"Hmm... You touched my Tralalala..."
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Just it for now. The creator need to go somewhere!
My Divine Infobox. This Need More Space! Here is Jack the Freezer
What a sexy Droid. My goddness~


None... I supossed to be a droid. But my progam is male so I'm basically a male droid


That-Face: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), I'm known as Jack the Freezer, that stupid Unit name: Unit TX 666, The Merc with a Mouth, Jack the Ripper, Jack, Regenerating Degenerate, Ninja Merc, Merc Droid, DEM Humor, Sarcastic Droid, Talkingdroid (got that from Soundwave)


Sword of Kings


Former B1 Battle Droid of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, Balam Alliance Target, Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, Whatever gets me a check by the end of the day. And, to quote that one Boba Feet, I'm the best in the universe at what I do!


I can decimate enemies with my sheer awesomeness. Nah, I'm just really good with weapons and stuff. And I can teleport thanks to Spiral Aura. And I can't die thanks to a hyper-powerful healing factor that Elliot Woodman give to me, and my relationship with Katarina Couteau herself. No biggie.


Talking, Fighting, Killing, Reaping Rewards, Killing DEM Droids, Fighting Heroes and Villains, Blowing up Balam Alliance Base, More Talking, More Fighting, More Killing, Picking up sexy girls, Touching BOOBIES!! And basically doing whatever I want.


To tell the truth... no clue at all (although getting rich is a good start) but Balam Alliance's forces are annoying, I want to stay forever with My Lady Katarina


Weapons, chaos, money, death of villains and jedis, Spiders, Katarina Couteau, Katarina's boobs


Dumbass La Folia, Animals, Nature, Unhappy Isaac Westcott, Stupid DEM Empire, My mindless brothers, Heroes' speechs, The Joker's jokes... you are not funny man... Jedis, Siths, The Force, Abyssals, My love rivals

Type of Anti Hero

I'm a freakin' Anti Hero and Mercenary! Duh!

I can't believe we came all the way out here and spent a week in the space boonies for nothing! Seriously, I'm surprised we didn't hear banjos on the way in, because everybody's inbred and LOOKS THE F*CKING SAME! Not to mention I lost TX 20 and R2 D2, the latter of whom spent 400 credits making long-distance calls to his girlfriend boyfriend, WHO, I AM CONVINCED, IS NAMED CHUCK!! - Jack to Katarina

Oh, hey there viewers! In case you've been too sheltered to have ever been introduced to me, my name is Jack the Freezer, the best, most badass droid mercenary to ever walk the pages of Sword of Kings (and whatever other media I've appeared in... les't see if other authors will put me in their stories, you welcome guys). You guys can't (can) call me for the stupid droid name, Unit TX-666 (666... wtf Ike...). I'm a original character from DestroyerSubjugator90 and Prime ShockWaveTX; these guys are awesome (Prime and Destroyer: Ahh~ stop that *blush*) and I'm designed to be a major character in Sword of Kings. I'm basically here to become a Public Villain to a  Anti Hero and finally to be Hero. I'm the best of Katarina Couteau and her guardian... La Folia Rihavein, you just a idiot Yandere, go home with Yuno Gasai.

And although I'm technically an anti-hero (just my creators love those), but since this is a I'm being introduced by a former Battle Droid from Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire and a former member of that stupid genocidal (omnicidal perhaps) Empire. I'll tell you about the times that I've used my awesomeness to serve the Dark Side and the Light Side (no, not this guy, or this douchebag either.) and of course I'll tell your my story, personality and appearance... well, my appearance is basically the same appearance of the B1 Battle Droids. Let me tell you how I traveled between realities, fight along side DEM Empire, Brotherhood of the Abyss, pick up several sexy girls, fight alongside Union Sovietic in WWII and become lover of Katarina Couteau and a love rival to La Folia.

Cause you see, given my amoral nature (yes, I read your page on that), I can choose which side I'm on in the great cosmic battle between good, evil and the great evil! (sounded pretty impressive there, huh?) And yes, I know that the villains always lose, but hey, being a bad guy is just so much more fun!

So without further ado, I give you........ (drumroll please).

...please don't call me Jack the Ripper or Jack the Rapist.

Jack's glorious description

OK, first things first. I'm Jack the Freezer, as I said. And I just may be the most bad-ass, butt kicking droid ever to live on the multiuniverse! I have fans everywhere in several planets. Yeah, I'm famous for my love of weapons, humor, and just about everything really! I'm basically a droid mixed with 100 pounds, no , 9000! (Well Vegeta...) Well, whatever the highest number is of awesome! I'm not going to tell you too much now, but if you want, read it on the wikipedia or something! Too bad, you will not find it. ROLF!

My Inspiring Personality!


