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"Hmm... You touched my Tralalala..."
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"Let me tell you a story, kid. We grew up listening to stories that there will always be the evil and the good, the light and the darkness. And from there, comes the old tale of good guys versus bad guys. In fairy tales, the heroes fight the bad guys, but here, on the other hand, the good guys and the bad guys fight the "evil" guys. "
— Elliot Baldwin Woodman

Sword of Kings Poster

LOTM: Sword of Kings is a crossover storyline project for 2016 created and writen by CIS Productions; DestroyerSubjugator90, DarkFallen, TheVileShadow Man, Prime ShockWaveTXJester of chaos, NightMareMistress8000, DarkMattX259 and Meta Alpha Kronos. The storyline will have a different way of other types from fiction; the story involve a great battle where villains and heroes must fight against others "villains" that are a threat much bigger. Heroes, villains, anti- heroes and anti-villains will face a new evil and powerful forces from the darkness that threat the existence in the 12 Multi-Universes created trillions and trillions of years ago. A new heroic alliance was formed, the Alliance of Freedom, to save the all Multi-Universe from the 3 most ruthless Dark Empires on Multi-Universe, the Balam Alliance, they were named: the Public Villains. 

It will consist of multi-episode, story-arcs, with several characters introduced in their respective archs, be they villains, heroes or public villains. The storyline will have 12 Sagas, 25 Side-stories and 10 Spin-offs.

Now... Lest Start Our War!

- Kotori Itsuka


The First Spacequake00:59

The First Spacequake

The series begins with a strange phenomenon called a "spatial quake" devastating the center of Eurasia, killing at least 150 million people in 1990 on Earth. For the next 30 years, smaller spatial quakes plague the Earth on an irregular basis. In the present, Katarina Couteau, a seemingly ordinary high schooler girl comes across a mysterious girl at the ground zero of a spatialquake and learns from her sister, Eugen Katsuragi, that Kotori Itsuka, her classmate she is one of the "Spirits" who are the real cause of the spatialquakes that occur when they manifest themselves in the real world. All Spirits that appear on Earth are running from "evil beings" from another reality. She also learns that Kotori is the commander of the airship Fraxinus, crewed by the organization Ratatoskr, and is recruited to make use of her mysterious ability "Abyssal-Punisher", a ability that nobody knows how Katarina gain that power, but the Ratatoskr intented to use her power to stop the Spirits from destroying the world, however, without killing them. However, the Reality Council teleported all villains and heroes on Multi-Universe to 12nd Multi-Universe to stop the Balam Alliance, a evil alliance of Dark Empires that seek to destroy the Multi-Universe by their own ambitions, and conquisted 9 realities on Multi-Universe, killing centillions for quintillion years.

Later, Katarina found that the Balam Alliance are the villains that are after the Spirits, forcing them to go to the Original World (our world). Now, heroes, villains, anti-heroes and anti-villains need join forces to defeat these Empires that threaten the existence of all life in all 13 Multi-Universes. Demons, Siths and Nazis are Public Enemies to all heroes and villains on existance. Heroes formed their own league under the Multi-Universe Defense Forces's command, the Alliance of Freedom. And the villains formed their own independent league too, the Brotherhood of the Abyss. Heroes are fighting to save the existence and the villains fighting for their own goals. While the villains and heroes fight against the troops of the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, Triggers Hell and Sith Empire, trillions of people, the Multi-Universe and all living beings watch the conflict that will change the history of existence forever.

Katarina can't remember her past for unknown reasons, whenever she tries to remember her past she feels severe headaches and often faints. She also don't know who is she, why her hair is red, why she have such power. She also don't know if she is even a... human?...

