The Earth seen from Apollo 17
LOTM: Distant Guardians is an upcoming story by Coolautiz. It will be the first story and first season in the Distant Guardians Storyline.

It will consist of multi-episode story-arcs, similar to one Coolautiz' other stories, LOTM: Fire Rebellion Chronicles.

It began Januray 22nd, 2016


A Multi-Universal Civil War has begun between the Multi-Universal Federation, the faction that aims to protect the Multi-Universe and its people and keep any form of power out of the wrong hands, and the Republic of Duloc, an insurrectionist organization with ties to Charon Industries and other corrupt umbrella corporations bent on overthrowing the Federation to try to make the Multi-Universe a 'perfect place' by using force and fascism.

After an attack on Coruscant, the primary members of the Federation lay scattered and must find each other in order to defeat the Republic of Duloc and save the Multi-Universe.


Arc 1: Scattered Guardians

Arc 2: The True Battle

Arc 3: Deimos