LOTM: Sword of Kings AA - Katarina Vs. Aki Honda


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Battle Scars Lyrics

Part 0

May 4 - 2036


United States - Washington

Washington Underground Fortress

15:45 AM

5 hours after the beginning of the Japan War

Lights 2 2

After the rage statement of the US President, Tom Bucky, the US President, was escorted by the military to an advanced underground fortress in Washington under powerful and absurd surveillance and armed security.In the fortress, there are thousands of cameras, senators, lawyers, government officials, journalists, mayors from around the country looking for the president in front of the cameras. Tom Bucky, rose from his wheelchair and looked in front of all the people sitting in front of him in a huge enclosed room. The president realized the worried glances of all, because at that time, the country was being invaded and a huge war was going to happen.The president once again looked at the people around him before beginning to speak to the cameras. All countries in the world were watching that moment.

- Tom Bucky:......................... - Everyone was in silence.

- Tom Bucky: Today, May 4, 2036, a date which will live in infamy, the United States Of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by Naval and Air Forces of the Empire of Godom and North Korea. It is obvious that the planning the attack began many weeks ago, during the intervening time the Godom Government has deliberately sought to deceive the United States and United Nations by false statements and expressions of hope for peace. The attack yesterday on Japan, London and Asia has caused severe damage to American, Chinese and British military forces, I regret to tell you that over 45 million American lives have been lost. No matter how long it may take us to over come this pre-meditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory!  

Everyone in the fortress clapped, as well as billions of others around the world.

- Tom Bucky: Because of this unprovoked, dastardly attack by the KnightWalker Alliance, I ask that the congress declare a state of War!

However, the GPP (Global Peace Pact) President stood up and said: "I suggest that we avoid conflict and negotiate a truce with the the KnightWalker Alliance. If we enter into a new world war, all nations would suffer in unimaginable scale!"

- Second President: Yes! We should negotiate! - Everyone in the room started to fight.

- Unknown Male Voice 1: The Nations Alliance are a bunch of cowards!

- Unknown Male Voice 2: The GPP are cowards!


- Unknown Male Voice4: YOU DUMBASS!


- Tom Bucky: SILENCE!!!!!

Everyone looked at the US President.

- Tom Bucky: This is a Democracy! Not a street fight! 

- GPP President: Like I said before, we should negotiate with the KnightWalker Alliance, Juria KnightWalker is the leader of the Alliance, so we can try to create a covenant of peace with him. - No one in the world knew Eckidina KnightWalker was usurped by the KnightWalker Family at that moment, only her most loyal officers.

- Tom Bucky: Negotiate with tyranny? Give me an example of when it benefited a nation.

- Everyone: He's right! Tom Bucky is telling the truth!

- Tom Bucky: My dear compatriots, we can only judge the future by what we suffered in the past. Before I was the leader of the nation, I was a mere soldier in the American army. Many politicians and soldiers fought here with me in the Second Cold War in 2019 against the Godom Empire. The people who served the army and suffered the stabbings, shootings and attacks from that war... know how true peace is forged when our enemies are tyrants! 

- Everyone: (Several whispers of assertion and concordance).

- Tom Bucky: Make no mistakes! Juria KnightWalker, the head of the KnightWalker Family is a madman on our doorstep!

- GPP Presindet:.... I-

- Tom Bucky: Right here, right now, we must choose: "We face our enemy and protect our nations or we surrender as cowards and watch our people become slaves." Russia, Japan, America, the United Union, Republic of Europe... not even the United States and China can face the KnightWalker Alliance alone! We must endure not as "nations" but as "humans" or we will fall clinging to our selfish interests! Contact our forces in the Middle East and our forces that had been sent to London. We will attack the Koreans by literal and we will use all military forces in the country to push the Koreans right back to the country's coastline!

- US Vice President: The President of the United States needs more than ships, spaceships, weapons, submarines, cargo ships and many others; he needs our sons and warriors to fight!