General at least shoud give us trenchcoats

I'm  unusually sarcastic for a droid and DEM almost destroyed me for insulting my commanders and let other people alive, and I looked upon much of what I encountered during my time on Endor with scorn and contempt. I hate Jedi so much, and I insulted Aayla Secura on Endor for her perceived lack of Jedi abilities, when she was slow to accomplish a task or was hit by something unexpected, she was sexy but a sexy body without a brain is nothing (or maybe not... I was uncooperative with Secura for not telling her the Ewoks' plans to eat her, because she had told my to be silent, she can't hold my badass character. I was little regard for the lives of others; I hoped that the Ewoks would eat or harm Secura and make me the king of that tribe, and thought I little of clone troopers, not understanding Secura's desire to do all she could to rescue them. When i and Secura fell into the beast's lair, I noticed the surrounding corpses and clone trooper armor, I again displayed its lack of care for others and put my foot on clone scum. Muahahahahaha! 

I'm also very loving you know. I don't kill children or women unlike all droids do, I was several punished for disobey the orders from my leaders. I'm also honorable to my enemies, or at least people who are nice and gentle. However, Jedis are the same, so they all can go to Leohart'azz on Hell. I also hate rapist and pedophiles for obvious reasons, even I have my standards, that's why I left DEM at some point of Endor battle. I'm not gonna lie, I killed 5000 people when I was on DEM, but that was my job... and different from people who are fired, I was going to be killed for disobey... Btw, I have sniper skills so I can be a sniper too. I love weapons like La Folia; rifles, bazzokas, grenades, pistols, subs and many other. Never test my skills with minigun. I also love spiders because they are so cute and evil. I hate animals but I hide it from my lover Katarina since she loves animals. When I was rescued by Katarina from being killed by Ulquiorra Cifer and she helped me, I was so thankful that I become a member of Alliance of Freedom, but I noticed I was not the only one man here because of her... I noticed evil male and female grin for her there... I'll be the first one to take her virginity! I have many rivals but doesn't matter because I'm the sexiest one and I have experience for piciking up girls in several realities I travelled.


I hate jedis!

Another trait of mine is my racism, which I denied becuase that I can't be racist to a race that doesn't exist, thats right, I hate Swarms but Death Star destroyed they planet, so your comment is invalid. I keep a very accurate mental list of lines of heroic speeches used by my disposed enemies and the number of times that each are used. I live several years and any stupid heroes told: "I will stop you". Heroes and their stupid and annoying speeches. Thats why sometimes I like villains, but can you villains stop telling your evil plans to the heroes and give chance to let them live and stop you.

My commom Appearance 

Why I need apperance section. My appearance is the same of zillions of B1 Battle Droids. This section will be in 3th person... I don't like my appearance.

B1 schematics

My design

B1 battle droids stood 1.93 meters tall and were humanoid in form, physically identical to their direct predecessor, the OOM-series battle droid. Their long, elongated heads atop tall, slender necks were designed in imitation of their builders at Baktoid's Geonosian foundries. Superstitious Neimoidians were known to spread the rumor that B1 battle droids' heads were designed to imitate the shape of a Neimoidian's withered skull after death, and many species found the B1's appearance disturbing.

Like OOM models B1s were color-coded according to function, such as commander or security. Some were painted with different colors to blend into a certain environment. B1s were usually slaved to a central control mainframe located on a remote starship or another well-defended facility. However, this could lead to massive failure if the central control mainframe was destroyed, such as during the Battle of Naboo, in which Anakin Skywalker destroyed the Droid Control Ship. The monumental defeat at Naboo spurred interest in independent battle droids, and this technique gained ground following the battle and during the Clone Wars.

A Human could rip a battle droid's limbs off if sufficiently enraged. In extreme cases, the electromagnets that kept
B1 Advanced Battle Droid

My assassin camo!

their limbs attached could malfunction. During the Clone Wars, Galactic Republic clone troopers learned to aim at the hips, torsos, and arm joints of the B1s to quickly destroy them. But a head shot was the only decisive way to disable a droid. They didn't need arms, legs or even bodies to pass intel to central command.

B1s were designed for cheap mass-production. As a result, they were very flimsy and vulnerable, but were capable of swarming an enemy with their hugely superior numbers. Other models, like the droideka, B2 super battle droid, grapple droid, and B1-A air battle droid, were more expensive and as a result less widely used but better soldiers.

Battle droids used E-5 blaster rifles, SE-14 blaster pistols, and thermal detonators in combat. They spoke in a high-pitched monotone. The voice varied between units around the time of the Battle of Naboo, and at some point during the Clone Wars their voices were uniformly changed to a more high-pitched version

This is information is from the original universe. Much better, but I have other camo that I'll have soon.

