XY Korrina

Korrina (Japanese: コルニ Corni) is the supporting heroine in both Pokemon X and Y game and Pokemon anime series. She is the 3rd Kalos Gym Leader. In X and Y games, the Pokemon she fights with are Mienfoo, Machoke, Hawlucha(only in the games), and Lucario. She has the ability to Mega Evolve Lucario into Mega Lucario with Lucarionite. 


Korrina is a roller-skating girl. She has a long blonde hair and a twintail hair in both sides. She wears a helmet, female dress, fingerless gloves (the key stone is on the left hand), and rollerskating shoes.


Korrina is a very cheerful, friendly, and kind teenage young woman. She always does a good fun with Lucario. She has grown strong to become a successor for Mega Evolution to her grandfather Gurkinn. She has a strong sense of friendship to meet the heroes.


  • Mienshao
  • Machamp
  • Hawlucha
  • Lucario (can Mega Evolve)
  • Buzzwole


Okay, Ash, make the first move.

Dodge it, Lucario. Now, use sword dance!

Okay, Lucario, Bone Rush!

Now that's what I called a hit, k lets keep up the pressure with another bone rush!

Attack one more time!

Awesome! There it is! The power up punch!

That Pikachu is strong but you won't be able to defeat the Shalour gym leader.

You see I know the Shalour gym leader cause its me.

Lucario dodge it! Now use metal sound!

Ash gets it. He totally understands. Thats right. We'll never give up. No matter who we are up against we will never turn around and run the other way. Right, Lucario?

Whats the matter? Can't keep up?

Come on! Stop treating me like a little girl and battle me seriously!

Alright! Use bone rush to!

Its getting more power!

You can do it, Lucario. You're the strongest and I know you could beat their Aura Sphere!

Lucario, but why?

Lucario, sword dance!


  • Korrina resembles Xiaomu; while her boyfriend resembles Reiji Arisu.
  • Korrina is the only Kalos Gym Leader:
    • Who is battled outside their respective Gym or the Battle Chateau.
    • Who uses Mega Evolution in the games.
    • To have two pieces of VS artwork.
  • The first four moves used by Korrina's Lucario in the anime are the same four moves that the Lucario she gives to the player in X and Y knows.
  • Ash has battled Korrina more times than any other Gym Leader who is not one of his major companions.
  • Aside from Ash's traveling companions, Korrina is the Gym Leader who has appeared in most episodes of the anime, having appeared in thirteen episodes.