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The Kingdom has inverted! Now, prepare yourselves, Multi-Universe! It's time for the triumphant return of the DEM Empire!

Genocide Arc is the second story arc of LOTM: A Draw of Kings and is the first story arc of LOTM: A Draw of Kings Deus.Ex.Machina Empire Saga and is the arc that will connect the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire's events as the main antagonistic faction in A Draw of Kings Storyline. The arc is also the whole season 1 of DEM Empire Saga

The arc happens after LOTM: A Draw of Kings Aftermatch Saga - Scars Arc.


The last Dark Empire of Balam Alliance, known as Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire finally decided to show themselves after the defeat of the Sith Empire and Triggers Hell. With two Dark Empires destroyed, the Balam Alliance was dissolved by DEM Empire and they decided to take control of the realities that once were under the control of the Sith Empire and Triggers Hell. During the Multiuniverse War, the DEM wasn't in combat, what made the heroes and villains unaware of the DEM's existence; the DEM was destroying entire realities in order to make their leader more powerful, and was conquesting planets to enslave. During this time, the Alliance of Freedom destroyed two of DEM's factions; the Gem Empire and the Trade Federation, but they did not know that those two factions belonged to some Dark Empire.

Darkseid 010 5209j

They makes their first move on the 12th Multi-Universe in destroying 95 Galaxies, killing Leia Organa, raping Hirito's daughter in front of her family, destroying Alderan, Earth and Namekusei. Beginning with an mass attack on the 12th Multiuniverse, the DEM begin their reich of terror in countless realities in just 1 hour. In the aftermath, the whole multiuniverse was plunge in war and chaos and the event is quickly comes to Alliance of Freedom. Meanwhile in the world where many heroes were, DEM destroyed 95 galaxies in just 1 second, generating a supernova that killed half the population of that reality.

After the supernova, the planet where the heroes were was badly damaged and was losing space and time stability; the peace and joy moments became terror and chaos moments. However, before the civilians on the planet were evacuated, trillion of Reapers entered on the atmosphere and made planetary-attacks by remnants of the next eight days. The heroes managed to leave the planet with the help of the Rebel Alliance ships that fought against the Galactic Empire in their universe. Aftermatch 983.810.563.921.539.378.298.145.678.365.284.469.410.967 people are killed by DEM' s supernova. Later, all heroes noticed that something more evil and malefic had come to their hearts. 1 day later, 890.452.789.189 planets suffered mass genocide, with all children tortured and killed, all women raped and killed, and all man enslaved. All heroes and villains had horrible experiences when DEM arrived in that multiuniverse. The men were send to DEM laboratories and suffered inhuman experiments. Some villains turned to be good after saw such cruel actions.

2 days after, the Alliance of Multiuniverse, the Heaven Forces, the Resistence, the 12th Multiuniverse Guardians, the Alliance of Freedom, the Brotherhood of the Abyss, all heroes and villains on existence, and even the factions that were allied to Triggers Hell and Sith Empire declared war to Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire.

Opening 1

Nine Lashes "Lights We Burn" Lyric Video03:40

Nine Lashes "Lights We Burn" Lyric Video

Opening 2

Ecliptyka - We are the same07:48

Ecliptyka - We are the same

Ending 1

Owari no Seraph - Ending Full05:07

Owari no Seraph - Ending Full

Ending 2

Ending Credits04:28

Ending Credits

List of Episodes

Season 1

  • Episode 0 (Epilogue): The Cataclysmatic War I
  • Episode 1: Moviment
  • Episode 2: DEM Empire Arrives
  • Episode 3: Genocide 
  • Episode 4: The Hate and Fear
  • Episode 5: Supernova
  • Episode 6: Hirito's Death
  • Episode 7: Master Yoda's Death
  • Episode 8: Droid Army
  • Episode 9: Reapers
  • Episode 10: 12th Multiuniverse Under Attack
  • Episode 11: Children Can't Escape
  • Episode 12: Market
  • Episode 13: Operation Resistence
  • Episode 14: Legacy of Terror
  • Episode 15: Panic Across the Multiuniverse
  • Episode 16: Hope to Despair
  • Episode 17: False Memories
  • Episode 18: Darkseid's Elite
  • Episode 19: Omnicide
  • Episode 20: The Swastika Devil
  • Episode 21: Nazis
  • Episode 22: The Most Powerful PMC on Universe
  • Episode 23: Tears of Sadness
  • Episode 24 (Final): Isaac Ray Peram Westcott
  • Episode 25 (Bonus): Death Camp


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