Johnny thinks he's a ladies' man but the other women don't like him and beat him up.
Johnny bravo s4

Rescued and Joining Forces With The P Teams

Johnny is looking for someplace to live, but he was kidnapped by Giant Robot 9000. However, he was rescued by K'nuckles and his P Teams, who asked him to join forces with them. Johnny agreed and fights the Multi-Universe villains lead by Vilgax.


Johnny Saw Bender and his Pals and He sees his Love Interest The Vampire Marcilene Although She Thinks It's Just a Fake so She says No which Johnny is Nervous.

He is the Third Strongest in The Team After K'nuckles(Number 1) and Grim(Number 2)

He called a poser by Estuace from Courage the Cowardly Dog, A Hormone Husling Muscle Mary and A Proxide Poison Poser by The Mayor of Townsville,

Johnny Bravo and Chicken annoy Double D11:38

Johnny Bravo and Chicken annoy Double D

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