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Want To Be Winner

Part 0

4 May

Japan - Tokyo 

20:20 AM

Japan Ground Self Defense Forces HQ


After Eckidina usurped the KnightWalker Family and imprisoned Juria KnightWalker, she began her movement in Japan... something big was happening in that night.

Inside the underground JGSDF base, the aerial defense team received a message to allow a plane of Merryweather Security that was carrying the LN-666 Project enter in the skies of Japan. However, the Colonel Rick Flagg Jr. was unsafe to allow Merryweather come in the country.

Rick Flagg: No! I'll not allow! - The Colonel said to his superior in front of him, he was the Major Frank Archer.

Frank: Colonel, you are not fulfilling the demands of Eckidina KnightWalker. You want to lose your job?

Rick Flagg: But let that "thing" come in our country. If this thing explode it's better to explodes in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

Frank: Enough, Colonel. You get paid to serve the KnightWalkers. In addition, Colonel, did you heard that Eckidina Knightwalker is the new leader of the KnightWalkers?

Rick Flagg: Wh- Eckidina is the new leader?!

Frank: Yes. Juria KnightWalker retired himself from his post. By the way, she is a best choice so become the leader of the new world.

Rick Flagg: What did you said?... "Leader of her new world". What the hell was that?

Frank: Yes... Eckidina will be the Queen of the New World. With us as the commanders!

Rick Flagg: Frank Archer! What have you done!?

Frank: I just I joined the side of the winners. The new era of KnightWalkers began. They will rule the world. By the way, Rick Flagg, "we" are taking control of this base right now.

Rick Flagg: "WE?" - After Rick said that, everyone on that room heard sounds of gunfire behind the door. 

?...? - After the shots, the room was in complete silence while everyone looked at the door. In that moment, the door opened with violence and 20 armed men rushed into the room surrendering all employees. Rick Flagg was seated in his chair when a man in a white suit came in the room and pulled a gun from his pocket, and pointed it to Rick Flagg. He was Euron Greyjoy, the Lieutenant of JGSDF.

Euron: No moves, Colonel Rick Flagg. This place is now under the control of Eckidina KnightWalker from KnightWalker Family!

Frank: You're late, Lieutenant Euron Greyjoy.

Euron: The security of this place was very prepared.

Frank: I see...

Rick Flagg looked to all enemy soldiers in the room and asked to Euron and Frank: "Lieutenant Euron! Major Frank Archer! What's the meaning of this?!"

Euron: SILENCE! Colonel Rick Flagg, the "meaning" of this is: Being a member of the KnightWalker Family is amazing! You have FULL authority over your superiors, you can do whatever you want without to worry about rules! - Euron looked at Rick Flagg and said in loud voice. When Euron said that, Euron, Frank and all soldiers laughed.


Rick Flagg: You are traitors to your own country! Why!?

Frank: Wrong. We're not traitors. We're saviors! We're "giving the true peace" to this country. When Eckidina KnightWalker free the mankind from the "restrictions" of governments by using the LN-666 Project; all mankind, our country, and the whole world will be freed from laws!

Euron: We are liberators. We are the true liberators who will liberate humans from cultural, ethical and political differences. With a world without laws, all humans will understand that they are equal and they will recognize their nature, the true nature of humans is: DESTROY. Humans are made to it. We are greedy and treacherous; this is the true face of humanity. And when the LN-666 Project be launched, all humans will recognize who they are.

Rick Flagg: Have you gone mad!?

Frank: No. We're just seeing our true nature. Eckidina KnightWalker will be just mine when I said to her that I conquested this country. By the way, Colonel Rick Flagg, right now, we are invading this country in the shadows.

Rick Flagg: What!? Japan is being invaded!?

Tumblr moo8p24gzW1rcj3j9o1 500
Frank: Yes... the allied military forces of KnightWalker Family is invading strategical points, palaces, government, home to conferences, military bases, airports, mansions political, governmental and royal palaces! There is nothing else that Japan can do. We're taking control of this country!