My Shitty Divine story

I'm a B1 battle droid served the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire during the Multiuniverse War against the Heroes and Villins. Unlike most B1s, whose thinking was done via a Central Control Computer (dumbass don'y know what is live), I have a distinctly sarcastic, mouthy personality, and I still have... get space milk and space eggs and go back home to pee and sleep. I hate Jedis, heroes, villains, nazis and that my stupid boss, Isaac Westcott because he is like butthead who do nothing but send us to exterminate all population of planets, enslave the women and children, sell them on Black Market, use the men as slaves and finally take all resources of the planet to sell them, use the planet to test mass-destruction weapons and finally sell the planet for high prices. Being a droid from DEM is hard is boring, but I must admit that I love killing heroes and Jedis.

Lone battle droid freedom

Fu*k this shit. I'm out

I was created by the rich spoiled Baktoid Combat Automata corporation, one of the biggest corporations that support DEM Empire between 47,000,000,000,000,000,045 AAY when the Multiuniverse War started, I was just one of the trillions and trillions of the Droids created in these industries. Late in the Multiuniverse War the Confederacy of Independent Systems began to establish small outposts throughout various remote star systems. And I, the most sexy and handsome B1 and a garrison of other battle droids were dispatched to the Endor system to blow the shit up and established an outpost on the Forest Moon of Endor, home to a number of

Took my arms!

relatively mindless primitive species. But a idiot Republic scout patrol, consisting of clone troopers and some war heroes, soon arrived on the moon to investigate because they sense my awesome presence in other reality. During a firefight between the butthead clones and the mindless DEM droids, a giant beast, known to natives as the Beast in the Mouth of the Mountain, arrived. Blasters were of no use against the beast, and it destroyed all the droids and clones, except  me. It also dragged the clones to its lair, leaving their empty shells of armor behind at the battle site. I fled into the woods to survive and waited the moment my other brothers to come and save me from that strange planet. However, a jedi called Ayala Secura found me cut off my limbs!!! Stupid Jedis, thats why I hate them. However, ewoks appeared and defetead us. They carried us to their tribe but we escaped before we get eaten at alive. She carried me because that bi*ch cut of my legs and we accidentally get into a beast lair. For luck, I headshoted that haired monster and I run with my arms from that Jedi.
Panchovilla battledroid

Miss that time T.T

After that, I found a portal to another reality that DEM army come. I entered in the portal... but I was teleported on Earth during the WWII on URSS instead to DEM HQ in other reality. I tought I was screwed but a Russian scientist helped me and repaired my legs!

We live together for three years, and I ended up becoming an officer in the Soviet Union who trained cadets. Because of me, the scientist that helped me become billionaire by creating the first machine of war in human history, but obviously it was not he who created me but I did not say anything because he was a nice guy and he was extremely poor. When I walked the streets of  Stalingrad, thousands of people looked at me with fear and admiration, that's obvious! They knew how much I was divine! However... after three years of peace the damned Nazis from Nazi party led by Adolf Hitler in World War II invaded Staligrand and killed my scientist friend. So I took all weapons of my home and killed 2000 Nazis, the suckers could not kill me because my armor is stronger than the crude weapons of that era. I take me revenge! But I opened a portal to another reality since my friend was dead... *sniff*

I spent a few hours to get into another reality, however, I ended up going into a dimension called Hueco Mundo, the world of Hollows in Bleach universe. The Hueco Mundo was also war between heroes, villains and Hollows and Arrancars. And when the Hollows lost the war, the heroes and villains immediately began to fight each other, they could make a truce ... A Arrancar called Ulquiorra Cifer found me in the palace of Las Noches and tried to kill me. However, a beautiful red-haired girl put his horned guy in the ground! She looked at me like I was just DEM droid, and I thought she was going to kill me... but instead she reached out and helped me rise. "WTF" I thought so, but somehow was her action touched my machines, because usually all heroes and villains kill an enslaving droid and genocide of the DEM. She helped me and even cleared my head before she left for the next battle with Ulquiorra. I also ran to another portal to get out of that mess.

My Friends

I'm very anti social but I have few of them.

Katarina Couteau, C-3PO, R2 D2, Zarbon, Dodoria, Cooler, Megatron, Tails, Luigi, King Wompa, Shockwave, Tayuya, Sailor Moon, Mister Freeze, Harley Quinn, Black Mind, Asuna, Shana, Alice, Issei Hyoudo and Alucard

My Enemies

The same to these guys here.

Alan Yates, Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Deadpool, Deadstroke, Unicron, Lex Luthor, Killer Frost, Toy Man, Bizarro, Heat Wave, Captain Cold, Wonder Woman, Super Woman, Owlman, Batman, Justice League, Hulk, Ultron, Metallo, Brainiac, Etrigon, Trigon, Brother Blood, Leohart, Darth Hades and La Folia.



  • My name is"Freezer" becuse people freeze when they see my awesome character.
  • I'm the only DEM droid that appear as anti hero.
  • I'm the only droid that appear as a protagonist and major character.

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