The Beginning of an Adventure

CIS Productions presents...

Once upon a time in a Multi-Universe far away from our reality...

- (??? 1): *radio frequency* Analysis Squadron, report the current positions of the two enemy destroyers.

- (??? 2): The Allied Destroyer reached the altitude of the operation.

A Storyline written by Destroyer Subjugator90...

- (??? 3): Our destroyers is in orbit!

Prime ShockWaveTX as Artist...

- (??? 4): Roger. Entering the space area 88.

TheVileShadow Man as Assistant...


(- ??? 5): Changing the transition to 55.

- (??? 6): Roger. Starting the Operation.

- (??? 7): Roger. Restarting Plasma Cannon.

- (??? 8): Locking target.

A Legends of the Multi-Universe Story...

- (??? 9): Linking all engines, stage 2.

- (??? 10): 180 degrees of stability, complete.

- (??? 11): Preparations complete. The unit is below 06 altitude. You have only 96 seconds to take down the enemy cruisers. Finish them at that time, pilot. You have only one shot of your Plasma Cannon. Good luck.

- (??? 12): Hang on. A deflector field entered the area. This is blocking us!

- (??? 13): No problem. This should be the radiation of their ships.


Two cruisers approaches their ship. 2 missiles are fired from two cruisers and fly toward their ship.

- (??? 14): The enemy cruisers noticed our presence. Nuclear missiles approaching!

- (??? 15): Preparing for impact at 3, 2, 1...

A huge explosion happens. A small starfighter leaves from the explosion and flies towards the enemy cruisers. A girl piloting the starfighter yelled in emotion.

- Asuka: Fufufu. These Sith are really stupid. My spirit is stronger than any fucking weapons that you have! An explosion like this is nothing!

The enemy cruisers began shooting at the starfighter but the girl managed to dodge all the lasers for a long time.

- Asuka: Four-Eyes! Give me support! I'm activating my attack mode!

Asuka look forward and see several enemy fighters coming out of cruisers.

- Asuka: 52 enemy fighters approaching. You're 4/2 seconds late! Four-Eyes!

Maruna (also know as Four-Eyes) was in Mini-Battle-Station positioned 10 kilometers away from the battle.

Nova storm space station by darth biomech
- Maruna: Now, now. Do not talk like that... Princess!

A huge wall of laser comes from Maruna's station. Destroying dozens of enemy fighters one by one.

- Asuka: Good Shoot! Activating cannon of Ions!

Asuka toward the enemy cruisers at full speed.

- (??? 3): Fire! Asuka!

Asuka shot down the two cruisers. The laser hit an area of ​​500,000 meters per second. The energy of the two cruisers were disabled, leaving the cruisers drifting in space.

- (??? 5): Good shoot!

- (??? 9): Now! All destroyers, fire at will!

Space Explosion Explosion Planet Orange Debris 34930 detail thumb
After the order, 5 destroyers shoot at the two enemy ships. As the enemy ships were loaded with nuclear bombs, a huge burst of three million square meters happened.

- (??? 1): Victory!!

Several voices celebrating the victory were heard on the radio.

- Asuka: Mission Complete...

Asuka disable the controls and laid in armchair of the starfighter.

Marina looked at the radar of the battle station. Suddenly the radar started blinking in red. She saw 6 points approaching their location.

- Maruna: Shit! The Sith alarm was activated. Let's withdraw before more enemy ships come!

My personal sith fleet by b 312-d4nnokr
- (??? 6): Positive! All ships, active Hyperspace Device. Let's get out of here!

2 minutes later, 6 enemy arrived on at the speed of light. The five destroyers that destroyed the enemy cruisers, Asuka's fighter and Maruna's battle station activated the speed of light device and disappear in the darkness of the space at the speed of light.

LOTM: Sword of Kings


Watamote Opening Full (With Lyrics)

Watamote Opening Full (With Lyrics)

Part 1

14 April

Milky Way Galaxy - Earth

Japan - 08:34 PM

Tenguu City - Tokyo

Tenguu City

In Kiora street, Tenguu City, a 13 years old girl with a school uniform and a bag on her back walked down the deserted street in the middle of the morning to go to school. She had straight brown hair, black eyes and had a normal body. However...

