LOTM: Sword of Kings AA - Eckidina's Insanity


PAIN - BYE DIE (with lyrics)03:03

PAIN - BYE DIE (with lyrics)

Part 0

May 4

Japan - Tokyo

00:10 PM

Cityscape fire FINAL02
After Tomas rescued Cassie and her team, Tomas and his squad fled to a Refugee Camp in the center of the city. In the camp, thousands of civilians were on stretchers bleeding and screaming. Tomas left Cassie in one of the stretchers and left. He then met the informant in charge.

Tomas: Informant! I'm Sargent Tomas from ISA B-185. Explain what's going on in this town. The ISA was patrolling in the jungle when suddenly we were sent to Tokyo without explanations. Once we arrived we found several terrorists from Aurozia attacking us in the port. I lost my squad and only 2 of my men escaped alive.

Informant: Sergeant Tomas, I'm Edward, the Informant from the Camp. Going straight to the point; First about Tokyo: the city is under attack of Aurozia Terrorist Organization. We lost 50% of the city and the terrorists now are coming to us. They have military weapons and even battle drones.

Tomas: You guys know who is commanding this attack?

Edward: No, sir. But probably is Johan Liebert, the leader of the organization. And there is another attack happening in other country -- London is being attacked by the same organization right now.

Tomas: London!? Why the ISA was not informed what was going on?!

Informant: It's because all of our communications have been disabled by an EMP. We do not know when that EMP was used, but because of it, we lost all connections with the outside world.

Tomas: Shit. We are alone then...

Edward: Yes...  - However, they both heard a noise that appeared to be a bomb falling on them.

What's this? - They ran out and saw a crowd looking at the sky. Several red lights falling from the sky approached them.

Security Guard: MORTAR!

Edward: FUC-

Tomas: TAKE COVER! - Hundreds of mortars hit the refugee center at the same time. The attack continued for 5 minutes, destroying all medical tents there.

5 Minutes later

Tomas: Crap... Edward! Edward! Where are you! - Tomas looked back and saw Edward dead in the rubble.

Tomas: Shit! Shit! Shit! Wait... Cassie! - Tomas ran and went to where Cassie was. But he could hardly see anything as a huge smokescreen surrounded the base.

Cassie: Tomas!

Tomas: Cassie! Heck, thankfully not hurt you - Tomas hugged Cassie

Cassie:... Tomas .... can stop hugging me now...

Tomas: My bad! 

Ciasse: But what the hell happened. All some civilians are injured but most of them are dead.

Tomas:That was a bom-...Ahh...Ahh... Cassie ... - Tomas looked forward at the entrance of the Center

Cassie: Hm.. What.... Oh my... - Cassie also looked forward and saw 10 drone approaching.

Tomas: Cassie, can you still fight?

Cassie: Certainly. - Cassie said as she took an anti tank rifle.

Tomas: Right ... I will change my weapon for Armored Anti Mode. We'll use the rubble there as a defense and we will delay the drones to get on the base. We must do this until our units join us. We can't defeat them alone.

Cassie: Positive. It was a hono- - Cassie was interrupted by Tomas

Tomas: Just shut up. It's not like we going to die here.

Cassie: Haha... right!

Battle Drone: Target located. Two Enemies: Cassie Cage and Tomas Sevchenko. Starting attack mode. - All Drones started to activate their battle modes

Tomas: Move! - Tomas and Cassie ran up the rubble at the entrance and began shooting at the drones. The drones started to shoot at them as well.

Tomas: I will not die here!

Part 1

Tenguu City

In Tenguu City Mountain, 5000 criminals from Mafusa Gang positioned countless mortars on the mountain. Tomoo, the leader, finally gave the order to attack.

Tomoo: Hmmm...... Preparre to fire!! We'll show them! - All criminals positioned to fire.

Aki Honda: Ok guys. After we finish the first attack we going to sent my boys to tear apart this city. The police... will be wiped out!

The Special Phone from Aki Honda rings in her pocket. 