- Tom Bucky: We will send every ship that we have to the East Coast, all space ships to Japan's atmosphere and all our ground military forces to protect the United States and several strategical points of the country from the North Korea......................... I will ask for help.......... from the great Sephiria Arks KnightWalker and the Chronos Empire.

Everyone rose from their chairs and clapped, all civilians around the world shouted and clapped for war. Suddenly, a security guard came and said: "President, the Koreans are here, we have to go."

Part 1

Meanwhile in Tenguu City



Katarina was running towards the building where Aki Honda was. Aki Honda was waiting for her but she was thinking that Katarina would not come alive. Katarina was beating every criminal and gangster from Mafusa in the way. At the same time, Rentaro Satomi was following Katarina to stop her. 

- Rentaro: Katarina! Where are you going!? - However, Katarina did not heard and continued moving forward to the building.

- Katarina: ALMOST THERE! - Katarina saw 3 men trying to rape a women and quickly broke their necks with just one attack and continued moving forward without looking back.

- Rentaro: Kata-! - However, Rentaro felt someone touching his back. He looked behind and saw a blonde 9 years old girl, it was Eugen Couteau, the adoptive sister of Katarina that appeared a few days ago. Rentaro was the first person she met when she came to Tenguu City.

- Rentaro: Eugen! What you doing here!? You should run!

- Eugen: Please, Rentaro, you should escape from the city. There is no place safe in this country!

- Rentaro: There is no place safe in this country? What you talking about? 

- Eugen: You don't know... Japan is under attack and the World War III has just started tonight!

- Rentaro: World War III!? ARE YOU JOKING!?

- Eugen: What make you think I'm joking at this moment? Changing issue, there are several buses of police in Megara Street 5 kilometers away from here in the east. The police and the army failed to prevent a surprise attack in this magnitude, they are evacuating civilians and are leading them to an airstrip in the florest. 1 million of people were evacuated, you should go too!

-Rentaro: But how about you?

- Eugen: I'll just go later!

- Rentaro: Later? What are you going to do?

Eugen stepped forward and said: "This is not obvious? I'll save my idiot sister."

- Rentaro: Katarina? No! I'll not allow you to do this! You are just a kid!

- Eugen: Just go, Rentaro. I know you love my sister but... you need to let me help her.

- Rentaro: No...

However, a runaway truck in flames crashed and overturned in front of Eugen and Rentaro. The truck separated Eugen and Rentaro and both were on opposite sides. Rentaro shouted to Eugen to ask if she was ok.

- Rentaro: EUGEN!

- Eugen: I'm all right!...... Go Rentaro, I'll bring my sister back! - Eugen ran away. 

- Rentaro: EUGEN!!!

However, Rentaro looked at the sky and saw a huge aircraft.

- Rentaro: A- Airship?

Part 2

In that Airship

Tenguu City 

That airship was from the KnightWalker Family, the airship's name is Deus Ex Machina, a very huge black and red airship. And on the top of that aircraft, the evil, twisted and insane girl responsable for of all that was dancing and singing like a crazy and creepy ballet dancer, Eckidina KnightWalker.

 On her left side, Juria Knightwalker, her own father, was naked and tied by a leash as he licked the airship like a dog. He was completely insane, thanks to Eckidina.

Eckidina was dancing while she heard screams and shooting, she was listening to everything around her as if it was music to her ears. The air smelled of burning flesh. 

- Eckidina:  "This world is cruel. It is sad but true. This world is strange. It is questionable but true. This world is cruel. It is sad but true. This world is strange. It is questionable but true...."

Misogi came in the top of the Aircraft and said: "Honey, I just received a message from our spies in the White House. The Council approved the state of war; The World War III is officially declared."

Eckidina stopped singing.

- Eckidina: Ohhh! I see! Finally my dream became true.... Hey.. Misogi, there are people in this world that have no reason to do cruel things. People who do " evil things" simply because they want; people like me. This is war is just my dream like any normal person wants to be something when they grow up. Just like a child who grows up and wants to become a lawyer.

