plausible on Ichabod.

  • 303Blade1
    Ichabod: It's somehow familiar.

Just then, Ichabod had suddenly walked forward and put his cup of tea back on the table. He was sipping a mug of tea all the while looking at the computer screen to find clues. He then sat on the chair beside Abbie.

  • Ichabod: First Crusades.

Abbie and Sister Mary Eunice looked at Ichabod with curiosity as he gave his explanations.

  • Ichabod: That... is a Byzantine parang, or long-bladed dagger.

Ichabod immediately picked up a book from the table and opened it. He recently viewed several books in Corbin's Archives in order to find more clues, and he had memorized several books pages after pages. He showed Abbie and Sister Mary Eunice a page with a illustration of the same kind of knife on the book.

  • Ichabod: Here. Forged by iron-smiths for Iftikhar al-Dawla, governor of Jerusalem, in 958 A.D.
  • Abbie: That is a whole lot of knife, even for Sleepy Hollow.
-美国恐怖故事--第二季-第3-00 38 29--20170323-100308-0-

Ichabod then looked closer to the book after making it closer on his side. Sister Mary Eunice stood beside the Two Witnesses and listen to Ichabod quoting the words on the book very carefully.

  • Ichabod: Legend says that those who wield the dagger... "shall shed all virtue and be wholly overcome with an unquenchable blood lust."
  • Sister Mary Eunice: "Wholly overcome."

The trio then looked at each other and a shadow had appeared on the face of Sister Mary Eunice. Abbie and Ichabod had the same reaction as well, realizing what was truly behind the murder spree.

- Sister Mary Eunice: The knife.

Ichabod looked at the computer screen once again and looked at the model of the knife, with a chilling feelings coming from his spines.
  • Sister Mary Eunice: It turns people into "Rippers".

With a sigh, Abbie then shook her head as she looked back on the computer screen.

  • Abbie: We're not searching for a monster.

Ichabod had behaved less calm than Abbie despite still in control of his composure. His eyes widened in shock, however, while looking at the true form of one of the cause in some of his most traumatic past events.

- Ichabod: We're searching for a weapon.

Underground parking lot

20 minutes later

【】Sle-00 19 13--20170901-083827-0-
With a distressed face, Nelson went into the parking lot after a long time from working. He felt distressed for Emily's reaction. She was in love with Gorman, not him, no matter how hard he tried to please her. Feeling ignored and sad, Nelson was then fueled with desire to kill again, but he was overwhelmed by the guilt of committing a murder.

As he got into his car, Nelson started to rewind all those events happened on him, before getting the blade out of his pocket and looked at it... without even knowing someone was sitting behind him like a ghost.

  • Shadow Sae sad
    ???: So beautiful.

Nelson turned back and saw that woman he met in the bar, that woman with grey hair. She was in the same outfit when she appeared in the bar, with a large grey hat. Two large yellow roses were on her had alongside four playing cards with different suits, from heart to club. She was dressed in a slightly more revealing black dress, and a tattoo of yellow roses could be seen on her right shoulder as well.

Nelson recognized her, and now with her clear mind, he could see her much closer and clearer than when he saw her last night.

  • Nelson: You?

Nelson looked at the woman and recognized her, with horror in his eyes. The woman looked at him with a pair of pitiful eyes that glowed in yellow. Nelson had finally realized it was all because of the woman who was manipulating him, and he shivered in horror and shock.

  • Nelson: Please...

His hand, still holding the blade, was shivering intensely because of his fear.

  • Nelson: Just leave me alone.

The woman still looked at Nelson. No changes had occurred on her face.

  • ???: I know you don't mean that. Now that you had a taste... of that thing buried deep inside you.

Nelson's flashback

10 minutes before the murder


【mjt100.co0303 clip1
After the other people in the elevator had got out of the elevator, Matthew Gorman was about to leave as well, but Nelson suddenly burst into outrage before stabbing his love rival on his chest multiple times, harder and harder, out of nothing but a sense of spite.

Then, Nelson ended all of this by stabbing in the chest of Gorman, looking at his victim with a horrendous smile on his face... just as how Nelson was smiling in his car when he recalled this horrible event.


【】Sle-00 19 51--20170901-084619-2-
However, even if Nelson smiled after recalling the event that made him satisfied, he was still tormented and did not spoke a word. The woman looked at him holding the blade, all the while with a calm face fueled with malice.
  • ???: Do you feel it?
  • Nelson: No.

Nelson shook his head and was still in thoughts and hesitation. He opened the window with a face of dismay.

  • 303BecomingTheBlade
    Nelson: I don't want it anymore.

​Nelson then tried hard to throw the blade out of the window but he can't. It somehow stuck on his palm. The grey-haired woman only watch with a smile as Nelson tried so hard to throw the blade away. Nelson then looked at his hand with a face of horror.

  • Nelson: Stop it... Stop it! What... What's happening to me?

​The woman, however, seemed satisfied.

  • ???: Just one more little step.
Shadow Sae Angry Cut-in
The woman calmly watched as Nelson screamed in horror and pain. His hand was tainted black and turned metallic. The blade and melted and covered his hand with black materials. Then, it spread onto his entire wrist.

Nelson screamed in terror while the woman looked at him with her horrifying smile. Then, her face turned more and more gruesome. The scream of Nelson had became louder and louder, but no other people had heard his scream. Beside that woman sitting behind him, Nelson was the only one inside the place.

  • ???: And now it begins.

Act 3 - Possession

Secret Base of the Order of Flourish

20 minutes later

  • Uguisumaru.full.2150159
    Young man: Lady Phyllis Peach had been missing for several hours, Light Lord. The last time I saw her, she said she was going to investigate about the agents of the Twelve Zodiac Nethers, but I suspect she was on about her own agenda.

​A green-haired young man, with a blade in his hand, was looking at a shadow figure behind the curtain. He was talking to the figure about someone named Phyllis Peach.

The figure was blurry, and then he spoke. He spoke in a strange voice, sometimes like a low-pitched female voice, and yet sometimes rather like a high-pitched male voice. The only thing was sure that he was referred as the Light Lord.

  • Light Lord: Well, Phyllis may be suspicious, but she is rather unique, so I will like to let her do what she like. She never have any conventional thinking. She is different from you people. In my mind, she is much more creative and flexible even than Selina.
  • Selina: Please don't compare me with that woman. She is a crazy one.
As if it was a sign of announcement, the door opened, and a tall and slender woman walked in, dressed up in red hood and stood beside the green-haired young man, revealing herself. She was none other than Selina Strawberry. She was much taller than the green-haired young man, but he seemed not to be bothered at all.

Unlike her previous appearance, Selina did not wear her eye-patch this time, and her eyes were glowing in red. Her expression seemed more menacing. The Light Lord was not bothered by this, though.

  • Light Lord: Ah, Selina, we are just talking about you... and your adversary in this Order.

Selina clenched her fist tight in her pockets, and her eyes were full of fire of fury.

  • Selina: I know quite well who you are talking about, Father, and I know I will defend you if you are in any trouble, but using that wicked prosecutor Phyllis as a member in our Order? I am not fancy this idea, at all. I do not know about her past, but I assume she is now planning awful things.
Selina showed great hatred to the person named Phyllis that the Light Lord was on about, and the green-haired man turned to Selina, speaking to her in a soften tone and a warm smile.
  • ​???: The Light Lord used Phyllis, indeed, but he never said that he don't need someone so warm-hearted and selfless like you. There is no need to be jealous.

The Light Lord himself did not try to answer Selina's wrathful doubt, as his shadow faded away from the curtain, leaving the green-haired man to speak about the situation.

A moment later, Selina seemed calmed down. Her face did not seemed that menacing, and her tones became softer as well, but still no smile appeared on her face. She spoke to the green-haired man in a calm tone.

  • Selina: I am not meant to be jealous, Albert, but I guess there is something wrong with Phyllis, something within her was not right.
  • Albert: Like what?
  • Selina: For example, she forced Gregory to chop off your hand due to someone's incrimination. From that day on, I made a vow never to befriend her again!

The green-haired man named Albert shrugged his shoulders and shook his head, in a troubling expression. This man named Albert Anderson, and referred by his alias as Albert Apple, is the third in command in the Order of Flourish, and how is also a right-hand to Selina.

Not being a pun to his identity to Selina, Albert's own right hand was being a prosthetic one, albeit made of magic, since he lost his right hand many years ago, due to Gregory Grape, one of his colleagues, removed Albert's right hand under Phyllis' order.

It was because Albert was framed by someone to steal a jewel from the Light Lord, and he received such a wrongful punishment, even Selina came to defend him. Albert was later traumatized by the event, which later made him depressed - yet he often hid his depression with humorous facade.

  • Uguisumaru.full.1980894
    Albert: I am fine, but I will come over with it. This woman was dangerous, indeed, but that was happening after the Feast of Apollo... and the murder of Lady Hestia Hawthorn before that. That was the true reason that drove everything wrong... including our own mind. Do you have a feeling that we are different from before?

Selina clenched her arm with her gloved left hand and bit her lips with a sigh. She closed her eyes and phewed in a very troubling face. The Feast of Apollo was an attempt to bring back Lady Hestia Hawthorn, the late adoptive daughter of the Light Lord who was murdered by someone else, using an artifact named the Stone of Wisdom.

The Feast failed, however, and the consequence were horrendous. Many citizens volunteered to witness and support the Feast became people with potential magician abilities, while many members of the Order (apart from a few special cases) were affected by its side effect, either being driven to their respective dark side or had their wicked personality turned outright and worsen.

  • Selina: Maybe, but the change in the Order was the consequence of the failed Feast. Nevertheless, I think another Feast of Apollo will make things right, since it will be accompanied by my Dawn's Early Light which will be put into use and cleanse the townspeople from depression.
48967342 p0 master1200

​Albert put his hand on his chin, thinking about the last Feast of Apollo held by the mysterious Light Lord. Since there was no one else beside them, the duo can talk about the Feast of Apollo for now.

  • Albert: Hmm, the last Feast caused so much people becoming enhanced with magical abilities - people we know as Shines - and also made benefits for Moloch's Twelve Nethers and their puppets, including Hubert ZodiakCrow Faux and another mysterious man know as the Wicker Wiseman.

​However, unlike Albert, Selina soon smiled in a confident manner. Albert was talking about troubling facts, but Selina seemed confident to remedy all of those trials and tribulations.

  • Selina: However, the Order will go on its right way as it always should be, and I believe the Team Witness will help us in the second Feast of Apollo, an act that will help the Order and the town of Sleepy Hollow to go on a right way. That shall be the time we redeem ourselves and be happy once again.
Abbie and Icky
The words of Selina that put trust on Ichabod and Abbie, the Two Witness, made Albert confused, but he soon widened his eyes and nodded.
  • Albert: You want to help the Two Witnesses so that they can become the Light Lord's tool to open the next Feast of Apollo?

