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LOTM: Sword of Kings Sith Saga - Cold War Arc is the arc that happens after LOTM: Sword of Kings Sith Saga - Multi-Universe War Arc and is the 2nd Arc of of the Sith Saga.

Months passed after several heroes and villains were teleported to the 12th Multi-Universe. Many planets dominated by the Sith Empire that were dominated thousands of years ago were lost one by one when other factions were formed around the 12th Multi-Universe. The act of the Alliance of Freedom put courage and hope in the heart of centllions of sentient beings, and so endless resistances and heroic organizations were being founded, resulting in the loss of half of military and territorial power of the Sith Empire on 12th Multi-Universe. As planets were being taken from the Sith Empire's control, the Sith Empire lost power and control in some galaxies.

While the Sith Empire goes into emergency status, the Emperor of the Sith Empire declares state of calamity and finally will put all his forces to exterminate the heroes that are releasing thousands of planets that were on his command. Happiness and hope begin to rise on 12th Multi-Universe after numerous victories; in the midst of the battles Katarina discovered a power that she never saw in her life. In the middle of the war, other villainous faction were founded to serve the Brotherhood of the Abyss, resulting in more defeat to the Sith Empire.

List of Episodes

Season 2

  • Episode 25: Hope
  • Episode 26: War Declared
  • Episode 27: Military Operation
  • Episode 28: Code 999
  • Episode 29: No More Death
  • Episode 30:: The Sith Order vs Jedi Order
  • Episode 31: We're the Freedom!
  • Episode 32 (Final): Sith Attack