Karone (formerly known as the villain Astronema) is one of the main antagonists of Power Rangers In Space and a main protagonist in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

She is portrayed by Melody Perkins.

Karone is from the colony world known as KO-35. She is the sister of Red Space Ranger Andros. She was kidnapped by the evil bounty hunter Darkonda, and was raised by Ecliptor to be evil.

She was later brought back to the side of good after the sacrafice of Zordon.

A year later, she disgused herself as her evil persona in order to steal back the Pink Quasar Saber and to bring it back to Terra Venture. She eventually chosen by the spirit of deceased Power Ranger Kendrix Morgan to be the second (and current) Pink Galaxy Ranger.

She later returns in Power Rangers Super Megaforce to help the refugees get to safety when The Armada attacked.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Fire Rebellion: Season 10

Karone will appear in Season 10 as a main character in the second half. She travels to Chorus to retrieve the Pink Quasar Saber to keep it from the First Order and other villains such as Heckyl/SnideVilgax, and others. She joins the heroes while fighting against Tong Shau Ping.

Fire Rebellion: Season 12

Rise of the Villians

she was recaptured by Darkonda and was turn in to Cyborg Astronema again this time working for the Empire and became one of Darth Vader's Loyalist.

Allies: Andros (brother), T.J. Johnson, Carlos Vallerte, Ashley Hammond, Cassie Chan, Zhane, Leo Corbett, Kai Chen, Damon Henderson, Maya, Kendrix Morgan, Mike Corbett, Megaforce Rangers, Order of the Just, Knights of the Just, Derrick "Freeze" McCracken, Sunset Shimmer, Agent Nevada, Agent California, Team Blood Gulch, John Taylor, Nick Reyes, The Mane 7, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, 

Enemies: Space Rangers (formerly, as Astronema), Trakeena, The Armada, Anti-Order Movement, Settlement Defense Front, Salen Kotch, Tong Shau Ping, Sledge, Rabia, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime, Jasper, Zurgane, Etemon, Lord Arcanon, Singe, Doomwing, Salem,

Ranger Forms

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Karone and Andros are siblings. However, Karone didn't know much of her good childhood due to being kidnapped by Darkonda and raised by Ecliptor to be evil. She, while as Astronema, did have a locket with a picture of her and Andros. This is what helped Andros bring Karone back to her senses.

T.J. Johnson

Carlos Vallerte

Ashley Hammond

Cassie Chan


Leo Corbett

Kai Chen

Damon Henderson


Kendrix Morgan

Kendrix was the one responsible for allowing Karone to become a Power Ranger. While trying to protect the Pink Quasar Saber from Trakeena, she was tossed off a cliff, but was saved by Kendrix' ghost. After Trakeena's defeat (not perminant until Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue), Karone put the Pink Quasar Saber back in its alter. As a result, Kendrix was resurrected. Kendrix gave her thanks to Karone for everything she had done for the Rangers, in which Karone said that she wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Mike Corbett

Derrick "Freeze" McCracken

Sunset Shimmer

Agent Nevada (LOTM)

Karone and Nevada are seen to be very good friends. One of the similarities they share is that they were former villains, Nevada once being controlled by the Nightmare Forces, and Karone once being known as Astronema. They do their best to help each other out.

Agent California (LOTM)

Twilight Sparkle



Rainbow Dash

Pinkie Pie



Starlight Glimmer

Princess Celestia

Princess Luna

Princess Cadance

Shining Armor

Flurry Heart


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