​Selina sighed and smiled. She liked Ichabod's own personality and her assistance to him was sincere and heartfelt, but Ichabod did not know that Selina wanted him to serve a greater purpose - make Sleepy Hollow back to its normal state.

  • The Sabbath begins

    The first Feast of Apollo

    Selina: Tools? Well, I see them as true friends, not tools, but I will keep my eyes on them. I think they will agree with the Light Lord's plan... to make Sleepy Hollow peaceful again.

Selina was one of the people who had their dark side take over her due to the Feast of Apollo, an event that changed everything in Sleepy Hollow, but Selina did trying not to succumb to her dark side. She tried to revert anything back to normal in her own way, including her dark personality, and she was partly aware that some of her colleagues were on their wrong way.​


However, Selina herself did not know that the way what she chose - organizing the second Feast of Apollo - was also a wrong way. The reason of this would be explained later.

  • Selina: The Witnesses are the only hope to defeat Moloch and save the town of Sleepy Hollow. I will do anything... ANYTHING to wipe demonic influence that plagued the town since the birth of our foundation. Now, the Mayor wanted me to investigate the entire case, but I did it not for him and not for my salary. It was for all of us, for our safety. Therefore, please never judge me like that.
Selina then turned back and started to walk out of the door. Her face soon turned darker, revealing her inner dark side that was currently taking control of her mind.
  • Selina: However, even if the Witness turned against the Light Lord, I will not kill them for not assisting the second Feast of Apollo, either. Because at that time, I will capture them and make them assist us... Oh, my, what am I saying?

Feeling panicked by her sudden personality switch, Selina fled out of the door with a grayish face, leaving Albert alone in the room.

- Albert: Now who is the crazy one?

The next day

On the street

Outside Westchester Police Department


Abbie had just reported her investigation as realistic as she could to Captain Frank Irving, and she went out of Irving's office. She walked out of the police precinct and walked towards the Archives.

  • Luke: There you are, Abs. How was that murder occurred?

Suddenly, Abbie was approached by Detective Luke Morales who had just recovered from his previous problems and walked towards Abbie. Abbie stopped and was delighted to see Luke. She immediately made her answer to him about the recent murder he was on about.

  • Abbie in the Necromancer
    Abbie: I'm just coming to see you with your update. Based on what I'm sensing so far, we're dealing with a ritualistic killing. The suspect is targeting specific victims. I'm still working out the pattern. I would like to stay on it for now, but that is Irving's call.

Luke put his hand on his chin.

  • Luke: I advice you to stay on it. Run it through VICAP. Just download me on it later.

Abbie nodded as Luke prepared to leave.

  • Abbie: Hmm...
  • Luke: Say over dinner?
  • Abbie: Dinner?

Abbie was surprised when she heard Luke mentioned the word "dinner". Luke was surprised as well when he prepared himself to leave the area, and he walked back to Abbie.

  • 105Luke
    You know, the meal at the end of day.
  • Abbie: Okay...
  • Luke: No big deal. I just think it'd be a good idea if we clear the air about a few things.

After that, Luke smiled at Abbie, and Abbie knew what he meant. Recently, due to the actions of the late Christine which terrorized the town, there was so much things happened on her and Luke, and Luke was desperate wanting to know the entire truth.

  • Luke: Tonight?
Abbie asking Jenny for help
Abbie look aside and thought for three seconds before making up her mind.
  • Abbie: Tonight works.

​Satisfied, Luke nodded in agreement.

  • Luke: Good. Then, carry on, Lt. Mills.
  • Abbie: Bye, Det. Morales.

Abbie smiled as she watched Luke left. Abbie then stood at her own position and fell into deep thoughts.

20 minutes later

Corbin's Archives

  • 64009383 p0
    That one... That... That one...

Ichabod searched in the files of the late Sheriff Corbin to look through the case concerned the horrid event that he met when he was younger. He found three books from the Archives, and then he took the book and walked towards his chair. He took the trench coat of his on the chair, wore it and went to the door with the books.

Suddenly, when he opened the door, he knocked himself into a woman who was as tall as him. The woman let out an "Aw" and avoid hitting Ichabod, who looked at her with his eyes widened.

The woman was wearing red hood and coat, with a basket on her elbow, similar to the Little Red Riding Hood in Grimm Brothers' Tales. She let out an endearing grin to Ichabod due to embarrassment.

  • Selina: Mr. Crane.
  • Ichabod: Ms. Sarandon?

Ichabod immediately recognized the woman. It was Selina, whom he just met a few days ago. Selina lowed down her head and laughed a bit joyfully. Ichabod immediately helped her with the basket. He took the basket from Selina politely and placed it on the table, while feeling surprised for her sudden arrival.

  • Ichabod: Uh, this is a surprise. What brings you to...

Ichabod was about to finish, but he immediately widened his gaze in shock and had to sigh in disappointment. Selina looked at Ichabod with her face pale as paper.

  • Ichabod: Oh, no, no, don't tell me... The so-called police department and your mayor in this town still place me under observation? This will not stand.

​Selina immediately opened her palms and waved them in a rapid speed.

  • Ichabod-Crane-Screencaps-ichabod-crane-sleepy-hollow-tv-series-35761154-500-281
    Selina: Oh, no, no, it's not about that. It's Lt. Mills. She told me about your current situation, and I am hoping to take care of you until you get free. Captain Irving wants more information about the secrets in the town. I alone cannot explain, and only you can convince Irving by yourself, Mr. Crane.

Selina was telling the truth. She did met Abbie before and they talked about Ichabod. Ichabod heard this and was confused. Even so, he was relieved since even the police captain here held interest on what he had experienced, as well as what was happening inside the town. Selina then thought for a moment before she spoke something which might make Ichabod convinced.

  • 217Katrina
    Selina: I know you have a wife, Mr. Crane. I can help you find her, and you will make Irving to join us. Together, we can get Sleepy Hollow away from the darkness that haunts it since so many years ago. It was all because of a horrid murder... and a subsequent ritual which changed everything. Help us and we will make things right.

Ichabod felt appreciated with Selina's words, but he still look at her in a serious face.

  • Uguisumaru.full.1988583
    Selina: Look, I'm not a lawyer, but if you'll let me, I'd like to help you be one of many inside this town, like a family to us.
  • Ichabod: Ms. Sarandon, that is most kind of you, but I could not possibly impose on your generosity.
  • Selina: I have a friend named Albert who is a member of senate subcommittee on immigration.

Selina was right. The aforementioned Albert Apple, known as his true name as Albert Anderson in public, was a member of senate subcommittee on immigration in public's eyes. It was an advantage for Ichabod who was not American himself and had to undergo a false identity as an immigrate. Finally, Ichabod was delighted and accepted the offer.

  • Ichabod: I would be honored to accept your assistance.

Feeling being needed, Selina chuckled in delight and smiled at Ichabod. One of her happiest moments was none other than the moment when her offering was accepted. She then gave Ichabod her name card.

  • Selina: Here is my name card. When I had some news to tell you, I'll call you?

Ichabod was glad to hear that and nodded. He recently had been learning how to use telephone and cell phone, and he thought at least calling someone or receiving a call via telephone would no longer be a problem for him.

  • Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze, MMA-NYC, 1851
    Ichabod: I look forward to it.

Selina smiled and nodded before she promptly went away. Ichabod felt that the woman who was talking to him was far from being simple. No matter what her purpose was, she really needed his assistance and vice versa.

Ichabod then took his books and looked at the painting's copy above his head, showing the scene of Washington crossing Delaware. Ichabod sighed and made a joke.

  • Ichabod: Oh, please... As if Adams would have done any different.

Ichabod then swiftly went out of the room with his books and his trench coat.

20 minutes later

Nelson's room

Inside the apartment where Nelson lived, the owner of the room looked out of the window with his eyes as cold as ice. The knife, which had blended on his wrist, had merged with him and took over his soul. The grey-haired woman walked towards him with a cold and yet gleeful smile.
  • ???: This was not a random choice. The knife senses only the deepest pain, seeks it out, and channels it, like a forge, out of which you emerge reborn, as you were meant to be.

​The woman walked closer and closer to Nelson at the balcony. She was now wearing her same black attire and looked at her new puppet Nelson with a cold smile. She then put Nelson inside a black jacket to make his appearance more sinister.

  • 418px-FromHellLetter

    Photograph of the actual From Hell Letter

    ???: Oh, the moment I saw... your wounded and fragile heart, I knew... that you could become that which everyone fears. The unseen is rising up amongst us... slowly destroying the illusion of statuary from darkness. And now that you've tasted it -- an intoxicating feeling. You can join an ancient and grand history.

The woman then took a look on several 130-year-old newspaper that detailed the killing spree in the streets of Whitechapel, most notably the brutal Jack the Ripper.

  • ???: You can stand by my side... no, by our side, and be revered by all... but only if you abandon all hesitation, mercy and doubt.

The woman then turned more serious, in her face and in the way she talked.

  • ???: The Two Witnesses will seek to stop you. Bury your new power deep into their hearts and bring me back what "he who is yet to come" desires. Destiny favors the strong and destroys the weak.

The woman then disappeared in a puff mist, leaving Nevins alone in his room, looking at the blade which had merged with him.

Outside the door


  • Avenger.(Edmond.Dantès).full.2070572
    Ichabod: You're certain that this Nelson Meyers is the man we seek?

Ichabod and Abbie were accompanying together and walked upstairs. They had just found out that Nelson's possible involvement with the killing and came to apprehend him.

  • Abbie: Profile points to a white male, mid-20s, loner type, someone who had access to the building that the victim was killed in. And Nelson is the only one who didn't show up for work today.

Ichabod's eyebrows frowned and he sensed something horrid hidden beneath it.

  • Ichabod: How does turning this man into a murderer further Michael's agenda?

Abbie opened a door in front of her and thought about Michael Langdon, the one behind Nevins' action of taking away Betsy's corpse for unknown purpose, but she did not know where Michael was or what he was planning. Abbie was very worried.

  • 【】Sle-00 24 33--20170907-213607-1-
    Abbie: Everything he's thrown at us has some kind of personal connection. He knows our past, even our secrets. There's definitely a pattern, just haven't figure it out yet.

​At this point, they had reached the door of Nelson Meyers' apartment.

  • Ichabod: Is it too much to ask that our latest case be easier than the previous one?

Suddenly, Ichabod felt some slash occurred on the wooden door. A blade came out and slashed the door, scarring it. Ichabod immediately dodged it while Abbie stumbled back. She immediately kicked the door open and pointed her gun at Nelson.

【】Sle-00 24 02--20170907-212254-0-
  • Abbie: Nelson?

Abbie walked into the room and pointed her gun at Nelson while approaching him, followed by Ichabod. Nelson stood in front of them with a dark and gloomy face, looking himself in the mirror. He soon turned back and look at Ichabod and Abbie.

  • Nelson: You are the Two Witnesses?

​Abbie was shocked when she saw the blade had blended itself with Nelson's wrist. Ichabod had the same expression as well.

  • 303Nelson1
    Abbie: I would tell you to drop the weapon, but I see that's not really an option.
  • Ichabod: My God...

