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LOTM: Sword of Kings Stories - Yuuchiro Arc is a filler arc that happens in the half of LOTM: Sword of Kings Sith Saga - Dark Side Arc after Coruscant Invasion episode. It is 7th to the whole LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline and is the first Arc of the LOTM: Sword of Kings Stories; fillers that focus in the lives of the characters.

The arc will focus in the life of the 3nd protagonist, Yuuchiro Hyakuya. The same arc will explain what happened on his life to join the army and why he hold a great hatred for the 3 Dark Empires.

List of Episodes

  • Episode 1: Yuuchiro
  • Episode 2: Hyakuya Family
  • Episode 3: Be Brave
  • Episode 4: A Home
  • Episode 5: Sith Oppression
  • Episode 6: Veangence
  • Episode 7: Resistence Army
  • Episode 8: Run
  • Episode 9: DEM Empire
  • Episode 10 (Final): Pain

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