- Misogi: I see. If your dream makes you happy, I will gladly help you to accomplish it.

Eckidina hid her creepy evil grin and turned back to Misogi.

- Eckidina: Thanks, darling. - Eckidina turned back to the front and watched the city burning and exploding. Eckidina saw 230 helicopters of the JGSDF approaching the city.

- Eckidina: Oh my.

- Misogi: The Japan Ground Self Defense Forces of Tenguu City finally arrived. But... What we are going to do to stop them?


- Misogi: "Let them kill the Mafusa Gang!?" What the hell are you saying, Eckidina?

- Eckidina: I want the JGSDF to kill all members of Mafusa Gang. Our ruin began. The real battle will start now. What is the fun of a war is this war did not have another fighter? My heart is dancing!


- Misogi: You're diabolical, honey. You take any of your ally or enemy and send them to hell for your own pleasure. - Misogi smiled.

- Eckidina: This is war. The hell is around us!

In one of the helicopters, the Commander of Tenguu City Security gave the order to the military to kill all hostile people. The helicopters started to shot at the Mafusa Gang members. 

- Commander of TC Security: [ALL UNITS! Fire at will! No survivors!]

- Eckidina: Ahh.... That stupid pacifists can "be something" after all.

However, the French captain of the Deus Ex Machina Airship, Bomb Voyage, went to the top of the airship and ran towards Eckidina.

- Voyage: Mislady KnightWalker, this is dangerous! The JGSDF are about to attack the airship! Please go back inside!

However, Eckidina ignored his warning and asked him: "Captain Bomb Voyage, that "person" is ready to use? - As she said that, some missiles almost hit the airship.

- Voyage: Eh... Ah yeah. He is ready. The power of that "person" is unstable, but the scientists complied with your request, despite the risks.

- Eckidina: This is wonderful. Don't you think so? Bomb Voyage.

- Voyage: Definitely, he has an incredible fight power.

Misogi was getting jealous because Voyage was the only one talking to Eckidina.

- Misogi: Good work, Captain Voyage. You can go back inside now.

- Voyage: Why you do not try to be a bit more useful? You're dead weight! Imbécile! (idiot in French).

- Misogi: I ALREADY DID! I tortured Juria Knightwalker, placed spies in the White House, sabotaged all communications lines in the country and launched the attack in the United States!

- Voyage: Oh yeah? - Voyage took a few steps backwards in defeat and humiliation.

However, they were interrupted when several missiles hit the airship. Misogi and Voyage ducked.

- Voyage: Milady, please go back inside! They are shooting at us!

However. Eckidina was ,the king of an "orchestra". She was throwing her arms up and down like she was commanding musical movements of an orchestral band. She smiled insanely as she did so. Hundreds of people were being killed at that moment.

- Misogi: Ecki-

- Voyage: What she is doing!?


Misogi was scared to answer but after a few seconds he managed to regain his breath.

- Misogi: She... She is playing the music... The music of war!

- Voyage: What?

Misogi: Eckidina is a pure warmonger. She loves war so much that she knows every move, strategy and exactly what will happen....No one can stop her now... 

The JGSDF Helicopters were killing all Mafusa gang members in the streets through the city.

- Misogi: In the music of war we are only instruments sounding the movement of her baton! No one can stop her concert!

One of the helicopters arrived at the top of the airship and the 2 pilots of the helicopter looked at Eckidina "making her orchestra". The helicopter turned on the lights and saw her.

- JGSDF Helicopter Co-Pilot: Enemy located! The sensors show she is Eckidina KnightWalker!

- JGSDF Helicopter Pilot: What she is doing? Whether it was her or Juria the devil that unleashed this insane war, we're going to kill all KnightWalkers!

The pilot was ready to shot at Eckidina.

- Misogi: Eckidina!

- JGSDF Helicopter Pilot: DIE!

However, the helicopter exploded. As the helicopter exploded, Eckidina stopped her "concert" like if it was the ending of her concert.

Eckidina smiled and said: "Good job...... Kano."


