King of Sorrow
King of Sorrow is the ruler of the Kingdom of Sorrow, the fifth kingdom of Lunatea that was hidden away from the world when it refused to accept sorrow

Main Allies: Malefor, Jenner, Niju, Goth

Worst Enemies: Klonoa, Astrid, Green

The Grand Summer Season Trek

King of Sorrow debuted here as one Vilgax's henchmen. Later is revaled that he working for other group of villains and leave Vilgax's allegiance along Cooler.

Knuckles and the Black Knight

Legends of Light and Darkness

Sorrow is first seen with olther villains as he oversaw Isabella facing Jenner. He realizes that The B Team has returned and they may have trouble. King of Sorrow returns with some of the men and tells them that he is aware of his opposition.. King of Sorrow then helps Horvath and Ursula with the magic which is traveling to the dream world. As he believes that in dreams sorrow can brought back to an extreme. King of Sorrow is confronted by Klonoa, Astrid and Green with the former taking him on a  two way battle. After the fight he leaves the dream world with Ventress and finally returns where he comments on Khan's impatience. Darkseid visits him, hoping to make peace. After persausion, Darkseid infects him to the anger of Khan and Horvath

Allies: Malefor, Maxim Horvath, Jenner, Niju, Goth, The League of Darkness, Vega, Alec Trevalyn

Enemies: Klonoa, Cooler, Ripto, Sabrina Spellman, Salem, Jack Frost, Tooth, Blue, Aleu, Gilbert, Shiny, Derek, Terra, Bartok, Magneto, The Alpha Team, Knuckles, Caliburn, Bender, Skipper, Heloise, The B Team, The P Team, Vilgax, Discord, Vilgax's allegiance(except Alec Trevalyn and Vega), Slade's ensemble, Zordon, The Guardians, Dr.Weil, Darkseid, The Darkseven