Aki Honda: Hm...

Tomoo looked at Aki and said: "The only person who can call this phone that was not affected by EMP is..."

Aki Honda: Eckidina KnightWalker. - Aki Honda took the cellphone. Eckidina was talking on ther other side of the city.

Eckidina: [I see that you guys did not start the attack yet. Haha, do not worry. I have not come to complain. I came to tell you...]

Eckidina: [...Your first objective shall be the total obliteration of Tenguu City. Then the House of Parliament, the west bank of the Thames, and then the Big Ben, and then Raizen High School, and then the Educational Building, and then the home of the Prime Minister, Bkuckina Palace, ScotLand, Yard, Tenguu Museum, The Tenguu God Temple, Westmister Cathedral, Soho, Southwaker, Manaura, Piccadily, burn it all on the ground! The Governement Central, Palace of Justice, Santos Cathedral!]

Aki Honda: What about the cabinet of war rooms?

Eckidina: [BLOW THEM TO BITS! And be sure to not leave a single one of those bits intact.]

Tomoo: And what regarding the Tregal Squard, Eckidina?

Eckidina: [Burn it up! Pull down Nelson Statue, Tenguu Tower, the Japanese Museum, the library of Tenguu! I want all them annihilated, they're an eyesore.]

Delinquent 1: The Tower Brigde, milady?

Eckidina: [Bring it to ruin, the Tenguu Brigde too, just like in the "London Brigde is falling down song".]

Delinquent 2: And the Japanase War Museum?

Eckidina: [Blow it up. I don't care who will destroy or what will be destroyed! Destroy everything your eye should catch on the one side and kill everyone whom your gaze should find in the other. Kill, torture, burn, and rape as you like. All 12 millions citizen of this Empire City have been served up tonight as our "dinner". All women and children of this city are now your foods!]

Criminals: Hahaha!!!

Eckidina: [Now, gentlemen. Allow us to kill and be killed... let us destroy and be destroyed! Let us a drink for it! This war begins here and now, and shall last forever!]

All criminals started to fire the mortars.

Eckidina: [Fire in 10!]

(Katarina and La Folia talking).

Aki: [9!]

(Rentaro in his room)

Aki: [8!]

(Eugen eating in a shop)

Aki: [7!]

(Mana crying in her room)

Aki: [6!]

(Marceline at Ireland looking at the stars)

Aki: [5!]

(Lucas Kellan and his squad looking to Tokyo in a beach)

Aki: [4!]

(Tamae Okamine using a computer at school)

Aki [3!]

(Juria KnightWalker bleeding in the basement of his house)

Aki [2!]

(Johan Lierbet smiling while looking at Tokyo)

Aki [1!]


Eckidina: "IT'S DEATH!"

All criminals fired more than 10,000 rockets against the city.

In Tenguu City

1 millions of people heard the sounds of the rockets and looked at the sky. They saw thousands of red lights falling from the moon in their direction.

Citizen: The moon....

Woman: Wha...

Citizen: The Moon.... is....


Citizen: Ahn......

Thousands of mega explosions happened everywhere in the city. The explosions were so intense that the ground shook from around the state.

In just 20 seconds the 80% of the city was burning. Scream everywhere, 5 buildings fell -- leaving a huge pall over the city, 3 millions of people killed in the mega-explosion, houses burning, people being carbonized alive, cars destroyed, the sky was quickly covered by red smoke and dust. 

Aki Honda: NICE!


Aki Honda: Incredible!


Eckidina saw the destruction from her mansion.




Misogi Kumagawa was in the basement of the mansion carrying Juria KnightWalker to the roof of the mansion.


Juria: W-wa-r? - While Juria said that, thousands of cars of Mafusa Going were going to the city in high speed.

Part 2

In La Folia's house

La Folia and Katarina looked at the city exploding.

La Folia: My... - La Folia saw the 5 buldings fallings and the whole city burning. That vision happened so fast that she could not figure out what was going on.