Nelson then raised his blade and looked at Ichabod and Abbie. His eyes was full of nothing but coldness and malice. Ichabod and Abbie did not go further.

  • Nelson: Like it?
  • Ichabod: That blade is manipulating you, Mr. Meyers. Anything you may have done under its influence can end here. Let us help you.

Being completely possessed by the weapon, Nelson was filled with nothing but his own delusions. He stared at Ichabod with some kind of expression as if he was looking at a retarded man with disdain.

  • Nelson: Help me?

Nelson let out a devious chuckle and walked towards his dining table. Ichabod and Abbie then slowly approached him slowly and carefully, while Nelson was still speaking like insane.

  • Nelson: Go back to the guy I was before? Invisible? A JOKE!?

Infuriated, Nelson cut a chair in half with the blade, and his mind was fell under the possession of the blade and, subsequently, the corruptible power of Moloch. He turned back and faced the Two Witnesses under an expression that was utterly terrifying. Abbie still pointed at her gun at Nelson.

  • Abbie: Nelson, you have to calm down.

Nelson did not respond. He only look at Abbie and prepared to attack her.

  • Abbie: This is your last chance.

Abbie put her bullet inside her magazine.

  • 303DeadCar
    Abbie: I don't want to hurt you.
  • Nelson: But I want to hurt you!

Nelson immediately tried to attack Abbie, but the latter fired three shots at him. Each shot Nelson got made him stumble back one step after another, until he broke the window and dropped on a car near the pavement, being covered in shattered glass. Feeling panicked, Abbie approached the balcony and saw Nelson lying, apparently dead.

  • Abbie: Damn.
【】Sle-00 25 55--20170907-220119-2-
Ichabod immediately followed Abbie and saw the scene as well. However, turned out Nelson never died. After more than ten seconds of comatose, he opened his eyes with cold and malicious expression.
  • Abbie: Oh, damn!

Abbie and Ichabod beside her were both shocked. Nelson looked at his body with bullet holes, but somehow they disappeared, and he did not even bleed.

With a malicious chuckle and grin, Nelson came down from the car and looked up at the horrified two Witnesses, gloating. His eyes turned red, hinting that he fell under demonic possession completely. With his evil grin, Nelson went away.

In this match, Moloch had won.

Act 4 - Disease


Base of Zodiac Demons

Hall of Nethers

  • Unidentified.full.1966050
    Lesser Demon: Lord Wiseman is not here yet, Lord Crow Faux. Neither is Mr. Hubert.

A lesser demon standing at the door of an enormous hall, greeting the return of Crow Faux, one of the main leaders of the Zodiac Demon Army under the command of Twelve Nethers, who are high-classed Zodiac Demons working secretly for Moloch and overlook their human puppets.

Being a handsome young man with an appearance of thirties, Crow Faux is a tall and pale man with mostly black hair. Some of his hair were white as silver. He was wearing black coat that was covered in black feathers, and his face was cold as stone.

Among all of his physical appearance, his eyes were the most distinguish feature on his face. Under this occasion where he could not calm himself, Crow's eyes were black, but its pupil occasionally flashed white light.

  • Ezio.Auditore.Da.Firenze.full.833527
     Lord Wiseman had letters from Sleepy Hollow. He said he had something to inform the Nethers ... about the Leader of Hexenmeister Community.

The Hexenmeister Community had a strange new leader very recently, not long before the assault against Arendelle committed by Blackheart. Crow Faux had been overlooking the mysterious leader while lurking inside the Hexenmeister Community.

In other words, Crow is exactly the mysterious spy that hid himself amongst the HC Council.

  • Crow: Is Nether Kaysie at the base?

The lesser zodiac demon nodded his head and opened the door for Crow.

  • Zodiac Demon: Yes, she is.

As the door opened, Crow swiftly walked into the hall and walked all the way towards the center.

20170101130009 28

There were twelve seats at the middle of the hall, surrounding a round table. A woman with dark hair was sitting on one of the chairs. The other eleven chairs were empty due to various reasons.

  • Lesser demon: My lady, Lord Crow asks if he can see you at this moment. He has important information to tell.

The lesser demon walked to Kaysie and stood beside her seat. Kaysie then turned her Seat of Virgo before looking at the face of Crow with a devious smile.


Nether Kaysie Virgo, the only daughter of Moloch was wearing black nightgown. She was holding a large golden sting in her left hand. It was her poisonous stings.

  • Kaysie: Ufufufufu...

Letting out a dark chuckle, Kaysie smiled in a devious manner, which made Crow a little bit nervous.

  • Kaysie: Well, well, well, it looks like our spy in the Hexenmeisters returns much faster than our two spies in the Order of Flourish. So, what's the matter, Crow?

With a sigh, Crow regained his composure and walked closer to the Demon Princess with a serious face. Kaysie widened her eyes with curiousity as if she already figured out what Crow was about to say.

  • Kaysie: You want to tell me about the new leader of Hexenmeister Community, am I right?

Kaysie's word had stalled the pace of Crow. Hearing this with pure shock, Crow immediately stopped walking. He then bit his lips and nodded. He knew what Kaysie could capable of, and he was always scared of it.

62652407 p0 master1200

Being the only female member of the Twelve Nethers of Zodiac Demons, Kaysie has an ability to look through some part of the future, though she could only see the results of some actions, and yet she could not figure the out the complete progress.

  • Crow: Yes, milady.

Crow nodded in sheer frustration. He then opened his palm before summoning a red crystal. The crystal itself floated inside his palm. He spoke out the words slowly and clearly.

  • Crow: Emma Swan discovered the existence of the spy inside them, although they never had made it to discover my identity. That leader began to suspect that there was a spy and tried to find and eliminate the spy, who is me.
Ertong 803d8ca66265775922517f977a15cf10
​Kaysie nodded when Crow continued to make his own report, listening to him patiently.
  • Crow: However, the point is, there seems to be a conflict between Ms. Swan and the enigmatic leader, and the latter called the Hexenmeister back to stop an assault from Mephisto. Those Hexenmeisters are suppose to fight against Christine Van Bilj.

​Kaysie frowned her eyebrows as Crow continued. It was apparent that she was distraught by the coming situation.

  • Crow: My lady, our plan faces a sudden stall, and I guess it is the time for me to use the crystal of Nether Gleodon.

After he finished his words, Crow then pointed at the red glowing crystal inside his hand. Inside his hand, lied one of the Crystals of Nethers. The Crystals of Nethers are 12 power crystals of the Twelve Nethers that belonged to each of the Twelve Nethers.


Kaysie was shocked to hear Crow spoke the words, since it confirmed her greatest fear. She had such a feeling once she saw Crow revealed the power crystal on his palm.

  • Kaysie: The Crystal of Gleodon...

Someone who was chosen by a Nether to become a host could use the crystal to fuse with the said Nether, but the host must be strong enough to fuse with the Nether, otherwise they would have their soul devoured and the Nether controlling them would go berserk, losing control on their power completely.

In Crow's case, he had the Crystal of Gleodon. Gleodon, also known as Gleodon Aquarius, is the wrathful Nether of Aquarius with a violent temper. Crow was granted the Crystal of Gleodon by Zodiac Demons, but he was yet to fuse himself with it.

  • D5451556798
    Kaysie: I try not. That would be too dangerous. I need you as a human, not as a cannon fodder.

​Kaysie shook her head with a worried face. She had fake a smile in order to hide her distraught. It was no joke when Crow claimed he would use the Crystal of Gleodon.

  • Kaysie: The Crystals are last resorts. Unlike my brothers, I am not going to give my power crystal to anyone, not now. I know how dangerous it could be. Besides, those stupid and worthless Hexenmeisters just suspected you, but I don't think they will discover you.

Looking at Crow's face which started to turn more relived due to the demon lady's assuring, ​Kaysie paused, but soon she continued.

  • Kaysie: You spied into those sections of the Hexenmeister Community as a mere soldier. That false identity makes perfect undercover for you to go on with your plan without being discovered. Those fools could only chase a rumor.

With an honest face, Kaysie then stood up from her chair and walked towards Crow in a smiling face, talking in a calm and polite manner.

  • Kaysie: Crow, you are the best member of the Wild Card, even better than your leader and adoptive father, Hubert Zodiac. I know why you hate him. He is just a weak and worthless puppet, but you are not, Crow. You are an elite, and I can see why my father trusts you so much.

Being one of the archenemies of the Hexenmeisters, the Wild Card was an crime organization led by Hubert Zodiak and was loyal to Moloch, being firstly mentioned in LOTM: Crossover - The Corbin Files - Chapitre Dix. The Hexenmeisters thought that Hubert founded the organization and was after the legendary Shard of Anubis.

They were wrong, dead wrong, about the Wild Card. It was, in fact, founded by Kaysie Virgo herself, with Hubert Zodiak as its puppet. Hubert was not the real leader at all. As for Crow Faux, he was once the right hand of Hubert as well as being the latter's adoptive son, but Crow later became the most notable and powerful of the Wild Card agents. He even founded another sub-faction to serve the Zodiac Demons.

Hearing Kaysie's words, Crow calmed himself down. His eyes turned into more humane like eyes with red pupils. Crow then make his crystal dissappeared from his hand, but not before turning it in a shape of heart.
  • Crow: Sorry, My Lady, I just want to play some magic tricks.

Crow joked about his reckless move, and Kaysie was not bothered by it at all. Despite being the daughter of Moloch, Kaysie could be very friendly to her allies and would not always punish them for their failure or bad ideas.

  • Kaysie: By the way, I heard from our spy in Order of Flourish that Selina Strawberry had made her move as well. The Light Lord, also known as Lord Helio, was behind her actions.
Hearing the name Lord Helio, Crow immediately looked down on the ground with a sigh. Kaysie's smile faded away when she saw Crow behaved like this.
  • Kaysie: You seemed to know him, Crow.

Crow sighed and nodded in sadness.

  • Crow: Yes, I know him. I know him well.

- Crow: It was I who made him into the Light Lord, albeit indirectly.

However, Crow then returned back to his calm and cold personality after this brief sadness.

  • Crow: Did the spy in the OF dig out the info from Nevins? How did he do this? 

Kaysie then looked at Crow with a poker face. She immediately corrected him in something he had just mistaken in his words.

  • Kaysie: Wait a minute, Crow.

- Kaysie: That spy is a "she".

Sae Shadow
Crow heard this and lowered his head, and then a face started to surface inside his head. It was a woman with long grey hair, yellow eyes and a pair of lips as black as coal. Something which he had been suspecting had came true.
  • Crow: No way... It is really her...

Crow then took a deep breath and calmed himself down once again. He then narrowed his eyes and looked at Kaysie.

  • Crow: I don't trust her, My Lady, and I don't trust that mysterious Wiseman either. I do not know what ever that man named Wiseman is, despite this I have a feelings of meeting him before. I am not sure...

Crow did not continue his words after seeing Kaysie's face. The face of Kaysie turned more malicious as she looked at Crow face to face. Her smile turned more malicious as well.

