King Lectrac

Lectrac's robot body

The HailFirian King before Mungar.

Though he ruled with an iron fist, he was not unkind and he used his inventions to better the daily lives of his people. However, traditionalists such as General Mungar did not want his inventions to change how HailFirians have lived for countless centuries.

After allowing Mungar into his inner circle, he was betrayed and blown up by the Scaldarian general, who then took his place as King of Hailfire. His entire body was damaged beyond repair. One of his loyal servants found him and discovered that his brain was still functioning. The servant then constructed for Lectrac a new body in which he placed the brain.

Unknown to the servant, Lectrac's brain had been scarred by the explosion, warping his pure thoughts into twisted and evil plans for revenge and conquest.

After becoming fully acquainted with his new body, he challenged Mungar to a duel. If he won, the HailFirian throne would be returned to him.

Though the battle was long and fierce, in the end it was Lectrac who lost. Lectrac fled the planet, but not before Mungar was able to extract the Hailfire Dragon transformation from Lectrac's mind.

Lectrac still roams the Multi-Universe to this day and is a danger to anyone who he perceives as a threat.

A Few Hundred Thousand Years Later.....

Four years ago, Emperor X lost all contact with the Absolution, a ship that his friend TOM the robot had piloted into deep space. After the Voyager found it after all those years, Emperor X, Johnathan Tangelo, Ethan Lectric, Lillian X, Ash Ketchum, and Yusei Fudo boarded the Absolution to retrieve TOM and to pilot the ship back. But what awaited them shocked Johnathan.

Lectrac revealed himself to be the one who was responsible for the Absoution's disappearance. Outraged, Emperor X prepares for a fight, saying that he will take back the Absolution. But Lectrac reveals that the ship was no longer his precious Absolution. He said that he had renamed it the Lectracution. It was at that moment that the tiny ship seemed to increase in appearance, it's size increasing and it's shape changing. This continued until it looked like a Decepticon warship.

John and X decided to use the fusion technique to become John X and defeat Lectrac, but they were no match for the HailFirian psychopath. Ethan then entered the cockpit and fought Lectrac, allowing John X to escape back to the Voyager.

Though Ethan was able to match Lectrac in combat, he was unable to take back the ship and soon fled to his secret base.

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