- (???): Oi, oi oi. Look what we have here!

- (???): Damn! She is cute as fuck!...

The girl looked to her right side frightened, where there was a dark alley. From the dark alley, three men left. They were delinquents students from a nearby school.

- (???): She is not my kind of girl. But a woman is a woman! - The three men surrounded her as they let out evil smiles.

- Delinquent 1: Hey honey, let's have fun. We are nice guys!

Ova p1 040
- Girl: I'm s-sorry, but I have to go! - The girl tried to run but one of delinquents held her by the arm.

- Delinquent 2: Don't be so cold! Let's play! -

One of the men dragged the girl by the arm to the dark alley. After arriving at the end of the alley, the man threw the girl down while she screamed for help.

- Delinquent 2: Hahaha! It's impossible, no one will hear your screams here! Now...

The man slapped the girl and then tore her shirt and threw her clothes on the floor, leaving her only half-naked.

- Delinquent 3: Uhuu! She got nice tits!

- Delinquent 1: Now it's time to show my "little friend"!

The delinquent pulled his pants. However... one of the men felt someone nudge his back.

- (???): Hey... - A female voice was heard behind the delinquents.

- Delinquent 1: Ahn?!

The Delinquent 1 exclaimed as he looked behind.

- (???): Please, let her go. She's too cute to stay with ugly people like you guys.

The unknown girl said as she smiled like nothing was happening.

- Delinquent 2: What!?

The delinquents saw a beautiful 19 year old girl. She had scarlet hair, green eyes, white skin and a magnificent body that would make up even a goddess jealous. She was wearing the same uniform that the 13-year-girl was wearing.

- Delinquent 3: Hohoho! Who are you sexy lady?

One of the men asked while the rest of the group looked at the red haired girl.

- Katarina: My name is Katarina Couteau! Nice to meet you guys!

Katarina said with a goofy grin.

- Delinquent 3: How about you join us! You have a nice body there.

The delinquent 3 said that as he grabbed her breasts.

- Katarina: I'm sorry guys! I can't because the teacher will kill me if I arrive late again. *Tee-hee* Changing the matters... you guys seem to be... annoying.

Katarina's eyes sparkled as she made an evil grin. For some reason, Katarina's action left the three delinquents scared. They did not know why they were, because they were three men against one woman.

- Delinquent 2: HAHAHAHAHA! Like yo--

In the blink of an eye, the three delinquents were on the ground, with broken arms, bloody and totally defeated...

- Delinquents: Eh?.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

The men screamed in pain.

- Delinquent 2: MY FUCKING ARM!!!

- Delinquent 1: I r-remembered!

The delinquent 1 lifted frightened with his body completely bloody...

Crimson avenger by slashl-d8bwvij
- Delinquent 1: She is the Shinigami! The Shinigami that can't be stopped! The strongest of Tenguu City! The Red Haired Monster that at night leave broken bones of criminals on the streets! The Red Haired Demon!

Katarina's eyes glowed in the dark while her face was covered in shadow.

- Delinquent Group: Ihhh!

- Delinquent 3: Run! She is a monster!!

The three delinquents left running holding their broken arms while moaning with fear and pain.

- Katarina: Wha--

An angry vein appeared on the forehead of Katarina.

- Katarina: This is not my damn name!!!! Come back here!!!

The 13 year old girl looked at Katarina with surprise and amazement.

- Katarina: Oh really. They were just garbage like everyone else.

- Katarina: *sigh*

Katarina sighed. After that, Katarina looked at the girl thrown on the ground.

- Katarina: Are you okay?

Katarina reached her hand to raise the girl.

- Girl: Yes, I'm fine.

- Katarina: They hurt you?

- Girl: No. Thank you.

- Katarina: No problem then.

Katarina smiled back. A blush appeared on the girl's face.

- Katarina: This uniform... you are from Raizen High School too?