Kano walked towards Eckidina without saying a word.

Everyone looked at Kano and smiled. Kano was one of the stronger servants and the most powerful individual in the KnightWalker Family.

- Eckidina: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! I knew four years ago that you would join us, Kano! That you would abandon the side of KnightWalkers Funeral Parlor!! For someone like you, Death Angel, Kano, the "Totenkopf" is the most suitable! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

("Totenkopf" means skulls and bones in German. You have to wait to read the story when Kano joined Eckidina's side in the Spinoff (again)).

Part 3

Meanwhile somewhere in Tokyo


Burning city concept by sancient-d3d9kuz

2 millions of JGSDF arrived at the Tokyo by the request of the Japanese Senate. However, the KnightWalker Family soldiers and the Aurozia Organization quickly killed half of their army. The number of soldiers was a completely absurd but they failed the operation to take back the city. All Japanese troops were armed with their best technology at the time but they were in disadvantage against the numbers of terrorists and KnightWalkers.

Cassie and Lucas Kellan escaped from the KnightWalker Forces, but they were alone. The last forces of the JGSDF were being destroyed. Tokyo was more than lost, now the only thing the military leaders could was order a nuclear attack and destroy the city. The Operation was called Nuke Operation; destroy Tokyo to prevent the enemies from conquesting it.

Lucas was on the ground bleeding while Cassia tied bandages on his body. They were out of town, in an sewer outlet.

- Lucas: This is enough, Cassie....

- Cassie: But you can't walk yet.

- Lucas:...... Our troops still fighting. If we fail, they are going to nuke the city. We can't lose. I will not let VSA, my beloved organization that keeps peace in eastern countries, fall before my eyes!

- Cassie: Lucas, we lost everything. The battle, this war, our friends, our companions and comrades.... Our squad was killed, and we are out of ammunition, reinforcements and communication. I hate to admit it, but we must retreat and escape from the city.

- Lucas: And what? Whether my chances of victory are one in a billion, or one in a trillion. I still can fight, even without guns! - Lucas rose from the ground.

- (???): How beautiful...

Cassie and Lucas looked behind.

- Cassie: You....

- Lucas: This is impossible...

They saw a man with 10 terrorists standing in front of a huge fire. The man was wearing a white suit and a... black skull mask. He was Crime Lord in Japan, one of the largest arms financiers in the Black Market and a powerful member of the KnightWalker Family.

Black Mask 2

- Cassie: Black Mask! Why are you here!? Cassiane pulled out a pistol and pointed to Black Mask, but at the same time, all the terrorists did the same with Cassie.

- Black Mask: Nothing special. You see, I'm not here for Eckidina's request or for this stupid war. I'm spending all my time in this war looking for a person in special. I was hoping he was not dead...

- Cassie: "He?"

Black Mask looked at Lucas and said "You."

- Lucas: What?

- Black Mask: Exactly, you. There are people in the underworld paying a good price for you, Lucas Kellan. You're the commander of VSA and the most influential military person in this country, so many mobsters are paying for you. I'm happy I was the first one.

- Lucas: I... paying?

- Black Mask: Ops... don't get the wrong idea. You're not that famous or something. You see, you destroyed many underworld operations thanks to your missions and tasks. The Mafia wants you dead. Oh... "and how I found you", you are wondering. Cassie, look at your back.

Cassie did what he said and she felt something in her back. It was a tracker.

- Cassie: This is a--

- Lucas: --Tracker... How and when?

- Black Mask: Simple. Lucas Kellan, your best friend on VSA, Rico Velasquez, the one who you trusted your entire career on VSA. 

Rico was the first person Lucas talked when he arrived at VSA Base before the invasion of Tokyo and is his best friend. 

- Lucas: This is a lie!!!............... No... God dammit. I can't believe you betrayed us too... Rico...

- Black Mask: HAHAHAHA! Before this war even started, you wondered who was the traitor that gave the information that you and your VSA army were going to Tokyo before the war. Rico was the one who sent the information and data of your mission to Johan Lierbert, the leader of Aurozia Organization, and then the Aurozia jets destroyed all of our VTOLs. Remember now? It was sure a long night... Fufufu.