Rick Flagg: Yo- - Rick Flagg was interrupted by someone behind the door. The masculine voiced came from the darkness.

(???): It looks like I arrived in time. - The unknown masculine voiced said as the sounds of his feet steps were getting loud behind the door of the room. 

Frank: Who's there?!

Euron: You're allied?! 

Frank pointed to two of the soldiers to investigate. However, when the two soldiers arrived at the door, a burst of gunfire brought down the two dead on the floor.

(???): No. I'm not. I'm here to kill you. Just it. - The masculine voice was coming closer and closer.

Frank: EVERYONE! FIRE! - After Frank's order, 18 soldiers shot against the door. They stopped after 30 seconds shooting.

Euron: We got him?


(???): No.

Frank: WHAT THE F- - Another burst of shots from the other side of the door happened. This time, the shots killed all 18 enemy soldiers of the room. Frank and Euron were killed as well. What has shocked everyone in the room was that no shots were wasted. Each bullet hit one enemy in that room, killing all enemies soldier there. The room was painted with blood of the enemy soldiers.

Rick Flagg: What happened?...

Everyone in the Room: They... were... killed? In just 5 seconds...

(???): I'm sorry. I'm late. There were many KnightWalker Soldiers in the entrance. I also got rid of the other soldiers at the base as well. Please don't hate me, Colonel Rick Flagg.

The man finally arrived at the entrance of the room. He was a soldier of VSA, a military organization of America. He was...

Lucas Kellan Dossier Photo
Everyone: LUCAS KELLAN! - Lucas Kellan is a soldier of VSA from ONU Military Forces. He holds some respect and is well known within the ONU, especially its government intelligence branch, the VSA.

Lucas looked at the enemy soldiers on the floor and said: "Bastards traitors..."

Rick Flagg: Lucas Kellan! Thank God!

Lucas: I'm here. And Colonel Rick Flagg...

Rick Flagg: Y-yes!?

Lucas: There is a drop of blood on your face. 

Rick Flagg: A-ah! Thanks.

Lucas: I'm not going to waste my time. Colonel Rick Flagg, what's happening? I'm losing contact in all VSA bases of the Japan.

Rick Flagg: Me too. I need to send a emergency message to JGSDF. I was being spied on by the KnightWalkers for a long time. Frank Archer said Eckidina KnightWalker is the new leader of KnightWalker Family and she was the one who bought the LN-666 Project and sent a order to bring to Japan.

Lucas: THE LN-666 Project!? I thought this project had been canceled two decades ago!

Rich Flagg: Me too. But looks like KnightWalker Family hid that thing from the world. The KnightWalker Family are also causing a coup throughout the country. They bribed our officers and superiors so they could prevent Japan from activating the state of alert across the country. Just like these soldiers you killed here.

Lucas: Where is the LN-666 Project!?

Rich Flagg: It's exactly above us...

Lucas: What!?

Rich Flagg: The plane carrying the project entered in our territory 10 minutes ago. The only way to stop is to shoot down the plane.

Lucas: No! If we crash the plane in this country, the LN-666 Project will explode. In the worst case; fatalities. Since the LN-666 Project has a powerful destruction-power, the radiation will affect the entire planet. Life on Earth will be wiped out...

Everyone: My God... - The room began to be surrounded by whispers of people who were in there after hearing the words of Lucas.

Lucas: Rick Flagg, send a message to ALL governments of the planet; Threat Level: Global Alert!

Everyone: What! - Threat Level: Global Alert is a level of threat to identify the level of a threat. There are 5 types of alert, but the Global Alert is the highest level among all; is a level representing threats that could be a danger for the whole planet.

Rich Flagg: No! If we do that, the whole mankind will be plunged in panic if that news spread out!

Lucas: But we can't hid the fact that Eckidina KnightWalker is trying to use the LN-666 Project! We also have problems to deal with the forces of KnightWalker Family in the country!

However, at that time...


An alarm similar to WWII alarms echo through the base.