- Tadokoro: Yes. My name is Tadokoro Megumi from the First Class. Excuse me. But what is your name?

- Katarina: My name is Katarina Couteau from the Third Class. That makes you my kouhai! It's pleasure to meet you, Tadokoro.

(- Narrator: A "kouhai" is your junior at work, school, or a group).

- Tadokoro: Yes, it's nice to meet you too, Couteau-san.

(- Narrator: "-san", a typical Japanese supplement to older people).

Seconds later, Katarina looked Tadokoro's clothes.

- Katarina: Your clothes are all torn. I'll lend you my uniform.

Katarina starts to take off her uniform.

- Tadokoro: WAIT! You will get half-naked!

- Katarina: Anh? What is the problem?

- Tadokoro: You don't have sense of shame?!

5 minutes later...

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- Katarina: Hahahahahaha! I ended up going to the school only with my bra and panties.

Katarina said as she walked down the street. Katarina was being watched by dozens of people with astonished and surprised faces.

- Tadokoro: This is embarrassing...

Part 2

20 minutes later

In front of the school Raizen High School

2 title zpsb9608522

- Tadokoro: We arrived.

Tadokoro said as they walked to the gates.

- Katarina: Yes. You can go to the store to buy a new uniform.

- Tadokoro: Yes, thank you Couteau-san. I can buy another uniform from here. Thanks for saving me!

Tadokoro did a Japanese greeting.

- Katarina: No problem. So I'll see you later, Tadokoro.

- Katarina: Right!

Tadokoro gives back Katarina's uniform.

10 minutes later

On the way to Katarina's classroom, Katarina was wearing her uniform. After she arrived at the front door, the class had already started, Katarina decided to enter through the back door. Katarina entered in the classroom silently. However...


- (???): Katarina Couteau!!!!

A loud masculine voice coming from the front could be heard. He was the math teacher, Phoenix Wright. Katarina looked to Phoenix in despair.

- Katarina: Wait! I have an explanation this time!

- Phoenix: No more excuses!

All students looked and laughed at her. Other girls who hated her for being so beloved started to whisper.

- Phoenix:.... *sigh* Never mind. Take your seat...

- Katarina: Ahn? Why?

Katarina asked in confusion.

- Phoenix: You are in my class since from the first year. You arrive late in my classes every day for three years! This happened so often that I become used to it. You always end up fighting with someone when you coming to the school. So who you fought this time?

- Katarina: I fought with nice guys that tried to rape my kouhai.

Katarina said with a goofy grin.

- Everyone: "Nice guys"?!

2 hours later

Break time. At Third Year Class 3

Katarina was eating a burger when 2 classmates approached her, a male student know as Daniel Hatch and a female student know as Panty.

- Daniel: It must be boring.

- Panty: Fufufu. Whenever you come to school you beat bad guys on the street.

- Katarina: Well, many things happened. But as always... there is no one to give me a good fight.

- (???): You fought again?

A beautiful female voice could be heard behind Katarina as she hugged her from behind. She was a 17 years old beautiful teenage girl. She has blue eyes and a gorgeous silver hair of a princess. La Folia Rihavein, the best friend of Katarina. They met each other when they were kids. However, their meeting happened in tragic ways.

- Katarina: La Folia!

- La Folia: You really never ceases, Mighty Red Haired Demon!

- Katarina: Please! Don't! I hate this name!

Many students laughed when she said that. However, they were interrupted when a voice coming from speakers that were in all the halls of the school was activated. A masculine voice came out of the speakers.

- Microphone: [*Katarina Couteau from Third Year, please come to the office of the Third Year class advisor, right now*].

- Connie: *sigh* Ah, ah! You will get another earful from the advisor, Katarina. - Said the student named Connie Maheswaran.

- Katarina: I know, this is getting boring... I'm going. Well, it's Rentaro so I don't see problem. I'll see you later guys.

Katarina stood up from her chair and left the class.

- Everyone: See ya, Couteau!

Part 3

At Advisor Office

3 minutes later

- (???): Seriously... You did it again, Katarina. How many times it happened in this week?!