  • 54857438 p0 master1200
    Sorry, Crow, but this is none of your business. That spy had turned into the host of a Zodiac Demon, and I guess she will have no free will to fight against us any longer.

While talking, ​Kaysie then turned back and sat back on the Seat of Virgo, with her face turned back to seriousness once again.

  • Kaysie: Your own business is to drive more people into despair and force them into Zodiac Demons, specifically those who had magic abilities after the Feast of Apollo, that event which had made almost everything in the town different from before.

Crow was still suspicious on that gray-haired woman, even with Kaysie's assuring that the woman was possessed by a Zodiac Demon. Crow even had a feeling that it was not the Zodiac Demon who was controlling the woman. Instead, he felt that the gray-haired woman was in fact controlling the demon inside her with her free will. However, he had no time to speak out his own opinion. The time grew short.

With no space for him to start an objection, Crow then nodded and bowed in front of Kaysie in a gracious manner, much to Kaysie's satisfaction.

- Crow: Yes, my Lady.

Sleepy Hollow

Westchester Police Department

Abbie's Office

20 minutes later

Failing to capture Nelson after he went on to escape, Ichabod and Abbie returned back to the Archives with dismay. They talked all the way about the methods to resolve this problem.
  • Ichabod: Whilst your federal bureau is well-equipped to aid us in tracking Mr. Meyers...

Ichabod and Abbie went into the office, and Ichabod immediately closed the office door in order to avoid people from hearing what they were saying.

  • Ichabod: ... once captured, we have no idea how to undo the effects of that blade.

Abbie shrugged her shoulders and opened the computer right in front of her. Just as the Witnesses were discussing, Sister Mary Eunice had surfaced herself from the mirror and stood beside Abbie.

  • Abbie: Yeah, I had the same thought, so... I went back to this. Out of unknown reason, Corbin had the same theory as ours and it was proven till this day.

Ichabod then walked to the computer screen with curiosity. He stood on the other side Abbie, who then looked closer on the screen as she started to dig into more files that Corbin had left. She started to read Corbin's introduction of the Ripper's killing and Byzantine Parang on screen.

  • The Corbin Files
    Abbie: "The whole timeline for the Ripper killing throughout history. Patterns is the same: The knife finds its way into the hands of some innocent person, it messes with their mind, and turns them into brutal killers. It happens on and off for over 900 years."

Abbie then noticed the phrase "on and off" and was confused by this.

  • Abbie: How does the off part happen?

Ichabod and Sister Mary Eunice stared on the screen with thoughtful looks.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: The killings simply end, but in each case the killer is never caught.

Ichabod then realized something and widened his eyes in surprise.

- Ichabod: Something stops them.

Then, Ichabod immediately hunched himself and looked at the screen.

  • Ichabod: Have you access to parish records in England in the mid-1700's? Specifically Eton and Berkshire.

Hearing this, Abbie immediately went on searching. She found and access the files, showing several portraits of the Ripper's suspects and files on the cases.

  • Abbie: BMD index -- birth, marriages, death -- 1750's onward.
  • Ichabod: Here, 1763.

With Ichabod's help, Abbie found the list of people from Eton and Berkshire who passed away in 1763. She immediately accessed the file and looked at the picture of the list. The cases of murder had marked blue on the list.

  • Ichabod: Five murders documented over six fortnights.
  • Sister Mary Eunice: Including Bertram Willoughby, age 14.

Sister Mary Eunice then closed her eyes and sighed in sadness. That was exactly the full name of Ichabod's late friend, Bert, who became a victim. Abbie had the same sad feelings as well.

  • 【】Sle-00 29 14--20170916-181344-1-
    Abbie: Your friend.

Abbie then looked further on the files. Its title spoke, "Eton Meadows - Record of Burial", date 1763.

  • Abbie: No evidence of the killer was ever found. The last murder was June of that year.
  • Ichabod: The last murder?

Suddenly, Ichabod gasped when he heard the phrase "last murder". After that, Ichabod slowly stood straight, and he immediately realized something was hidden in this. He figured it out immediately.

- Ichabod: Not the last DEATH.

【】Sle-00 29 22--20170916-181712-2-
Abbie and Sister Mary Eunice heard this and looked at Ichabod with surprise. Ichabod did not notice them. He then pointed at the computer screen.
  • Ichabod: Look -- burial record show that 29 souls were lost spring and summer, all taken by...

The three then took a glance at the reason of death on the list, and seeing the reason of the 29 deaths had shocked all three of them.

- Sister Mary Eunice: Yellow fever.

-美国恐怖故事--第二季-第1-00 32 50--20170502-125304-0-
With a shocked face, Sister Mary Eunice then looked closer and gave out an even shocking revealing. Abbie then looked closer at the identity of the infection victims.
  • Abbie: All of them students at Eton College.

Ichabod suddenly remembered the scene when he saw his butler inside the dormitory, wanting him to get back to his home in London. He was struck by shock all of a sudden.

  • 303Stephens
    Ichabod: I was not summoned home because of the Ripper killings. It was protect me from infection.
  • Abbie: You have no idea about the outbreak?

Ichabod shook his head. He was still yet to overcome from the shock.

  • Ichabod: No, none of us did. The Crown likely hid the truth to avoid panic. My father must have learned of it by his connections in parliament and sent Stevens to retrieve me.

Abbie then went on to look for more clues.

  • Abbie: It all tracks. The every killings spree coincides with an outbreak of disease. Yellow fever, cholera, malaria, Spanish flu...

Ichabod suddenly realized the reason behind this fact. All of the killings ended after a disease outbreak had only one reason in this murder spree.

- Ichabod: Exsanguinated bodies.

【】Sle-00 30 04--20170916-181958-3-
It was all connected to the killing method. Ichabod then realized the reason behind all of this. He turned back and looked at Abbie and Sister Mary Eunice.
  • Ichabod: The knife gains power by draining the blood of its victims.
  • Abbie: And when it drains someone with a disease...
  • Sister Mary Eunice: ... its food source is tarnished. It cannot survive.

Abbie then bit her lips and had an idea.

  • Abbie: We need blood.

Ichabod and Sister Mary Eunice both nodded in approvement.

- Sister Mary Eunice: Now, it is time for you two to move again. This killing story ends tonight.

Police Department

Forensic office

2 minutes later

The truth had been revealed and the remedy was in preparations. Ichabod and Abbie then prepared to set out their new moves. Since the threat for now was not as wide or as menacing as what Christine Van Bilj had brought, Ichabod and Abbie can take actions without the help from either Sister Mary Eunice or Hexenmeister Community members. Just as Abbie and Ichabod passed by the forensic office, a woman with white uniform had carried a report to Abbie. It was a forensic in the police office.

  • Forensic: Lt. Mills?
【】Sle-00 30 28--20170916-182745-4-
Abbie heard this and went to the office, following the woman. Ichabod followed behind Abbie as well. They went towards a computer screen. The forensic showed them what she had found from the suspect.
  • Forensic: This is forensics on Nelson Meyer's computer. I managed to access the encrypted files on his hard drive.

Abbie and Ichabod went to look at the screen. There was a young blond woman on the photo. Immediately, Abbie recognized the young woman.

  • Abbie: I recognize her from the personnel files.

- Abbie: Emily Kates. She worked on the same floor as Meyers.

  • Ichabod: Obviously the object of his twisted affection.

Ichabod looked at the photo before he looked aside. His tone was filled with disgust. Abbie then put her hand on her chin. Something started to go wrong...

- Abbie: She is also his next victim. We need to move.


Working department

Underground parking lot

【】Sle-00 30 41--20170916-183204-5-
Feeling distressed over the death of her boyfriend even after so many times, Emily walked into the parking lot with a gloomy face. She immediately took her handbag and looked for her cellphone, unaware that the danger was lurking not far away.

Hiding beside a pillar, the possessed Nelson stood still and watched as Emily passed by him. She never noticed him, but he knew where she was heading. What was more, Nelson and Emily was not the only people in the parking lot this night.

【】Sle-00 30 52--20170916-183637-7-

The gray-haired woman with a large hat stood behind Nelson with a cold and malicious look.

  • ???: She is all yours, Mr. Meyers. You'll have your revenge.

The gray-haired woman disappeared with a cold grin. Driven by the lust for revenge, Nelson let out a smile smiled deviously towards Emily who passed by him. His eyes started to glowing red light in an inhumane menace.

【】Sle-00 31 05--20170916-235417-0-
Being unnoticed to the upcoming danger, Emily still walked towards her car without stopping. However, Emily had stopped walking when a police car had arrived and stopped in her way.

The driver of the car was none other than Police Detective Rudy Chandler. He stopped in front of Emily and showed her his working license.

  • Chandler: Ms. Kates, we need you to come with us.

Emily looked at him with utter confusion.


On the streets

Abbie's car


​Meanwhile, Abbie drove her car on the streets and was accompanied by Ichabod. Ichabod was looking at his new cell phone which he had yet to master it.

Ever since the previous defeat of Michael Langdon, Abbie have been instructing Ichabod how to use a cell phone. Ichabod had yet to master it since he only use a cell phone in less than a week. However, Ichabod could still know how to read a message. Now, he had received a message from Police Detective Rudy Chandler.

  • Ichabod: Message from Detective Chandler. As requested, Ms. Kates is safely under his protection.
  • Abbie: Good. Text him back, and ask him if there's any sign of trouble. We need to know where Nelson is. We start by eliminating the places he isn't.

Ichabod was still learning how to type a message via cell phone, and typing too much will make him unnerved. In spite of this, Ichabod managed to sent the message to Det. Chandler successfully.

  • Ichabod: Sending.

After putting his cell phone back to his pocket, Ichabod took two small syringes out from his pocket. The syringes were filled in dark red blood... obviously tainted by some kind of disease.

  • Ichabod: As we have a limited supply of tainted blood, I have but two chances to stop the Ripper.

Ichabod then looked aside and lifted a large musket beside him.

  • Ichabod: Assuming if I have time to reload.
  • Abbie: I thought you were supposed to be hot stuff with a musket.
  • Ichabod: I was always a little better with a flintlock pistol than a Brown Bess.

While he was talking, Ichabod filled one of the syringes into the musket. Those syringes were in size of bullets, and could be easily loaded.

  • IMG 7549
    Ichabod: But I promise you... I shall not miss.

Ichabod then prepared for the gun and looked ahead. Abbie remained silent. Ichabod looked at Abbie and let out a sigh. His face turned more serious, having a bit of sadness.

  • Ichabod: It would seem you and I have even more in common, lieutenant. We both witnessed evil at a young age. Even as a boy, I was destined to cross paths with dark forces... and to lose those for whom I most care.

Ichabod then clenched his fist and narrowed his eyes.

  • 【】Sle-00 11 21--20170902-103045-2-
    Ichabod: I will avenge every life that blade has taken.

Abbie looked at Ichabod and sighed as well, but then she immediately changed the topic.