Officer 1: We have a problem!

Officer 2: The country is under attack on the coast! We are getting messages that London is under terrorist attack!

Officer: Our communications station is dead! We have no connections to others states!

Rick Flagg began to tremble at that time.

Lucas: The same enemy that attacked this base... They will probably attack this place again. We must evacuate this base, Colonel Rick Flagg!

Officer 4: Hundreds of jets of the terrorist organization, Aurozia, entered on the country by the east coast! - Aurozia is a terrorist organization working to the KnightWalkers.

Officer 5: What!?

Lucas: Colonel Rick Flagg, you should run away! The terrorists will be here any moment!

Stuff to hear while reading

Hellsing- Ultimate OST - Sleep As A Baby Vanish to

Rick Flagg: Soldier Lucas, you should go back to the VSA and alert all units to defend Tokyo... I have a duty to comply with my country. Then I'll not leave this place.

Lucas: In these conditions, no one will be able to come to help. This country will go into war state at any time. Do you want to die!?

Rick Flagg: I'm in charge here. While this place is active, I will not leave here. That's when I realize the reason why I was born for this post. - All officers that room looked sadly at Rick Flagg.

Rick Flagg: So... I will not leave this place. I will fulfill my duty to the end. I'm not going to flee from a cowardly attack like this!

Lucas, hearing Rick's words, pulled a pistol from his pocket and left it on the table. He left a PT-92-AF pistol on the table.

Lucas: This is my particular gun. It's customized to cross even shielded metal bars. This should be enough for you to not stand helpless... Goodbye, Colonel Rick Flagg. I wish you good luck. - Lucas said with honor

Rick Flagg: Y-yes, it was an honor to serve with you, Lucas Kellan.

Rick looked at the officials in the room and said: "You guys should escape too. Only necessary people will stay here... in fact... Never mind. I'll be alone here. Quickly, all of you, escape now!"

Everyone looked at each other and then: Hahahahahahahaha!! - Everyone laughed

Rick Flagg: What's so funny!? Escape all of you! This is an order!

Officer 7: You're so funny, Colonel. I'll keep trying to find connections networks to have a better communication.

Rick Flagg: What!?

Officer 9: Gather all the surviving soldiers and all the ammo you can find!

Officer 8: Positive!

Officer 10: Use the tables as barricades at the exit and entrances!

Rick Flagg: What you guys are doing, idiots! LEAVE THIS BASE!

Official 6: What are you saying, sir? You alone, cannot operate the consoles. Just stay seated there as you always does. You will only hinder us. - Everyone in that room were smiling except Rick.

Rick Flagg: You...... Thank you, guys... I'm sorry.

Everyone: Já! ("Yes" in European English) - In an instant, all officers of the room ran to their posts. Many voices echoed through the room asking for information about the situation and everything else around the country.

Lucas: Seriously... you have an incredible team... Colonel Rick Flagg. - said Lucas as he left the room and walked through the long dark corridor.

Rick turned on the radio in his chest and said: "I'm coming to the surface, Cable Vincent. When I get there, let's get out of here and return to VSA 459 Base. We going to regroup the VSA Japanese Team in Tokyo."

Vincent: [Yes, sir. The car is ready. We need to go back now before more enemies appear.]

Vincent: Let's go through the city. Tokyo is being attacked now. Can you do that?

Vincent: [Certainly, sir.]

Lucas: I'll also do my duty in the name of VSA. Prepare yourselves terrorists and KnightWalkers!

Part 1

Meanwhile at KnightWalker Mansion

Eckidina KnightWalker was at the roof of the mansion watching the city at the night. Misogi Kumagawa went upstairs and saw Eckidina there. Misogi... was all bloody... blood in his hand, clothes and in his face.

Misogi: Eckidina, I have good news.

Eckidina: Honey! I was waiting for that. What are out good news?

