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"It's over... After countless years... the peace is back to the heart of the Multi-Universe"
— Unknown Angel

The Scars Arc is the first story arc of the whole LOTM: A Draw of Kings, the first sequel storyline of LOTM: Sword of Kings. Scars Arc is the first arc of the first season from the 1st saga of LOTM: A Draw of Kings

The arc will focus days after the final battle against Leohart the Prince of Hell and the last battle against Triggers Hell. With Triggers Hell and the Sith Empire destroyed, the Multi-Universe War was over, and the peace and light spread out across all Multi-Universes. However, after 500 centillions of years of suffering in the hands of the demons and Sith, the Multi-Universe and its living beings suffered eternal scars that will never went out, and a huge black spot was marked in the history multiuniverse after endless atrocities committed by Balam Alliance and the Dark Empires that lasted for the rest of the next trillion and trillions of years. Civilians began to went out of the dark holes, and life comes out from the darkness.

Peace, harmony, balance, kindness, happiness, joy, friendship, and the light... reigned over the Multi-Universe again. The days that followed, people immediately began to rebuild what was destroyed by the Dark Empires. The villains, with the defeat of the Balam Alliance, the armed forces of all universes focused on them, resulting in their escape. The heroes also helped rebuild the lives of the people that were destroyed by the most ruthless villains that walked on the face of existence.

However, the battle wasn't over completely. The factions that were allied to the Sith Empire and Triggers Hell immediately retreated and hid in small worlds and began to invade small cities hoping to leave a legacy of their Empire. Over the months, battles happened against these factions. Over time, these factions were being dissolved one by one.

In this moment of peace, Katarina and other heroes decide to travel through Multi-Uiverse before returning to their homes.

List of Episodes

  • Episode 1: Aftermatch
  • Episode 2: For You
  • Episode 3: Brotherhood of the Abyss Run
  • Episode 4: Triggers Hell's Defeat
  • Episode 5: Multiuniverse War Is Over
  • Episode 6: The Great Dinner
  • Episode 7: Fireworks
  • Episode 8: Couple
  • Episode 9: Romance
  • Episode 10: Jane
  • Episode 11: My New Journey
  • Episode 12: Peace 
  • Episode 13 (Final): Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire 


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