Katarina: So it started. La Folia, get Mana leave this city. - Katarina was more serious than ever.

La Folia: RIGHT! - La Folia ran to the house to get Mana but Katarina was standing in the same place.

La Folia: Katarina! What you doing! Les't leave this city!

Katarina: I can't.

La Folia: What're you saying!? The city is being attacked! This place is not safe anymore! Just like you said!

Katarina: I know the person who is doing this.

La Folia: Ahn?!

Katarina: I know that the Mafusa Gang is the group behind of this attack. I knew it. I always knew it. - Katarina looked at city and heard sounds of sirens and screams everywhere, that was a perfect vision of an apocalyptic film.

Katarina: I have a story with the Mafusa Gang and with their leader. The person attacking this city is Aki Honda. I fought with her some years ago but she lose to me, she has been avoiding me ever since. She is the leader of the Mafusa Gang; the group attacking the city.

La Folia: Aki Honda... the most cruel woman in this city... Katarina... what the hell have you done in the past with her!? - That was obvious reaction, there is no one in Japan that don't know the name of the most evil female gangster in the country.

Mini Katarina's flashback from 4 years ago

A scene is played in a old deposit where Aki Honda was on the ground bleeding while Katarina watches her with a angry face.


Aki Honda: I'm sorry.... please... d-do-n't kill me... 

Katarina as narrator: I beat some members of her gang and she started the fight to kill me. I beat her like trash. When I defeated her, I had the chance to kill her and end her reign of terror in the city. I like to fight against strong opponents, she was strong... but she was a trash of person, a true piece of shit. She always made her gang hurt innocent people for fun. I had the chance to kill her at that time. But I didn't. I thought about killing her right there to stop her attacks in innocent people but I never killed someone and I never have intention to kill a person. In the end... I let her escape.

Back to present

Katarina: If I had killed her at that time... this attack... I'm the true responsable for this attack... - Katarina started to cry. 

Katarina: I will fight with Honda. And kill her with my own hands...

La Folia: No! It's not your fault! Are you kidding! You're not a murder like her. If Aki Honda is the true responsable for this attack then it's not your fault! You gave her a chance to redeem herself but if she ignored that chance then she is nothing but a complete monster. 

Katarina: Thanks for that words, La Folia. But.. that will not change the fact that I will face Aki Honda. I can't change a evil person to a good person, especially a monster like her. So... this time I will not hesitate. I am the only one in this town that know the Mafusa Gang is attacking the city. So that means that I will not go back. Even if I have to dirty my hands with blood, I will kill Aki Honda and stop this attack.

La Folia: What! Katarina y-

Katarina: La Folia, get Mana and get out of this city! They're coming!

La Folia saw to the the street below and saw two cars full of gunmen.

La Folia: They are already here!

Katarina: I knew Aki Honda never intended to let me alive. GO! Take Mana and get out here now! Find Rentaro, find a car, in the next street and go!

La Folia: Bu-


La Folia: Ok. La Folia went to the house and entered in Mana's room. Mana was watching the city burning in the window.

La Folia: MANA!

Mana: Y-yes!

La Folia: We're leaving this city! Let's run before the Mafusa gang discover where we are!

Mana: Right! But what is the Mafus- - Mana was interrupted by La Folia's loud voice.


Mana: Aye!

Meanwhile outside, the 2 cars arrive at 8 men with guns pointed their weapons to Katarina. Some of them were shaking since the "Red Haired Demon" was in front of them.

Criminal 1: Surrender! Red Haired Demon! We're not going to kill you, Aki Honda prefer you alive.

Katarina: You wasted your time. I was going to her anyway!

Katarina flew and kicked 2 of the criminals, take one of them by his neck and throw him in other. Meanwhile in the battle, 5 others men went to the house.

Katarina: NO YOU DON'T!

However one of the criminals shot Katarina in her arm.

Katarina: Fuck.... Sorry, La Folia... you're a fighter like me so I hope you can beat those piece of trash.

In La Folia's house


Criminal 2: Don't kill the white haired girl! Eckidina said she want her alive!