- Lucas: Cassie, put down your weapon...

- Cassie: Lucas.. but-

- Lucas: Just do it.

Cassie lowered her weapon and surrendered.

Grand theft auto the ballad of gay tony 12544990573715
- Black Mask: Very nice. - As Black Mask said that, a KnightWalker armored car came behind from the terrorists.

The terrorists handcuffed Cassie and Lucas.

- Black Mask: Time to go. I hate this place. I can't even breath with so much smoke. Ah! Don't worry, Lucas! After Rico put the tracker in Cassie, we killed him without mercy. He's in a good place now... probably.

- Lucas: This world is.... - Lucas was so depressed that he barely knew he was in the crossfire.

- Cassie: Lucas...

Part 4

Meanwhile in Tenguu City 



Katarina finally arrived at the building where Aki Honda was waiting for her. Several Mafusa Gang members were protecting the stairs, entrances, doors and everything else. Aki Honda was in the 60th floor (the top floor). One by one, Katarina was beating and defeating criminals with swords, knifes and firearms. When Katarina finally arrived to the top floor, she finished the last 2 security guys. Aki Honda was sitting in a chair and looking at the window, watching the city burning while drinking a cup of beer. The buildings were being attacked by JGSDF helicopters as well.

Katarina finally made to Aki Honda. Aki Honda was looking at the city so Katarina could not see her face. Aki Honda was wearing a military outfit.

- Katarina: Yo Aki Honda.

- Aki Honda: Katarina? Hmm... And I was thinking that you would not get here alive. You are full of surprises, Red-Haired Demon.

- Aki Honda: It's been four years since the last time we met each other. The last time I saw you, beat me like an animal.

- Katarina: Yes. Now, I regret for not killing you.... And I thought you could change.

- Aki Honda: Change? I grew up in the streets and I'm the most feared person in this city. Do you really think I could just change? You're really are an idiot.

- Katarina: I'm glad you're still the same, because now I can beat the shit out off you.

Aki Honda raised from her chair and looked at Katarina.

- Aki Honda: Kowai, Kowai (I'm so scared in Japanese).

- Katarina: I always said this to my stronger opponents, so I'm going to tell you right now. I mastered many martial arts but I should not use them against you. Because each martial art is a respectable product of human technique. Techniques that should not be used through the anger. Therefore, I must send myself to my anger and use pure violence as an animal rather than a human!

- Aki Honda: You told this to Yan (also know as Yandere-chan in LOTM: Sword of Kings Special: Valentine's Day) 1 year ago, right? I heard the story, Ember told me.

- Katarina: You know. That helps me. Aki Honda... I going to kill once for all and stop this carnage.

- Aki Honda: Katarina Couteau, you are playing in a game that belongs to "another person". This is not my "game".... 

- Katarina: I don't care.

- Aki Honda: Geez, bitch.... You will regret for appeared here. I'll get my vengeance for everything that you did to me.

Aki Honda and Katarina faced each other for a while until Katarina clenched her fists and Aki Honda pulled two katanas from her back. Katarina ran toward Aki Honda and tried to punch her in the stomach but Aki Honda quickly dodged the attack and was about to cut Katarina in half with one of the katanas, then Katarina held herself on the ground with both hands on the floor and swung his legs against Aki Honda, hitting Aki Honda in the face and breaking two of her teeth. However, Aki Honda kicked Katarina, the kick was strong enough to throw Katarina across the room. Katarina spat blood and was impressed by Aki Honda's strength.

Aki Honda flew against Katarina, and then threw her against the wall, breaking the wall. Katarina then uses her elbows to hit Aki Honda's back, making Aki Honda release Katarina; Katarina took the opportunity to give a huge kick in Aki Honda's neck, making her fall 3 meters away from where they were. Now the fight was in a small corridor. Katarina took one of Aki Honda's katanas and was ready to use it.