  • Abbie: Anything from Rudy?

Ichabod checked his phone again.

  • Ichabod: No.
  • Abbie: Call him.

Ichabod made a trying to call Detective Chandler, and then he looked at the screen with his face serious after dialing those numbers one by one.

- Chandler: (voice) [Hi, you've reached Detective Rudy Chandler of Sleepy Hollow Police Department. Please leave a message.]

It was an audio message instead of actual talk. Ichabod and Abbie looked at each other, feeling appalled. Abbie immediately had her faced turned more serious.

  • Abbie: Something was wrong. Hold on.

Abbie made a 180 degrees turn and turned her car to the opposite direction. She drove all the way towards the place where Emily and Nelson was working.

Act 5 (final?) - Malaria

20 minutes later

Underground parking lot

【】Sle-00 32 40--20170917-004101-1-
After arriving at the destination, Abbie drove her van right into the underground parking lot. She then stopped her car right beside a police car when she saw it. She found the door of the police car was wide opened. Abbie immediately left her car and walked towards the police car, accompanied by Ichabod who was holding his rifle.

When Abbie went closer, she saw Rudi Chandler's body crouching on the steering wheel. Horrified, Abbie immediately went towards her colleague.

  • 【】Sle-00 32 58--20170917-004817-2-
    Abbie: Rudy?

Ichabod and Abbie immediately went towards the car of Detective Chandler. Ichabod went closer to pull the body of the police detective from the steering wheel, but he found out that Chandler was dead. His body was insangunated like the previous victim. Ichabod and Abbie then looked around with sheer alarm. Nelson was inside this place, and they could never let their guard down.

  • Abbie: There is no sign of Emily...
  • 【】Sle-00 33 06--20170917-005227-3-
    Ichabod: ... Or Mr. Meyers.

Feeling utterly urgent, Abbie raised her phone and took a look at the phone's screen, which had said "No Service".

  • Abbie: Well, we need to seal up this place before he gets too far.

Ichabod then  looked at the corpse of another victim under the blade.

  • Ichabod: Two more kills. The knife has fed again. He'll be more powerful than before.


【】Sle-00 33 18--20170917-005641-4-
Suddenly, a yelling could be heard from not far away. It was a cry of a woman. Abbie and Ichabod both noticed this cry and realized that the murderer was just in this place as they expected.
  • Abbie: Get the rifle.

Ichabod did not hesitate to get the rifle for himself. He then went towards the back of the seats to get his rifle, while Abbie started to move herself closer towards the source of the sound.

  • Abbie: Nelson?

Ichabod closed the door after he took out his rifle. Abbie pointed her gun and called for Nelson.

  • Abbie: Don't make this worse!

The cry had came again. Ichabod raised his rifle that had attached to a pipe in order to extend the range. Just then, a sinister sound had occurred not far away.

- Nelson: You're interrupting us.

  • 303Threatened
    Ichabod: Release her!

Ichabod immediately raised his rifle against Nelson, who had appeared not far away from him and Abbie. Nelson was holding the blade that had attached with his hand. He put the blade at Emily's throat, holding her as his hostage.

Emily was shivering in horror and was almost reduced to tears.

  • Emily: Nelson, please...
  • Nelson: Shut up!
【】Sle-00 34 01--20170917-011007-6-
Speaking in a deep and sinister voice like some demon from hell, Nelson forced Emily to stay quiet, she had to obey. Abbie raised her gun and started to confront Nelson, while Ichabod still standing in front of his enemy during the confrontation.
  • Ichabod: How will harming her make you any less of an outcast? Uh?

Being totally possessed, Nelson did not agree. He only stared at Ichabod with a deranged grin.

  • Nelson: You need to back off.
  • 【】Sle-00 34 05--20170917-010848-5-
    Ichabod: Fight what that weapon is doing with your mind, before it completely consume you.

While Ichabod was confronting Nelson, Abbie went even closer to the killer. Nelson did not answer, and Abbie seized the chance and kicked the back of Nelson. Shocked by such a surprise attack, Nelson fell on the ground.

Ichabod immediately went towards Emily and escorted her to safety, but Nelson soon got up and knocked Abbie's gun from her hand. Then, Nelson grabbed Abbie's neck and pushed her on a pillar beside them.

【】Sle-00 34 11--20170917-011344-7-
After that, Nelson attempted to struck Abbie with the blade, but Abbie immediately dodged the attack. The blade knocked itself on the pillar and caused a sparkle. Then, Nelson grabbed Abbie's neck as she looked at him with pledge.
  • Abbie: Nelson, we know you felt ignored, but you need to know... that we can save you.

Nelson shook his head with menace.

  • Nelson: I AM saved! They used to laugh at me. Do you think they'll laugh at me now?
【】Sle-00 34 27--20170917-011541-8-
Meanwhile, Ichabod had manage to hide Emily into safe area. After escorting Emily, Ichabod raised his rifle and aimed at Nelson before he fired his shot of syringe immediately. However, some metallic black material suddenly covered Nelson's neck, blocking the syringe bullet. The syringe was knocked away by the material and fell on the ground. 

In spite of this, Abbie was freed and fled, as Nelson stopped attacking her and checked on his own condition, feeling pleased that he was unscathed.

  • 【】Sle-00 34 49--20170917-012510-9-
    Nelson: How cool is that?

Nelson then went towards Emily, and Ichabod immediately looked at Abbie and gave his instructions.

  • Ichabod: Lieutenant, protect Ms. Emily!

Nelson slashed the blade on the iron wires above him, making sparkles everywhere. As Abbie was escorting Emily away, Nelson then knocked Ichabod on the ground with his elbow. He then started to chase Abbie and Emily.

【】Sle-00 34 57--20170917-012623-0-
In retaliation, Abbie fired shots at Nelson but was futile. The bullets had been knocked away when they hit Nelson's body, as if they had hid some kind of metallic armor.

Ichabod immediately went towards Nelson as the latter chased Abbie and Emily into deeper parts of the parking lot.

Ichabod was trying to reload the only one shot in his hand, but Nelson turned back. Nelson walked towards Ichabod and knocked him again. The syringe had fell on the ground.

【】Sle-00 35 13--20170917-013102-1-
Ichabod had no time to pick it up. He only raised his empty rifle and attacked Nelson with it like some kind of stick. Ichabod dodged the slash of Nelson before he rushed to the dropped syringe, trying to pick it up.

However, Nelson went back and confronted Ichabod once again, before he kicked the syringe away.

Then, Ichabod and Nelson engaged in a close fight. Nelson knocked Ichabod's head and grabbed his hair, but Ichabod regained upper hand by knocking Nelson with his elbow before lifting him into the midair.

【】Sle-00 35 28--20170917-013320-2-
In process, Nelson fell on the ground, and Ichabod seized the chance. He quickly went to the bullet and tried to refill his rifle. However, Nelson stood up and rushed to Ichabod, slashing the gun in half.

Ichabod then stood up before he engaged into another close combat with Nelson... before he somehow stopped. Nelson seized the chance and immediately he plunged the blade into Ichabod's abdomen.

  • Ichabod: AHH!
【】Sle-00 35 36--20170917-013538-3-
In horror, Ichabod looked closer at Nelson's face. Nelson let out an evil grin and had his eyes glowing in red once again, while the knife was sucking blood out from Ichabod.

Suddenly, as more blood from Ichabod was sucked out, Nelson's face suddenly changed into a face of horror. He stepped back one step after another, with smoke steaming out from his body. Ichabod did not have his blood drained too much by the knife, and so he was able to open his palm.

【】Sle-00 35 52--20170917-013853-4-

Inside Ichabod's palm, it was the syringe.

Turned out that before Nelson could attack him, Ichabod had stunned himself with the tainted blood with infectious disease inside it, infecting his blood with disease and thus making Nelson who sucked his blood vulnerable.

Looking at the syringe in Ichabod's hand, Nelson widened his eyes in sheer horror and despair. The demonic curse inside his mind had faded away, as his voice returned back to normal.

  • 【】Sle-00 35 53--20170917-082803-0-
    Nelson: What did you do?

Muttering out his final words before defeat, Nelson collapsed on the ground, powerless and weakened. He let out a scream as the dark material surrounded his arm faded away, rendering him back to normal.

Holding back his feelings of pain due to the stabbing and the disease, Ichabod looked at Nelson while speaking in a weak voice.

  • Ichabod: Ending this.
【】Sle-00 36 06--20170917-082940-1-
Nelson then dropped on the ground and coughed harshly and bitterly. He then lied on the ground with despair in his eyes, losing consciousness completely.

Ichabod only watched as Nelson slowly losing his own consciousness, but he was too weak to do anything further. He could barely stand up. He soon felt pain started to consume him from inside.

The disease he chose was none other than Malaria.

【】Sle-00 36 10--20170917-083111-2-
Ichabod felt the world was collapsing beside him. Feeling unable to take it anymore, Ichabod lied on the ground and started to trembling. In a zig-zag way, feelings of scorch and freezing came from his body one time after another. That was just the symptom of Malaria.

Abbie had just made Emily escape from Nelson, and when she saw Ichabod, she found him struggling in pain and injury.

  • 【】Sle-00 36 23--20170917-083904-3-
    Abbie: Crane!

Abbie immediately crouched in front of Ichabod and put his head on her knee, feeling desperate for his condition. The feeling of losing another partner had came into her mind once again.

  • Abbie: It's all right. An ambulance is on the way.

Ichabod started to mumble something unclearly. Abbie looked at Ichabod in the eyes, feeling desperate upon his current situation. She kept shaking the head of Ichabod.

  • Abbie: Stay with me. Stay with me, okay? Crane... Crane!

Persona 5 shadow sae niijima by blazpu-dbapl53

- ???: Tell me. How does it feel?

Abbie heard the voice and immediately turned back in shock. She heard a strange female voice coming from behind. It somehow cause chill on her spines. Abbie turned back and looked at the person behind her. It was a tall gray-haired woman with large hat and dressed in black dress. She grinned at Abbie with a slasher smile like some kind of evil clown from horror fictions.

Unbeknownst to Abbie, this gray-haired woman was the one who gave Nelson the blade and corrupted him into an insane and psychopathic killer.

  • ???: To know that his life is slipping away through your fingers. To know that you're alone once again... ever since the death of your sheriff.

Abbie's mind immediately flashed back into the night when Corbin was killed by the Headless Horseman, which would traumatize her entire life. Abbie glared at the gray-haired woman, wondering who she was.

Then, Abbie turned back to Ichabod to comfort him as the woman continued her threats.

  • 【】Sle-00 36 44--20170917-085052-4-
    Alone in this fight of yours, alone in this world.

Abbie then turned back to look at that mysterious gray-haired woman once again. However, that woman had disappeared. Abbie only saw an unconscious Nelson lying on the floor.

The possessed blade which lost its power was lying right beside him. Abbie then looked back on Ichabod.

  • Abbie: Stay with me, okay?