La Folia was hidden in the closet with Mana.


La Folia: Shit... too late... - Said La Folia while whispering

Mana: La Folia, why we are hiding?

La Folia: You just asked "why?"

Mana: Those guys are weak. - Mana left the closed but La Folia tried to prevent Mana from leaving. However, Mana ran from La Folia and went to where the criminals where. Seconds later, the men began to scream in the kitcheen. La Folia ran to Mana, however, when she saw Mana, she saw all men knocked down.

Criminal 4: What are you? - The man fainted.

Mana: Yo, La Folia. I said they were weak.

La Folia: Did you just defeated them alone!?

Mana: Yes, I'm a martial artist. They are weaker compared to that monsters that I'm fighting for a long time.

La Folia: Monsters?

Mana: Abyssals...

La Folia: Abyssals? 

Mana: Nevermind. Les't help Katarina!

Part 3

Meanwhile in Tokyo

Cassie and Tomas were fighting the Drones.

Cassie: I have no ammo!

Tomas: Me too... Well... it's just like I said... This is the end.

Cassie: I give up. Maybe you was right, we will die here. - The drones were a few meters from them.

Tomas: Yeah... - Tomas saw the body of his men everywhere and blood was covering the floor.

Drone 1 and 2: Finalizing Process. 

Tomas and Cassie looked at each other for a long time and kissed each other.

Tomas: You still hate me?

Cassie: Just a little.

With that said, the hugged each other when the gigantic drones were just 1 meter away from them... however...

Drone 1: Finalizing Targ- - The Drone was destroyed by a rocket.

Drone 2: Enemy loc- - The Drone was destroyed by a rocket as well.

The last drones were destroyed as well, several rockets coming from the left wiped them out.

Tomas: Ahn. What just happened.



(???): God dammit! I'm always late and in the right time. Good to see you alive, Tomas.

Tomas: Lucas Kellan, you're late. Always acting like a badass hero in the last moment. Always.

Lucas: Always. Oooooohhh...- Lucas saw Tomas and Cassie embraced.

Lucas: Sorry for breaking the love moment. Please don't hate me.

Tomas & Cassie: It's not what you're thinking!

Rico ran to Lucas while Tomas and Cassie were trying what just happened between them.

Lucas: Hmmmmm.... *evil grin*

Tomas: Trust m- - Tomas was interrupted by Rico

Rico: Commander Lucas! We have a problem! A big problem!

Lucas: What's it?

Rico: KnightWalkers Helicopters are coming! Thousands! 

Lucas: KnightWalkers?

Fire k
Everyone looked at the sky and saw thousands of helicopters. All helicopters drop red flares in the format of Knightwalker Family logo throughout the city.

Every single person in that city saw countless "K" in the skies.

Lucas: That "K". Are the KnightWalkers... Bastards.

In the middle of the destruction, fire, dead bodies and blood in Tokyo.

Civilian: God... help us... - A'll civilians in the city saw the "Ks" and thousands of helicopters. 'Billions of K appears in the skies.

Woman Civilian: The KnightWalkers!

Civilian 2: The KnightWalkers arrived!

Civilian 3: They came to save us!

While the helicopters flew over the city, a voice very, very, very loud spoke in a mic that came from one of the helicopters. The voice was so loud it could be heard on the other side of the city.

(???): [EXACTLY!] - The person speaking there was Vladimir Makarov.

Vladimir: [We are the Servants of the Milady Eckidina KnightWalker. The Inquisition shall now carry out its verdict. The defendant, Japan! The defendant, Japan Ground Self Defense! YOU HAVE BEEN SENTENCED TO DEATH! DEATH! DEATH! DEATH! DEATH!]

Everyone in the city in fear: Ahn?

Vladimir: [You are to be pitied. A country that is against the KnightWalkers asking for mercy. But I cannot forgive you! Like plants that do not bear fruits, die! Float like butterflies, die like bees! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!] - The helicopters started to fire missels at the city.