Terminology articles

Sword of Kings Timeline

LOTM: Sword of Kings - List of Big Bads

Moral Event Horizon (Sword of Kingsverse)

Dark Empires - Humanity Dethroned

LOTM: Sword of Kings - Villains Body Count

LOTM: Sword of Kings OSTs (All Battle Songs)

List of Power Levels (LOTM: Sword of Kings)

LOTM: Sword of Kings - List of Main Characters

Main Characters

LOTM: Sword of Kings & LOTM: A Draw of Kings

  • Katarina Couteau: Voiced by Felecia Angelle (English), Miho Arakawa (Japanese)
  • La Folia Rihavein: Voiced by Alice Mc Grathers
  • Yūichirō Hyakuya: Voiced by Micah Solusod
  • Erich Bey: Voiced by Edward Heffron
  • George Custer: Voiced by Arnold Walker
  • Roderick Alastair: Voiced by Lynn Compton
  • Philip Chetwode: Voiced by Emil Lang
  • Erich Bey
  • George Custer
  • Roderick Alastair
  • Philip Chetwode
  • Azul Jissele
  • Jack the Freezer
  • Bismarck
  • Akame
  • Tohka Yatogami
  • Agent 969 - Ryubert Dyslais
  • Echo Visari
  • Master Sargent Firefly 
  • Corporal Siver Kies
  • Janes Hazard
  • Shield Hesperus
  • Infiltrator Deesk Slasky
  • Echina Parazz
  • Corporal Svem Smith
  • Captain Rex
  • Mata Nui

LOTM: Destiny

  • Yato Stinger: Voiced by Todd Haberkorn
  • Dante: Voiced by Doug Erholtz
  • Eckidina StinWalker: Voiced by Brittney Karbowski - Reformed good counterpart of Eckidina KnightWalker
  • Violeta Vasconselos: Voiced by Tomomi Isomura
  • Isuke Nukai: Voiced by Cindy Robinson
  • Sento Isuzu: Voiced by Amanda C. Miller
  • NaheshiraVarah: Voiced by Julie Ann Taylor
  • Master Moises: Voiced by Yūichi Nakamura
  • X O' Sonic: Voiced by Patrick Seitz
  • Rinslet Walker Couteau: Voiced by Elhen Michael
  • Navi: Voiced by Leone Watson

Main Antagonists

LOTM: Sword of Kings & LOTM: A Draw of Kings

LOTM: Destiny

  • The Darkness - No Voice
  • Artemisia: Voiced by 
  • Crota: Voiced by Todd Haberkorn
  • Oryx: Voiced by 
  • Siegrain: Voiced by Kōsuke Toriumi
  • VoltiDeath: Voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa
  • Dark Saitama: Voiced by Michael Dones
  • Saya: Voiced by Jad Saxton
  • The Fallen: Voiced by David Wald
  • Lord Boros: Voiced by Jason Douglas
  • Metal Soldier: Voiced by Patrick Seitz
  • "Ela": Voiced by Ellen Laruz
  • The Undertaker: Voiced by Ramus Joseia

Major Characters - Major Heroes & Villains

This list is TOO huge. See: Sword of Kings characters to see all characters


  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Romance
  4. Comedy
  5. Sci-fi Fantasy 
  6. Harem
  7. Echii
  8. Aliens
  9. Angels
  10. Crossover
  11. Romantic comedy
  12. Drama
  13. Fantasy
  14. Sci-fi
  15. Military
  16. Daily Life
  17. Mecha
  18. Mystery
  19. Robots
  20. School Life
  21. Science
  22. Magical
  23. Technology
  24. Shoujo
  25. Supernatural
  26. Violence
  27. War
  28. Yuri (sometimes)
  29. Zombies
  30. Space
  31. Policy
  32. Gore
  33. Horror
  34. Demons

Episodes/Seasons and Sagas

Each Saga will have 3 or 6 seasons and each season will have 24 (or 40 episodes depending on the tension of the plot) episodes. The Sword of Kings Storyline is followed by LOTM: A Draw of Kings.


LOTM: Sword of Kings Saga AA - 1st Saga

Season 1 - Raizen High School Arc

Season 2 - Eckidina Arc

First Sub Arc - Angel Arc
Second Sub Arc - Unit CM 130 Arc

Sword of Kings Sith Saga

Sword of Kings Darth Hades Saga 

Sword of Kings Peace Saga 

Sword of Kings Triggers Hell Saga 

Sword of Kings Hell Saga 

Sword of Kings Leohart Saga (Final)

Final Saga to LOTM: Sword of Kings; followed by LOTM: A Drawn of Kings

Side Stories, Spin-offs & Crossovers

  • Side stories will focus in heroes or villains daily life and their adventures. Played for comedy and laughs.
  • Spin-offs will introduce past events prior Sword of Kings original timeline or future events after Sword of Kings original timeline. As well new characters.


LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow & Sword of Kings Crossover - The Corbin Files

Sleepy hollow headlesb s horseman moon tree 3542 1280x720
The Christmas is coming 3 months after Jenny Mills' release from Tarrytown. In a dream, Sheriff August Corbin is informed by Sister Mary Eunice's spirit about Ichabod's destined return.

At the Christmas Eve of 2012, however, the evil knocked Corbin's door instead of Santa Claus. Jenny was possessed by a demon named Ancitif who is Moloch's minion. The demon prophesied Corbin's demise under the Horseman of Death, and then Corbin saved Jenny and raced against time to stop Moloch from harming Abbie so that she can meet Crane alive.

In Tenguu City (Sword of Kings Timeline), as the LN-666 Project's plan ongoing, a mysterious figure had visited the KnightWalker Family. The person handed a powerful Grand Grimoire written by John Dee as a gift to Eckidina KnightWalker and urged her to try a spell known as the Traveller's Spell. Wanting to get rid of her bitter foes, Eckidina used it to drive Katarina Couteau and her friends (including La Folia Rihavein) and made them travel back in time. They meet Corbin by accident when the New Year bell of 2013 rings and they learn about his plan.

Not long afterwards, the notorious terrorist Atticus Nevins, who is a treacherous army general and former friend of Corbin, had returned in front Corbin for the same ancient artifact that Ichabod managed to hid during Boston Tea Party. Under Moloch's order, Nevins shall do anything to kidnap Abbie. Encoraged by Reverend Knapp and Sister Mary Eunice, Katarina and her friends helps Corbin to keep Abbie alive and made her see Ichabod alive as well, but Eckidina soon followed them via Traveller's Spell to destroy Katarina and pacted with Nevins, and Eckidina's presence bring a wave of undead monsters and only make things worse.

Would Corbin succeded in protecting Abbie? Would Katarina returned back to her time and started the final battle between humanity and KnightWalkers? Most importantly, when will Ichabod Crane return, and who gave Eckdina the Grand Grimoire?


Click here to see all spin-offs with synopsis.

Sword of Kings Spin-Off - Rise of the Blue Haired Heroine

Sword of Kings: Rise of Fire

Sword of Kings: Lost Memories

Sword of Kings: Dies Irae

Sword of Kings: Dead or Alive

Sword of Kings: Bullet Train

Sword of Kings: Tokyo Express

Sword of Kings: Overlord

Sword of Kings: HOPPO-CHAN!

Sword of Kings: A Vengeance to Westcott

Sword of Kings: The Final Countdown

Sword of Kings: Crises on Earth

Side Stories

Sword of Kings: DEM Naval Base

  • Manga Cover

Sword of Kings: Date A Origami

  • Manga Cover

Sword of Kings: Scalia at Daybrooke School

  • Manga Cover

Sword of Kings: U-511 in DEM Nazi Industries

  • Manga Cover

Sword of Kings: Happy Mother's day Ragyo!

  • Manga Cover

Sword of Kings: Ellen Mira Mathers' Strongest Day

  • Manga Cover

Sword of Kings: Hoppo-chan Advetures in DEM Industries!

  • Manga Cover

Sword of Kings: Date DEM Like

  • Manga Cover

Next Storylines

New storylines that will happen after Sword of Kings original plot end. It might take some years.

LOTM: A Draw of Kings

A Draw of Kings storyline is the sequel of Sword of Kings. The events of Draw of Kings happens after LOTM: Sword of Kings - Triggers Hell Saga and is the storyline that will happen after when LOTM: Sword of Kings plot end.

3 Years after Sith Empire and Triggers Hell's defeat, zillions of innocent souls were released from the terrible hands of the Dark Empires. After countless wars, battles and sacrifice, the peace spread out across 9 Multiuniverses. The Dream Of Reality Council became real and finally after 500 zillions of years of terror were finally being erased. The Multiuniverse suffered numerous scars left by Triggers Hell and the Sith Empire, and a infinite number of people died in their hands.

Three years have passed while the Heros and all civilians of all realities were celebrating the victory that changed the history of the multiverse. Months later, the heros discovered a away to return to their realities and everyone was happy to return to their realities to see the people they love most. And above all, everyone was happy to back to their home with the honor of victory...

