King Chaotora

King Xavier Chaotora

The Hailfirian King before Johnathan Tangelo and the father of Elizabeth and Ursula Chaotora.

Hailfirian Historical Record

Xavier Chaotora, the Liberator. A skilled Shaderi assassin. He challenged the dictatorship of King Mungar, which placed him on the most wanted list. Seen as a terrorist, Chaotora fought for the freedom of all Hailfirians.

Tired of living on the run, he challenged Mungar to a duel. His superior speed gave him an advantage over the dictator, and he soon won the battle and became the next Hailfirian King. He banished Mungar and his son Cecilate to the Outlands as punishment for their crimes.

Hailfire Dragon Chaotora

Chaotora's Hailfire Dragon transformation

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