Misogi: The war has started. Our forces are capturing the main points of the whole country in secret from the public in some cities. Tokyo is under attack, 9.000.000 soldiers of KnightWalker Family started the invasion 3 minutes ago. We also blocked all roads, communications and streets from Tokyo to isolate the city from the country. We also used Anti-Air Batteries to destroy all planes and helicopters that were going or leaving Tokyo.

Eckidina: Oh my.~

Misogi: There is more. The LN-666 Project arrived at Japan, the plane will arrive in Tenguu City in 5 hours. London is under attack by our terrorist organization, Aurozia Organization, and they isolated London from the rest of the world. And in 3 hours, Aki Honda and her gang will start their attack in Tenguu City.

Eckidina: Fufufufu. All according to our plan. Now, Japan and London are being isolated from the world and anyone know about it. Things are getting fun. Where are Aki Honda and her Mafusa Gang army?

Misogi: Aki Honda and her army are regrouping at the dump of Tenguu City. They're waiting by midnight to attack. And about the attack in London, here is the photos caught by our spy cameras. - Misogi give Eckidina a Top-Mini-Virtual-Table with pictures of London at that time.

Eckidina: Incredible. It's burning well. I always hated London anyway. Lest's hope the mankind don't know about this attack. And about Aki Honda and her gang; we sent weapons of war to Aki Honda and her gang, so I hope good results from this attack.

Misogi: Sure. 

Eckidina: Misogi, when Aki Honda start her attack, please bring my daddy in here. I want him to watch the show with us.

Misogi: Juria KnightWalker, right? I'll do it with pleasure. 

Eckidina: By the way, did you tortured him as I requested?

Misogi: Yes. I broke all his fingers, pulled his teeth, cut his nails off, cut his nipples out and tore his left eye. But don't worry, he is not dead. He is now getting a blood bag or he will die from lack of blood.

Eckidina: Ohh my~ Eckidina blushed.

Eckidina: You a sexy sadistic one. We going to have a little fun before we start our party in this city.

Misogi: I wanted to ask you something, honey.

Eckidina: What's it? Misogi-chan.

Misogi: It's all about these children of that orphanage we kidnapped 1 year ago to blackmail La Folia in order to make her join in KnightWalker Family (read episode 2 if you're lost about those children).

Eckidina: Oh, they? Yes, go ahead.

Misogi: Since we usurped the KnightWalker Family, we don't need that tract we made with La Folia Rihavein, right?

Eckidina: Yeah. Bring La Folia to our family was just a plan of my father. We don't need La Folia anymore since we have others plans. I don't care about money anymore, only "freedom".

Misogi: Ohh... good to hear that...

Eckidina: Why did you asked that?

Misogi: It's because 4 hours ago, I went to the underground of Tenguu City in the prison where those children were imprisoned... and.... I... killed all those... 300 children with my bare hands... I'm asking you because I thought that was going to be a problem. - Misogi let out a insane evil grin while he showed his bloody hands to Eckidina.

Eckidina: Oh my.

Misogi: So? 

Eckidina: HAHAHAHAHAHA! You did good, honey. We don't need those children anymore since we don't need La Folia as well. You got rid of a stone in our shoe. Thanks.

Misogi: No problem. I have pleasure in seeing you happy.

Eckidina: Let's go to my room. Let's have one of these hot nights. Or... you want to do this here?... - Eckidina said and made a seductive smile.

Misogi: Here! But I'll take a shower before.

Eckidina: No...

Misogi: Why?

Eckidina: I prefer to do "love" with all that blood.

Misogi: Haha. Ok.

Part 2

Somewhere in Ireland at that moment


Kurumi Tokisaki, the Spirit that was killed by Mana Takamiya some days ago and revived in Irland, was seated in a throne in a palace while there were dozens of dead bodies in front of her.

Kurumi: Hihihi. I never thought that there are still palaces with "kings" in this epoch. This is amazing. If I had a palace just for me, I would be the Queen of all men in the world. 

Kurumi sighed and looked at the night sky. Kurumi closed her eyes and...