However, in others multiuniverse, 700 millions of realities were destroyed by a unknown force, and zillions of people were suffering in the hand of another Dark Empire that the Alliance of Freedom and all heroic organizations on existence never fought in the fields of battles. The Multiuniverse War was over, but another was coming to the heros... and they were not prepared for another war... The Cataclysmatic War was begun. The conflicts leading up to Cataclysmatic War began 2 years before the events of Triggers Hell when the GEM Empire make its first attack on Multiuniverse. After Hades's death, the Trade Federation, a major galactic trade organization under the control of the a unknown empire, blockades the small planet Earth and demands its capitulation. 

Following these events, Jedi Master Dooku resigns from the Jedi Order and returns to his homeworld of Serenno, taking on his hereditary title of Count. However, the Jedi Council is unaware that Count Dooku has fallen under the control of other Dark Empire and organizing a war coalition of planets, realities and multiuniverses; and civilizations with the intention of to cause chaos. During this time, the Separatists begin forming their own armies, which primarily consist of battle droids constructed by the Trade Federation and its allies. 

Meanwhile in the world where many heroes were, 95 galaxies are destroyed in just 1 second, generating a supernova that killed half the population of that reality. After the supernova, the planet where the heroes were was badly damaged and was losing space and time stability; the peace and joy moments became terror and chaos moments. However, before the civilians on the planet were evacuated, trillion of Reapers entered on the atmosphere and made planetary-attacks by remnants of the next eight days. The heroes managed to leave the planet with the help of the Rebel Alliance ships that fought against the Galactic Empire in their universe.

Before they could relax, another explosion happens within the super ship, killing dozens of heroes and staff members. In the middle explosion, they see Terumi Yuuki laughing insanely. While thousands were preparing to fight in hatred and anger, Yuuki said that he did not come to fight, but leave a universal-message; he then activates a device that created a giant light in space and a huge screen with a symbol of a swastika opened on the 12nd multiverse as a grotesque voice spoke in the screen. The voice spoke: "I see that you guys are happy, it  makes me sad. [...] Our goal? That stupid question, Elliot-san. Fufufu. Our goal... Né? In fact for all civilians, heroes and villains; We have no purpose. Gentlemen... there are things in this existence that have no reason to do inhuman things. Beings like us! We want drown you in your blood! Eat your children in front of you. Kill you parents while you are tortured. AND MUCH MORE! [...] Okay then! Come to us! Heroes and Villains from another realitiy! Come to us and defeat us!"

Nazi the rise of new dawn flag by akniazi-d5k5vpo

Finally, the final battle is set... The Multiuniverse Military Forces of all realities and planets must face their greatest threat as the all multiuniverse are about to stand against the most terrifying and cruel threat yet. The military-driven Alliance of Multiuniverse (AOM) is poised to launch a full-scale war against the Dark Empire to defend all realities from the powerful and evil Dark Empire. And to make matters worse, a familiar and inhuman foe with a dark past intertwined with Elliot Woodman's own is pulling the strings, trying to fulfill his evil agenda in plunge all Multiuniverses in eternal state of chaos and despair. The Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire join the "fun". 

"Prepare yourselves. God and Multiuniverse."

LOTM: Destiny


Billions of year after the Multiuniverse War against Balam Alliance (Sword of Kings plot), a giant floating sphere called the Traveller pitched up in our solar system, ushering in an era of great prosperity for humanity, known as the Golden Age. The Traveller shared its technology and vast knowledge with the local humans, whose lifespans duly tripled as they spread out across the many planets of the Milky Way.

Alas, this wouldn't last forever. After centuries of good times came the Collapse. An evil force called The Darkness, a great adversary of the Traveller, turned up and started wiping us all out. Decimated by The Darkness, the last vestiges of humankind retreated to Earth, where the Traveller made its last stand, sacrificing itself to save the people who remained. The Traveller is around at the start of Destiny, dark and dormant, but still powerful enough to shelter one last location, The City, in its shadow.

