Kendall Morgan is a character from Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.

She is portrayed by Claire Blackwelder.

Kendall is the proprietor and lead scientist of the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum, as well as the creator of the Dino Chargers. After Albert Smith retires and gives the Purple Energem to the Rangers, she later aquires it and assumes the role of the Purple Dino Charge Ranger.

Ranger Forms

The B Team Storyline

Kendall serves as a member of both the Crystal Empire's Rebel Alliance and The K Team

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Fire Rebellion: Season 9

Kendall was helping out with setting up the wedding of Derrick "Freeze" McCracken and Sunset Shimmer.

Fire Rebellion: Season 10

Kendall will be a main character in Season 10.

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