Lotm the angels return poster

It has been twelve years since Angewomon and Myotismon's dramatic battle against Galvatron. Buzz Lightyear and Angewomon are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters, Redflame and Majingirl. Disney is as it should be, and the Transformers story world has become part of Disney.

But it seems a shadow is falling over the Multi-Universe again, for both Angewomon and Myotismon are plagued by terrible nightmares of Autobot deaths. Even their beloved adoptive father, Optimus Prime, is quite certain that something is not right.

Things get even stranger when the Angels make a peculiar discovery on Cybertron. Soon they will discover a lot more...such as the fact that there is ANOTHER Disney Angel, the Angel of Power...

Evil does not rest and it seeks domination of the Multi-Universe once again. Aided by the Children of the Autobots, old friends, and new friends, Angewomon and Myotismon must make their way through and search different universes, all in the name of saving the Multi-Universe...and their father, Optimus!

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