"Hmm... You touched my Tralalala..."
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"LOTM: Sword of Kings"


Cis Productions Presents...

Somewhere in a reality far away...





Galactic King: My people. My kids walking over my arms. Children living in the cradle of light and happiness... '*interference*

(???): *interference:* All units! Fire...*interference* will!

(???): Many enemies on the left!

(???): I need a medic!!!

(???): The fortress was destroyed by Vulture Droids!

A Storyline by Destroyer Subjugator90

Galactic King: We will not surrender to tyranny... *interference*

(???): Cover me!

(???): I need armor!!

(???): I have one!

(???): My arm! My arm! ARHH!!!

  (???): I am falling! Mayday! Mayday!! Ahh!!!!

 (???): Cruisers enemies out of the interspace!!!

(???): Many ghouls coming from 53902 Sector! 

A Storyline by Prime ShockWaveTX

Galactic King: We will not surrender to tyranny! No planetary system in this galaxy will surrender and kneel before the slavery. No children will know the pain of losing their family! No woman will be widow... *interference*

(???): Shoot!... shoot!!!

(???): GRENADE!!

(???): I wish I have seen you born. My daughter... *tears*

(???): We are in disadvantage! PLEASE! Give us the order to retreat!! Major!!

 (???): Commander! We were trapped!!! Commander!!!! Please!!!

 (???): God... save me...

(???): Two enemy ships chasing me!!

(???): Reapers and Tripodss are coming from Space Station!! Orbital Attack incoming!!!

(???): Hostile soldier on your left!!

(???): Liliana... I wish I had spent more time with you. 'I broke our promise that I would come back to home... I'm the worst *laugh*....*crying* I don't wanna die.....

A Storyline by TheVileShadow Man

Galactic King: We have only 3 enemy. The tyranny. The darkness. And slavery. The duty of a man is fighting for his country, family and his planet at any cost! *interference*

 (???):  I'm going to you mother! HAHAHAHAHA! I'm going crazy!! *insane smile*

 (???): Demons are coming out of the portal V7 in the 16528 sector!! Reques--- A.. Aah.. AHH!


Galactic King: Children who sit on the breasts of this great and grand galaxy will live. BECAUSE DEATH IS NOT OUR --- *Lost Transmission*

(Unknown children): Mama? Mama? Mama? MAM--






(The Crone): The oracle's words serve as a warning. A prophecy. The multiuniverse will fall. The whole existence will fall. And the fire of the Dark Empires will reduce all realities to ashes. For the multiverse is just a pile of atoms, rags and dust. And as the dust, the dust will disappear in the wind. Only the Gods will live to watch the suffering of those they gave birth. Only our souls will save us. Our souls. And a wave of blood of Heroes...

                                               LOTM: Sword of Kings

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