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LOTM: Sword of Kings Sith Saga - Balam Alliance Arc is the arc that happens after Multiuniverse War Arc and is the 4th arc of the whole LOTM: Sword of Kings and the second arc of Sith Saga, and finally the first arc of the 2nd season of Sith Saga.

After all heroes and villains were rescued in Quanrrian Planet, some villains and heroes recognized their enemies in the gigantic assault ship, causing in a mass fight in the ship. However, the Reality Council ended up teleporting the villains to other planet to prevent more death. After that, some Anti Heroes escaped from the ship and started to fight for themselves. The Heroes who stayed on Resistence Base opts to form an alliance between themselves and to form the Alliance of Freedom in order to help the Resistence II wipe out the Balam Alliance; to destroy 5 of the factions under Sith Empire's family: the First Order, the Avatar, Purple Cross, Brotherhood of the Shadow and the Vandenreich; to rescue Aroxia Planet from being destroyed by these organizations under Sith Empire's command and finally to oppose the 3 Dark Empires and prevent the destruction of the Multiuniverse and all realities. However, the task proves not be an easy one, as they face their strongest foes yet.

While the heroes meet themselves on Teran Planet, the villains teleported to other planet ended up forming their own organizations to fight for their own goals in that reality, to destroy all heroes and the Balam Alliance. In the final of the battle, the task will prove to be much worse when the villains and heroes meet face to face...

The Arc is followed by Cold War Arc.

List of Episodes

Season 2

  • Episode 1: Old Enemies
  • Episode 2: Battle
  • Episode 3: Cold War Started
  • Episode 4: Sith Empire 
  • Episode 5: The Portal
  • Episode 6: Alliance of Freedom
  • Episode 7: Brotherhood of the Abyss
  • Episode 8: Dark Knights
  • Episode 9: Aroxia Planet
  • Episode 10: Anima
  • Episode 11: The Dark Side of the Force
  • Episode 12: Super Boss

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