The City has come under repeated attack by alien species over the years, but has always survived. And the Traveller has spawned a race of floating Rubik's Cube fellows called Ghosts, who have begun resurrecting fallen individuals drawn from the ranks of Humans, Exo (robots created during the Golden Age) and Awoken (a race born in the Collapse) to become Guardians. The Ghosts' criteria for selection are elusive, but this is where the new Guardians come in. As a newly forged Guardian, our protagonist will join the effort to retake the galaxy in the name of humankind, overcoming malicious alien races as he encounter them, and hopefully breathing life back into the Traveller in the process. Our new hero, called Stinger from a human race that survived the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire mass genocide around the multiuniverse 5 billions of year ago, will fight alongside his new friends to stop The Darkness from being revived and stop Aliens Invasion of his multiuniverse and on his planet. He will discover new friends, rivals and cruel beings in his new journey. He will also face some ancient villains and heroes that are alive for billions of years.

LOTM: War Thunder

Warthunder key art la7
In a parallel Earth where time happened much faster, humanity was developing too fast, accelerating the technological development of mankind. After the end of World War I, Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, also known asThe Fallen, traveled between dimensions to get to this parallel Earth and manipulated the whole history after the World War II using Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin to start a new world war that would favor his plans. With the foundation of the Nazi Party on Germany and the Soviet Union, Isaac put his plans in action when he manipulated Hitler to invade Poland, starting World War II. While the world is at complete state of war, Isaac Westcott used the chaos to create an organization using the Nazi Party as a "sock puppet" to create an even more powerful organization.

Before the world was plunged into war and destruction, in 1930, an American boy named Nizer Bruckheimer with 10-year-old saw his family being killed by a maniac gang killers. This led Nizer to become a vigilante when he became a teenager. Nizer spent his entire life killing criminals, rapists, serial killers, psychopaths pedophiles and other scum of humanity; during the morning he is an intelligent and charismatic student; at night he is a vigilante serial killer who kill the worst kinds of people. Nizer was called to the American army after World War II happened. When Nizer was sent to England to fight the Nazis with his unit, Nizer found a subterranean laboratory of Nazi Germany, he thought that place was just one of many subterranean laboratories of Germany, however, what he actually found was a bloody laboratory of a Nazi Dark Cult that intended to cause apocalypse upon the planet. It was there that Nizer discovered the insane plans of Isaac Westcott; the beginning of the World War II to create an dark empire that would consume the world and then the entire universe, the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire.

Nizer, soon discovered that there are other people from other enemy nations that discovered Isaac's plans, and now Nizer and his new friends that are people of several nationalities will fight the Nazi Germany and Isaac's Apocalypse Cult in secret from all nations to stop the Apocalypse and the creation of the ruthless DEM Empire while the nations fight each other. They will find many enemies ahead, even the KnightWalker Family that still bedeviling the world even in another reality.

LOTM: The Phoenix on the Sword

Nz52430456 p0

The story begins thirty years after the events of LOTM: A Draw of Kings . The maleficent Longinus Dreizehn Orden has risen from the ashes of the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire and is opposed by General Navi and the military group working to New Republic of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries, the Iscariot, an organization made to repair the damages made by DEM Empire. Both of which seek to find the Sword of Kings that Katarina Couteau threw in the space after the end of the Cataclysmatic War. In the midst of this search, new heroes rise in the form of River Zastory, a violent Spiral-sensitive scavenger from Myqqeto; Ellie Affleck, a former Prime General who defected from the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire 30 years ago; and Silphy Deacroft, a dangerous bounty hunter. They are aided by Navi in their search for the Sword of Kings and their mission to destroy the Longinus Dreizehn Orden, which targets the 2nd and 5th Multi-Universe for destruction using their new superweapon; Final SuperNova, what could cause the death of centillions of lives. They are opposed by 2 of the most twisted DEM officers in the history, villains such as Supreme Leader Ayanami Zaltros, a insane megalomaniac dictator, and General Valtrus, the Prime General of Longinus Dreizehn Orden army and commander of Final SuperNova. 

The heroes must rise again to stop a new multi-universal threat.




Naruto vs Bleach vs One Piece vs Full Metal Alchemist01:58

Naruto vs Bleach vs One Piece vs Full Metal Alchemist


Chapter covers, characters, environments and images that you will see in the chapters of Storyline

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