Kurumi saw something in other side of Earth. Kurumi can feel presences on the other side of a planet. She saw London and Tokyo being attacked; that was Eckidina's plan happening at that moment.

Kurumi: Hmm... Looks like London and Tokyo are under attack... I can hear a scream of a child being burned, a scream of a woman being raped and a scream of man being killed. So... a war is starting is this planet too? - Kurumi raised from the throne and looked at the stars.

Kurumi: The Earth is a beautiful planet with many beautiful things... but even beautiful things has its own dark side. If someday... the Balam Alliance discover a way to come this realitiy... I- - Kurumi was interrupted by a female voice behind the door of that hall.

(???): Kurumi Tokisaki. I know you in there. - Kurumi looked at the door.

Kurumi: Oh! Who are you? You know me?

The woman behind the door opened the door. From the door a girl with black hair, pale skin, a vampire named...

Marceline adventure time celphone background by kkkboy-d5y1pld
Kurumi: Oh my~ How did you found me in this reality? Marceline.

Marceline was a vampire who came from another dimension. However ... she seemed different. In her original world (Adventures Time) she... well ... she... was more "animated". But there... in front of Kurumi she seemed much more humanized, she had curves and facial expressions.

Kurumi: Oh. Marceline, you're beautiful in your human form!

Marceline: I really liked that my appearance too.

Kurumi: What do you want?

Marceline: I don't come here as an enemy. I came to help you.

Kurumi: Help me?

Marceline: Yes. You demand the Prime Abyssal Punisher to end this war in the Multi-Universe, right?

Kurumi: How do you know that?

Marceline: I read your mind.

Kurumi: You need to stop reading the minds of others.~

Marceline: I'm going to my point. About the Prime Abyssal Punisher. You should wait.

Kurumi: Why?

Marceline: I don't know if the warrior that you are waiting to be born will actually appear. But for now let's leave that aside... I have something important to tell you. You are looking for the Second Spirit too, right?

Kurumi: Yes.

Marceline: Good. I have come to say this: The Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire is moving the Second Spirit to other Multi-Universe.

Kurumi: What!?

Marceline: Yes, the DEM Empire captured and imprisoned the Second Spirit somewhere in the 2th Multi-Universe. However, they are moving the Second Spirit to the 9th Multi-Universe. And not only that... suddenly, without warning, all DEM Empire forces scattered through all Multi-universes are returning to the 9th Multi-Universe. They are abandoning the lines of battle and returning to the 9th Multi-Universe without warning. This doesn't makes sense because the DEM Empire is the Dark Empire that is winning more battles in all Multi-Universes. There's something strange going on out there. The DEM is planning something... All factions that were fighting DEM Empire also found it strange. The DEM retreated while they were winning the war in quadrillion of universes. 

The Second Spirit is one of the most ancient Spirits in the history of the Multi-Universe. It has the power to destroy a reality in just one move. This "thing" is something dangerous, more dangerous than the Yellow Diamond, the Black Diamond and the Red Diamond. Kurumi want to find it to get information about the First Spirit. 

Kurumi: FUCK ME! - Kurumi ran out of the hall and activated a portal that led to another reality.


Kurumi: This is not obvious! I'll take the second Spirit from DEM while I have the chance!

Marceline: Kurumi! The Second Spirit is being protected by Abyssals from DEM Empire! You're not a match for them! - (You have to wait to know about DEM Empire and Abyssals.)

Kurumi: I don't care! THE SECOND SPIRIT WILL BE MINE! - Kurumi disappeared in the portal and it closed, leaving Marceline alone in the castle.

Marceline: Ahhh.... I already knew that was going to happen. Kurumi is just like that.


Marceline sighed and said: "Dammit. I'm living for a long time. I saw my world being destroyed by Triggers Hell, now I'm just a vampire wandering through countless realities by the Multi-Universe. I'm really a sad vampire. Fufufu. I generally don't believe in predictions... but this time ... I feel that something very bad is going to happen in all 12 Multi-Universes. That "Man in Suit" is manipulating everything in the shadows. I'm not going to watch while billion of realities are being destroyed by the Dark Empires. I decided. I'll join the Resistance II. - Marceline looked at the stars.

