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The GEM arc is the second story arc of the LOTM: Sword of Kings Peace Saga and is the only story arc of the 2nd season of Peace Saga of LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline.

One year after Sith Empire's dissolution and subsequent disappearance of Makarov Dreyar, all Heroes embark on a long journey, in order to track down more comrades and reunite more heroes to free other planets from others evil forces. On the way, they encounter allies and enemies, both new and old. Meanwhile, in the shadows, a sinister organization plots to fill the power vacuum left by the defeats and collapse of the Sith Empire, and to pave the way for a new multiuniverse belonging to a empire SO evil that even the Brotherhood of the Abyss is in conflict with the sinister organization called Gem Homeworld.

Later, the Heroes discover that the Gem Homeworld is a faction from a Dark Empire more malevolent, evil, inhuman and cruel than the Sith Empire; the Deus.Ex.Machina Empire that is causing the destruction of entire realities and killing zillions and zillions. The Heroes or Villains notice that their war against the Sith Empire was nothing but a game.

List of Episodes

Season 2

  • Episode 1: Tartarus
  • Episode 2: Gem Army
  • Episode 3: Dictator
  • Epsisode 4: Geno-
  • Episode 5: Door of the Darkness
  • Episode 6: Diamonds
  • Episode 7: More Power
  • Episode 8: The Light
  • Episode 9: Gems
  • Episode 10: Lies For Me
  • Episode 11: Ryuugu Rena
  • Episode 12: My Family
  • Episode 13: Slavers of the Destiny
  • Episode 14: Jellal!
  • Episode 15: Warp Tour
  • Episode 16: 900
  • Episode 17: The Legendary Diamond
  • Episode 18: Big Bad
  • Episode 19: Fusion Soldiers
  • Episode 20: Experiment
  • Episode 21: Yellow Diamond
  • Episode 22: The Unknown White and Blue
  • Episode 23: Jasper Vs. Revolutionary Force
  • Episode 24 (Final): Galaxy Weapon
  • Episode 25 (Bonus): Deus Ex Machina

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