- Katarina: You trained. You are strong. 

- Aki Honda: I spent months practicing and hitting people just to have my revenge on you!

Aki Honda ran towards Katarina with her katarna but Katarina blocked Aki Honda's attack with her katana. Katarina pushes Aki Honda back and tried to shove the blade in Aki Honda, but Aki Honda jumped into the air and tried to attack Katarina, however, Katarina pushed Aki Honda again and ran towards Aki Honda before she could fall on the ground to attack her with katana. Katarina tried to kill Aki Honda in the air but Aki Honda puts her left feet on the blade of Katarina's Katana and gives a huge kick in her mouth with her right feet. Katarina flew two meters away while trying to recover from the attack. However, Aki Honda threw 6 knives at her, Katarina used her blade to block all knives. Katarina got one of the knives and threw it at Aki Honda while she used the knife as a distraction, however, Aki Honda hold that knife with one hand and blocked Katarina's attack with her katana. Aki Honda gave several attacks with her katana, but Katarina dodged all attacks and gave a punch in Aki Honda, while Aki Honda was recovering from the attack, Katarina ran up Honda here with her blade, but Aki Honda ducked, dodged the attack and made a small cut on Katarina's right leg with her katana. Katarina retreat using her legs to jump back.

- Katarina: I underestimated you. I like and respect strong people but for some reason I want to kill you SO BAD.

- Aki Honda: You are weak! If I kill you right now, I'll become the next legend of this city! Everyone will fear my name and I will be seen as the most dangerous gangster in history! Do not worry, after I kill you, I'll send La Folia to hell with you. Hahahaha!

- Katarina: Silence you fool!

Katarina attacked Aki Honda with her katana, but quickly jumped and spun in the air, giving a kick in Aki Honda and making Aki Honda flew 5 meters away and fell on a ladder. Before Aki Honda could rise, Katarina jumped on top of her and punch her, doing the stair's tread to break and fall three floors below. Katarina then jumped three meters away from the debris and dust. Aki Honda slowly rose from the wreckage, she was completely bloody.

- Aki Honda: Not bad... Katarina Couteau...

- Katarina: You too. Let's finish this.

- Aki Honda: HAHAHA! I'll use my triumph then!

- Katarina: Triumph?

Aki Honda then, puts her hands in her pocket and pulls out a small electronic device that was similar to an eye.

- Katarina: Ahn? This thing is your triumph?

Science-fiction-lamp 00436652

- Aki Honda: It's over, Katarina Couteau! - Aki Honda pointed the eye device to Katarina and it started to glow with an orange light in the middle of the eye.

A few seconds later, Katarina began to feel bad, all around was dark, the corridor was dark, everything was in silence with several letters; something came into her head.


- Katarina: What is it? What is happening!? - Several memories of her tragic past started to came into her head, she saw her parents being burned alive, she saw the Man in Suit killing her friends, she saw several people Tenguu City being killed and raped, but the worst thing there was La Folia being killed by people of the Mafusa Gang, after they had killed La Folia, one of them raped her body. While Katarina saw that scene, she was as a child standing helplessly.

While Katarina was crying in her own mind, Aki Honda approached Katarina, and took a knife.

- Aki Honda: Good morning, Katarina-chan. Did somebody had a nightmare? Just to say, I used a Memory Manipulation on you. Hahahaha! How is the feeling!?

Aki Honda then used her knife and cut off Katarina's left arm. Katarina had finally woke up from her nightmare in pain.

- Katarina: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Aki Honda: MORE! MORE! MORE! You can do better then that! Now, scream! - Aki Honda stabbed Katarina's back with her katana, the katana crossed Katarina's body. Katarina fell on the ground, a huge pond of blood formed there.

- Aki Honda: HAHAHA! Not so confident anymore! - Aki Honda stepped off in Katarina's back and slowly began to stick her katana on her back, completely opening her back and exposing her column. Katarina was screaming very loud. Aki Honda then stepped in Katarina's head.

