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The Multiuniverse War Arc is the third story arc of the LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline and the first arc of the Sith Saga and the first arc of the first season of Sith Saga.

With all heroes and villains on existence teleported to 12th Multi-Universe; The Reality Council reveals the disturbing truth about sending all heroes and villians on existence to that reality. However, before they know what really happened on that reality, they are attacked by a unknown army; they face a new powerful and evil force that none of them had not met before in their realities, the Sith Empire. All villains and heroes spread out through the planet to escape from the massive from the Sith Empire invasion on Quanrrian Planet. However, the Sith Empire blocked the whole planet, preveting their escape. The only thing heroes can do is fight alongside their enemies, the villains, to survive the Sith attack. At that point, the first battle on Multiuniverse War had begun. The First Quanrrian Battle.

The heroes, must face the greatest challenge of their lives to survive, as the heroes and villains is about to stand against the most terrifying threat yet, which even the Reality Council is desperately trying for years, but are barely able to stop. The military-driven Sith Empire from Alakitasia planet is poised to launch a full-scale war upon Quanrrian Planet to fight the "people" that are resisting their invasion. Meanwhile in the final battle, large Resistence II assault ships penetrated the upper atmosphere, destroyed the Sith Block and dropped a fleet of gunships, carrying thousands of resistence troopers and thousands of AT-TEs as well as General Elliot, to the surface. By the time the fleet reached the region of the final battle between heroes and villains vs Sith troopers, billions of innocent lose their lives, leaving some heroes mentally shocked. Elliot ordered the Resistence soldiers to form a perimeter around the survivors as they evacuated. As they left the planet, the empty destroyed region was littered with sith bodies, fragments, parts of ships as the opening battle of the Multiuniverse War began.

The notice quicky arrived to Balam Alliance emperors because, for the first time in 10 quintillions of years, a mass invasion from one of the Dark Empires was almost prevented. However... in the Resistence Assault Ship...

The arc is followed by LOTM: Sword of Kings Sith Saga - Cold War Arc.

List of Episodes

Season 1

  • Episode 1: I...
  • Episode 2: Save us!
  • Episode 3: Heroes
  • Episode 4: Why The Villains
  • Episode 5: Discussion
  • Episode 6: The Sith Invasion
  • Episode 7: Battle of Kyaa City
  • Episode 8: Retreat
  • Episode 9: Sith Hunt
  • Episode 10: Sith Reinforcement
  • Episode 11: Quanrrian Military Counter-Attack
  • Episode 12: Dark Master
  • Episode 13: Resistence II 
  • Episode 14 (Final): Balam Alliance