KO-35 is a planet from the Power Rangers series.

KO-35 is the homeworld of AndrosZhane, and Karone. It is one of the original planets of the Power Rangers, in which the Space Rangers' powers where created there.

In 1996, the planet was invaded by a huge army which nearly resulted in Zhane's death, which forced the inhabitants to flee the planet, which was accelerated by an invasion of barillian bugs. After these events, the planet remained abandoned and empty until the Space Rangers helped the remaining inhabitants return home. After most of the Machine Empire was destroyed, in which they were invading KO-35, the inhabitants returned to KO-35 after it was freed. Sometime later, after the destruction of the Astro Megaship, the Astro Megaship Mark II was built on the planet.

By the year 2025, Earth and KO-35 formed an alliance and had a prison constructed in its orbit, which is used by SPD to imprison certain criminals.

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