Cassie: What... they are not here to help us...?

Lucas: No... In fact, the KnightWalkers are our true enemy. They will land their troops at any moment, prepare youselves for the battle!

Everyone of Lucas Squad: YES, SIR!

Part 4

At KnightWalker Mansion - Tenguu City

Eckidina was watching Tenguu City burn to the ground and hearing screams and shots everywhere at the roof of her mansion.

Eckidina: Ahh~.... So beautiful. That's what I wanted to see. The last time I saw a war was when I invaded the Kingdom of Fiore years ago... (spin-off mention, watch out).

Eckidina: I can't resist. I should go to the airship and see the destruction from above. But first... 

Eckidina looked back and saw Misogi carrying Juria KnightWalker, her father.

Eckidina: Yo, Misogi-chan. Hello there, papa. Fufufu. Misogi, let him go. - Misogi released him but he fell on the ground.

Eckidina: Hey, hey. Don't fall like a cat with broken legs. 

Juria: Eckidina.... what have you done... why you doing this... why.. why... why... WHY!?

Eckidina: I don't need motives or reasons. I want to. I want it. Just it. This world is nothing but a dream. Our universe is just a dream, our lives are a dream. And we are no more than a passing thought.

Juria: Jesus... I was creating a monster...

Eckidina: I'm not a monster. I'm insane because of you... Maybe not... Anyway daddy, look at it. - Eckidina grabbed Juria by his hair and showed the city burning. Juria opened his eyes panic.

Juria: What in the hell?

Eckidina: "What in the hell". This is new.

Juria: My god... my god... my god... - Juria started to cry.

Eckidina: OUUU!! You crying. Even a ruthless like you can cry! 

Juria: I can't believe you did that.

Eckidina: Not only that. I'm doing the same thing in Tokyo and London too.

Juria: Ah... *sanity breaks*


Eckidina: YES! You're the TRUE REPONSABLE for this war. It's all your fault! Everything! The Japan War, the Genocide of Kingdom of Fiore, the Plebeo Genocide; everything is your fault. I killed 100 millions of people in front of you BUT YOU DID NOTHING TO STOP! This is the result of your actions! You are the worst piece of trash in this planet; the true scum of humanity.

Eckidina laughed insanely as she saw her own father becoming insane. Misogi then took a iTable from his pocket and said to Eckidina:

Misogi: Honey, I have something to show you. Look at this, this is the map of the world right now. We launched nuclear bombs at Asia from South America, Europe, Russia and Africa. Do you know what this means?

Eckidina: Yes... The World War III finally is about to start.

Eckidina: Finally....... MY DREAM BECAME TRUE!

Part 5

At La Folia's house

Mana, La Folia and Katarina fought the gunmen and defeated all of them.

Katarina: You have some moves, Mana!

Mana: Thanks.

Katarina: Now, La Folia and Mana. Run away. I'll face Aki Honda and kill her with my own hands. With this I'll finish this war in Tenguu City.

Mana: No! You will not face her alone! I do not know who is that Aki Honda but if she is responsible for this attack so I'll help! I can't just watch and see innocent people die!

Katarina: No. Mana and La Folia. Go back! This is not your place to die! Get our friends in Nagolia Street, protect them and leave from this city. Protect our friends! I will defeat her, I must defeat Aki Honda.

La Folia: Katarina, what can you hope to do against her and her army!

Katarina: Say no more! It has to be now! Her army is spread across the city! This the moment to fight her.

Katarina: I have a feeling that something much worse is happening out there. I have the feelings this world is on the edge of the abyss... I have a feeling that someone else is controlling all this bad events... - Katarina looked at the city burning

Katarina: Aki Honda probably knows that I'm going to her. Farewell, my friends! Live for the sake of Tenguu City! - Katarina jumped from the mountain.

La Folia & Mana looked down the mountain and shouted: "Katarina! Katarina!"

LOTM: Sword of Kings Saga AA - Episode 9: Eckidina's Insanity.

To Be Continued

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