Demon King

King Mungar

The Hailfirian King before Chaotora and an evil tyrant.

Main Allies: Cecliate, Aggregor, Angus Bumpy, Mesogog, Makuta Teridax

Greatest Enemies: King Chaotora, Jonathon Tangelo, WingVeemon

General Mungar was a traditionalist who disagreed with the industrial views of King Lectrac. After getting close to the king, Mungar destroyed him and took his place. However, he did not receive the Hailfire Dragon transformation. Fearing that the Hailfire Dragon had been lost forever, he gave his scientists the task of creating a new dragon transformation.

When they thought they had it, Mungar decided to test the formula on his infant son, Cecilate. However, they would not be able to tell if it worked until he got older.

After defeating the robotic Lectrac and taking the Hailfire Dragon transformation from his mind, Mungar no longer saw the need of the formula and it was soon forgotten.

After being overthrown by Chaotora, he and his family were stripped of all royal staus and cast out into the Lowlands. Mungar did not take his banishment well and soon attempted to retake his throne and the Hailfire Dragon transformation.

After being defeated yet again, Mungar had to pay the price for violating his banishment and was exiled from Hailfire all together. Vowing revenge, Mungar fled into the outer-regions of space and was never seen again.

Or so we thought.....