A 18 year old man said while he was reading a document in his table. He was Rentaro Satomi, the best third-year student.

- Katarina: It happened just 5 times. 2 weeks ago I fought 12 times in just one week. Hohohoho (the famous ojou-sama laugh).

- Rentaro: You... So, what happened?

Katarina explained what happened that morning, her fight with the delinquents and about Tadokoro.

- Rentaro: I see. So it's okay. You protected one of our students. I don't see problems. The Mafusa Gang's attacks are occurring too often these days. This is strange. But I called you here because the school of the delinquents you beat this morning called to our office to talk about 3 students of their school. These 3 students were beat and suffered "bully" by one of our students.

Mug of Rentaro

- Katarina: Wait! I don--

Rentaro interrupted Katarina.

- Rentaro: I know, I know, Katarina. You don't do such things. This is a obviously a lie. I believe in you. Katarina, you know, I kind to you because 2 years ago you protected me from delinquents and you saved my skin from Yan, Ember and Ryoko last month. I was very antisocial at that time, because of that, I suffered bully from the rest of the year. I was being beat in a deposit by a group, when you came and saved me. I know you had the fame from being a violent person that time... but I liked that. When I became the Advisor, I spend most of my time protecting you from the Student Council and from other schools.

- Katarina: Rentaro...

- Rentaro: But Katarina, I don't know how long I'll be able to protect you. I am helping you to repay what you've done for me and for our students.

- Katarina: I know...

Katarina looked down in sadness for Rentaro's situation. Rentaro felt bad for her reaction.

- Rentaro: No, no, no! Katarina don't feel bad because of me!

- Katarina: Uhuu.

- Rentaro: Katarina. What I'll talk about now is something serious. Please listen.

Katarina looked at Rentaro.

- Rentaro: If you continue like this, you'll draw the attention of Eckidina KnightWalker, and will not be able to protect you.

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Eckidina KnightWalker. The President of the Student Council and the heiress of the corrupt KnightWalker Family. A 17-years-old teenage girl, beautiful, rich and very intelligent. She is the daughter of the most powerful person in the country, Juria KnightWalker, a inhuman mobster. If you mess with her; death is the only thing that will come for you. Since she is the President, Eckidina put ruthless rules on Raizen school, make hundreds of students suffer bully, social difference and nobody can talk about it and... She has done things worse than bully... MUCH worse.

- Katarina: Eckidina KnightWalker... I don't like her. That stupid cute smile hiding her personality.

- Rentaro: I know. No one likes her.

- Katarina: Understood. I'll be more cautious from now on.

- Rentaro: Okay then.

Rentaro responded with satisfaction.

- Katarina: I'll leave now, see ya, Rentaro.

Katarina was back to her normal personality and walked towards the door. But 'Rentaro looked down and grab her arm.

- Katarina: Any problem, Rentaro?

Katarina asked in confusion.

- Rentaro: K-K-Katarina...

- Katarina: Yes?

- Rentaro: Yo-You... I-I lo-

They are interrupted by the alarm signal to end the break time.

- Rentaro: Ahh... Go now, the next class will start.

- Katarina: Ah, ok. See ya. Katarina said that as she leaves.


Rentaro was red like a apple.

- Rentaro: --Love you...

Rentaro said that after she left the office.

Part 4 (Final)

4 hours later

Raizen High School Exit

The class has ended. Katarina and La Folia were leaving the school in the afternoon. They were the last people to come out of the school.

- Katarina: I'm soooo tired right now!

- La Folia: So, how was you time with Rentaro?

- Katarina: Hmm. He just told me to be more cautious about my actions. I know that too. The Student Council will probably discover this soon if I continue to act like this.

- La Folia: Fufufu. He's right, you should be more cautious from now. I don't want you to face "that" bitch too.

- Katarina: Bitch?

- La Folia: Eckidina KnightWalker... Okay, let's go home.

- Katarina: Yep! I want curry to the dinner today!

- La Folia: Okay, okay.

LOTM: Sword of Kings Saga AA

Episode 1: Daily Life

To Be Continued...