"Hmm... You touched my Tralalala..."
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"Come to me... my slavers." 

Sithdarth bane of sith by tatarskiskandal-d6rvsl9

The Darth Hades Arc is the first and only Story Arc of the LOTM: Sword of Kings Darth Hades Saga from LOTM: Sword of Kings. And is the only arc of the only season of Darth Hades Saga, and is as well the 3th Saga from Sword of Kings Storyline. It is the final arc to Sith Empire events and is the arc that connect the Sith Saga - Galactic Empire Arc

The arc will only focus in the final battle against Sith Empire after 2 years fighting against the Dark Empire. After countless battles, the Resistence II and the Alliance of Freedom bring the final battle to the Sith Planet, Kass Planet, to put a end to the evil empire that is causing suffering on the MultiUniverse for 10 Quintillion of years. Time for revenge

List of Episodes

Single Season

  • Episode 1: Master of Darkness
  • Episode 2: Kass Planet Invasion
  • Episode 3: Sith Lord
  • Episode 4: The Planetary War
  • Episode 5: Kim Possible & Maka Albarn Vs. Karasuba & Darth Talon
  • Episode 6: Katarina Vs. Darth Vader & Darth Bane
  • Episode 7: The Illusive Man
  • Episode 8: Darth Jadus
  • Episode 9: Seraph of the End
  • Episode 10: Sith Capital
  • Episode 11: Dark Defenses
  • Episode 12: Celestial Knights Vs. Dark Knights
  • Episode 13: Evil
  • Episode 14: Blue Blood
  • Episode 15: Sakura Izayoi
  • Episode 16: Darth Nihilus Vs. Alucard
  • Episode 17: Starkiller Vs. Zeus Vs. Kratos Vs. Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Episode 18: Aizen Sosuke
  • Episode 19: Teresa's Death
  • Episode 20: Darth Hades
  • Episode 21: Kenshiro's Death
  • Episode 22: Titania Falls
  • Episode 23: Yuuchiro Vs. Hades
  • Episode 24: Hades Izanami
  • Episode 25: Lucy Vs. Lust
  • Episode 26: Light Destroyer Device
  • Episode 27: Darth Hades Rise to Power
  • Episode 28: Yuuchiro's Tragic Past
  • Episode 29: Berserk
  • Episode 30: Darth Hades True Form
  • Episode 31: Monster
  • Episode 32: Ragna Vs. Darth Hades
  • Episode 33: Katarina Vs. Darth Hades
  • Episode 34: Prime Abyssal Punisher
  • Episode 35: Downfall of the Evil
  • Episode 36: Freedom!
  • Episode 37: The Light on our Hearts
  • Episode 38: Sith Empire's Demise
  • Episode 39: "As Heroes... we going to back to our planet"
  • Episode 40 (Final): The Faction from the Most Evi-


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