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LN-666 Project is the most powerful, destructive and feared weapon created by humans hands. The LN-666 Project, also known as Apocalyptic Project, is the most powerful weapon ever created in human history. This project began in Area 69 in 1992 in the desert of San Andreas. It was a project that involved the best scientists of the world in order to transform it into a war weapon in case if some terrorist attack or any nation was about to attack the United States. However, the Merryweather Security, one of the affiliates of the KnightWalker Family, took over the project and hid it in the deepest place on Earth in Brazil. It stayed there until Eckidina KnightWalker bought it, Eckidina plans to use it to destroy the Earth and mankind for the sake of the death and chaos, claiming that life is just a dream and the LN-666 Project will make everyone on the planet awakens from a false dream.

This bomb is also the base of many apocalyptic theories on Internet and is believed to be real in Real Life. Actually, there governments who still practice this type of act; to create the most powerful bomb.