- Aki Honda: HAHAHA! What are you!? A frog?! A bug?! HAHAHAHA! - Aki Honda grabbed Katarina by her hair and used the katana and cut her eyes off. 

- Katarina: AHHHHH!!!! - Katarina fell on the ground.

- Aki Honda: God, you are so weak! And I was so sure you would be a challenge. You're trash! - Aki Honda kicked Katarina.

- Aki Honda: Now, how to end this? Maybe I just need to cut your head off. - Aki Honda took her katana and pushed it down.

- Aki Honda: NOW ,DIE!

(???): You first! Bitch!

Aki Honda heard a female voice and felt something hit her face. The attack broke her nose and Aki Honda fell on the ground.

Aki Honda: MY NOSE!!!! MY FUCKING NOSE!!!! ARHHH!!!!

Part 4.5 (Final)

(???): Sister!!

Katarina: Sister......? - Katarina was blind, without her left army, with her open column and mentally shaken.

Eugen: It's me! Eugen! - Eugen took Katarina by her right arm and her carried away from there. But Eugen was just 9 years old so she carried Katarina with difficulty.

Star Wars Soundtrack Episode III Extended Edition

Katarina: Eugen... please... run... Th-is- n-ot- a pla-ce for y-ou... - However, Eugen ignored.

Eugen: Let's go home... sister... to our family... let's go back to La Folia. She will help us all. - However... Eugen felt something go through her body.

Eugen looked down and realised that a katana crossed her body. Eugen screamed, spat blood and fell to the ground along with Katarina. Aki Honda had thrown her katana at Eugen.

- Eugen: ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Aki Honda: STUPID BRAT! Who is laughing now!? Brat "Heroine"! 

- Katarina: EUGEN! WHERE ARE YOU!? EUGEN! - Katarina was looking for Eugen with her hands since she was blind.

- Eugen: Stu--pi-d onne-san. This is all because you, sister. - Eugen smiled while she trying to hold her pain.

- Katarina found Eugen and tried to hug her to protect her from Aki Honda.

- Eugen: Damn, onne-san. I wish I had spent more time with you. I wanted to have lived more..... Ahhh .... what my parents would say about it...

- Katarina: Eugen.... please d-on-t die.... If you die before m-e, I'l-l p-unis-hh y-ou.

- Eugen: Eugen: Idio-t, you're the o-ne that ne-eds to be pr-otected. Don't c-cry, onne-chan, you will escape.... a-and live. You're a good wo-man, sister. Run... please... r-run. I l-ove you, sis.... even if we just met.

Eugen fell back on the floor... dead.

Katarina looked for Eugen but she was dead.

- Katarina: Eugen....? Eugen? Eugen? Eugen? Eugen?! Eugen?!

Katarina found Eugen, but she was dead. Katarina wept tears of blood.

- Katarina: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Katarina cried loudly while carrying the body of her dead sister.

- Aki Honda: This is so cute! That worm did not know her place, buzzing like a fly! This is what happens to an insect!

Katarina still crying.

- Aki Honda: Now... - Several criminals and members of Mafusa Gang appeared behind Aki Honda.

- Aki Honda: You sure defeated several of my soldiers. Now I should return the favor!

Katarina stopped crying and heard Aki Honda's voice.

- Aki Honda: I'm going crush you with the palm of my hand! Your life is officially OVER!


- Katarina: You just called this girl a worm?....

- Aki Honda: Hmm?

- Katarina: You called this girl a bug?....

- Katarina: .................. This is unforgiven!

- Aki Honda: Ahn?


A dark and red aura began to surround Katarina. 

- Katarina: This is unforgiven.... - Katarina opened her eyes that a few seconds ago were cut off. Her eyes became red with pure blood of rage and hatred.

- Mafusa Gang Criminal: What.....

- Mafusa Gang Criminal 2: What the fuc-.....

- Katarina: THIS IS UNFORGIVEN!!!!

The building shook....

LOTM: Sword of Kings AA - Katarina Vs. Aki Honda

To Be Continued...

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