Westchester Police Department

Luke Morales's office

20 minutes later

Luke Morales
Inside Luke's office, Luke looked at the files on the recent murder case, detailing the case had closed and the killer was captured. Just then, Abbie walked into Luke's office after a knock on the door.
  • Abbie: I need to rain check on dinner.

Luke turned back and shrugged his shoulder to Abbie.

  • Luke: After the day you had, I don't doubt it.

Abbie smiled when she nodded her head. Luke then started to put files into the shelf.

  • Luke: Congrats on helping the local PD get their man. It sounds like he was a Grade-A lunatic.
  • Abbie: He'll be in Tarrytown Psych for a long time.

Abbie looked aside with slight distress. Her own words reminded her of her own sister, Jenny Mills, who was inside Tarrytown herself. Without noticing this, Luke then showed Abbie a bottle of whiskey.

  • Abbie: One cup.

Abbie then sat on the seat when Luke get themselves a cup for each of them. He then sat down in front of Abbie and poured the whiskey inside the cups while talking. He seemed fully recovered from his previous condition after he was stunned by Christine's bee.

  • Screen-Shot-2015-10-09-at-6.48.58-AM
    Here's the thing: at the police academy, we helped each other, made each other better... I'd like to try to find a way to keep that working for both of us.

Luke then granted Abbie her cup and Abbie accepted it with a smile.

  • Luke: Now, that worked then because we were equals. Now, you are a lieutenant and I am a police detective. You're on a different track than I am, Abs.
  • Abbie: I'm just a few years ahead of you.
  • Luke: No, Abs, we both know you and you're just as good as an police officer as the late Sheriff Corbin, and I think he will be proud of you. I admire you, really.

Abbie blushed and smiled, where as Luke found out that he had spoke too much.

  • Luke: I guess what we're trying to say is, we keep working off each other, have each other's backs, we can do a lot of damage.

Luke then shrugged his shoulder as Abbie nodded in an approving manner.

  • Luke: What happened between us doesn't have to get in the way.

After Luke finished, Abbie nodded again and she consumed her cup of whiskey. Luke had his whiskey as well. Abbie smiled at him. She had a nice talk with his ex-boyfriend after such a distressing night worrying about the case as well as Ichabod's current condition.

  • Abbie: Glad you say something, 'cause it was on my mind as well.

Abbie then turned her head away for a while and turned back to Luke, giving him a smile.

  • Abbie: Thank you for your drink.
  • Luke: Anytime.

Luke and ​Abbie smiled to each other. Abbie then stood up from her chair and left. She went straight towards the Archives to look for Ichabod's condition.

The next day

Corbin's Archives

【】Sle-00 40 03--20170917-092524-5-
Ichabod had survived the entire ordeal and was weakly lying on the couch. His hand was attached to a medicine flask. Someone had treated him with an intravenous drip treatment. Sister Mary Eunice stood beside Ichabod and looked at his condition getting better. She sighed in relief.
  • Sister Mary Eunice: I am glad that Ichabod had your name card, Ms. Sarandon, so that I can contact you to make you help in such a reckless mess.
48967342 p0 master1200

A tall woman dressed in red maid outfit was standing not far away, cleaning the stain on the floor in a rapid speed. She held a large broom in her hand while looking at the unconscious Ichabod with a sigh. It was none other than Selina Strawberry, who had just arrived when Sister Mary Eunice dialed a phone call.

  • Selina: With pleasure, Sister. It seems like my fame proceeds me that even someone like you, who had just arrived in this town in less than three months had know about this situation. August Corbin is a friend of mine, and so is Reverend Knapp. Since the man who was connected to them was in trouble, I cannot stood by and watch. After all, he is the key to make our town get better.

Sister Mary Eunice sighed in relief. So far, she did not tell Selina that she already knew that she was the one who helped the Team Witness when they confronted Christine in the Mirror World, in order to avoid further embarrassment.

  • Selina: Now, here we go. How much time do I take?

Selina cleaned the entire floor. The wooden floor of the Archives was shining like gold, and Sister Mary Eunice was amazed to see all this. She then look at the watch in her hand with a face of shock.

  • 53537069 p5 master1200
    Sister Mary Eunice: You cleaned this vast room in only 15 minutes? Impressive.

Selina had cleaned everything in the vast room of Archives in just 15 minutes, cleaning every traces of stains and dust before putting all of the files in proper order. Selina swept the sweat on her head with a look of relief.

  • Selina: Good, I like such a winter holiday.

Selina then turned to look at a box on the table. The accursed Byzantine Parang was right inside the box. Then, Selina put the box and locked it inside another large box that was sealing files inside it.

  • Selina: That will keep it safe as long as no one in the enemy's side get into this place and find it. I will keep this as a secret. I promise.

Already arriving back at the Archives, Abbie sat beside Sister Mary Eunice and Ichabod without saying a single word. Just then, Abbie noticed that Ichabod's eyelash started to shake, and she looked at Ichabod before putting the book on the table.

  • 【】Sle-00 40 14--20170917-095337-6-
    Ichabod: Lieutenant?
  • Abbie: They got you on some powerful stuff, so take it easy.

Abbie was referring to the sedative that the doctor injected into Ichabod. Ichabod had somehow survived the ordeal coming form such a deadly disease like malaria. Sister Mary Eunice and Selina were both pleased to see Ichabod awaken and survived, feeling relieved.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: Crane, of all the damning and filthy diseases in this world, you chose to inject yourself with malaria?
【】Sle-00 40 25--20170917-095807-7-
Ichabod looked at all three people beside him. He raised his index finger as if he had nothing to worry about it.
  • Ichabod: For your information, malaria was the patriot's greatest ally during the Siege of Charleston. We had grown a resistance to the disease... whilst the British recruits fell ill by the hundreds.

All three women had realized what happened at once. Abbie smiled and leaned forward a bit to Ichabod. She then looked at him with a more serious look.

  • Sae Shadow
    Ichabod: After you passed out, there was a gray-haired woman had showed up. Judging by her tone, I believe she was the person who drove Nelson into madness.

Selina suddenly reacted in shock when she heard the phrase, "a gray-haired woman". Horrified, Selina started to stumble back and held the chest of herself. Sister Mary Eunice and Ichabod immediately found something went wrong.

  • Ichabod: What is it, Ms. Sarandon?

Selina bit her lips in fury. She immediately calmed herself down.

  • Selina: I'm fine, Mr. Crane. By the way, Lt. Mills... did she harm you?
  • Abbie: No, she was... more like trying to scare me. Apparently, I made her a list of people to mess with, too. I still don't understand why she did all this. 
49768056 p1 master1200
Abbie shook her head. She could not understand why Selina had such a reaction.
  • Selina: I guess she wants to raise fear, and yet she choose the wrong place - Sleepy Hollow. I will keep an eye on her. She might be someone I know, and I will dig out the truth behind all of this mess. I need to go now.

Selina then stood up and left. Ichabod, Abbie and Sister Mary Eunice then continued their discuss on this case. It was very apparent that this seemly simple murder was connected to another great conspiracy.

None of then had noticed that Selina left through the secret gate of the Archives that led towards the Munition tunnels.

  • Sister Mary Eunice: Let us assume that she IS the major mastermind behind this serial killing. I was confused. That gray-haired woman wanted to raise fear in the town... for what reason? How does she gain from that?
【】Sle-00 41 44--20170917-101814-8-
Ichabod shook his head and was confused as well. Feeling tired once again, Ichabod lied back to the couch and closed his eyes.
  • Ichabod: I have no idea... but I am certain we shall uncover the entire plot... and we shall foil it. We are, after all, the Witnesses.

Abbie felt a bit of uneasy when Ichabod mentioned the Witnesses duty once again. Abbie still held fear on her own traumatized childhood and the guilt upon her sister, but she nodded anyway.

  • Ichabod: I am grateful, lieutenant, that you and I have found one another... once again.

After that, Ichabod quickly fell asleep like an baby. Sister Mary Eunice then put a blanket on Ichabod. Looking at Ichabod, Abbie knew that no matter how she viewed her duty as the Witnesses, the life she known and lived before shall perish and be replaced.


Munition Tunnel

10 minutes later


After leaving the Archives via the secret door, unnoticed by Ichabod, Selina took down her eye-patch. She walked through the long, dense way through the Munition Tunnel. Selina walked into this series of old tunnels with a history of more than 2 centuries. The tunnel stood still even after so many years had past.

  • Selina: (think) * Hmm, this new mission had now accomplished, but is that gray haired woman... *

A woman's face suddenly appeared in the mind of Selina. It was a woman in suit with a cruel and cold face, hardly ever having any smile on her face as if she was made of pure stone cold face. Selina then narrowed her eyes before she suddenly bit her lips. 

  • Selina: (think) * No, that woman had pink hair, not gray. However, if that gray-haired woman is not her, then why she was missing all the time? *

Still having doubts inside her mind, Selina shook her head in dismay.

  • Selina: (think) * Anyway, I must not let my guard down. If I found out the truth behind all of this, I will do whatever that will make this town away from being tainted by selfish scums! *

Selina then disappeared into the dark and deep tunnel without a trace.

MAD Sections


After the final test in the students from Hope's Peak Academy, many people got their grade very quickly. Sonia Nevermind got the best score in math.

However, her classmate, Nagito Komaeda, did not earn a good score. He decided to ask Sonia about the method.

  • Nagito: Sonia, there is something I do not understand. How can you have such a grade on this math test?

Sonia did not hesitate on telling Nagito the answer in a calm tone.

  • Sonia: Well, it was nothing. During the time you were sleeping after school, I use that time to study harder.

​Nagito heard this and he crossed his arm. He then grinned in a scary manner before he berated out in sheer frustration...

  • Nagito: I see. Now, I know the reason why I can't have enough sleep... Turns out, you took my sleeping time from me!


Sonia was speechless.

Albert's Theory

  • Uguisumaru.full.2036397
     (narrator) During a math test, if you cannot beat your opponent in the score, it does not matter. After all, you can win over him by this method using your test paper.


  • Albert: (narrator) 10 minutes after the test, no matter what the circumstance could be, you need to move to the next page of the papers, very soon! You need to turn the page in a loud voice so that your opponent can hear it. You need to be fast in speed, you need to be accurate in time, you need to be powerful in strength, and you need to fill your eyes with sheer disdain as if you felt bored in solving those "easy tricks" on the paper! After that, you can even make the opponent of yours doubt his own life!

Eat Zongzi

  • Selina: (narrator) I still remember one of those wonderful days when I went to China. On a Dragon Boat Festival, my new Chinese friend presented me a bag of Zongzi, or Chinese rice dumplings, respectively stuffed in red bean paste, meat fillings and other kinds of stuff. They were covered in large flat leaves in dark green hue. I never had any Zongzi before and I do not know it was leaves that covered those rice stuffs.


  • Selina: (narrator) The next day, I saw that Chinese friend again. He asked me whether I enjoy those Zongzi desserts. I answered with a smile, "Yes, I did, except its peel is too tough to chew on."

