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LOTM: Sword of Kings Sith Saga - Dark Side Arc is the arc that happens after Cold War Arc and is the 6th arc of the whole LOTM: Sword of Kings, the fourth arc of Sith Saga, and finally the first arc of the 3nd season of Sith Saga.

The arc focus in the half on the battle on Brotherhood of the Abyss Base. When the Alliance of Freedom accidentally discovered the Base of the Abyss, the villains managed to arrest them. Most of the villains found their archenemies and started to torture them. However, the Sith Empire discovered  their localization as well, and started to bomb their HQ, resulting in a destructive battle. In the middle of the chaos, thousands of heroes and prisioners managed to escape. While some heroes helped the civilians to escape from Base, other heroes started to fight against the villains and the Sith Troopers. However, everything goes down when Unicron and Primus meet face to face.

The arc is followed by the Filler Arc, Yuuchiro Arc.

List of Episodes 

Season 3

  • Episode 1: Abyss Vs. Freedom Vs. The Dark Side
  • Episode 2: Unicron Vs. Primus
  • Episode 3: Unicron Vs. Primus - Part 2
  • Episode 4: Darth Malgus Vs. La Folia
  • Episode 5: Esdeath Vs. Akame
  • Episode 6: Sith Empire Counter Attack
  • Episode 7: Game Over
  • Episode 8: The Traitor Among Us
  • Episode 9: Sonic Vs. Dark Laser
  • Episode 10: Vegeta's Greatest Day (Filler)
  • Episode 11: Coruscant
  • Episode 12 (Final): Coruscant Invasion

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