Part 3

Meanwhile in La Folia's house

La Folia was cooking the dinner.

Katarina: Yo! La Folia!~

La Folia: Yo, Kata!~ 

Katarina: You turn, Mana. - Katarina said to Mana Takamiya, the girl that was living with them for 2 days.

Mana: Yo, Kataaaa~ and La Foliaaa~

La Folia: Kataaa~ sounds so stupid... Try with all your strength!

Mana: YO, KATAAAAAA!!!! - A cup of glass broken at that moment.

Katarina: My nigga~

La Folia: That was too much. I'm feeling like a grenade just exploded in my ear.

Mana: I'm so sorry! 

La Folia: It's ok. You have a very powerful voice there. Ah.. dinner is ready.

Katarina: Yummu!

20 minutes later

Mana: So, I'm going to sleep, guys.

Katarina & La Folia: Yep, nice dreams.

Mana then went upstairs and went to her room.

La Folia: So, I'm going to sleep first. 

Katarina: Ah ok.

La Folia: See you tomor- - La Folia was grabbed by her arm by Katarina

La Folia: *blush* What's wrong, Katarina?

Katarina: La Folia... don't go to sleep...

La Folia: Why...?

Katarina: Listen to me, La Folia Rihavein - Katarina was VERY SERIOUS, she even called La Folia by her full name for the first time in her life. When she is like that, something is wrong. 

La Folia: Yes?... - La Folia was scared at that point

Katarina: Something bad is going to happen tonight...

La Folia: Ahn?

Katarina: No... something VERY BAD is already happening in this city and in this country... It's like I'm hearing voices that demonic things will happen in this town now.

La Folia: Something bad?

Katarina: Yes... This is a sense of fear and panic... It's like if a ghost was watching me from the darkness.

Night city sky skyscrapers 79288 2560x1440
Katarina pushed La Folia to the outside of the house. From La Folia's house, the city at the night could be seen. Katarina walked to the desert street and stopped at the metal bar that divided the street and a ravine. La Folia's house was in a Condominium on a mountain.

Katarina: La Folia... be careful. Once I had a different nightmare. It was not the Man in Suit, it was something different. Something very real and frightening. This city. Will know fear, despair, war and terror tonight.

La Folia: Katarina...wh- - Katarina interrupted La Folia.

Katarina: La Folia... you are with two cellphones in your pocket, right?

La Folia: Y-yes.

Katarina: See if both of them have signal. These two phones are of different operators so it should have no problem.

La Folia: Ok. - La Folia saw the 2 phones, and like Katarina said, these phones were without signal. La Folia tried to use the emergency satellite to call but but not even the satellite was working.

La Folia: This is impossible! The satellite is not working too.

Katarina: As I thought. They are isolating us. 

La Folia: Isolating us?

Katarina: Yes, they want to keep us away from the world, so people can't ask for help from outside of the country.

La Folia: This is-

Katarina: La Folia. You're fighter too. I hope you ready for the battle tonight. Lest's protect our house and Mana. I can sense them...

La Folia: "Them?"

Katarina: Yes................... The Mafusa Gang.

Part 4

30 minutes later

At VSA HQ in Tokyo

Heaven's Base
Lucas Kellan, the soldier that saved Colonel Rick Flagg finally arrived in VSA HQ in Tokyo. When he arrived, thousands, thousands of soldiers, helicopters, fighters and cargoes were in movement. That was a sign that a war was about to begin. Helicopters were leaving the base loaded with dozens of armed soldiers. In the middle of the chaos, a Master Sergeant, know as Rico Velasquez ran to Lucas Kellan.

Rico: Sir!

Lucas: No time to waste. Report.

Rico: Roger. Tokyo and London were invaded 40 minutes ago. As you could see, 30% of Tokyo city is burning and 4.000.000 of civilians are dead. The general sent a team to evacuate the area. We estimate that the enemy forces is at number 9 million. If this is the case, then we are at a disadvantage.