Act ?6 (final) - Gray-Haired Woman

Question mark 6

Hide to avoid spoilers...

Sleepy Hollow

Some Secret Place


10 minutes later

The murder spree was over, but the evil was still going on with its plan upon the town of Sleepy Hollow. The mysterious grey-haired woman, whom Abbie just met, had silently sat on her seat, apparently waiting for someone. Now, she had changed into another suit and looked like a lawyer.

Suddenly, as if she noticed someone coming, her eyes widened and spoke.

  • ???: Oh, finally you're here. After that Crane guy came back from the dead, I had to change myself into a different looking due to insecurity, and I have none other people to trust other than people like you... Mr. Atticus Nevins.

It was none other than Nevins who stood behind the gray-haired woman, who looked at him with a face full of cold and apathy.

  • 306Atticus
    ???: Nice place you chose... inside the place where Nelson Meyers was arrested. I heard from my police spy that Captain Irving was about to take what you caused, seriously.

Eventually, it was revealed to be the parking lot where Nelson was arrested. The police had left the area, and there were only Nevins and the gray-haired woman inside the place.

  • ???: I heard some rumors and now I want to confirm it. Do you have the blood of Christine Van Bilj, Nevins?
62003205 p0 master1200

Nevins nodded and finally spoke the entire truth, since she had did what he requested her to do. The Byzantine Parang had served its own purpose... for now.

  • Nevins: Ms. Prosecutor, I not only have her blood but I also have all of the jewels of Van Bilj Family, including their replicas. Our Master will gain immense power from it.

The gray-haired woman, who was revealed to be a female prosecutor according to how Nevins addressed her, reacted in sheer surprise and she widened her eyes.

  • ???: Really? I thought it was all a rumor, but I guess I am wrong. Congratulations.
  • Nevins: It was nothing, and as you can see, the plan made between me, you, Lord Moloch as well as that Michael Langdon was far from over.

The gray-haired woman calmed herself down quickly, and she looked at Nevins after turning her head and faced him face to face.

  • ???: Michael Langdon? I thought he was dead.

Nevins shrugged his shoulders and smiled as well.

  • P5 portrait of Shadow Sae smiling
    Nevins: You are not the only one who thought he was dead. I realized he survived after I got his message from his future world. I met Selina in the Van Bilj facility which were now fell into ruins. She said she would let Michael pay for his crimes.

The grey haired woman widened her eyes even more with sheer curiosity. With excitement, her pink eyes glowed in golden all of a sudden.

  • ???: You mean Michael never gave himself up to his next goal? And you mean you really saw Selina helping the Witnesses? Since the death of Lady Hestia HawthornLord Helio believed only he could save the world from its fate of being shattered. What a jackass.

Nevins nodded and the gray-haired woman stood up, with a evil smile. Her outfit changed as well, into her outfit when confronting Abbie before. She was now in a revealing black and dark grey dress with a large hat. There was two yellow roses on her hat.

  • Zhongfeng.Lee.full.2144725
    Nevins: This suit was not as good as the pink cultist dress you wore before, and your hair... You dyed it back to gray, which it was your natural born hair color, right?

​The woman seemed indifferent. She only clenched her hand on her arm while closing her eyes, acting in a poker face.

  • ???: Well, who knows? Maybe you had a bad taste, Mr. Nevins. I returned to public image now and dying in pink hair that Lord Helio requested would be silly.

The woman stopped speaking comments on her current dress, and a devious smile appeared on her aroused face.

  • The Sabbath begins

    The first Feast of Apollow

    ???: In fact, Mr. Nevins, I don't give any care on your Master's plan, and I don't care if you take over Sleepy Hollow. However, as long as you can make my own plan get its harvest, that is enough.

​The woman shrugged her shoulder while her smile was still wearing on her face, with a face of malice. Nevins looked at the woman with a face full of sheer bewilderment

  • Nevins: I'll see whatever I can do. However, is that why you called me out? Only to listen to your boasting?
  • U=4022685777,3413115936&fm=27&gp=0
    ???: That is not boasting. I don't care if Moloch takes over the world, but as long as I can hold this town inside my palm... things will be truly interesting. The Father wants to start a new Feast of Apollo, and I guess it will be a chance for us to get the Stone of Wisdom itself.

​Nevins was surprised to hear the word, the "Stone of Wisdom". He narrowed his eyes and was sweating in shock. Nevins looked at the woman in surprise, unbelieving she had the nerve to take the legendary Stone of Wisdom, a stone that was rumored to be treasured by the Order of Flourish as somehow a holy artifact to worship. Lord Helio knew its deeper secret which many of his followers were completely oblivious from knowing it, not to mention Nevins who never kept in touch with this mysterious Light Lord.

60143440 p0

In a bizarre manner and reason, the Stone of Wisdom was granted in another alias known as the Withering Mourner, which meant that the stone itself had the power to make the term "withering" disappeared on the earth, and people will only mourn the term of withering whereas the entire world was covered by a forever flourishing society.

However, it sounded so absurd and unrealistic to Nevins. It was unknown to Nevins how many of the Order of Flourish members were so dedicated to it.

In order to keep the safety of this stone, the mysterious Light Lord kept the stone was now preserved by a female recluse of the Order who hid away from the mad crowd, and her name was none other than Helene Hawthorn, one of the few people who know the truth behind this stone despite calling it that absurd term of "Withering Mourner".

  • ???: What happened, Mr. Nevins? You seemed surprised.

To Nevins' surprise, this grey-haired woman attempted to get the Stone of Wisdom from that recluse girl, and that was why she attempted to work with Nevins as well as whoever that was behind him. What she planned to do with the Stone of Wisdom made Nevins curious, though it was obvious she tried to use it in her own plan.

  • ???: I have already make up a plan, but it will be a big and long-lasting one. Still, it will not make conflict on your own plan.
Persona 5 shadow sae niijima by blazpu-dbapl53
Distrusting this woman, Nevins looked at her with disdain and annoyance.
  • Nevins: How so?
  • ???: You can take down the Witnesses while I take over the Order. After I got the Stone of Wisdom, Mr. Nevins, I will take down that hypocritical Selina Strawberry... who never admit her dark side... and then I can ask her this question, "Who... controls... Sleepy Hollow... NOW!?" When I got her inside my palm alongside the entire Sleepy Hollow she ran... SHE'LL DIE!

The grey haired woman opened her hand as if she tried to grab something. She then clenched it into a fist, as if she had crushed the town of Sleepy Hollow inside her hand.

  • ???: I'm not Selina. I'm not her. I'm fully aware of Father's corruption and his petty but true allegiance to demon worshipers like you. I bet she won't accept this.

​Nevins lowered her head and thought about Selina Strawberry.

  • Nevins: Maybe you are right. She does live in her own delusions, believing she was good for the many.

​The woman's tone and personality changed in such a drastically way along with her suit, according to Nevins' point of view.

  • ShadowSae2
     Like all those fools were. However, she can sacrifice a few when situation needed. I know well about her. To be honest, Selina is like a train conductor driving a train that is out of control. She has to put the unstoppable train on two different rails, but there were people crossing both of the rails.
​Then, the woman closed her eyes briefly, as if she was imagining the scene.
  • Nevins: I know what you are referring next. One of the two sides had only one kind and ordinary man who crossed the rail, and the other side had a group of five notorious scums, including a bribed cop, a drug dealer, a kidnapper, a mass murderer and a sexual abuser.
  • ???: Indeed. Now, will she sacrifice the need of a few good to save the many who are evil?

​Nevins did not quite understand what the woman was on about, but somehow he felt chill on his spines, thinking about Selina's hidden dark side.

  • Nevins: Hmm, I doubt it. Even so, I guess decide we can use this as an advantage. When we got our respective profits, I guess we shall part our ways. Is that what you want, Ms. Prosecutor?
Sae full

The woman nodded when Nevins finished his words. After falling into thoughts, Nevins scoffed at her. He was still feeling unbearable from Christine's own arrogant speeches not long ago, and now he had to face another egotistic woman.

  • Nevins: You have more pride than Christine. You are a megalomaniac.

The woman did not get angry. She swayed her arm and grinned at Nevins. However, her face soon turned more and more serious as if her personality could be changed. It suddenly changed from a carefree and arrogant one to a more serious and less talkative one.

  • ???: Hmm, never mind. I am not Christine. Christine thought she did for greater good. She is a colossal hypocrite. I'm not like her.

​The woman opened her eyes, and her eyes were full of fire of evil inside them.

  • ???: I admit what I did is out of criminal minds, in order to take over the Order and turn this world's frown upside down. Pride is my middle name, Mr. Nevins, with the letter P that is recurring in my entire name. That is how and why I find the job of mine... a well-known prosecutor of this town with a perfect record... very interesting with the letter "P".

- ???: After all, my name is Phyllis Pride Parker, also known as Phyllis Peach...


The woman soon revealed her name and then, with her smile completely faded, she turned back into her full serious expression. Her outfit turned back into her prosecutor uniform, and her eyes turned back to pink. Phyllis then blinked at Nevins, this time in a less arrogant attitude.

  • Phyllis: Maybe, that is all for now. Maybe it was an overacting. I was too excited.

Nevins felt unsettling when he saw the woman altered her own personality. At first, she was both prideful, sadistic and megalomaniacal. Next, she turned serious, calm and quiet. It made Nevins unnerved.

  • Sae Harmed Cut-in
    Nevins: If you want to take over the power of that so-called Light Lord, you can do it yourself. Why do you want to work with us?

Nevins words did not make Phyllis smile. She only looked at him with a cold poker face. Nevins bit his lips and turned more serious look.

  • Nevins: Is there something more... you want from me?

Phyllis shook her head. A faint smile surfaced on her face, but it faded immediately.

  • Phyllis: You just need to trust me, since this world is going disarray. That's all. In fact, Mr. Nevins, there was one more request I want you to do, not now... You just do it when you have a chance.

Nevins crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes.

  • Nevins: What request?

Two seconds later, Phyllis answered before she walked away swiftly, leaving Nevins thinking at his place.

- Phyllis: Find Jenny Mills for me after she escapes Tarrytown. Don't worry. She will escape one day. The true bird never needs a cage for herself. She needs a trap.


Moloch's Lair

4 meters to Christine Van Bilj's cell block

10 minutes later

  • 306Atticus
     So, that's pretty much the end of it, Master. The souls of the blade is now trapped in Purgatory. I guess... even if that blade is now in the hands of Crane and was sealed in his base, the fate will lead the bloodshed coming from it once again in future.

Nevins looked at Moloch while speaking in a calm and malicious tone. After that, Nevins stared at the prisoner behind the bars, an injured woman with brown hair and face covered in beehive. It was Christine Van Bilj, now with her soul imprisoned in Purgatory.

  • August Corbin
    Christine: ......

Then, Nevins ignored the woman who was also glaring at him, and he turned to Moloch once again.

  • Nevins: For now, Lt. Mills still have no attempt to find her sister inside Tarrytown, and I guess that Corbin hid many things from them.

