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Kingdom of the Cosmic in a original OC group from Sword of Kings Storyline. It is a extremaly old kingdom founded in 30,000,000,000,000,000 BBY, 15 trillion years after the creation of the multiverse. They were one of the first kingdom in the history of the multiuniverse and prevailed until the present days. They are literally composed by monsters of all kinds, such as dragons, zombies, vampires, endermans, skeletons, spiders. They are literally based on the Minecraft game, they live in extremely huge square world. They also were the first forms of life to exist in the universe at 7th on 5th Multiuniverse. They created weapons, magic, teleport but never acquired technology because minecraftia was a world is an isolated from the universe.

They are considered a huge kingdom with various types of beings, each species has a kingdom and everyone cooperates with each other, however, there are species that always hated themselves and ended up going to war, Endermens once had a war with the skeletons. Over the years, the queens of the kingdoms were dying old and the kings alive because the females have less lifetime compared to males who have lived for quintillion years, some kings are living since the creation of multiuniverse until to the Multiuniverse War (the main event of the current plot).

One year when the Cosmic War II between the Jedi and Sith began, a serious disease affected all species of Minecraftia, the disease took away all the males of the Minecraftia and no male was able to be born for trillions of years, in fact, no male was born since that, not even the females that reproduced asexually not managed to give birth to a male to keep the kingdom working. The males left were the kings, but they were ugly and grotesque monsters. One day, a human female was born mysteriously with the evolution of especies in Minecraftia, the kings liked the appearance of that being and extracted her DNA and put that DNA into their daughters. Their daughters won human appearancesm. due to DNA nature, the human appearance blocked half of the princesses' powers, then if the princesses need to use their full power they must enter in the Original Form, but they can still back to human appearance . However, an illness came in human DNA, the disease was that when the princesses fulfilled 1 million years old, they would lose their human appearance and would return to the original form forever. Of course, that left them sad. And aside from that, that was something on human DNA that left the kings stressed; since the human DNA gave human habits and feelings to the princesses, the lack of males eventually left them wild and crazy for sex and a monstrous desire for the opposite sex. This sexual effects left the kings incredibly angry as most princesses were as teenagers (literally at the age that sex hormones are most active).

Over the years, humans have been born in that world, but those humans were square (see minecraft for more information). Unlike humans that were square in that world, the princesses and kings possessed normal appearance, they have bodies, curves, size and face; princesses and kings are normal unlike their servants and human that are squared beings. Human villages are constantly attacked and humans became food to the princesses and other monsters. Although there males among humans, the princesses do not like them because they are square and aren't attractive. There is just a normal male in the world of minecraftia, Riot, the prince of the zombies, however princesses hates him because he's a zombie and stinks of pure rotten meat; they consider him disgusting. Riot takes advantage of the chance to be the single male with normal human appearance to win the maximum of the princesses he wants. Everyday he trained his muscles to maintain a sexy male appearance, but that only made the others princesses more ignorant with him. Trillions of years have passed and various princesses born to the course of generations. One year, the Triggers Hell invaded the Kingdom of the Cosmic and took many monsters of the kingdom to hell where they would turn food or would become slaves, or even serve the Triggers Hell. There was a war in the Kingdom of Cosmic (as was the entire multiuniverse). However, the kingdoms fell before the demonic forces of Triggers Hell. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you see monsters that devour humans) the princesses, kings and some servants hid and survived until the demons and fallen angels of Triggers Hell leave their world. Once the Triggers Hell left their world, Minecraftia become a lifeless desert; where there was water turned sand, where there was forest turned desert and the sky become a huge cloud of red smoke that covered minecraftia. Over the years the survivors were reproducing and rebuilt what was destroyed by Triggers Hell.

Hundreds of years have passed and everything that was destroyed was rebuilt and the peace was maintained again in the kingdom. They do not know who those cruel beings that have invaded their world, but that invasion became a tabuu in minecraftia. Over time the kingdom was earning structure again and they created an event called Minecraftia Monster Arena, an event which brought together all the princesses (and prince) of minecraftia and make them fight among themselves to see who was the strongest being of Minecraftia, this event also created rivalries and friendships between the princesses. Andr, Princess of Endermen (a strange girl who was found in the world of Minecraftia and adopted by Enderdragon) was the strongest of all and never lost a fight, and because of that she was feared by all in minecraftia. And so when the Multiuniverse War began, Katarina Couteau fell in their world accidentally, leading to the actual events of storyline. Later, the join Alliance of Freedom to avenge their homeland and defeat Triggers Hell and so showing remorse for their actions.

Princess and Prince list

  • Princess Skelly - Princess of Skeletons
  • Princess Andr - Princess of Endermen
  • Prince Riot - Prince of Zombies
  • Princess Ink- Princess of Squid
  • Princess Lone - Princess of Nature (wolves)
  • Princess Silk - Princess of Spiders
  • Princess Widow - Princess of Craw-Spiders
  • Princess Cupa - Princess of Creepers
  • Princess Frosty - Princess of Ice
  • Princess Rosa - Princess of Golemen
  • Princess Blazette - Princess of Blazes
  • Princess Heroinebrine - Princess of Evil; Herobrine daughter
  • Princess Eleanor - Princess of Ghast
  • Princess Gel - Princess of Slimes
  • Princess Mena - Princess of Pig Zombies
  • Princess Terra - Princess of Magma Cubes
  • Princess Hilda - Princes of Wither Skeletons
  • Princess Katarina - Princess of Kawari Skeletons (fake nation created by Katarina to her security) 
  • Princess Grace - Princess of Weeping Angels
  • Princess Hiss - Princess of Nagas
  • Princess Hyme - Princess of Hydras
  • Princess Lich - Princess of Liches
  • Princess Sandy - Princess of Sand Wyrms
  • Princess Wivy - Princess of Wvyerns

List of Kings