Lucas: Prepare the Task Force 900 and the Death Squad. 

Rico: The Death Squad?

Lucas: Yes. We're not going to take easy with terrorists. How about London?

Rico: 40% of London is destroyed. The enemy has 15 airships armed with missiles T-900 able to eradicate an area of 90 meters. London also is being bombarded by long-range jets as well.

Lucas: Fuck! What the American Military Forces and the Japan Ground Self Defense are doing!?

Rico: We lose all communications! All communications and signals of this country were destroyed. We can't contact our troops or have any communications to outside of the country or even inside! We are investigating this but- - Rico was interrupted by Lucas.

Lucas: I know what happened...

Rico: What happened, sir?

Lucas: It was the LN-666 Project.

Rico: THE LN-666 PROJECT!?- Hundreds of soldiers looked at Lucas and Rico in shock.

Lucas: Yes, that "bitch" bought it and sent it to Japan. The radiation from the LN-666 Project is SO powerful that even though it has not been used yet, the radiation creates a low-level EMP which destroys any type of electronic device.

Rico: Jesus... Who is that "bitch" that bought it?

Lucas: Eckidina KnightWalker! That monster is trying to destroy this planet!

Rico: Eckidina?! Then, we should contact Juria KnightWalker, the leader of KnightWalker Family!

Lucas: No! It's too late! Eckidina already betrayed her own father and took over the KnightWalker Family to herself.

Rico: Shit! To think a "child" is the true person behind of all this.

Lucas: Rico! Prepare my Special Forces. We going to Tokyo and KILL all terrorists there! Everyone listen to my words! - Thousands of soldiers looked at Lucas Kellan.

Lucas: Listen up! During this mission, those who break the rules of the VSA will receive punishment. I'll not tolerate unruly behavior. This mission will be the most dangerous mission that you guys already faced today. Many will die, that's not a doubt. Everyone here are members of our family and comrades who fought side by side in many wars, that is, we will lose many members of our family today. But anyway! The completion of this mission will worth! Listen! Our goal is not to return alive, but return VICTORIOUS! UNDERTOOD!?

Thousands: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part 5

Japan - Tenguu City Dump 

5 Minutes later

Aki Honda was on the top of the dump while she was looking at 5000 delinquents and criminals armed with war weapons (Eckidina's weapons)

Aki Honda: My friends! I like to kill! No, friends, I love to kill! I love chaos. I love death. I love torture. I love pain, I screams, and tears. I love to kill... but a war is much better. 

Gentlemen... All I ask for is war, a war so grand as to make Hell itself tremble. Gentlemen, I ask you as fellow brothers in gang, what is it you really want? Do you wish for further war as I do? Do you wish for a merciless, bloody war in this fucking city? Do you ask for war to sweep in like a tempest, leaving not even ravens to scavenge, from this City!? War is what you shall have. We are a clenched fist, ready to strike down all who oppose us, with our might. They think we are just gangsters, criminals and the trash of the society! We need a MASSIVE war to teach them! A civil war beyond any other that man's history has ever known! We'll give what Eckidina KnightWalker wants; a FUCKING WAR!

It is time for us to awake the ones who sent us screaming into oblivion, and who now lie sleeping. Let's drag them out of bed by the hair, and remind them of what we are! We will remind them of what it feels like to live in fear in the nights of this city. We will remind them to fear the streets at night! We will remind them of the feel of our feet over their heads!

It's 00:00 PM!

Everyone: It's 00:00 PM! It's 00:00 PM! It's 00:00 PM! It's 00:00 PM!!!!

Aki Honda: Hahahaha!! So finally we can start our fun!!

Aki Honda: This an order from your leader; Mafusa Gang.


Aki Honda: Friends... Lest's Bring The Hell.

LOTM: Sword of Kings Saga AA - Episode 7: Lest's Bring The Hell.

To Be Continued

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