Moloch stood not far away from Nevins, and Nevins lowered his head and dared not look at Moloch's face. It was apparent that Moloch was in a very bad mood.

  • Moloch: [August... Corbin...]
Moloch scoffed when he started to think about August Corbin.
  • Moloch: [Since Michael Langdon succeeded to do neither preventing Mills from finding her destiny nor killing her, I need to do something else to make her tormented.]

Before Moloch could figure out an idea, Christine behind him smiled in a malicious manner.

  • Christine: Why not digging out their darkest secret to torment them, Master?

Enraged, Moloch heard this and turned back to look at his failed minion.

  • Moloch: [You failed my mission, Christine, and you made an epic fail. Why should I ask for your idea?]

Christine shook her head and sighed. Her face was now covered in bruises due to the previous battle and the torture of Moloch, but a malicious grin was on her face. It was apparent that she had another conspiracy inside her own mind.

  • Hungary.full.1969024
    Christine: My death is only a start. Although I never expected that I was going to be killed in my previous battle, it is still a risk I can take. Because of my awakening and presence, those creatures that was crafted by me was ready to set out. Master, I have one more trump card, and only I have authority to order him to cause chaos and distress. Please allow me to do one more mission to cause fear and mayhem inside Sleepy Hollow... to send THAT THING into the town.

Moloch and Nevins heard Christine's words and was at first confused. However, when Christine said "that thing", Moloch narrowed his eyes deviously.

  • Moloch: You mean...

Christine nodded with a gruesome smile, all the while holding the pain she suffered from Moloch's brutal torture. She had no fear upon her punishment, and she was seemed to be glad to endure all those suffering.

  • Christine: Master, you can give me one hour, just one more hour. I will send that creature out and pick up a target with dark secrets. After that... that thing shall go free. It only listens to my command. Only I can make him do anything he wants, since I recreated him from an ordinary human into a demonic wraith. I hate to say so, but even YOU cannot order him, Master. You can only summon him.
Furious, Moloch immediately rushed towards Christine with fury. His claws stretched into Christine's cell block and was only one inch far from Christine's face.
  • Christine: It sounds like you are too use to listening to the words of praise, and now I am not used to speak any praise now.

Christine only looked at Moloch with no fear at all. She looked straight into Moloch's eyes as if she never served him. Moloch was furious, but soon he calmed himself down and moved his claw out of the bars.

  • Christine: Master, a dark secret holding in someone's hand can get them killed, and I know about a dark secret on Ichabod Crane. I can torment him with that. 

Christine's word did not make Moloch change his facial expression. However, he moved towards the center of his lair before casting a spell. Soon, a black puff smoke started to surface itself from the middle of the lair. 

- Moloch: Fine, I shall believe you one more time.

  • 302Wraith1
    Christine: Well, even if this monster failed to kill the Witnesses, I guess it would be beneficial for gathering more souls into Purgatory. After all, hiding some dark secrets can cause this town's downfall.

The blackened smoke then turned to a humanoid figure with grayish skull and gaseous body. Christine looked at the creature with a gruesome smile. She looked at the creature straight into its eyes,

  • Christine: Don't you think so, Marcus Collins?
The creature immediately stepped back in horror when Christine spoke out its name, but it soon returned back to calmness when it recognized its mistress.

This creature was once a colonial soldier named Marcus Collins, but was turned into a wraith creature by Christine after his surrender into British Army. He gained dark abilities to delve into a human's darkest secrets. It exposed those secrets in front of their eyes before silencing them by killing them without a trace of blood or injury, putting those secrets died with them unnoticed.

  • Nevins: Hmm...

Nevins looked at the dark creature in its smoke-like cloak. For the first time, he was impressed by what Christine was capable to do. Moloch then moved forward to Christine once again with menace.

  • Moloch: [You are not afraid if I put more tortures on you when you fail again? Remember, that Valindra Shadowmantle has yet to revive you. I can give you a chance to do this mission, but remember, you can only move your soul essence in Sleepy Hollow for one hour and cannot use magic at all.]
Once again, Christine shook her head. She only smiled in a devious manner. Suddenly, screams started to coming from another cell in Purgatory, and Christine can't control herself from chuckling.
  • Christine: Uhehehheh, thank you... Master, I know that Valindra had took my ashes to recreate my body, but that does not matter.
  • Nevins: You are not bothered? Even if you are stuck in here?

Nevins narrowed his head and ask Christine while a sweat drop came from his forehead. He was feeling nervous. It was apparent that Christine had changed her personality and talked like a real adult after inside Purgatory just for days.

  • Christine: Why, no.

​Christine smiled once again in calmness, in contrast to the terrifying scream coming from another deeper dungeon.

  • LadyVanTasselTrueNature
    Christine: I won't be bothered at all. At least, I can listen to that wretched witch to scream with terror... while suffering less pain than I suffered.

The scream was coming from Lady Van Tassel, who was also tormented and tortured inside Purgatory, albeit with a longer time - for 215 years. 

  • Christine: She suffered less pain in her own punishment from what I suffered in my own punishment. However, she is now screaming like a coward where as I admit my mistake. That's the difference between me and her.
Christine gave Marcus a nod, hinting her order. Marcus then disappeared Moloch snarled when he looked at the tunnel towards the cell of Lady Van Tassel. He then looked at Christine again.
  • Moloch: [I know you held Ichabod Crane's darkest secret and want him to be killed by the guilt caused by such a secret. If I give you another chance when you returned back to life, will you become more successful in your plan?]

Christine only looked at Moloch in a calm expression, in contrast to her childish and spoiled behavior before she died. She now presented herself like a truly dark, heartless and malicious monster in human skin, being calmer, darker, more sophisticated.

  • Christine: Trust me, Master. After all those lessons, I know what my mistakes are. I know what should I do to prevent all of those mistakes that caused me to die like that as best as I can.

However, Christine then looked away and closed her eyes. Her face then turned more and more serious.

  • Christine: However, I will not show regret for what I had done in Sleepy Hollow. It was just a beginning, and I will one day put everything we started to its most satisfying endings. After I return to the town in flesh and blood, I will enforce your will once again, Master, for the coming... of a new era in this world!

Moloch then nodded to Christine in satisfaction. At least, he saw true determination on Christine.

  • Moloch: [A new era? A new era is coming? It sounds like a suspension that is utterly interesting.]

Christine then smiled once again, this time not in a bratty manner, but a devious manner. In arousement, she licked her lips.

  • Christine: Believe me, Lord Moloch. As you know, I am so far stuck in this place, but I truly anticipate what will come next. Those monsters are just prologue, and the real fun shall return.

Moloch then left the lair and went into the forest outside. Feeling unbelievable for Christine's determination, Nevins looked at Christine before he sighed and left. After that, Christine closed her eyes and grinned.

  • Christine: Hmm...

CIS Productions Presents...

LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow

Horsemen Saga

Season 2 - Death Arc

Sub Arc 2 - Haunting Past Sub Arc

Episode 20 - Blood and Fear

By Officer Candy Apple

To be continued...

Moloch's Message


- Moloch: It has been 232 years since Ichabod Crane died. However, he is now standing in front of me alive and well. That was quite unbelievable, and I need to find someone to blame... HARSHLY.


Four Horseman

- Moloch: One for sorrow, two for mirth, three for a wedding and four for a birth. The Period of Tribulations started already after the Horseman of Death gained its vessel, and soon the other three will come and start my reign on Earth.


ToB Feb102016 04-1024x576

- Moloch: After I made a tie to that devil lady, that daughter of Leohart, I became weaker for the outcome of that battle which costed most of my strength, and I had to stay in Purgatory, deep inside my lair. However, this will not go for so long. Those who had laughed at me... they are the ones who have no ambition at all. One day, I will make all of them impressed.

Moloch by leothefox-d6g0oak

- Moloch: There was a so-called Order who claimed to control the town of Sleepy Hollow. That was hilarious to the clowns and boring to me! Can't they see the truth behind their leader? I know it very well. Soon, when those brainless puppets lost their power thanks to my LITTLE SPY, I will take over the town. Purgatory will be risen. The town would be covered in a tide of blood!


- Moloch: Rise, the fire of Hell...

MV5BMTg0NDQzNzI5N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzYzMjIzMTE@. V1 SX640 SY720

- Moloch: COME AND SEE!!!

Ending - Burn My Dread (Spring of Birth ver.)

Burn My Dread Spring of Birth Version

Burn My Dread Spring of Birth Version


Dreamless dorm -

Ticking clock,

I walk away -

from the soundless room

Windless night -

Moonlight melts,

My ghostly shadow -

to the lukewarm gloom

Nightly dance...

of bleeding swords...

Reminds me that...

I still live...

I will -

(Burn my dread)

I once ran away from the god of fear

And he chained me to despair, yeah

(Burn my dread)

I will break the chain and run

till I see the sunlight again

I'll lift my face

and run to the sunlight

Voiceless town,

tapping feet,

I clench my fist,

In pockets tight...

Far in mist a tower waits...

Like a merciless tomb,

devouring moonlight...

I will

(Burn my dread)

This time I'll grapple down that god of fear

And throw him into hell's fire

(Burn my dread)

I will shrug the pain and run

till I see the sunlight again

Oh, I will run...

burning all regret and dread...

And I will face the sun -

with pride of the living...

In the Next Episode of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow...


- Marcus: Secrets... Secrets... Kill for secrets... I will kill...

CQz2e78UkAA99 G


IMG 7724

- Young Jenny: Yes, she did! Tell him!

IMG 7725

- Betsy: Come and face me, Marcus Collins!


- Ichabod: And now it seems the same dire wraith who killed my fellows stalks the streets of Sleepy Hollow.

Ahs2 lily

- Sister Mary Eunice: Those victims sought to stop the embezzling... to remove a blight in their community, just like the heroic spies who sought to topple General Howe as he bled dry the city of New York.


- Ichabod: Like you, Marcus, I had the same choice while facing Christine and Howe. I was offered clemency by the enemy, but I did not accept it, because I hold firm and YOU DO NOT!!!


- Ichabod: Yes, I defied General Howe. Yes, I refused to betray my fellow spies... but I did consider the option. The shame of that moment stuck for centuries.

- ???: ......

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 7.06.21 PM

- Ro'kenhronteys: You have been weighed on the scales and found... wanting.


  • From Officer: Sorry for so much of delay. I was on a school trip to Hunan Province and had homework to do. This episode marks the beginning of the second Sub Arc which is different from the last one. It features no great battles or central arc villain other than Moloch. However, it is still a sub arc which will solve many past problems while setting for a new stage to make the Headless Horseman reprise his role.
  • From Prime: We are now planning another crossover event between LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow and LOTM: Sword of Kings centered around Magic Side. See: LOTM: Los Reina de Corazónes. Many of its major characters now have their pages created, including: Maria Arzonia/Future Maria, ViraMichael Langdon/Future Michael and Black Raven. It will be produced after the end of Death Arc, and will centered in Astaroth Hell and its origin story.